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  1. I don't understand why people on here are so negative. It seems like people move to Australia with their eyes closed. I thought I'd put together some basic facts. Please let me know if I am missing something but as far as I am concerned, the below should give you an indicator of the suitability of Aus life. Work If you earn a good salary in the UK, then it is likely you will have good earning potential in Aus. Equally, if you have a poor salary in the UK then you will likely have poor earning potential in Aus. The cost of living is high in Australia, ergo, your quality of accommodation, leisure activities will be equivalent only if you are used to London prices. Otherwise, you will think everything is a expensive even if you earn well. On the plus side there are lots of free, sport and nature based activities. Do you prefer outdoor lifestyle (beaches/bush) over indoor lifestyle (pubs/shops)? Home It follows that the home you can afford will be commensurate with earnings/value of UK home. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as you can easily research on the net. Again, those used to London prices won't think anything of it, those from other areas will think it expensive. Friends Do you have close friends you see regularly in the UK. If yes, you will miss them. Your shared history, closeness, knowledge of each others lives, reliability will not be quickly replicated in people you meet in Aus. You have to ask yourself, are you prepared to give it time? Family Are you close to family you will be leaving behind? How close? Every day contact, every week, every month, every quarter? How dependent are you on that contact, as an emotional and/or logistical support network? This for so many people is the deal breaker. The reality is loved ones are the most important thing in our lives. Because of time difference even telephone contact will be cut down, you might see them once a year max. Seriously reflect on whether you can deal with this. Romantic relationship This will be very different for different people. Some will be single, others married, English couples, Aus/Eng couples. Each will experience the move differently. The reality is if you are unlucky in love, don't suddenly expect to be lucky because you moved to the other side of the world. Equally, if you are dragging an unwilling partner along, prepare for a rocky ride. I haven't covered nearly every scenario, but I do feel that if people seriously consider each of these things within the context of their own lives they will find the answer as to whether or not a move is a good idea. If the answer is yes, then just like in the UK, life is what you make of it.
  2. Hi, My name is Tracey and I am hardworking traveller from England. I am currently looking to complete my 88days regional work on a farm/property in Australia in order to obtain my second year visa. I am a dedicated and efficient worker who is able to work well as a team and also independently. I’m also not afraid to get my hands dirty! I am willing to move anywhere in Australia for the right opportunity. I am currently in Melbourne and would be available for work ASAP. Please feel free to contact me via pm. I look forward to hearing from you. Tracey
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum, so apologies if this topic covered before. My Wife and I are keen to move to Australia to work. My 3 Kids are off my hands now, and my Wife's daughter lives near Surfer's, QLD. I have two problems with Visas: -I'm 47yrs old. -My background is Medical Diagnostics Sales & Marketing (i.e. not on the SOL). Can anyone offer advice on what I can do to improve my chances of getting Down under? I'm not overly fussed about doing exactly the same type of job, or even where I do it in Oz. Would I stand a better chance by taking a gamble and going down there under tourist Visa or applying for Holiday working Visa etc ? Thanks Martin
  4. Hi all, I just got my IELTS results and preparing for the skills assessment to be sent out. Just wondering which occupation I should nominate. Is there any ACCA member who got positive assessment by nominating 'accountant' as occupation? I am an ACCA member and also has BSc degree from oxford brookes university. It requires 9 out of 12 core subjects to be covered including few compulsory subjects. In other words, do ACCA members manage to cover all the compulsory subjects and other required core subjects requirement for 'accountant' occupation? appreciate your expert advice Bridge
  5. TomW65

    Advice on Immigration please

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I are looking into migrating to Australia either temporarily or permanently and I was hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice, I'll provide as much information as possible: I am 30 and a sales manager with no degree but have around 5 years experience in this position My girlfriend is 23 and graduated with a 1st from Sheffield University, she currently works for GSK (large pharmaceutical company) as an HR Manager. From what I can see I don't have enough 'point' or criteria to gain entry myself but is there some sort of partner visa where there may be some interest? We are trying to work all this out but its all a little confusing so I would very much appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. Also if I have missed any key information please let me know I'd be happy to fill you in on anything else. Many thanks Tom
  6. Andries Botha

    Migrate to Australia - Assistance

    Hello All, Please assist if possible. My wife and I want to migrate to Australia. We are looking to stay there permanently. We are both still young. I am 27 and she is 25. I do not have any employment in Australia as yet. I have sent through my CV to several companies. I have a Btech in Construction Degree and a MBA Degree. My wife will have a Bcom Degree in the next 6 months. I will be looking to fill a position in Construction Project Management in Australia. Can you assist by : 1. Reputable Migration Agents in Australia 2. Reputable recruitment agencies in Australia 3. Reputable Construction Companies in Australia Any companies I am to stay away from eg. Scammers etc. I really dont know where to start? What to do first? Thank You in advance. Andries
  7. Hi all, I have been looking into flying a French Bulldog from the UK to Sydney, and its good that there are now two options. But what I want to know is the actual stats for the risk of flying them home. I found the US study done in 2010, but I can't get any information on stats for all the ones who have safely travelled this route. Does anyone have any information or can direct me to websites etc? I just want to make an informed decision. I know they are a higher risk, but just what this risk is I can't tell. Thanks so much.
  8. swan

    WHX Questions, please help

    Hi everyone, just got sacked from my job and thinking about working in Australia for a year on a WHV visa. Does anyone know: What are my chances of getting the visa, I am a 19 year old male, physically fit and have no dependencies, how many visas do they give out? Do I need a health check before applying for my visa? How much money should I take for my first month while looking for a job? I'd preferably want to go to the Brisbane/ Gladstone region as I visited when working on a merchant ship and loved it. And as I said previously I've just been let go from my job, so I can't be whimsically throwing £200 at the application for it to have no chance of being accepted. Much appreciated
  9. sjelves

    Paediatric Nurses

    Hi, I'm Sophie, I moved to Sydney from England in June 2014. I'm a degree qualified paediatric nurse with 18 months experience. I applied for my AHPRA registration in April 2014. My application has still not been granted. Without being a negative joy-kill I just felt that it was important that I pointed out the realistic situation in Australia (particularly Sydney) for paediatric nurses. Not only has it been 8 months since I applied for registration but it is also clear there are zero jobs out here for paediatric nurses despite there being 2 paediatric hospitals. When I decided to move here everyone said 'oh, you'll get a job no problem!' 'they're screaming out for nurses!' Its not correct. I live in inner Sydney and there are currently no vacancies for paediatric nurses. I just want those paeds nurses out there to be aware of the current job situation & not to come over here expecting to fall into a job. I just wish someone had told me this before I had come out as I'm struggling to find even non-nursing work because my qualifications are so specific. Sophie
  10. Hey everyone! I'm heading to Australia for my first solo backpacking trip. There's a lot of information out there about backpacking Australia, but I wanted direct advice from people who have experienced Australia either by backpacking through the country or living there. Basically, my questions are: What are some free/cheap things to do in Australia? What is worth spending extra money on? What do you regret spending money on? And please tell me some of your amazing experiences in Australia - hiking a rainforest, scuba diving vs. snorkeling the GBR, parks you liked or didn't, quirky places not typically talked of... I honestly want to hear what everyone has to say about Australia! What's overrated or touristry, what should be seen but typically isn't... anything you'd like to mention! A bit about me is that I adore nature, so seeing the best rain forests/experiencing the Outback is important to me. Seeing wildlife would be awesome - I'm even considering shelling out $160 for a crocodile dive (has anyone done that?! Was it worth it?). Are the zoos worth visiting, or can you see wildlife outdoors anyway? I also love music and art, so any neat and cheap museums or outdoor art for free would be awesome to see. I realize this is really general, and if anyone doesn't want to share here, please feel free to PM me as well! I'm trying to get a ton if different ideas so I'm prepared for my WHV trip
  11. Daniel Worgan

    Australia March 2015

    So Im heading to Australia on March 30th next year for a year! Looking to find out the best places to go to get work and also meet other people? Anyone else heading out around that time? be good to make some online connections and possibly too meet out there Daniel x
  12. Has Australia really "reached the height of dickheadedry "? I haven't lived there for a few years now so can't comment personally but.... Is it getting better or worse? http://www.news.com.au/national/northern-territory/fk-off-were-full-of-racists/story-fnn3gfdo-1226997889967
  13. Hi there, My name is Rob and i have never used a forum before. I am a qualified refrigeration and air con engineer. I'm 24, single, no kids or dependents. I did a 7 month stint in WA fitting air con down in the wine region and Perth 2013-2014. I'd like to apply for a skilled visa and come back to work as a fully licensed engineer. I was lucky enough to make many contacts that are keen to employ me. I didn't want to do a sponsorship when i was there as i wanted my own freedom and not to suddenly find myself "trapped" in one company. Also i have literally no family in Aus, just some close friends and an ex girlfriend. I'm looking for anyone that can recommend me a decent agent in which i can do my skills transfers with. I've been talking to a guy called James (jim) Gordon who seems very professional and boasts a 100% migration record. He has a MARA number but when i searched on the IMMI/MARA database it returned no results, there were only 2 migration agents registered on MARA that are in the UK of which i have contacted. But was just wondering if anyone has any advice on Jim or anyone has used him? I'm not very Anal normally but i just want to find the best agent that would do the best job. Recommendations and stories appreciated. From what ive seen its gonna be a long, rocky road to Australia. Rob.
  14. Daniel Worgan

    WHV Biddy wanted!!

    So the person I was meant to be going travelling with has bailed on me!! Im heading out at the end of March and would be nice to have someone to travel with at least and possibly spend a little bit of time with out there!! If anyone is also looking for a buddy then message me and we can exchange info and see where it heads!! Cheers guys Daniel
  15. Guest

    Planning to move to Australia

    Hi there, I'm a 27 year old student nurse and I'm planning to move to Australia with my man and our son when I'm qualified. We're doing as much research as we possibly can in the mean time in order to make a smooth transition
  16. ****Diesel Automatic 2.0 Litre****** PRIVATE SELLER Well looked after Captiva. Replaced Engine 8 months ago so can call it a brand new engine. (Got the paperwork to prove) Looks very nice inside, seats and interior looks good. $15480 Neg. Model: Captiva Body Type: WagonYear: 2007 Kilometres: 176000T ransmission: Automatic Drive Train: 4x4 Fuel Type: Diesel Colour: Silver Air Conditioning: Yes Registered: Yes Variant: SX (4x4) Great reliable runner . As new engine. Cost me $7000 to redone. Tyres still lots of road left with deep grooves Comes with lots of extras: * Bull Bar * Headlight / Bonnet protectors * 17" Wheel Mags * Side Steps * Tow Bar * Dogs Door seperating back seats from boot area (Can remove this when travelling) * Holden Floor mats * CD/Radio Player with 6 speakers * GPS * Rego till January 2015 So coming to ACT, or already here, let me know. I am also a trusted UK eBay seller with 100% feedback. Small dent and some scratches on the back. 01 of 4 ‹› ‹›
  17. Hi, just got some shipping quotes and thought it may be of help to some of you that are considering heading back to Blighty. All quotes are for a 20 foot sole use container with each company providing full packing and wrapping service, door to door delivery form Gold Coast QLD Australia to Ely in Cambridgeshire. (20ft container should fit typical 3 bed house contents) All Quotes are exclusive of insurance. most offered insurance at a premium of 3.5% of the value of the goods being shipped. (no excess to pay on claims) However, we are going to arrange insurance ourselves through Letton Percival Their premium is 1% of the value of goods being shipped. (Small excess of 100 pounds on any claim) Here are the Quotes King & Wilson - $8,200 Overseas Packers & Shippers - $6,900 Grace Removals - $ 7,545 OSS World Wide Movers - $6,280 Suprisingly, OSS who offered the cheapest quote were by far the most infomative and profesional. We dealt with Simone Percy and Joanne Jackson, both have been extreemely communicative and responsive to all our questions. Additionally, the literature provided was very informative and helpful. Highly recommended Hope this helps... P.S. if you got way cheaper don't tell me, or i'll be crying for the entire flight home :-P
  18. Hi All -if you are seeking work as a qualified Social Worker in Australia and are able to apply for a Working Holiday Visa we would love to hear from you as we have an abundance of Social Work posts in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond. My name is Rachel Perkins and I work in the Social Work Division of REED Melbourne and am a qualified Social Worker myself, having worked in the UK and here in Australia. REED have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and specialise in Social Care & Allied Health. Check out our website reedglobal.com or email me your resume for information on our agency and opportunities DownUnder. If you have child protection experience and are looking for Australian sponsorship I am currently managing a large UK recruitment drive for a government client in Victoria offering great salaries, relocation and 4 years sponsorship. Please email me your updated resume asap to be considered for these roles. rachel[dot]perkins[at]reedglobal[dot]com Looking forward to hearing from you.
  19. [h=1]Dear All, I really need your advise please ... I am accountant and I have applied for EOI (Australia) on - 20th September 2014 (60 Points, Category "General Accountant" - 189). Please if you may guide me on current estimated waiting time, to hear back on EOI for Accountants with 60 points ? On inquiring with Agent, I was told that current waiting time could go upto 4 months .. not really sure this is correct .. ? Regards Anshul[/h]
  20. Hi .. I have been invited fir visa 189 application a week ago. I just have one inquiry about the documents to uploaded. I am claiming 5 point for my overseas experience i am providing a bank statement but the thing is that the statement in arabic language and it is too long as it include all transactions since 2008 (about 30 pages or more). should i translate the whole statement or can i just make notes and mark the salary deposit with hand writing ? Any past experience about this would help. regards
  21. Hi I have been applying for jobs as a refrigeration and air conditioning over in OZ asking if they will all sponsor me ive had nothing good back. Can anyone give me any advice or help me with this ? i think 457 sponsorship is the only way one for me Thanks Dave
  22. Dear Poms, Can anyone advise me of where I can obtain a copy of the Australian Building Codes (either hard or electronic copy). It does not have to be the most up to date edition. I have found copies on the internet, but they are very expensive and guidance/ text books are non existent. Any advice would be gratefully received. Ploppy
  23. Totsy

    Doc Martens?

    Is it too warm to wear doc martens in Australia? And do many people wear them? Just wondering cos I'm moving over in a few months and thought I might buy a pair before I go! Thanks x
  24. Is it possible to get a UK mortgage whilst living and earning in Australia?? I'm thinking that we could buy somewhere just before we move back so that we've got somewhere to move in to on our return or rent out until we get back...
  25. Hi Friends I am Aussie and was in India for 2 years. Now I feel like coming back to Australia. I am wondering that do I have to get any vaccine or follow other procedure before entering in Australia? Also how is the job market in Perth and Melbourne as I want to come back one of this city? Please reply if you know any answer of these questions. Thanks Swiss