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Found 242 results

  1. I am interested in peoples views on their gyms in the area. Do you think they are good value for money? I need to join a gym or something to get fit and tone up and would prefer to go on a recommendation of a place. Any not so good reports please message me. Thanks x
  2. Hi we moved to Oz back in April 2010 and have settled in Mount Warren Park Area. I am 35 my wife is 31 and we have two sons aged 10 and 12. We are looking to find some friends basically interested in the same things as we are which include but are not limited to drinking, going to the beach, BBQ's, days out and about and just basically having fun. This is more for my wife as she doesnt work or drive. Pretty much I am busy in work. We are normal people and a normal family with a sense of humour! Anyone on the same level and interested please give us a shout. Cheers.
  3. Guest

    Catchment areas??

    How does it work in OZ, (NSW)? My son is due to start primary school when we get to OZ and we there are two primary schools in the suburb we would like to live in. DOes each school have its own cachment area? Are you guaranteed a place if you live within this area? Shall I contact the school and ask what the area is and the look for properties within this area, if I want him to go to a particular school? All info welcome! Thank you!
  4. Huddy

    Are these areas safe ?

    Hi Everyone. I am moving out to Sydney on Tuesday ! Eeeeekkk ! Giddy kipper ! ha After having done a LOT of research I am still struggling with what areas to aim at to live, I love the look of Woolloomooloo and like the idea of being able to walk to work (working in CBD) I am 28 and want somewhere with good pubs, resturants etc etc but have read quite a few things about the above and kings cross not being overly safe... I havent got a lot of time to find somewhere to live, so am looking at narrowing down to 4 places, then when I get over there just got and have a wander around... can anyone offer advice on the safeness of these places ? Ideally I want to live near a harbour or beach.:biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Areas to Live in Sydney

    Hi, I may be moving to Sydney within the next few months. My employer is based in an area called Barangaroo near Darling Harbour. Can anybody advise of any potential areas for me to rent? I'd like a 30 minute commute to work via cycling or possibly a 15 minute drive. I also need to find rental accommodation which is pet friendly ideally, so if anybody has any advice it will be much appreciated. Thanks Darren.
  6. Hi all, I know its the usaul question but we are just starting to do a little research on the Queensland areas. We are a family of 3 and at the moment live in Adelaide. Nina the wife is ok with the place and the daughter and I like it but I have always felt that the east coast would be a lot better for us as a family. We are looking for the usual, nice suburbs, affordable (as we do not have a lot of money) and good schools for our 9 year old daughter. We love walks on the beach, jogging, fishing, kayaking, snorkling and want to start camping. We do not like it too busy but I am starting a carpet/tile cleaning business so we need to be close to a population of some size. We would consider anywhere just north of Brisbane up towards the Noosaville area. I am flying up to Noosaville on my own in August for 3 days, so any help towards areas to look at would be appreciated. My wife is 29 and is a A+E nurse so I decent local hospital is imperative. Thanks Marcus aged 39.
  7. Hi all members, After long time i am back... I was busy with some family problems... As you all know that i have got 475 State Sponsored Visa. I have some restrictions to live and work....in NSW I have to live and work in Regional New South Wales. Please Give me details of Regional areas near by SYDNEY or Sydney surrounding. Where i can find job etc easily and the area is also good. Please all members especially Senior member and GILLIAN give me details of regional areas near by Sydney to live and work. Moreover, i want that the area must be good enough. Want to make frnds also in that areas.... I am sure all my members will help me for settling in NSW nearby Sydney Regional Areas. In wait of your prompt response.... Thanking you all which can help me directly or indirectly in Advance..... Regards SAGAR....
  8. Hi, does anyone know where i could find work in WA as a diesel fitter. Looking to gain information on possibilites of work in areas of WA. preferably around perth, but will look further if need be as i will be moving on my own. Thanks
  9. Can anyone point me at the right area for the following criteria around the Brisbane area: - About 30(ish) mins to CBD (prob Milton) - A bit of life so shops/restaurants etc - Within reasonable striking distance of a decent beach - decent Schools Probably looking at: 5 Beds Like a pool $700k but could push it if I had to Loads about that fit some of the criteria but I have no idea about the beach/schools bit so the areas could be useless that looked good on paper. Any info would be a useful insight. cheers
  10. FlappyChicken

    Off Leash Areas

    Hi Fellow Poms in Oz! Mr & Mrs Flappy are off to Brisbane with our two pooches and we were wondering what the best place to live is with the dogs. We are looking at NW Brisbane with 30 mins to CBD and suggestions? Ta FC
  11. We are looking at a couple of properties SOR, one in a place called Success and one in Port Kennedy. Any advice on the High schools / TAFE close by and what the general areas are like would be greatly appreciated. The Booths: :confused:
  12. Guest

    fire safe areas

    I am moving to melbourne later in the year with my family, and am quite worried about the fire situation over there. We are looking to move to south east melbourne, and every suburb we look at has had problems over the last 2 years. Why is this? Is there a suburb that is known to be the safest in this regard? We have considered langwarrin, safety beach, carrum downes, dorama??, not sure on the spelling. Am I worrying about nothing? Should I by a particular kind of house or in a particular area?
  13. Guest

    nice areas close to dandenong

    We have about 410,000 - 460,000 to spend. We want 4 beds and 2 living areas. We would rather have a house with space between ours and or neighbors houses. We are considering berwick, narran warren, beaconsfield, officer, rowvillelyndhurst, emmemmerring, pearcedale.. . . . well anywhere in that general area really. Do any of these areas have a nice cafe/shopping scene - other than the malls? Do any of the mall close by have nice outdoor cafe scenes? We know berwick is nice - although houses are still very close. Can anyone give us any information on the other areas please??? Are any industrial areas, or just plain horrible or dangerous? What about langwarrin - husband will be working in Dandenong, so we canm consider so many areas!!! We have considered mornington and like it, but would like to consider other areas too. Are the houses in langwarrin all built very close together? Would greatly appreciate any advice on any of these areas or other areas in similar places many thanks jenny
  14. Hi everyone, Please take part in this helpful thread and i will update your posts to with your information. i have been thinking about starting this thread to help people like us who are thinking about emigrating to the great country that is Australia and wouldn't it be great to have information on each state about where the good affordable low crime areas are and the areas to avoid. I will set the first of these threads on WA Perth where i have been and then i will re-post it for the rest of the states. Others who live and know the surrounding areas can add to the lists so that the information on each state good and bad can build up to help everyone, please join in and give us your knowledge. wa- perth. Not in the best place to live order, just good and not so good areas. Good areas. 1. Secret Harbour. nice area with alot of new housing near the sea. 2. Rockingham. A city, but not like the uk, very quiet, nice beach, a few sops and nice restaraunts, park and barbecue areas. 3. Baldivis. nice new development 10km from the sea near main road to perth 35km away and 10km away from Rockingham 4. Mandurah. Beautiful seaside area with shops and resteraunts, with marina and esturey with dolphins, 70km from Perth. 5. Leeming. 6. Willerton. 7. Murdoch. 8. Kardinya. 9. Rolystone- Good Shopping Centre. 10. Byford- GSC. 11. Mount Nassura- GSC. carry on Not so good areas. 1. Balga. 2. Girawheen. 3. Certain parts of Armadale- you need to research this if you intend on going there. 4. 5. 6. carry on please note any added comments about good schools, universities and facilities, such as shopping areas and things to do would be great to know about. cheers everyone, hopefully it will make interesting and helpful reading. jim.:biggrin:
  15. Dear All Is it possible to go and view and look around primary schools in the Kinross/Joodnalup areas in Perth. We are due to go to Perth to validate in a few weeks and was wondering if it was possible at at all? If so, does any one have any contact details ? Many thanks Sam and Steve
  16. :biggrin: Hi we have been here nearly two years, just got back on to Poms in oz, would like to meet any one who lives in this area.
  17. hi guys , Might have work lined up in the Gympie area, wondered if there was anyone on the forum living here ?
  18. Guest

    Areas like Mornington. . . .

    WE love mornington, but would like to explore other options in south east melbourne. We do not want to spend more than $410,000 if we can help it on a 4 bedroom house. Can anyone suggest any other areas with such a fantastic shopping area. We are not to worried about being close to the beach. But we would like an area with abit of LIFE to it, not just rows upon rows of houses. Any suggestion? Considering Berwick, Officer, Langwarrin, Mt Martha, Safety beach, carrum, carrum downs. . . . . .
  19. Hi Everyone, I thought i would email for some advice, I am in the process of getting my 457 visa hopefully by the end of the month so all is go go go... Hope to be in Victoria by end of May yay!!! I have a 14 year old daughter wonder if any one can advise me re secondary schools we are looking at areas Doncaster Templestowe lower, Croydon also dingley village or seaford I know this is a massive area also any comments on these areas would be great. Does anyone send their children to schools in these areas I am looking at sending her to a govenment school not private as we have had lots to pay out for so far so need to not get into finaciall difficulty, this would be a great help so much to do at the minute exciting and nervous at the same time. At least we have jobs to go too when we arrive so no finacial burdens there..... I look forward to hearimg from you Nicki :biggrin:
  20. Hi everyone Please help me, I got VISA subclass 496 on 1st june of last year I came to Australia on last June, i have had a fulltime job for 10 months Next June I am applying for VISA 887 but now i am very worried about the conditions of visa,in visa 496 Ihave to live and work in designated areas for at least 2 years I am living in Sunshine - suburb of melbourne the same as my sponsor but some people said sunshine belongs to city so it is not in designated areas and i am working for a company near the city I read information from of immigration department and only know that designated area in victoria is anywhere,but many ideas about this one more question: when i complete 12 month fulltime job I want to change another job or study so can i get the work comfirmation from company from now or i must wait until i apply for Visa 887,if i get comfirmation now is it valuable and acceptable for visa appliacation in future please help me with above questions We are really very worry about this Thank you very much for your help
  21. I may be working in Brisbane next year (St Lucia - Uni of Q) and the family like the beach and surf. Is it feasible to live either on the Sunshine Coast (e.g., Caloundra) or on the Gold Coast and commute in to Brisbane (car, train, bus)? Any comments, experiences or options would be appreciated. Thanks .
  22. Hello, in 25 days we will be moving to the Buderim area (where my husband will be working) - so starting to look at places to live. We are looking for a nice area and strong sense of community plus affordable housing! Any recommendations? Does anyone know what Mountain Creek is like - the new Brightwater development? Many thanks!
  23. Hi-Ive been emailing primary schools NOR in Perth although my kids wont start till Oct term. Most schools seem to be local intake area which is fine, but we want to rent in Butler area possibly to start with whilst we look about and decide what we want to buy. If the kids start at a school in whatever area we are renting in, do they have to move schools if we then , for example , buy a house a couple of suburbs away ? Obviously Id have to be driving them but just thinking about moving schools again and putting them through more upheaval !! :unsure: Thanks.
  24. Can anyone recommend good books or websites for research into areas in Western Australia? :unsure: I do already have a few books & many links to websites, which I will gladly share if anyone else wants to know them...? But im looking for more please! :cute:
  25. :jiggy:Hi All, We are sooooo excited, just booked flights and flying to Brisbane on 18th April but we are struggling with finding furnished rental properties in the cornubia area which is where we have homed in on,it seems to tick all the boxs! There are 6 of us so will need a property with at least 3 bedrooms ,can anybody help! Thanks cox family