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Found 242 results

  1. Hello there!!! This is only my second time of posting however I'd like to ask for some advice. My question is Melbourne specific but I guess the approach is common for any relocation. Its looking extremely likely that we will be relocating to Melbourne in December. We will not know 100% where we will ultimately want to settle until we arrive however based upon the research we have done we are most keen at the moment to relocate to Mordialloc, Aspendale and Chelsea (or possibly Seaford). The advise I am seeking really relates to the process of relocation. We don't know the area for sure where we want to end up however importantly we want to try and avoid our youngest daughter (10 years old) changing schools as we try and settle on an area/ accommodation. Can anyone provide any advice as to the process they went through in a similar situation and what works/ what doesnt work when trying to find a school and somewhere to live. In case it helps, we will likely be in hotels initially, then temporary accommodation (for 2-3 months) then a longer term let. Furthermore does anyone know what the schools are like in the areas I listed above and whether the areas listed are ok. Also, if anyone has general guidance as to the process to go through getting our daughter registered with a school (as we arrive mid December), that would be tremendously helpful. All this confusion is hurting my head! Thanks in anticipation.
  2. kasisalo

    best areas for horses

    hi could anyone give any advice on which areas are the best to live where you could find it easy to keep horses thanks
  3. KazzKing

    What do you think of these areas?

    Hi all, Just wanted to know what you thought of the following areas in Hobart, Tassie: Bellerive Blackman's Bay Howrah Kingston We're a british mixed-raced family looking for the usual - good schools, don't want to be on the doorstep of CDB, happy to be 30-40 mins away at most. Good quality affordable housing (rental and sales), usual amenties and open spaces (parks etc). Daughters will be 12 and 5 when we move, want an area where they can feel settled. I know that will take time where ever we go though. I've done some research and like them all :laugh: so need help to narrow them down a bit. Thanks for your thoughts. K
  4. Hi, A friend & I will be looking for roofing/plastering work when we arrive in Perth next week. Ive been told its a good option to look around Karratha/Port Hedland area. Is there a bit of a construction boom going on in these mining areas as I've been led to believe? Are there any other areas worth looking at? Dont mind travelling but if there is anything closer to Perth it would be better. Thanks Guys n Girls.......Pete.....
  5. Hi guys a little help and advise please ! Could anyone have any advise on Mandurah ? Or could anyone tell us of any nice areas or any areas to stay away from please? It's just me and my hubby comjng over, oh and our staffy missy . We're looking for a 2-3 bedroomed house, happy to live half hours drive away from the beach, making friends is important to us, plus a place where something is going on, but not too much but not a ghost town ! That makes us sound fussy bur we're not :cute: thank youuu x
  6. Guest

    schools, areas,,,help!!!

    Hi! I ve just registered on here hoping to get lots of info!!!! We have just got our visa, flights are booked for oct 15th. We have perminant visas but have to live and work in Canberra. We have 3 kids all in primary school and just wondering if anyone has advice on schools, we wanted a state school, church of england type fine, wanted to avoid catholic if possible...not sure why just a feeling!! My dad was taught by nuns so heard bad stuff!! My husband is an architect/project manager and will be looking for work when we arrive.We are looking for an affordable area with lots to do and lots of kids for our kids to play with, we want the old fashioned life where kids can play out without too much worry. Can anyone recomend where to start looking?????? I don t want to move my kids too much as they changed schools 2 years ago and we want to settle!! Thanks, Sarah
  7. Hi there, please can anyone let me know how easy (or not) it will be to find part time work in the above areas in these times of uncertainty. I've been accepted on a Student Visa to SC TAFE and possibly to AICA on Gold Coast for July 09 so we can only do 20 hours, plus we need to fit it around college and our sons. We are willing to do almost anything. Please help if you can as this is the only thing thats stopping me sending my acceptance forms back! Many many thanks for viewing this post. Diane:confused::unsure:xx
  8. We are moving from the Uk to Canberra in December and I have loads of panic induced questions for anyone willing to help. We will be on a 457 visa. 1/ I know we have to pay for schools. Our son is 4.5 yrs so we will need to get him into a school. I understand is 9K for a government school. If we wanted to go provate do we JUST pay the private fees or the provate fees in ADDITION to the govn costs. I cannot find this info anywhere!! any advice on good schools would be great. He is on a gifted scheme for those good at maths here in the UK so we would want to look at good schools for him. 2/We would probably have to go into temp accomodation when we arrive but Im terrified of the rental situation there. Given we are arriving mid December, will this cause big problems for us to find a good rental quickly? We cant afford to stay in temporary accomodation for too long - but any advice on this would be gratefully received. I just have visions of a scrum type situation. We would be looking at getting a 4 bed house in a decent area. 3/ Which areas are good for 1/ schools and 2/ transport links to the City. My husband does not want a more than 20 min commute. Is it worth doing a reccie visit in November to visit schools and areas? This is an extra cost for us but #Im wondering if we would achieve lots during this week (as we would leave kids here in the UK) while we visit schools etc. Any advice would be great!!! Angela
  9. lynn22

    WA versus Queensland areas

    Hiya Hubby has just made a very useful contact who is in his line of work & lived/worked in Oz for 7 years (altho he's back in uk now) Anyway hubby is going to speak with the guy this afternoon for more info but they have exchanged a few emails & the guy doesnt think my hubby will have any problems with jobs in his line of work in the oil & gas industry (which is good) However He's mentioning queensland & all my research has been about WA, although i think the pictures I've seen Queens is beautiful I'm a bit worried about how the weather differs & bugs etc (ie more mozzys & worried about that paralysis ticks for my dog) Should I have any concerns about which area to go to or keep my sights firmly set on WA (dont know why but its really wa i'm drawn to but maybe thats because I've learned a fair bit about it & getting reasonably familiar with suburb names & can picture where they are on a map etc) Lynn x
  10. Hi all Well only 78 more days until we fly off but who's counting!!!!! :wink: Just wondering if anyone has information on Joondalup and surrounding areas as we originally were looking at south of the river and it looks like we may go for north of river i.e. Joondalup and surrounding areas so I was wondering if anyone lives there or has had any experience there and if so what is it like. We are a family of 4 going, 2 boys so schools, what are the houses like to rent & Buy etc..., da usual. Many thanks S x:wubclub:
  11. Hi! Am new to this site but hoping to soon be landing down in Western Australia! Hoping to be working in Nedlands - does anyone know of any good schools (for a 12 year old) and of any good sites to look at rental and purchase property?! Have looked on the usual site and can't believe how expensive they are! I am determined to keep looking until I find something more affordable! Thank you!
  12. Hi, We are looking at moving to Morley in the next month and are urgently looking for a house to rent. 3/4 Bed 2 baths preferable but not essential PETS ALLOWED Pool Willing to pay up to $450 p/w for the right property. Would consider surrounding areas that are in the catchment area for the John Forrest Secondary College. Thanks! :cool:
  13. Hi dear friends Kindly clarify my doubt. I have come down to Australia last week. My Visa class is "496-Skilled Designated Area-sponsored (provisional)". Presently I am staying with my relative his residence is located in South Morang, VIC 3752. My VISA specifies that i can live, study and work only is designated areas. My doubt is, whether can I work in MELBOURNE and the nearer places. Kindly clarify, An advance thanks for your kind information Regards Mammen
  14. Hey there I have been offered a job in Canberra on a 119 permanent residency visa. I have no idea regarding areas to live and schools for my children, I have a baby and then a 5 year old (just finished first year in school here in Ireland), 8 year old and a 10 year old. Preferably state schools as I can;t afford fees for 3! Any help would be greatly appreciated, they have suggested I could be there as quick as 3 months, is this possible? Thanks in advance S x
  15. Share you experiences where most of the Indian migrants are staying or prefer to stay in Melbourne. :wubclub:
  16. Guest

    Areas in Melbourne

    Hi everyone Im moving to melbourne in a few weeks, and although I have accomadation for the first month, I will be looking for a house share. I was wondering about the different areas, and if anyone could advise me on this (or a website). Im a young professional, and looking for an area that young professionals live in, with bars / cafes and resturants. If anyone know manchester, I currently live in didsbury so looking for that sort of area. Any help will be much appriciated. Cheers Matt
  17. Hi, I am due to arrive in Perth mid July. If anyone could give me advice on the most affordable accommodation options for one person, I would be extremely grateful. I need to be situated close to Belmont, so ideally, Belmont or surrounding areas would be great. Perhaps someone has a granny flat or knows of someone looking for a house sitter? I need somewhere to stay for 3 months, but even just initially would be great. If you are able to assist and wish to know more about me, please pm me. Thank you. :cool:
  18. Hi guys, I am after some help. I am looking to emigrate to Perth and was wondering if any one could tell me of any nice areas that are not too expensive. Thanks so much guys. xx
  19. Guest

    Areas to live near CBD

    Hi, My husband has got a job in Brisbane based in Milton, I am applying for job near cleveland area...I am just looking for some help with regards to areas that are nice, near beaches and not too expensive? We would need to be located somewhere near train line so does anyone have any recommendations based on your experience? Would like an area with cafe's, some shops and close to beach?? :unsure: We have yet to start the visa process as he is getting sponsored for 457 so have some time... I have been doing some research and prices are expensive per week in many areas.... Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks.....:biggrin: Marie
  20. Guest

    Nice areas in Bunbury

    Looks like we 'll have to move from Mandurah to Bunbury due to job issues :wideeyed:. Can anyone recommend a nice area in Bunbury close to beaches. We have three children age 4, 12 and 15 so any info on schools would be good. Any info would be helpfull
  21. Guest

    Melbourne,jobs,rental areas.

    How are we all doing, moving to oz to stay for a year and see how we like it, be over in mid July. Don't have any contacts in oz, we are just going to jump in at the deep end. Looking to stay in Melbourne for e first six months or so and would appreciate any feedback on a suitable areas to rent in.(are there any areas to avoid?). I am a joiner and will be looking for work, heard there is plenty but would like to hear it from someone with a bit more knowledge than Joe down the pub. Also the big question, what kind of money is the average wage for a joiner. Seeing a lot of big swings when searching the web for this info. Any feedback however little would be great. My first post (cam) , chaz n bed, sure there will be more. Starting to get nervy won't be long now. Ty
  22. Hi Guys, Family and me will be moving to Perth later in the year and was wondering what are the better areas to be looking at to rent for a family. There would need to be good schooling options for my son and also be within a realistic commute to central Perth. Any thoughts? Cheers Vern
  23. Hi, I wondered if anyone would be able to help me.... We are relocating from Melbourne to Perth at the end of the year. We are looking to settle in the Hillarys, Sorrento area. I have spoken to both primary schools, both of which were very helpful and friendly. I know both have catchment areas. Basically the school we choose will therefore determine where we live. Does anyone know what sort of reputations these schools have, or schools in surrounding neighbourhoods? Do any of you have kids in these schools? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Rach :wubclub:
  24. Guest

    Brisbane Suburbs?

    Hi everyone, my boyfriend and I have made the decision to move to Aus and are currently researching a move to Brisbane. I was hoping someone could suggest areas in Brisbane where I could start my property search? Were both young professionals looking for a nice suburb not necessarily in the CBD but which would offer easy access to the city centre for work and for the nightlife. We have a budget of around $600 a week possibly stretching to $700 in the right area. I just wanted to get opinions to help us make a decision. Also if anyone can suggest estate agents of property websites I can use it would be greatly appreciated Looking forward to some replies, Daisy xx
  25. Hi, Looking at areas in PERTH. Medium budget. Schools. How far from shops? Parks? Beach? I have 3 small kids... Hubby will work away. Need friendly/social area. Any idea/ comments....