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Found 414 results

  1. Guest

    UK & AUS Contracting

    Hi I have worked as a contractor in Oil & Gas for the last 6 or 7 years in the UK and enjoy having the freedom of working like this in terms of time off, committment and also the increased income. In the UK there isnt a benefit of having a permanent job anymore so why not contract. I have submitted for a visa to go and live in Australia. Can i work as a contractor in AUS and does it have simular benefits to the UK? I want to work as a company not through an umbrella company. any links to a web page on the basics of AUS contracting.
  2. Hi all! Well it won't be long now until we touch down in Oz:spinny:. We intend to sell everything and just take our suitcases ( very full of course ) . The cost of shipping just doesn't seem worth the hassle , so we intend to buy new once in Oz. Has anyone else done this or did you ship out and was it worth it ? Thanks,
  3. Hi, My partner wants to train to be a nurse. She will have a visa that will allow her to study in Australia and so we was wondering, where and how etc on her training over there..? Could someone shed some light on where to go to get training on nursing qualifications in NSW please? Any links to read through would also be great. Thanks in advance
  4. dapstar970

    UK vs. Aus disposable income

    Hi I'm new to PIO. I've recently been offered a job to re-locate to Sydney from Birmingham in UK. I will potentially be moving around 1st November along with my wife and 2 daughters (age 5 and 9 months). I currently negotiating my salary with my employer. Is there anything I should watch out for? From all the very useful posts on PIO i have read that I should be looking for around double my annual salary in the UK, in order to live the same standard of living in Sydney?? However, my employer is working this out based on the amount of disposable income left as a %. Basically I have a disposable income of around 78% in the UK. My employer has offered me an annual salary in AUS with around 74 % disposable income. Based on the research i've done some things are more than double the price(some cheaper e.g. fuel). For example, rent in Sydney is 3 times as much as my current UK rent!?? Does it sound reasonable to calculate the AUS salary based on disposable icome percentages?? Can someone point me in the direction of a cost of living calculator website? Any comments would be helpful. Thanks, Dan:biggrin:
  5. Pingpongpom2

    The Aus Salute...

    i am still gobsmacked when people ask me if we all wear corks on our hats in Aus!?..as ankle biters in Aus we too had misconceptions about English folk..things to do with fat in frying pans and how do poms manage without showers!!..that was over 40 years ago and things have moved on a touch but:wink:..when i came back to the UK as a teenager, a kid at school asked me what language we spoke!:huh:..that would be 'strine' i spose!!...but still we hold weird thoughts about both countries...
  6. Guest

    Obtain job in aus first?

    Hi all, it has been suggested that i go for a 175 visa,reading a few threads i am now wondering if it would be quicker to go to aus and obtain a job position first,not on a sponsorship but as a poss better and quicker way to get out there.would anyone know if the visa would be the same and if i would still have to go through the same process? Mark
  7. Hello, This is my first post here. I want to share my thoughts and ask some questions. I have completed my PhD last year. Right now doing a job in Singapore. I want to shift to AUS. I need to know which would be the easiest way, to look for a job or to apply for the immigration? I have some quires about the immigration application. 1. I have completed study in chemical engineering and now working as a process engineer. Where should I apply for the skill assessment? 2. In my PhD time, I worked as a research assistant and draw monthly salary for the assistanceship. I need to know whether I can use this as an experience? If it is possible, I can claim more points for that. Please explain. 3. How much time is needed for the skill assessment? How should I proceed for that? 4. What are the steps I need to follow for the overall application? Please inform me in details and let me understand the procedure. Thanks Hassan
  8. piglet1

    Bringing medications to Aus

    I bought 5 months supply of Mercilon (Birth Control Pills) as they are cheaper here I think, and I don't want to miss any pills in case anything happens. We don't need a prescription to get BCP here in Malaysia, but wondering if I would get into trouble while entering Aus? Since they are quite strict with medications and whatnots And also a couple of antihistamines (dust allergy) and panadols!
  9. Guest

    Posting Items from UK to Aus

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone could help me out with this.... my hubby and I LOVE Sports Direct clothes and they are an awesome bargain....but.....their postage to Australia is approximately 55 pounds, and the postage through Royal Mail (if I were to get it shipped to a UK relative and they would send to me) would be about the same... Anyone know how we can ship it for any cheaper or is it just not possible?! The postage makes it not really worth it in the end, but if we can get it shipped for cheaper I'm all ears!
  10. Hi All We are in a situation where we are trying to weigh up having a child in the UK and then having to apply for a Child Visa or leaving 2 months before birth and then having the child in aus and not having to do the visa. Does anyone have any advise? Costs of child birth in australia as we will only have been there for a few weeks potentially.. Thanks in advance Neil
  11. Hello all, This is my first post after my husband has been raving about this site for what feels like years!!! He's finally talked me into registering to see what all the fuss is about! :wideeyed: Anyway here goes, Can anyone help regarding how a UK childcare qualification translates over in Aus, say Victoria for example? * (B-Tec) Childcare and Education Level 3 Diploma (enabling practitioner status in UK) OR * Childcare Learning & Development Level 3 NVQ OR * CACHE Diploma in Children and Young People Workforce (Level 3) What one do you/Aussies think is better and will offer better work prospects with less transitional training? Many thanks in advance for your replies, I look forward to hearing from you Claire :spinny:
  12. Australia second best place to be a mum Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/australia-second-best-place-to-be-a-mum/story-e6frfmqi-1226049272148#ixzz1LGydPc00 So Mums you have it good :laugh:
  13. I've been to Aus on a Whv, for 1 year, then I wanted to go back, so went on a student visa and did IT support cert 2,3 and 4 at Tafe. My fiance was on a Whv, was going to transfer onto mine but we couldn't prove de facto as we didn't have any bills in joint names. So we had to come back to UK. I was offered an IT job in perth by a company but it was only helpdesk and was not a level high enough for them to sponsor me for the job. Now back in the UK since July 2010 and I work in admin and my fiancee is a Teaching assistant. The only way I can see to get back is to be a student again for another year. I believe after 2 years of study, there are other options then. However we really need some advice as there may be another route we can take. Any advice good ppl? And can anyone recommend a good agent? I know my stuff and I don't want a time wasting agent. My fiance and myself are both 28.
  14. Guest

    Comparing prices Aus versus UK

    Hi guys just found this brilliant website that compares cost of living in any city in the world. http://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living
  15. Guest

    Split between UK and Aus

    Hi Everyone, I have just found this great forum and have been reading many of the threads with much interest and quite a few tears. I moved to Australia in 2008 with my Australian husband and two very young children, to cut a very long story short, we struggled to settle down and have moved around a lot and I had my own feelings of frustration and homesickness, but after a bout of depression following the birth of our third child in April 2010, I decided that for my own sanity I needed to return to the UK to get support from family and friends. I do not want to get into an argument about whether or not we should stay, or the pros and cons of each country, for the record I can see lots of good reasons why some people would like to live in Australia, but what I really need is some help in persuading my husband to come and live in the UK, and to hear from other people who have been in a similar situation, who I should imagine there are a few? I am now in the UK after coming back at Christmas to see if I liked it still etc, and I do and am sure now that I want us to be here as a family. My husband is back in Oz as he didn't want to leave his job (he is hoping I get a UK fix and then will return). He is planning to come and collect us in May, I have told him I don't want to go back, and as you can imagine we are having a stand off. We don't have a house over there as we have only rented and gave the last rental up in Dec, we have a house here in Bristol, which I want to sell and buy one closer to my family and finally settle down before my eldest starts school in September. This whole predicament is driving me mad, any one got any bright ideas????:idea:
  16. Guest

    Do we take our pickup to Aus?

    Hi all I thought Id ask everyone's opinions on our little question & see what the general feeback is?? We have a Nissan Navara pickup (2005 plate), we would like to know if its worth taking it & we love it & the 2nd hand cars etc in Aus are sooooo expensive. I have read that when you feel in all the relevent paper work & put down the cars value, that isnt what it is worth in Aus, as they check paperwork & almost double what its worth in Aus..... All I know is its weighs just under 3 ton & have no idea what the shipping cost would be etc. Would it be better (or even possible) to get one huge container & put the pick up in it, aswell as all the household bits & bobs? We are only going out on a 457 visa & would ideally like to gain the PR whilst were out there, so is it worth all the agro on this temporary visa??? Thanks in advance :chatterbox:
  17. Morning All, Desperate little old me here ... again!!!:rolleyes: OK, using your own experiences of making the decision to start a new life in Aus and all that it entailed - before, during and after(good and bad) - if you had to write a letter of reassurance and guidance to someone who is very (VERY VERY VERY!) unsure and nervous about making the decision to start a new life on the other side of the world, what would you say to them? Thanks x Kari :wubclub:
  18. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/9223210/adelaide-man-deported-to-uk/
  19. I.m a qualified bricklayer with 38years experience and would love to work in Australia. I also do plumbing and drainage, the only way i would be able to get in is through a sponcer, as i'm 53 yrs of age would any firm sponcer me? Thomas Higgs
  20. Hi All, This is my first post and I hope to be a regular on here throughout our journey to try and move down under. I have read lots of the posts on the forum and picked up some excellent advice and idea's and knowledge on Australia and the process of moving there. However on checking the SOL I can't seem to figure out if my job actually maps to any of the jobs on there. Me and my family have a huge desire to move down under and will do everything we can to fulfill our dream, if this means learning a new skill and trade then so be it. I currently work for a college and am the Manager for an IT Training Centre for adults. We deliver the ITQ/CLAiT/CLAiT Plus qualifications (teaching MS Office at level 2). I am also a qualified assessors and verifier (A1 and V1) and currently working towards my level 4 management NVQ and CTTLS (Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Level 4). My main questions are: 1. Does anybody know if my experience/qualifications are needed in Australia as I can't figure out if it maps to anything in the SOL. 2. I have a CCJ from 7 years ago which I still pay and my credit rating is not brilliant, will this affect my application? I am 27 and my wife is 26, we have 2 daughters (7 and 3). My wife is currently not working due to looking after our children but has now started looking again, she has no real qualifications but a background as a care assistant. My wife is also willing to learner a new trade to strengthen our application to live in Australia. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. Thanks Joe
  21. Guest

    Tax Advice for Migration to Aus

    My wife and are I expecting to move to Queensland at the end of the year - after my visa is granted in July/August and a period of travelling around the world. We don't yet know whether the move to Aus will be for life, or if we'll be back in a few years so we're going to keep my flat in London and rent it out. We're also going to leave a fair bit of money in the UK - to cover the mortgage if we struggled to rent it, for example. I'm aware I'm going to have to pay 12-15% to an estate agent and 20% of my rental income as Income Tax. I've also heard that if we sell the flat when living in Australia any price increase will be subject to capital gains tax. Are there any nasty surprises I should be aware of? Did anyone speak to an account for tax advice before moving? Any help would be very much appreciated!
  22. Its 1am and I cant sleep for hearing noises!!! Im sure lots of it is the wind and the house settling but I am really scared!! I just had to get up to my son who was whimpering for me something he doesnt do so I woke OH to get him to come with me but he hears nothing (this will all change when new baby arrives in a month!!!)!! We have a big house so I was scared to go through to my son hit every light switch on the way!! He was fine! I checked the living area where I hear the noises coming from and could see something at window, scared **** out of me but I switched the light off and watched for 2mins it never moved!! We have to open the windows to make the air con work proper and the windows lock but I cant sleep for worrying about break ins!!! I know Im being silly for worrying and staying awake, Im so badly needing to go to the toilet but scared to get up!!! How do other people cope with being scared I really hate it, and know tomorrow Im going to be exhausted from not sleeping!! Has anyone ever being broken into and what did they take?? I think about it constantly, do they come into your bedroom, do they go near your kids, are they stalking your house (something someone told us when we got here was they watch at the windows, hence why Im scared!! Our blinds blow open due to the stupid air con and the windows being open!
  23. Im due my baby in 5 weeks and just wondered how others got on?? What did you take with you to the hospital Im going to be in for a few days due to the fact I have gestational diabetes, I come from a small scottish area and had my 2 kids in a local midwife centre 8years ago which was so easy and relaxed, Im worried about being in a big hospital with lots of other people!! Also as Im being induced will the pain be worse, any help would be great thanks!
  24. Guest

    best family car in aus

    We are looking at getting a good reliable car before our 3rd child appears next month! Anyone recommend a car that would suitable fit a baby seat and 2 booster seats in the back we have a chrysler 7 seater at the moment but it guzzles the petrol, we will keep it as a family car but for me running around doing the mum chores a car that chews petrol slowly would be much better also would need good boot space!! thanks Or even if you know of a car garages you would trust let me know thanks!!
  25. Hi All, Well we went for our meds on the 01st March and all was going well. Panel Doctor didnt seem woried about wifes crohns disease as its minor and commented on how good our specialists report was for it. Then it come to me and it turns out i have high blood presure. Had to take a letter to my doctor to investigate and have spent the last 3 weeks being very inpatiend having bloods, ecg, 24 hours monitor done and after that it turns out i have hypertension with no underlying cause which i guess is good as my heart and everything else is fine. I have been put on meds which i will have to take forever and then had to send all results back to panel doctor with a letter from my doctor explaining what they did. Now the panel doctor said not to worry and has now sent the meds of to Aus for processing (on the plane at the moment with DHL tracking)but i obviously cant help but worry. Were right near the end and to fail now due to this would be hard to take. We are not using an agent so have no one to get feed back from on the likely outcome so has anyone out there had the same experience/problems and can you put our minds at rest please. Many thanks all.