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Found 414 results

  1. Hi. I'm going to be applying for a Partner Visa this year. My wife is Australian and we're currently both based in London. We'd like to travel for a 4-6 months between leaving London and moving to Australia. Once my Partner Visa is granted how quickly am I going to need to settle in Aus? immi.gov.au states: I'm guessing that police and health checks don't expire within a matter of weeks, but can anyone advise on what timeframe they've actually been given following a successful application? All advice appreciated! Greg
  2. Hey, i wondered if anyone has has they skills assessed by ACS and how long they take, the web site says 3 months......at this rate once 3 months is up the Aus immigraton would have change their policy!!!!
  3. Hi to you all, i'm asking for a friend who is applying for a 176 visa for Australia, but he is now thinking of moving to New Zealand, what he would like to know if you apply for an Oz on a 176 visa and get Permenent residency in Aus, can go to live in NZ straight away? Would be gratefull for any info please. Cheers Troy
  4. Hi All, Well, the worst happened. My nan died at the weekend. I had no idea how hard it would be to lose a loved one whilst overseas and it has been really tough. So horrible having no family members here to talk to. Everyone here has been so lovely though. Everyone at work was so sympathetic and kind... which made me cry even more! Anyway, I am very confused about sending flowers. I cannot make the trip home for the funeral so want to send some flowers for the funeral. I have never sent flowers before, let alone for a funeral the other side of the world!! My mum has given me the funeral parlors address and I see I can send them via interflora but am still a bit confused! Do I send the flowers to the funeral directors and do I ask for them to arrive on the day but give instructions they need to be delivered before the funeral? Or do I do it for the day before? And when giving the recipients details, do I give my nans name but the funeral directors business name and address? Or should I be sending flowers to my mum rather than for the funeral? Im so confused!!! Has anyone had to do this before? Thanks, Lou
  5. A very kind offer to see if he could help me with a problem with the central heating boiler via Cyberspace:notworthy: Its now fixed and warmth is returning as we speak :notworthy: Thankyou John :hug:
  6. mporting my van with my tools and clothes etc inside? Hi there, great forum I've been reading through a few threads which have been very informative, but i have a specific question. i would like to export my 2004 Ford Transit Connect SWB ( value £3500 ) from England to Aus with my work tools and my clothes, computer, books etc inside the van. My thinking is that i can turn up in Aus with everything i need to live and start work. I know about the modifications that may be necessary to the van and the cleaning of the tools etc and i'm not bothered if it costs me as much as buying the van in Aus So my question is, am i allowed to put my belongings in the van ( in crates ) and export it? Connect's seem rare in Aus and i think it would be unique and eyecatching once sign written plus it's a diesel ( most vans are petrol in Aus ) so would be much better on fuel, also commercial vehicles only attract 5% tax or so i'm led to believe A good plan? Or not? It doesn't have aircon but my mates car doesn't either and he lives in Sydney. Thanks, Aaron.
  7. Guest

    Leave Aus on Bridging Visa B?

    Hi guys, I intend to leave Oz next week under BVB. I just wonder if while I'm overseas and there is a decision on my 485 visa application, do I have to return Oz within 28 days since receiving notification of the decision? And after my return, if the decision have been made, do I need to go to Immi office to renew my BVA? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi, any one in northen France going to Aus? You fancie meeting up and sharing ideas etc.
  9. Here is a very sensible statement from the Australian Industry Group on the new points test to be introduced next July 1. It describes the great shortage of trades people in Australia and how the new points test will make migration harder for them. They also comment on the negative aspects of the decision by DIAC to award zero points for getting a 6 on the IELTS which, after all, is a fluent English standard. http://mia.org.au/media/File/AIG_Points_Test.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Emailmarketing&utm_content=1145437595&utm_campaign=MIANews-Supplement&utm_term=AustralianIndustryGroup Sandra
  10. Hi Guys, We applied for our defacto visa on the 17th Aug, so going by the time frame we should be issued our visa on the 17th Feb. Does anyone know if it is frowned upon to enter Australia a few weeks before this date on a tourist visa? It is my mums 50th and Id like us both to be there for that. Thanks, Kate :biggrin:
  11. Hi, I’ve just started looking into the possibility of moving across to Australia for a few years or so. However since I don’t have any savings I’d need to have a job lined up before I could consider going. I’m a 29yr old mechanical development engineer with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and 6.5years experience in the metals industry (steel processing machines). I’d have thought it’d be pretty easy to get a job given what I’ve heard about shortages but I’ve been looking through a lot of listings on agency sites but a lot of them say you need to be eligible to work in Australia before applying, I’ve also sent my CV off to a few agencies asking for advice etc but not heard anything back. I just wondered if anyone could give me advice on where to start really? Do I need to get a visa and then apply for jobs? What are the chances of getting a job and a company offering to help me get a visa/move/etc? If there are any mechanical engineers out there who could let me know their experiences that’d be great!! Kind of a bit lost at the moment with what I need to do! I know some people have mentioned getting a WHV and sorting it out over there but I really don’t think I can afford to do that, would much prefer to get a job sorted and then move across so I can start earning straight away… Cheers!
  12. Please I finish PGCE next year, God willing. I hope to gain one year experience afterwards to get NQT, Newly Qualified Teacher after doing PGCE, then i want to migrate to Aus from Uk. Please tell me the right procedure i need to take inorder to gain the right type of visa and teaching enployment in Aus. I have British passport Please kindly let me know it all. Documentation proof i need to present, pls leme know. If you know of any agencies, that can help with visa and getting a job, pls kindly let me know I have tried smart teachers and immi.gov.au but not much of information. I know most of you have migrated to Aus using the PGCE from Uk and will be able to share your experience:smile: Cheers
  13. I am in the process of thinking about what I should and shouldn't pack and bring out to Queensland.... Is there anything you regret not bringing with you and wished you had which would of come in handy? To start, i was not going to bring anything from my winter wardrobe and have now ascertained that I will probably need my fleeces at least. My common sense is overshadowed by the big picture and not the small! :unsure:
  14. Morning all... Just wondering what the implications are (if any) of shopping at UK/US stores online and having items sent to Aus. Are there implications with customs with any GST having to be added or does the postage make this whole idea a non starter. Would be interested to hear from anyone who does this and which stores do you find the best. Thanks in advance... :wubclub: S
  15. Not me:skeptical: Maybe that was the problem:wideeyed:
  16. landv

    Passport for baby born in Aus

    I am just about to apply for an australian passport for my baby daughter, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether I need to get a citizenship certificate for her as well? I heard from somewhere, that I would need to get a citizenship certificate as well. Is this true?
  17. Hey guys! I'm new to here, just stumbled across the site yesterday. Basically I've only been in aus for a month and I knew within a few days it wasn't right for me. I don't know how I knew I just did. I feel really homesick and I have a long-term girlfriend back home who I miss dearly (I suppose that don't help!) I'm meant to be staying to get aus citizenship but I think the rules have changed and I now have to wait 4 years instead of 2 , is that true?? I'm going travelling around aus in the next month or two to try and see if it will change my perspective of the place but I just kinda feel like an outcast here. I hav a strong scottish accent and aussies have diffuculty understanding me which isn't helping either. I've been here on holiday plenty of times and loved it but now i'm actually living here things don't seem so 'perfect'. I just needed to speak to somebody neutral about this I suppose, everyone back home wants me to return, but family here want me to stay here. I want to go home but it feels like I'd be wasting an opportunity if I don't at least try, I'm unhappy here tho. Im sure some of you know how i'm feeling so any advice or just anything you could say to help would be great thanks
  18. Hi, Has anybody out there been unable to sell their house, so have decided to leave it and sell it whilst living in australia? Would people recommend this? This is maybe the only way of getting on with the move to a new life. If anyone has done this, was it a nightmare? Thanks in advance for replies and advice Rache
  19. Hi, I am applying for my spouse visa and have a query if anyone can help me. We have 2 children both of whom were born in UK but are also Australian citizens. Do I put them on the application form as they are not part of the visa application but are our children!!! If you know what I mean! Thanks for any help in advance Rache
  20. Hi, Now Im sure this subject has been done a few times but Im confused!!!! We will be renting home out probably so we can get going to Perth. My question is....when we do sell our home in the UK will we have to pay capital gains tax on it as we are no longer resident in it? And if so how much do you pay? Thanks very much for any help on this. Rache
  21. Guest

    Aus award wages

    Hiya folks , just a quick one Anybody know of a web site that lists the wages awards for south aus ? i have tried a few but mainly get job sites cheers
  22. Hi, I've been lurking on these forums for some days now and decided to sign up. You lot are great and I've already found heaps of information. Me and the OH got our 175 visa's 2nd of July this year, after we started the process off in September last year, which was quicker then we expected - I'm not complaining ofcourse! We're looking to move around April/May, but have not decided yet where to land exactly. We're not 'big city' lovers, but our profession leaves us not much choice (IT professionals) and we know we'll have to start off somewhere in one of the (bigger) capitals. At the moment we're orientating ourselves, we don't own a house here in the UK so all we bring is some savings - it's important to us to get a job relatively quickly. Sydney looks good jobwise, not all too impressed housing wise. Perth looks attractive, but alot less jobs, although it seems better on the housing side (I could be totally wrong ofcourse, what do I know!). Our next target of investigation will be Melbourne, which we initially dismissed as we didn't enjoy Melbourne very much when we went on holiday last year. We really fell in love with Darwin when we were there - but job wise that's seems to be pretty much a nono to start there. I really like the sound of Adelaide, but we're unsure about the jobmarket over there. We will also be looking at Brisbane, not really much looked into it sofar. If you guys have any tips or stories, I'd love to hear them, especially people in the IT field ! Thanks, Nathalie
  23. + Overtime and superannuation and poss 20% shift bonus in Canberra is this a good deal with sponsorship 457 ? this is my 1st post and im confused with all the different info on here . Ive read that the average income is around $74k in Canberra ,so is it really way way below average ? (is that per person or a joint income ?) . I am thinking of moving over with the missus and toddler! any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks
  24. Guest

    telephone no Aus house

    Hi everyone! i've seen on a couple of threads the tel no for Australia house but not taken note of it, if there is anyone who could let me know it would be appreciated. We do however have an agent so not sure if they will give us any info, or is there a way round this? We are one of the many August applicants still hanging around in the land of limbo and getting fed up with the lack of progress with our application holding on to the off chance that maybe with have a case officer and just dont know it yet! Anyway heres hoping! Jo:goofy:
  25. I have read many threads where people are asking if they can buy their favourite food or drink in Aus.With this in mind I thought I would start a thread where we could all list UK favourites we have found in aussie shops,where they can be bought,what price etc...It will hopefully be of help to those arriving on these distant shores in the future and also those of us living here at present. Short list to start things off- Hellmans mayo-Coles supermarket McLoughlins Irish sausages-Coles[but not my local one, typical] Maynards Winegums-Crazy Clarks,periodacially Cadbury Creme Egg Twists-Wollies,actually made in UK Over to you folks.