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Found 414 results

  1. Guest

    UK x Aus

    I have read soo many threads on here, mostly people wanting to know so much about the land of opportunity (aus) and i cringe every time i read about people's views about aus and they have not even visited aus yet. alot of people are so desperate to get out of england and think aus is the right place for them. it shouldnt be like that, it should be because they want to live here and live the life that australia provides. i lived in australia for 13 years when i was younger and eventually longed to go back to the uk in 1999. i had always felt when i lived here that it wasnt my home and that the uk was def the place i wanted to see the rest of my life in. yes it has its pros and cons, but doesnt everywhere? australia is not for everyone and the uk isnt for everyone either and i can totally understand us pommes coming over to live here. i have spent most of my life very confused about uk/aus thing and never could get it out of my system. i lived half my life here in aus and im very proud of that (i have an aussie passport) but for me the uk is my home and always will be, i have never been able to explain to people WHY? and they think your off your rocker for going back to the uk, but the only people who truly get it are that have experienced it themselves, sometimes i think im the only one in the world that feels like this, i have suffered many years when i was younger travelling backwards and forwards, its a very traumatic cycle, luckily my parents moved back to the uk so i no longer have to go thru all the heartache. you must be thinking, "why the hell are you here now then"? well we were given an opportunity that we couldnt turn down and we are here 2 years, my partner has never seen australia and im very proud to show it off to him. as i am older and wiser (yeah whatever) my attitude towards aus has changed but one thing hasnt and that is that uk is my HOME and the thought of going home brings me to tears (of joy) sometimes. i am not dissing aus (how can i?) how can anyone?? but i just wanted to share my thoughts of how austalia has affected me and my life. Clare xx
  2. Guest

    returning to Aus with a family

    :wideeyed: Hi People I am new on here have been reading for awhile now. My Question is much different to alot of you's I am an Australian Resitant I have been living over here for 3 yrs I have 2 older sons 19yrs and 20yrs the oldiest is in Australia with his father the younger one is here with me. My son who is here has just started a new Job with (Gary Rhodes) he is a chef. I am having to return to Australia this year before my visa runs out. I have a new husband and a baby who will be 2yrs in April. My problem is do I apply here for them to come to Australia or when I return. Could some please give me some Advice. Kind regards Paula:daydreaming:
  3. Guest

    youngones moving to Aus

    Hi Is there anyone out there who can give me info on how to get friend's in oz. My name is Amy and i am 12yrs old and would like to know more about how other kids are thinking especially with a big move to oz. Like going to school in oz,where to hang out ect. We are thinking of moving to Melbourne end of year hope to hear from someone soon!!. from Amy [/b]
  4. Guest

    Our Journey To Aus

    Now that we have been here for a whole 12 weeks & 4 days and things have started to settle into a routine, I have had time to reflect on our waiting time last year as we went thro' the process that many of you are going thro' now. We passed the skills test for a 136 independant in Jan 06. It was sent off on December 21 and we had it back on Jan 3, we were thrilled at how quick it was processed and stupidly thought that the main application would be just as quick:laugh: :laugh: Our happiness was shortlived as our eldest son promptley moved out in protest at our continuation to want to make the move down under. After many rows and threats of divorce and I think possibly a few threats of violence, mainly caused by the vast amounts of alcohol needed to help us, well me really, sleep at night, the main application was sent off and and acknowleged on march 23. We then decided to start thinking about getting the house ready to sell as we wanted to be in a possition to be able to up and go as soon as the visa arrived. 2 weeks later we invited three different estate agents round for valuations, although we weren't ready to sell, one of them convinced us to put it up, just to see what the response was. The response was great, we sold by the end of the week!! We then decided, what the hell, may as well just go for it and front load the meds and police checks. I then promptley developed high blood pressure and anxiety attacks !! The pc's came back and all was fine. The night before the meds were due we got phone call from estate agent saying our buyer had lost there buyer:arghh: Untill that point my BP had been normal for ten whole days! On arrival at the panell docs Paul sent me in first so that I didn't sit and stress, my BP was spot on.......Pauls was thro' the roof:wacko: We spent the next week going to the GP untill he got 3 normal readings. Finally a letter with the normal results was sent off to panell docs, after we had paid a £120 fee for the GP to do this!! A week later we sold the house again. Ten days later it fell thro' again. The very next day we sold it again and this time things looked promising. Finally on september 8 we got a case officer, which was a touch really as we had exchanged contracts, with a promise to be out on september 29, all the while our agent was screaming at us NOT to sell house, NOT to get meds done and NOT to send for pc's. Well the house was almost sold, the meds were in Sydney and the pc's were in Adelaide so as if my life wasn't exciting enough, I decide to hand in my notice at work, oh well. Then came the phone call from agent, not to tell us visa had been granted, but that Pauls pc was missing. Panic then set in as we searched the entire house. This actually took a surprisingley short amount of time as most of its contents had been sold at bootsales, sold on ebay or sent to the charity shop!! Then suddenly it appeared.........in my knicker draw......don't ask. Any way of it was sent to be processed. Then came moving day, our whole lives were packed up into 30 cartons, 2 ipods and a laptop. The cartons were sent off to sit in the container companys warehouse as there was still no sign of our bloody visa. We, all then (our number being 5 again as No1 son had changed his mind and had moved back home and was now coming with us) moved into my mums tiny little 2 bed 1 bath bungalow. All of this happening while she was sunning herself in Cypress. We did ask first, honest, I think. Apart from being homeless with no job and still no visa, life was good, a little cramped but good as I was geting to spend lots of time with my mum and catching up with people before our hoped for immanant departure. My mum, for some reason, had insisted on having her bed back on her return from her hols. This meant that our older 2 were sleeping in a tent in my mums backgarden. Good job it was a mild autumn last year......what do you mean it wasn't!! Any way they didn't complain too much, only about snails in their shoes and frost on their eyebrows. Then finally on november 20 we got THE email. The following week was a blur........not because we had lots to do , it was all done, we were just very very drunk and 10 days after our visa grant, we left. To all of you out there playing the waiting game, just remember everything you are going thro' and feeling has been gone thro' and felt by others. I still have days when I pinch myself and quite often I can't help but feel a little smug because what ever we make of this new life down under, wether we continue to love it or if we decide its not for us and we go back home, atleast we did it, we filled in the forms passed the skills test and the meds, filled in more forms paid out the money, filled in more forms, paid more money BUT more than any of that, we got off our arses and did it. We didnt just sit back and tutut at the latest crime figures or teenage pregnancy rates. At least now us and our kids won't die wondering. Good luck to you all and hope you all think its worth it when you get here, we certainly do. Lesley
  5. HELP.. My husband and I are hoping to move to Aus next year with our 1 year old son. Going to visit Melbourne in Nov (we haven't been before)and if we like it then and decide to go then because I will be sponsoring my husband it is a quick process. The problem is my husband seems to be having little doubts. Mainly about leaving family behind and that we are taking our son away from his grandparents and cousins.. Also so worried that we might not be better off financially over there and what if he can't get a job (he is in insurance).. Has anybody else had these worries. He does say he knows it is for the best and our lives will improve in the great outdoors but then adds what if our life is the same as here.. Don't get me wrong our life isn't terrible here and family are wonderful... He is a little worrier but is this normal??? Has your life really changed or are you looking for a better lifestyle like us??? The Windsors :?
  6. Hi Guys, This is my first time on this forum,we had a recc to Aus in May 2006 and loved it so much that we have applyed to go to melbourne. We have had a positive reply back from the ACS for my Hubby ,we were accepted by the Aus Gov also,but they have put the wrong code for my hubby to work. We have had to apply again which cost us $300 dollars to get the code changed. We are just sitting tight now untill this comes through. I was just wondering if anyone has gone through an appeal,and what was there results?. We are wanting to get to Aus by end of this year as we have been planning this for ages (can't Wait). Hope to hear from someone!! Shona
  7. We have a VW camper and we have spent a shed load of money on it and love it dearly .we thought that it would cost us tooo much money to ship it over to Aus and so we thought( reluctantly) that we would have to sell it and when we get over to Aus get another...but we love this one so much we are now thinking that ,if it does'nt cost too much to ship it out, we want to take it with us but haven't got the foggest how much it will cost any ideas :?: :? .Thanx Beckyx
  8. First of all Merry Christmas everyone! I have read conflicting reports on various websites/forums regarding the state of the Australian economy, some reports saying it is strong and some saying that it could/is heading for recession. If this is indeed the case, what does that mean and how would that effect the man on the street (an increase in un-employment, maybe, etc?) I have previously started a thread re the current weaknessof the $AUD compared to the £, maybe it is all linked... Your thoughts, pl....
  9. Could anyone tell me it it's worthwhile taking a car over or if the price is similar over there to buy. From what we can see the car prices over there are a lot higher than in the UK - is that the case? Also we have read that you must own your car in the UK for at least 12 months before you can take it over. Does anyone know if this is actually correct? Thanks for your help. Dave
  10. This possibly should have been titled living dangerously, or some might argue living stupidly :shock: , but right now this is just a thought and I really wanted to get the views from you guys as to whether this is feasible. All opinions welcome!! So firstly to explain, I guess we slightly miscalculated how long the visa would take to come through and we were previously hoping for first part of next year, but going on the timescale at present, it will be more like halfway through next year. Unfortunatley (or maybe not) we've already set the wheels in motion by arranging to chuck in our jobs to go do 3 months skiing. When we get back we had hoped to have just changed suitcases (so to speak) and then go off to Oz but now as it's unlikely we'll have the visas by then, we need something to do whilst we wait (as neither of us can go back to work). So, here it is: The only place we really want to go is to Oz. We'd love to spend a few months travelling round first whilst waiting for the visas to finalise. Is this even possible or are we dreaming?? Could we realistically pre-load our medicals/police checks and go off to Oz travelling. Wait until they request passports and then skip over to New Zealand, courier them to a parent in UK, have then courier to the embassy, and the same to get them back to us and then arrive back in Oz to get visas validated? How risky is this? From what I can tell, most people don't seem to get asked to produce anything else, and we would have the money to get a flight back if we had to, but we'd want to go knowing that the odds were in our favour that's it more likely we wouldn't need to return. Any advise,comments/thoughts welcome!!!
  11. Hi prospective movers, We arrived 14 months ago, and live in Townsville Northern Queensland. Weather is brilliant, area is growing quickly,. Reportedly the 3 fastes growing city in Aus currently. Kids have not even mentioned being back in the UK, and have taken to the laid back tropical lifestyle like ducks to water. The Aussie adage work hard play hard is true.
  12. Guest

    Aus Police Checks

    Hi Could someone tell me how long their Aus police checks took if sending for them from the UK please. Regards Tone
  13. Hi , I need someones help, I would like to own a 2000 or 1999 mini cooper , the only way that these cars ( under 15 yrs old ) can come into Australia now is Via a personal import, To do this you must have owned it for 12 mths and able to prove that you and the car were in the UK , then you can bring the car into OZ no problems then sell it. These cars sell in the UK for @ 6000 pounds, I would pay 15- 18,000 Australian $ ( bucks) if it was a clean unit. If you can help or know someone who may help me please email me Also I own a stainless fabrication shop and looking for welders and polishers all the time, Location is Morningside Brisbane , which is 5 KLMs from the city. email dodgeram@bigpond.com Craig
  14. Hi, I am thinking of moving to austraila with my wife and 3 children and would like to find out any info on , work oppartunaties as a carpenter/joiner and which areas offer best chances of finding work, which areas offer best value for money property prices. any help would be gratefully appreicated. Thanks Carl.