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Found 242 results

  1. I think for some folk it would be a good idea not to go back to the same place they left in the first place if possible. Anyone recommend any nice places that you personally like? Mine, cornwall is a place I would love to live.:jiggy: Please post photos of towns or areas you would love to live.
  2. ducktape

    wealthy areas of adelaide

    Hi guys - I m looking to find the wealthy areas of Adelaide which areas should I look at? I would be grateful of any help
  3. MazPaul

    Point Cook and surrounding areas

    Hi everyone we are looking at coming to the west side of Melbourne and want advice on areas .We see that Point Cook is better priced for property than over on the east side. We need a good secondary school for our oldest which it seems Point Cook only has one, what are Wyndham Vale and Werribee like,also looking higher up there is Deer Park and places around there are they still similar priced to round Point Cook too.We are looking at all options but some pointing in the right direction would be a huge help. Thanks Paul.:biggrin:
  4. Hi all Well only 78 more days until we fly off but who's counting!!!!! :wink: Just wondering if anyone has information on Joondalup and surrounding areas as we originally were looking at south of the river and it looks like we may go for north of river i.e. Joondalup and surrounding areas so I was wondering if anyone lives there or has had any experience there and if so what is it like. We are a family of 4 going, 2 boys so schools, what are the houses like to rent & Buy etc..., da usual. Many thanks S x:wubclub:
  5. Any tips on the top 10 areas in Geraldton going by: 1. Rental price 2. Schools 3. Shops 4. Accessibility
  6. :biggrin:We are hoping to go out next May for our 'holiday' to take a look at the areas, houses, schools etc...... We have found 2 villas in Port Kennedy and the other is in Ocean Reef, Joondalup. Both are nice houses, but we are torn where to stay. Any advice on either area? What is the weather usually like in May?
  7. HI guys, just looking for some absolute honesty please. We have been living in Qld for 6 years and have been toying with the idea of moviing to WA. We were in Airlie Beach for 6 years, wonderful little town, but not too child friendly and we are now in a mining town 4 hours inland. :shocked: My hubby has recently applied for a Fly in/out job so we are looking at place SOR. We have been out of city life for a while now but an hour on the train for us is perfect and a lot of you have sold the Warnbro/Secret Harbour/Port Kennedy area too us on here. But we will not be able to visit before hand, so I am relying on you guys to guide us. So bearing in mind we live 1.5hours to the nearest Wooloworths/ Coles and 3hours to a decent shopping centre at Rockahmpton. I need hard facts about these areas. What shops are local ie. IGA, Woolworths? Where can I do big shopping ie Target, Big W? Are the beaches dog friendly?? Which are the best kid friendly suburbs I have little girls, a 3yr old and 1yr old? I keep reading about British pubs in the area, are they any good with kids? Are there any local cafes, takeaways, Indians ?Bars ( hubby's requirements) Swimming pools or does everyone swim in the sea? Are there any good mums groups? I miss my very English mums group in Airlie Beach. Also what bout Kindergartens and daycare,is the ABC any good and will I have to book a place now for next year??? This was essential in Brisbane:eek: Crime? And does anyone have any pictures. Thanks in advanced, for any help, PIO is an excellent site, We love it. And hopefully this move will keep homesickness at bay for a little longer.:cool: Cheers Lis
  8. Sorry, for the vague area - but trying to get some barings. Where are some good suburb areas of Sydney, for family living. After 3 bed house, within 45 mins drive of MacQuarie Park and 30 mins of coast? Thanks!
  9. Guest

    schools and areas to live in Canberra

    Hi all, we are all set to leave for Canberra in April 08. We have 2 sons aged 12 and 13. It is difficult to look at housing and areas when we are unsure of which school our boys will attend. My husband went out for a recce and it did help a bit, but all the schools were on holiday. He was very impressed with Canberra grammar (does anyone send their kids there that could offer an opinion?) but also liked Amaroo school. Our boys have been to 7 different schools so far (moving with hubby's job) and we know that by sending them to a private school they would be able to stay until they finish their education compared to a state shool where they would have to move again to a college. Any advice would be apprecited as I am sure there are many good schools throughout Canberra. I am a paediatric nurse and will be looking for work. My husband has a job to go to. Any contact from other nurses would also be appreciated. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!
  10. Hi there, We are moving over tho Perth in August and are considering both of these areas. Can anyone give me their experiences of living in either Hillarys or Ocean Reef, we are a family with 2 children aged 7 and 3 years. Also, can anyone give me there opinions on the primary schools, we know Beaumaris has a great reputation, but we don have any information on Hillarys primary or Ocean Reef primary. Thanks very much for any help. Rachel
  11. Petals

    Newspapers local areas

    Leader Newspapers now deliver their papers on line. These are local area newspapers and a source of information about areas, also local jobs etc. Have a look at the Leader Web Site Leader News newspapers Melbourne news, sport, events, blogs, competitions - whereilive You can select the paper you are interested in and read on line. You can also sign up to have it emailed to you each week if you are very interested in an areas. Gives you an insight to the crime, local services etc.
  12. Guest

    north east areas to live?

    Hi All, I'm new to poms in oz so this is my first post. I'm planning to move to Melbourne from the UK, I've been offered a job in Coburg but having never been to Australia before I've no idea of the areas, where's good to live? Brunswick seems close, is that a good place to start? It needs to be close to the tram line, we're a couple in our 30s. Please help? shinny
  13. Guest

    nice areas ???

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any helpful advice :wink: I am a 30 year old electrician with a wife and 2 girls looking to emigrate to WA. Before the kids arrived my wife and I spent a year in oz on a working holiday visa and ended up getting married in perth (Armadale) by a very nice expat welsh minister called Jeff Munn - had a dog called taffy:biggrin: We spent about 6 months living/working in Perth, we stayed in Riverdale, the City, and we saw little of the surrounding areas / suburbs, north and south of perth. We are looking to initially rent when arriving with a view to renting something longer term afgter 3-6 months, then when inheritance comes through purchase a property outright. where would be suitable areas??? we would need to live close (ish) to the coast for the family, and also close or driveably close to the CBD in perth for potential work for me ( electrician ), have worked in the mines for 2 months in Yandi when I was there for AGC in an opencast Iron Ore mine , and realyl didnt like the seclusion or the FIFO lifestyle, so would need to work in the city or a heavily populated area so chance of consistant work/contracts is high. also it needs to be reasonable in price rental wise as we are on a budget and wouldnt have a huge deal of spare income untill we got on our feet there. To give you an idea our outgoings here (nice part of Chester, 3 bed semi detatched dorma 2 beds upstairs 1 down, garage, garden front / rear, we pay £600 a month negotiated from 650pm, council tax is about 1500 a year and gas / electricity is average 100 month combined, water 40 a month not sure of todays exchange rate or what the current prices are on rentals , outgoings etc, am hoping one of you guys already there could help us out with a cheeky bit of inside information on what to expect thanks guys lloyd
  14. Hello all I am pretty new on here and moving to Perth WA all being well this summer, I have a fab 2 year old dog who loves to run about and wondered whether anyone could offer advice on suburbs and beaches north of Perth that are pet friendly or have off leash exercise areas ? I have done some homework and there does seem to be some areas that are okay but obviously where we rent is important and needs to be within reach of parks and beaches that are pet friendly/ doggy friendly. :chatterbox: Any help would be so appreciated from people living near Perth with dogs perhaps. Many thanks in advance Sponsored work visa 2011 - mid process
  15. Hi there everyone Hope you are all well Which are good areas to live in Canberra? We have a 2 year old daughter, so a nice family area with good creches/playgroups and schools would be great. Nice parks etc? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Chelsea, Edithvale rough areas?

    Hi, Planning a move to Melbourne and the area/s we had pinpoointed were Chelsea and Edithvale, possibly also Bonbeach. They appeared to be childfriendly (good schools, green areas etc) with good transport links, and of course, near the beach. We had the impression this was a very 'middle class' area. My friend, who has lived in Melbourne for 15 years (not out this way but in the City) now quesitons why we have picked these areas as she reckons they are 'rough'? She says more middle class famillies have moved out there recently but ultimatley, the areas are quite rough. Not at all the impression we had got! Also, with an almost impossible commute along the Nepan Highway (although we had though we probably train it but still). We had the impression parts of Frankston were rough but this was peaceful, family oriented areas? Anyone who knows, are we going the wrong way here?
  17. I've been having a good Google and have now generated a list of potential employers to whom I'm going to write in due course. I've plotted them on the map below and you can see that most are concentrated in a few areas. Each red mark on the map represents at least one potential employer - There are 28 on the list with the bulk being in in the areas to the north west and south of the airport. The question is.... how far (in miles) can I consider a reasonable commute to these areas? I'd be happy to travel for 40 minutes each way either in the car or on public transport. Any other thoughts on potential areas to live given this info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. We hope to move to Adelaide May/June 2006 under the SIR visa (I am a teacher and my husband is a mechanical technician) and are waiting for our medicals next month. We haven't yet visited the area (taking a risk, I know!) and wondered if anyone can tell me of any "nice" areas to live in both the city and suburbs. Any information would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Hi, been looking at houses on the net for when we make our move down under and was wondering if anyone had any good sites for info on particular suburbs. I'm hoping to get somewhere in the wa suburbs around 30-45 minutes from the cbd, under the $300,000 mark. I have found some property within our budget in medina, palmeria, armadale and kelmscott. Does anyone have any info on these particular areas? Thanks.
  20. i am a coded welder fron scotland 32yrs of age married with 3 children.after a recent holiday to melbourne i realised australia is the place i want to be from now on.i was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any companies, agencies or websites etc who would be willing to sponsor me. i am willing to pay costs for visa myself,my family are desperate to go as well.i just dont seem to be having much luckl with my saech for a sponsor.any help would be GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.
  21. Hi everyone :biggrin: Well we fly out on 27th Feb to hopefully sunny Brisbane...the butterflies are kicking in a bit now, it was the childrens last day at U.K school today. What I wanted to quiz you about now is schools pretty please haha. We are quite lucky in the way that my husbands job is field based soooo we can pick and choose where we live, we are wanting the Sunshine Coast area. A really good school is paramount so we have decided to try and pick a school THEN look at houses. We want a school with a good reputation of course, but a very important factor is our son, who is only 4, but does have a significant speech delay. He has a statement here in the U.K and weekly speech therapy. So a school with good facilities for this is a huge factor for when he starts next year. Please can you tell me about your children's schools? Once again precise area is not really that important, infact we would consider the Gold Coast or more in-land if the school is right. Thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  22. We hoping to move later this year to Redcliffe but we cant seem to find any info about dogs for this area. As we have a dog this is obviously important to us to live in an area where we can walk him plenty. Julie
  23. We are looking to move over mid-March and need either a short term holiday rental, approx 4 weeks. Should anyone be looking to break-lease we would certainly be interested, however long term we need accommodation to suit 5 adults and also that allows pets as we are bringing our two small pooches. If anyone knows of anywhere that is or might be available then please let me know. Thanks
  24. Hi All, Just wondered if anybody could advise us of areas for a young couple to head for in WA....I am 26 and my OH is 28. My OH is a builder but will have a car to drive to wherever he finds work but my work will mainly be in the city so will need to have a decent transport link to Perth..... Would be nice to be somewhere not too quiet as we still like to go out, bars/cafes/restaurants etc. Obviously price will be quite important too as we will be renting initially so understand we cannot afford to be too close to the beach (although would be nice!!) about 15-30 mins would be ideal as we like the outdoor lifestyle. Any ideas would be much appreciated as when we were in WA previously we spent most of our time around Freo, it is so difficult chosing somewhere to move to so far away! Thanks
  25. richselina

    Melbourne Areas To Live Dilemma

    We are visiting Melbourne in a few weeks to search for areas to live when we move later this year and despite searching for many hours on the internet still cannot decide what areas to visit. Having said that we have decided we can't go further south than Berwick because of the commuting time into CBD. Our main requirements would be: Good Area to live with good primary schools Nice area - not to industrial/built up Good selection of Houses within our budget of up to $600,000 - Large Gardens Nearby shops Near to beach would be nice, but also the hills would be just as nice Commuting time of less than 1 hour I am already going to be visiting Berwick and Belgrave as these tick a lot of our requirements, but really would appreciate some thoughts on other areas we could look at. Also as a lot of my search has been south of Melbourne, would appreciate some thoughts on other areas - maybe North of Melbourne, Many thanks, Richard