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Found 352 results

  1. Okay, so it's clear now to anyone with half a brain out there that house prices in Australia are collapsing fast, with the data released yesterday highlighting massive falls in Perth and Brisbane especially but all around the country too! Sometimes it’s hard to believe this ponzi kept going for as long as it did. It should have popped last time but a round of unprecedented stimulus forced a last gasp of air into the bubble. All they did was kick the can down the road and now the collapse will be even worse. Posters have been predicting this outcome for some time, and now the scale of this coming collapse will surprise the majority of commentators, in the same way the GFC surprised most economists I'm a potential FHB (First Home Buyer) as are several family members and we can't help thinking this will be a scary thought for our politicians, and now that this (inevitable IMHO) crash is underway they'll be utterly desperate to avoid a UK or US style economic collapse led by the bursting of the housing bubble. What's worse, is that GDP has gone negative and we're only one quarter away from a technical recession. Get that, halfway to recession folks! This aint good news! (for housing bulls ha ha) :biggrin: I kind of suspect our government will panic and pressure the Reserve Bank to slash interest rates, and at the same time they'll unlease another barrage of stimulus spending, especially more grants and handouts to the bloated and inefficient housing sector. What does everyone else think? Will Labor make the same schoolboy errors all over again and pump up the housing bubble with more stimulus, or will they sit back let it all collapse this time and bring the country down with it? Awareness of the housing bubble is really seeping into the brains of the masses in Australia. The biggest driver of house prices is sentiment, when consumers are confident they’ll bid up prices to crazy levels irrespective of fundamentals, but now the tides turning, panic is setting in and they’ll all run for the exits at the same time, especially the speculators holding multiple investment properties. Even Kochie is in on the game, saying prices are crashing on morning television! Thoughts? BB.
  2. Hi folks, We are expecting to arrive in WA around the end of September, and will need to a MASSIVE shop. Is there an Aussie equivalent of ASDA or TESCO's?? I certainly don't do my shopping at Waitrose, so just looking to see where other mums/wives go to do their "big shops"?? I will need things from cleaning materials, loo paper, washing powder, fresh and frozen food, to meat. You name it - we'll need it! :yes: Thanks! Catherine
  3. Guest

    aussie battler..?????

    what is your definition of doing it tough ?.................just read this article ..:wideeyed:...The new Aussie battlers earn $150,000 .......................... HARD-WORKING double-income families are now discovering that once their gross household income reaches $150,000, they qualify for as much welfare as a billionaire - nothing. They have priced themselves out of Family Tax Benefits and Paid Parental Leave and are on their own..................www.adelaidenow.com.au/the-new-aussie-battlers-earn-150000/story-e6frea6u. [not good at links might need to copy and paste this into a search...................unless a mod. can fix it please !] <!-- google_ad_section_end(name=story_headline) -->
  4. As we all know the migration process to Australia is often paved with hurdles and obstacles, many a time it feels as if it is a never ending cycle of up's and down's, but the one thing we have in common is that one day all the hassle and aggravation will be worth it because we will soon enough be in a country that we 'think' may offer us a better, different, samey, life, BUT. What happens when we arrive there and we decide it isn't for us, maybe this is feeling that is there within a week, maybe it takes a lot longer, but in all honesty at times we decide that Australia isn't for us and a return to Blighty is not only needed, but also drives our very existence. If this happens what do you do, or rather, interact on a daily basis with life in general and those around you? I'm NOT talking of the reasons WHY you want to return, but the much more important issue of HOW you cope in the interim between living in Australia and the long awaited return. Do you hide under the dooner for as long as you can all day and ignore you are living in Australia, do you decide to get on with it until the date in question. But maybe even more importantly, how do you find yourself reacting to everyday scenarios, do you tell each and every Aussie that you meet that you don't like it and can't wait top get back, do you vent your frustration on PIO and then pretend that nothing is wrong when you 'enter' Australian society? If an Aussie asks how you are doing do you tell them the truth, or grin and bear it? Do you in fact let your feelings (strong/weak) show to the everyday Aussie. In short, do you let your true opinions show, and bugger what others think? Most of us know that the Aussies have a great sense of pride in their country, so do you take this into account and temper your feelings toward the people and the country or do you come out and say exactly what you think to work colleagues, etc. Just interesting that the frustration at times at having to wait for a return to the UK would I imagine boil over and surface when you least expect it, and if this happens how do the Aussies react to you? This is a serious thread, no back biting please. As I said, it's aimed at those who have decided to come 'home' and how they interacted with Australian society in general is all, you never know it may help one or two out there.:wink: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  5. Hi My 19 year old daughter is desperate to study Equine Science at Uni when she goes in September 2011 and as such she has gained a place at two Uni's in the UK to do her BSc in Equine Science but is still torn between wanting to stay in England as she doesn't feel quite ready to leave yet and going with us as she knows how much she will miss us. Does anyone know of a really good Uni or College that caters for Equine enthusiasts as what we have found doesn't seem to come close to the course content and depth she has been offered here? Also what would the job opportunities be like for her as we have no idea just how horse orientated it is in Australia apart from the Melbourne Cup of course! Thank you for any help you could render. deb2
  6. PommyPaul

    How aussie are you?

    http://www.gotoquiz.com/how_aussie_are_you_1 i'm.... You are 71% Aussie! She'll be apples in the morning with a bit of practice. Break out the barbie and invite some mates over. Chuck some vic bitter in the esky and have a bonzer time!
  7. Hi folks! I'm an Aussie who's been living in Scotland for 15 years and now looking to head back to WA with my Scottish hubby and 4 year old daughter in the next year. We plan to live in Bunbury where my father lives. Will be great to connect with others and hoping for some current advice on schools in Bunbury area. Looking forward to meeting you!:v_SPIN: OzSteph
  8. The State Government has agreed to buy two houses that are sinking and falling apart after the owners were told no one was responsible for the problem. But the State Government could be forced to dig deeper, with more homeowners coming forward with similar complaints. Housing Minister Troy Buswell, who authorised the one-off payments, has asked the Building Commission to come up with a long-term solution which could include an across-industry levy. The owners of the two houses in Secret Harbour have been seeking compensation for two years after the Building Disputes Tribunal ruled that nobody was responsible for the sinking problem because there was a natural cavity in the limestone under the properties. A third neighbour's home has also developed similar problems, while a house in Mullaloo, which has been built over an underground cavern and has a split across its concrete slab, also has been identified. Since the issue was highlighted on Channel Seven's Today Tonight, the owners of homes from Bassendean to Parmelia have spoken out. Warnbro MP Paul Papalia, who has been campaigning for the Secret Harbour families, said: "I welcome the minister finally confirming he will do the right thing and buy these people out, but he needs to hasten the action. "This issue has been going for two years. It's far too long. Why has it taken a media story to get the minister to confirm he's going to pay them out." Ocean Reef MP Albert Jacob has gone into bat for his constituent in Mullaloo, raising the issue in Parliament last week. In reply, Mr Buswell said: "We do not want to be stuck with this ad hoc situation. If we can move down the path of the levy, for example, there may be a possibility that that can be applied to the situation that the member's constituents are in. I have to get more advice on that." Last Wednesday, Mr Buswell revealed that he had "written to the Commerce Minister to request that the Building Commission explore options to deal with these issues in a consistent manner in the future". Alot of these houses are built on sandy foundations and are built fast...I think we are going to see alot more of this happening....Crap houses for extortinate prices..
  9. Here is the story. I have Australian Citizenship by descent. My mother is an Aussie by birth and we both live in Canada. I was looking to migrate to Australia from Canada using my Australian Citizenship. Are there any issues in doing so? Is there any sort of government requirements I need to adhere to or anything of that sort? I am asking because I am moving to Australia from a foriegn country with Australian Citizenship in hand having never EVER stepped foot in Australia before. Anyone here know how I do just that and immigrate from Canada to Australia with Aussie Citizenship? Am I classified as a new immigrant or an Aussie national? Just wondering how that works. Thank you. - Richard
  10. Hi We have our 175 permanent residency visa and we may be moving to Melbourne early next year. Hubbie is a Consulting Structural Engineer, Project Manager, CDM Co-ordinator (plus lots more besides!). He is wondering whether to do his NEBOSH this year in preparation but wonder if it is widely recognised. If not, is there an Aussie equivalent that he should concentrate his energy on? Cheers
  11. Hey everyone, My boyfriend and I have decided to make the move to Brisbane. He is an electrical project manager and I am an electrical design engineer and were both previously electricians. I was hoping that someone would be able to point me in the right direction as to which courses and training we would need to complete before our move to bring us u to speed on Australian Electrical and Engineering Regulations. Is this something that an agent would be able to help us with as we are going to a seminar in a couple of weeks time. Thanks, Daisy xx
  12. Guest

    going to aussie

    Hey me and my family (hubby and 2 kids) are moving to aussie soon , would love to hear from anyone , always nice to make new friends , will be living in the Redlands Bay area Brisbane, any girlies who love to have coffees !!!!!! and generally like to socialise and have a laugh !!! , got 2 kids 14 (girl) &13 (boy) years old and i am a Hairdresser hubby is in the water industry , been Living in New Zealand for 10 years but originally from UK , :
  13. hi, I am applying for a partner VISA, subclass 309, from the UK. I have statutory declarations from family and friends both in the UK and in Australia. I know I have to get the UK statutory declarations witnessed by a solicitor. What about the statutory declarations made in Australia then sent over to me? These declarations have been witnessed in Australia according to the list in the 'Parter Migration Booklet', so eg by a Doctor. They will be included in my submission to the Australia High Commission in London. Have I done the right thing? The certification of documents instructions on the Austrlia High comission website refers to who can certify documents in the UK - I am unsure whether this refers to only those declarations actually made in the UK (in which case I'll be ok) or whether this includes all statutory declarations included in the application. Does anyone have any advice on this based on their experience? Any help gratefully received!! Thanks!
  14. Just following a couple of concerns after a previous thread. we have moved our migration date forward to the summer and our excitement is getting tinged with a few nerves. recent 'big' purchases of imac, big lcd tv, xbox, dining suite, washing machine and fridge freezer will all be less than one year old at point of entry. figured the less we have to buy over there - it is expensive enough without factoring in 1.65 to the pound!!! - the better just how enthusiastic are the australian teams who open the crates coming in from Europe and start mooching. ikea flat pack desks are half price here in germany so was going to build them on arrival for the study and kids rooms. however the prospect of a gigantic tax bill to whisk away all of the savings is concerning me. please re-assure. if you can't re-assure - just lie!!!!! Cheers
  15. Guest

    Aussie pool

    Hey all, Moving to Melbourne (North) in June and was wondering if anyone knows of any pool teams and leagues (8 ball) that I could join. Been playing for a team in Cambridgeshire now for over 5 years and love it! Would anyone be interested in joining myself to set a team up and join in a league etc? John
  16. Guest

    Cheap calls uk to from Aussie

    Hi ANy advice on who to use for cals back to the UK. In NZ we Woosh just dailed 043 before the number. Is there anything like that here? Kind regards Susan:biggrin:
  17. Nzogbia

    Aussie press...Here we go again!!

    So, entirely true to form, the Royal wedding looms large and the ever reliably spiteful Australian press have weighed in with their filthy hob nailed boots. Now let me get a few things straight..... I am no lover of inherited privilege, or of a society based on class strata and I find the notion of the divine right of kings absurd......however..... A constitional monarchy has proven over time to have many advantages and it tends to foster very stable, democratic nations. The Fairfax media group would appear to disagree with this notion (or wilfully wish to ignore it). Not content with spitting Republican blood at any and all links with the mother country it has now taken to sniping and sneering at the very core of British history and its customs. What the Age does not understand is that the monarchy, whether it dies out or not (and personally i have republican leanings and so hope it does), has left an indelible mark on the history and customs of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We can not erase our past, we cannot pretend what we are not (though the Australian press make a damned fine attempt, regularly) and we cannot re-write history. As a fairly new Australian citizen (dualled with GB) I should like to say the following to Fairfax and Newscorp. By all means pursue your Republican agendas and unshackle yourself from the historical ties that bind. Party on in your entirely undeserved mining boom. Feel free to rejoice at your mother country's relative decline. Continue to throw yourself like a desperate syphillitic whore at the clay feet of a bankrupted state which executes its own citizens, has one of the biggest divides between rich and poor in the developed world and which allows its citizens to arm themselves. Meanwhile, ask no questions of the tryrannical injustices which perpetuate in your second largest trading partner (oh yes, the PRC is an honourable institution which cares deeply about its countrymen and their human rights. Handy that they buy a lot of rocks too). Yes, continue to do all of that. What's really important though is that you continue to highlight the wicked inequity of monarchy. Unless of course, it's a Tassie girl and she's marrying into the Danish Royal family. In which case, it's different - isn't it mate. Then, it's a fairytale. Boils my pesh - in case you hadn't noticed. Did anyone else read the 3 articles In the Age which referenced the British monarchy today? Does no one else pick up on the rabid anti British sentiment? Do they EVER write anything positive about the UK (and I mean - EVER??). I really wish Australian people of British descent would put an end to this. If we were Italian or Greek or Lebanese it would never be allowed. Grrrrrr......
  18. Guest

    Aussie TomTom

    I currentyl have a TomTom ONE v3 and will be moving very soon to Melbourne. Has anyone else here got TomTom? Is the map any good/accurate as its going to cost a whopping £60 just to download from the TomTom site and install! Looking forward to your responses John
  19. Just a curious mind here as some people are talking about this on FB. Being from the UK where the general rule of thumb is you only give a reference about a person if you can give a good one. If you can't then you simply don't give one at all. Or at least that has always been my experience and understanding of it all. I know times are changing but for my line of work references have always been vital so I'd expect to still be given one by a former employer if it was required from a new job. Anyways, onto the topic... One was saying how hard it is to get a reference given these days in Aus. That many larger companies/corporations simply won't give one at all, even if the person has done a good job and they have no complaints or issues with their employment. Apparently many companies have it written into the company policy. Another replied and said that was their companies policy due to being held liable and they simply did not give them for anyone to save any legal concerns. Is this becoming the norm? Has anyone had any experience of this when changing jobs or job hunting? If so how did it affect your job search and prospective employers? Are smaller companies also going this route? Thanks in advance
  20. There's been a fair few threads on the housing market on this forum and, to put it mildly, I wouldn't rush to buy at the moment. I arrived in Queensland in May this year and all the locals were going on about was how house prices were destined for 10yrs of strong growth having just rallied 20% in the preceeding 12 months. Australian house prices were already among the most unaffordable in the developed world 8 years ago and have increased 160% on average since then. Bubble? You bet. Why else would the RBA raise rates in November after the inflation figure came in lower than expected. This move was an implicit acknowledgement that a bubble exists so they're in the process of deflating the whole market to avoid a big pop. There is still plenty to go, so go and rent for 12 months or more. Asset prices are inversely correlated to interest rates, and always will be. And don't forget the recent removal of market stimulus - first home buyer grants. The press in this country have largely had the rose-tinted spectacles on when commenting on future property prices, and the various justifications for high house prices are laughable i.e. "A housing shortage in Australia will support prices". Hey? Complete garbage. The UK has a much bigger shortage of housing and that didn't stop the market cratering in the early nineties. Japan has an even worse shortage and their house prices are still deflating almost 20yrs after their bubble popped. What's key is affordability and Australia is now by far and away the most unaffordable country in the world to buy a house in. The market where I live (Brisbane) is the worst it's been since the last housing slump in the early nineties. "Immigration and a strong economy will keep prices motoring in the right direction." What? With the strong Aussie dollar, immigrants (and foreign investors') spending power (for housing) is much diminished so their entry level is much lower now than it would have been just a year or so ago. Immigration has also slowed of late. The economy here isn't as robust as the talking heads make out, unless you're working in the resources sector, in which case it's Christmas every day. God help us if (when)the Chinese economy slows because the rest of the economy here is very average. Just settle in, enjoy the country and wait for property prices to come your way.:hug:
  21. Hi, We plan to be in temp accomodation for two weeks when we arrive in Brisbane and then move to a rental property. I was just wondering if it is useful to have another address in Brisbane which we can have things sent to e.g. Medicare or TFN so we don't loose them when moving around? Thanks Louise
  22. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Won't mean a lot to some, but a very warm 21 down here in sunny Hertfordshire today. As the dutiful husband I have been mowing the lawn and cleaning the windows, BUT. I did this dressed in my old black shorts I have had for many years, and which I purchased in Target, (OK, so my legs look like two bits of cotton dangling from a very big parachute,:embarrassed:) I have my old and torn and battered Cairns Game Fishing Club T-shirt on, which has so many holes I look as if I am into sadomasochism, and on my feet, NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, :jiggy::notworthy:. The sun was on my back, sweat leaking from every pore and orifice (not a pretty site as Ruth pointed out) and I was truly at peace humming along to 'I come from a land downunder'. I even took a trip to Tesco dressed as above except for some sandals this time. You never know, I may even have a wander around Tesco's later dressed in my pajamas and showing of my bodily hair, (haven't got a lot due to shaving once a week for my own pleasure.) But I can honestly say I was as happy as Larry, no, BRUCE today, made me realise that when I finally pull my finger out and plans come together I will be back 'HOME', brings a tear to my eye my friends. As a link I was going to insert 'Turning Japanese' by the Vapors,:notworthy: and ask that you change the word 'Japanese' to Australian, BUT. Seeing as how the song is about masturbation I thought better of it, it wouldn't have been long before some smart arse came along and said they thought I was always a total 'Thanker' anyway,:shocked::biglaugh:. So my friends, if this weather lasts and plans come together I only have barely the late Autumn to survive and I will see some of you back at 'HOME'.:hug: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  23. Wendy Robinson

    Our Baby Aussie is here

    Well after what felt like a never ending pregnancy our little Aussie is finally here :jiggy: Elivia Autumn arrived 29th March 2011 at Joondalup Hospital Perth WA. She is absolutely perfect. Joondalup hospital was fantastic, We went public and couldn't fault the care I received during and after my cesarean, I wouldn't hesitate to use the public system again. So Thank you to all at Joondalup Maternity unit. Wendy x
  24. wishfulthinking

    Aussie Receipe-pls help.

    Hi i was wondering if anybody happened to know how to make this receipe. Bear with me and i'll try and explain. You get a crusty loaf and cut the top off, scoop out the insides and put to one side(you'll use these later to dip in), then you can either put a warm mixture inside of the bread or a cold one. I'm after the cold one. I know someone mentioned this to me a while back but can't seem to remember what it is, i know they said it had cucumber, phillidelphia cheese in but i don't know what else, can anyone help at all. I know its a long shot but thought someone may know. Cheers natalie
  25. Stuju

    I got my aussie citizenship

    Hi all, Stuju here, long time no chat, Just thought id'drop in to say hi & say i got my aussie citizenship this Australia Day, also now have my aussie passport & had to vote here in nsw for the first time yesturday. Nothing has changed ive been here 5 years this august & still not happy & still want to go home so yep next year im on my way at last We have 2 sets of friends that have already returned to the uk for good & also another set that fly back for good next sunday & another couple that are off for good this august ~ still seems everyone is going home (& all before me) So no dout i will have lots of questions for those that know about returning to the uk next year. Hope all is going well for all of you that know me (there must be a few still on here) and those that dont know me too Stuju:jiggy: