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Found 414 results

  1. Hi all, Sorry if this is a repost, but is landing an IT job before leaving the UK a possibility? Do you know of anyone who has managed this before? I work in IT Networking, predominantly in Cisco. I have previously applied for jobs via Seek, but received no response. There does seem to be a lot of Cisco networking jobs available in Aus right now. Would it be worth calling agencies to show my eagerness? Thanks all
  2. Pingpongpom2

    Aus slang...

    What's your fave aus slang or idioms?... ...for me it's 'budgie smugglers'..makes me giggle:smile: and how i always put but at the end of sentences still even after spending alot of my life in uk but...
  3. :unsure: Ok, so heres the situation...(if any1 can shed sum light I wud be really grateful!!) I'm trying to get over to Aus within a childcare role (I know Child Care Co-ordinator is now on SOL-1295-11!!). I'm 37 with NNEB, BTEC Nursery Nursing & NVQ 2 & 3 in Playwork-over 15 yrs experience in various childcare settings both in UK & abroad with over 2 yrs experience as Co-ordinator of a before/after school & holiday club for up to 24 kids. (this was in 2005-2007) I am currently NOT in childcare at the mo. I know that my qualifications as they stand are not enough to get me to Aus, so was thinking of doing a distance learning degree in Early Childhood Studies would this degree be high enough for me to apply to get a visa???? would the work experience I gain whilst doing the degree count as recent work experience for visa purposes???? Or would my previous & extensive experience be taken into account?? I seem to be going round in circles on this one & realise that time is ticking away & the UK holds no interest for me anymore!! Many many thanx for any help given!!!!:unsure:
  4. Are you looking for jobs in Insurance in sydney or Melbourne? Stirling Andersen is a highly reputable insurance recruitment consultancy which specialises in roles in Underwriting, Broking, Claims, Actuarial and Catastrope Risk as well as Finance/ IT. we are experiencing a high demand for candidates with overseas experience here in Australia. If you have experience in the London insurance market or any other market and are looking for careers advice or jobs here in Australia then please pm me
  5. Jackboots

    DVD shipping from uk to Aus

    Anyone know of a good website for buying Dvd's and getting them shipped over here . the dvd uk tv series i want to buy is not available from Amazon at the moment and playuk don't ship here .. any others ?
  6. Guest

    NEW to AUS

    How long does it take for a $%& visa to be processed.
  7. My partner coming to Aus from UK, has being paying into a pension/retirement fund, can he roll it over to an aussie superfund? What is the best way to go about this? Id like to hear from ohters, ie can you draw it out on the grounds of immigration? cheers Sam
  8. I m a 5 year experienced & NVQ level 2 qualified plasterer wanting to move from UK to Aus , can anyone on here help me out ? need as much info & contacts as possible.
  9. Hi all My partner and i are both 30 and have been considering the big move to australia for the last 2 years. recently this idea has developed and we now have staretd to read through the application and the booklets on the immi.gov website. which is a minefield of documents and very daunting process. we hope to apply for a skilled visa based on my job as an electrical design engineer. the thing is we have read through some threads on forums along with watching various relocation programmes on the telly and are getting very concerned that we cant afford to continue. Most people appear to move to Oz with some form of money in the bank and enough to put down a deposit on a house. We are in the unfortunate position where as first time buyers 3 years ago bought our property in the UK when the market was at its peak and are now burdened with negative equity. we have little to no savings as our incoming match our outgoings. This means that should we be able to scrape enough money together to go for a holiday to Oz and the visa application, we wil be fully reliant on getting work straight away. we have no problems in renting when we first arrive but the obvious dream is to eventually buy a house. what is the mortgage system like in Oz? are desposit required as high as those required for UK property? i guess this does depend on area but we are looking at the queensland or NSW as our preffered destination. I have so many more question regarding the visa process and what to do next but i am going to continue to read some of the other threads on PIO first to see if my questions have been asked. Thanks Joycey
  10. I found this news report very harrowing yesterday but it got me wondering what care of the elderly is like in Aus as a comparison .... NHS Is Failing The Elderly, Health Service Ombudsman Ann Abraham Condemns Patient Treatment | UK News | Sky News K :wubclub:
  11. Heyyy everyone! I have decided to make that life changing decision and move over to aus for a while :biggrin: However i am not to sure what to do and how to do it :mad: Need a bit of advice about people that are doing it and how to do it :biglaugh: Pm me Megs x
  12. Just been trawling the net and cannot get a straight answer on this question! I realise that my 5 yr old will start school when we get there. Its my 2 boys who will have just turned 12 and 14 when we get to Aus ( end nov2011) In the UK Ryan- youngest one would be starting Comprehensive school this Sept (His bday is Oct) and Connor-14yr old(Nov bday) would be in Yr9...this has got me confused as they obviously have different term dates there so I cant work out when they have to be of a certain age to enrol :arghh:! Any light shed would be gratefully appreciated xx
  13. There must be someone on here who can answer this... any dentists here?! How much do we think it's going to cost me to have a wisdom tooth pulled?? I'm in Queensland, not that that really makes much difference I'm sure) with no private medical cover as yet and I already spent $235 the other day in one session on: - clean - polish - fluoride treatment - first time assessment - 2x small x-rays (which could have been avoided had I known I was gonna have to have a full mouth one for my wisdom teeth too which can be bulk-billed by QSCAN) Anybody got any ideas? Plus I'm also worried about it due to lots of horror stories about wisdom teeth extraction... that and I've seen some videos of surgery for it too. It's got me a bit freaked.:huh: How I have it done has yet to be determined by assessing what the angle of the tooth is, how far out of the gum it is compared to what it could be etc from the xrays I have to go and get. :sad: Not happy. :no: Please send advice?
  14. Hi, My husband is Australian and we own property in Australia. I am also under 31 so can get a Working holiday visa to start and get a spousal visa later if needs be. I am a qualified Project Manager with 4 years of experience managing UK government funded training contracts and I am also a qualified Teacher. The question I have is, I've started to apply for jobs in Australia from the UK and I'm wondering for anyone who is already there could please tell me if there is any chance of me obtaining employment before I go? We would be looking to go to Victoria and I have heard that the market there is good and that I have a chance but I'm not sure. Advice please? Thank you in advance Kirstyn
  15. Guest

    geting sponsored in aus

    hey there im 26 year old male from ireland im hopeing to go to aus in november with gf who has a one year working visa.iv done my year and diden get a 2nd year im home over year and half.iv tried the mirgration visa but i was told take 3 years.so im jus wondering wat do people think if i go over to perth on a 6 month hol visa and look 4 sponsership.im a carpenter.so wat do people think is it a gud idea
  16. I am seriously looking for employment in Australia which will sponsor or support me in this permanent move. I was 45 in august 2010 so I know this can be a problem. Is there anyway i can get to aus with me and my family (wife and 18 and 15yr old)Regards Andy
  17. Hi, My partner and I are in the fortunate position of having our visas. I have now been offered a job in Hobart, Tasmania. We are renting our property in UK and I plan to keep my UK bank account and use a UK credit card and operate both of these online for a while until I have an Aus bank account. My salary in the Uk is £30K. I am in the process of negotiating with Tassie, but the minimum is £44K. My partner is worried about the cost of living in Aus, but I think things will balance out. We have some savings (not loads). My question is should I take this all of this over or leave it in the UK as the exchange rate is so poor?
  18. :wub: Hi We are hoping to Emigrate to Aus and are trying to negotiate our way around the financial implications! My first question is.....If we rent our house in the Uk and then sell it later down the line when the exchange rate (hopefully) improves, will the money be taxed when we transfer it over? I have read/heard that if we bring the money with us we would be okay but if we brought it over after a couple of years, tax would be payable. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so what are the time scales...ie how long have we got to tranfer the money without penalty? We are hoping to get a 457 sponsored visa, initially it will probably be a 'temporary' before becoming permanent. If anyone knows of a website or individual who could answer all my questions please let me know. Hope you can help! Thank you Cathy x:wub:
  19. Hi, My partner and I are planning to move to Tasmania very shortly. We have made wills some years ago here in the UK and I wondered if these are valid in Australia? Or will we have to make new ones when we are there? Many thanks
  20. wakeboard1980

    UK passport for a newborn in Aus

    Hi everyone, so we made it to Aus (well I finally made it home) and we have had some great news, my wife is pregnant, due 1.8.11. She wants me to ask anyone on here who has been in the same boat how they went about obtaining a british passport for the baby once he/she is born. I enjoy telling her our first will be Aussie by birth and then British by decent......hehe :biggrin: Any advice will be greatly apprectiated. Thanks in advance Pat
  21. Boesman

    Proof of funds for south aus SS

    Hi, my mum wants to give us some money for our new life in SA. For the SS application form for south oz, does she just need to write a letter with a bank statement or does she need to transfer the money straight away? We don't want the money in our account until it is time for us to make the move to Aus (as she is getting a nice interest on it at the mo abroad). Do they want prove of all other funds you say you have? We have a property to sell plus a caravan, but not yet. Cheers
  22. Hi there, Hope someone could offer some guidance / advice to this matter. I am heading to the UK after 9yrs here, but have racked up a bit of debt since living in Aus. I am sending a letter to my creditors requesting for some breathing space whilst I move back and resettle and find work, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this or what the uptake or response could likely be. I have no intention of avoiding paying my debt, as my ex was in the industry and I know that Aus companies can utilise an agency in the UK to chase this, but curious if anyone has any further knowledge, facts or documentation to 'persuade' the creditors to freeze debt for a limited period of time or to negotiate a repayment structure.. Or, as one person suggested to me, an option could be to file for bankruptcy, naturally this causes an issue if I returned to Aus, but would there be any impact in the UK with this method? Strange question I know, but I want to make sure I cover all bases before making decisions..
  23. Hi all we`re going to import our car to Australia this year,But we`re not married the car is in the mrs`s name,and the visa 175/176 in my name,dose it matter if the cars in her name....puzzled.com,any thoughts..hope it dos`nt matter.:cry:
  24. Hi there, I currently live in surrey and am in the 4th and final year of my electricial apprenticeship in the UK. I am really interested in moving to Australia since going travelling there a couple of years ago. I was wondering if anyone could outline to me what the process is from getting a VISA, and getting qualified as a Sparks in Aus and what costs and timescales are involved in this. I dont have any job lined up there or anything there. Cheers all, Louis
  25. Guest

    Shipping NZ to Aus

    Hi Wanted advice on who to use to ship to Melbourne from Wellington NZ Wondered if anyone had experience of this and who they used Shipping beds & suite and lots of boxes cheers Gazza1000