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Found 242 results

  1. Kazzap

    Our forever home?

    We've been living in Australia for a while now, firstly in Perth and currently mid-north coast of NSW. Each place, although lovely, has only ever felt temporary. We've visited Tasmania and loved it and feel it could be the place we finally settle long term. We want to be near Hobart for work opportunities for me (Admin) and not too far from the airport for him as he's a FIFO worker. No kids, so schools not an issue. We're currently living on a small acreage property and would like to find a similar type of rural/residential home within 30-40 mins max driving time of Hobart CBD. The areas we're considering range from Kingston to Kettering, South Arm/Sandford area, Sorell, Lewisham, Forcett (and possibly Dodges Ferry - Carlton) where we would hopefully find a 3-4 bed property on 1-2 acres within close proximity to the water. We're heading over again in the next month or two and would appreciate other forum users input on: Pros & cons of the areas we're considering? Work potential in Hobart for Admin/Customer Service roles? Many thanks
  2. imo2oz

    Rough Areas in Melbourne?

    Hi, I wondered if anyone living in Melbourne good give me some pointers regarding which areas of Melbourne to avoid?! I am researching short term accomodation, and longer term rentals too, and feel like my head is buzzing. I thought it would help to know where the rougher areas are. We have sons in their early teens, so even in the short term accomodation I imagine they will want to take them selves off to explore a bit, and I don't want to end up renting somewhere this would be ill advised to do! I think my OH will be working at Campbellfield. Thank you for any info.
  3. This sounds like a wish list. We're on the verge of going back after 12 months as the area we live in which is very nice we don't feel is particularly family friendly, and we wouldn't ever be able to afford a 900,000 plus for a 3 bed house without really cutting back on everything else (Ironically we both earn fairly decent wages over here). But, as a last ditch attempt, can anyone recommend any family friendly areas that are 30-45 mins from the CBD with good schools and ideally 3-bedders for around 650000 to 700000 (the fact that most places go to auction doesn't help with ascertaining prices). Mainly because house prices are forecast to keep on going up & up we need to jump on the property ladder asap, so would need to move to the area to rent and be in the catchment for a good school ready for admissions in June/ July, and then possibly after another 6 months be looking at buying. If it's not feasible we kind of need to know so that we can finally make our decision that Oz was an adventure that we loved, we will miss it, but it's time to close the chapter and move on. If it is, happy days!!! Thanks!!:biggrin:
  4. Hi all, we move out to oz in 3 weeks. We are looking at properties in Lowood however have been told by family it is a rough area, we can't take kids to park because there is needles lying around and in general is pretty dire. Not sure if this is biased though as it is reasonably far away from them and they want us close by. However the prices and houses seem gorgeous there?? really need an honest opinion!!?? Thanks in adavnce!!
  5. Hi all, My husband and I along with our two children are going to be heading to Melbourne some time between February and April, depending on how quickly our visas get sorted, and are currently looking in to areas we are interested in renting in. We have friends in Newport and Mornington, each offering advice about their own areas and we are weighing up the pros and cons of both. Whilst doing some research we have come across the areas Glen Waverley, Mitcham and Box Hill and wondered if anyone would be able to offer any information about those places and whether they would be suitable for a family with two young children (2 1/2 and 6 months respectively). We are looking to be under an hour to the CBD either by rail or road and would like a nice, friendly, safe and clean area with plenty of parks and open spaces. Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.
  6. Hi we are moving to queensland and i will be working in nambour, what are the secondary schools like eg nambour secondary or burnside secondary.....would i be better off living just outside these areas for a better school ....any ideas ( my kids are 16 and 13) :confused:
  7. G'day, this is my first ever post. My husband has just been granted his spouse visa 2.12.11, and we are now seriously considering the Big move. Dilemma is we have a great life in Yorkshire, live in a very picturesque rural market town with 3 kids and really want to waste as little time as possible trudging round Oz waiting for somewhere to grab us. We have visited Gold coast a few times and love it but not sure that's where we want to be based long term, I'm thinking is anyone out there between Brisbane and Byron living the dream? Any advice is warmly welcomed....x
  8. cartertucker

    Indoor play areas in Perth....

    Which are the best indoor play areas in Perth? :cute:
  9. Hi, we're soon to be coming to ACT and all we seem to do is keep looking at the internet at houses and areas to live in and really would appreciate some inside information. We're quite keen on some houses in Forde, Amaroo and the general Belconnen area, but get more confused each time my fingers hit the keyboard and that website is turned opened We would appreciate any guidance on these areas in general and other suburbs, both North and South that we should consider. Commuting time isn't a major issue as anything is going to be better than the daily commute into London each day that we endure at the moment. While our preferences are the more modern home, we want some space around us, so ideally want a slightly older property on a decent sized plot. We ideally are looking for a 4 bed property for ourselves and our six year old daughter. Schooling will be an important issue in finalising on an area. Our budget keeps changing depending on the house we see, but tops I don't want it to be more than $650-700K. Please help or my PC screen will be permanently have a shadow of realestateaustralia:) Thank you.
  10. cartertucker

    NOR ~ What are the modern areas

    We would like to know in peoples opinions, what are the more modern areas NOR? :wideeyed: Look forward to your replies :notworthy:
  11. cutchibear

    Reccomendations of areas in WA?

    Evening all, I was hoping you could give my fiance and I some suggestions on areas we may wish to live in WA. We are in the process of completing our visa application and one section asks about this. Obviously we have done a bit of research and know things we would like to be near etc but perhaps some of you could narrow this down a little for us as obviously WA is a big place! I'll give you some background on us and what we would ideally like from an area. Adam and I are 29/28 and getting married next July (looking to move to OZ the following year if VISA successful) so would be 30 by then. No children just our beloved boxer, Barney, who will hopefully be making the move with us. Adam is a golf college lecture although qualified to teach PE/sport of any nature and will be looking to work in the colleges/universities but would consider the golf industry too. I currently work as a volunteer manager for a children's hospice and would love to stay in the voluntary/charity sector although I know I'd have to be highly lucky so would be keen to do absolutely anything (within reason!!) and would be happy to train in something new (quite like that thought of learning and discovering a new career!) Happy to work up again. Ideally we would like to be near the coast (though not essential) and transport links as won't have access to a car initially. Having the dog we wouldn't want to be in a city/town centre something rural, parks, beach that kind of thing with a bit of scene (restaurant, bars ) the normal thing that 30 somethings enjoy!! And somewhere with a standard cost of living, obviously we don't know what we'll be earning as yet so don't want anywhere too pricey. Adam would love to be near golf courses.... Long term we would like to get a property on a new(ish) development. It's hard to know what to put down, but I hope that gives you a general idea and we really do welcome any suggestions to areas we should list. Obviously this is not set in stone, but highlights we are knowledgable on the different areas. A big thanks in anticipation! Laura & Adam (& Barney!)
  12. Sherbetdip23

    Advice on areas

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can advise on good areas within 30 mins (45 max) commute of CBD in the South/South Easterly direction from CBD. Also, if you know of any good schools in the recommended areas that would be great so I can do some research before we come out in March. :biggrin: If there are any areas that should be avoided too that would be great. :biggrin: Thanks for your help Carla
  13. Hello everyone! I am looking for a bit of advise here, we have just started the visa process going down the 176 route. With this in mind the state which is most likely to sponsor us is WA, we are more than happy with this but would like the views of people in WA regarding areas that are best suited to UK Expats with a young family (3 kids 10, 7 & 3) We have started to reseach the area on more detail and have been drawn to Fremantle and Bunbury, can anyone give us feedback on these areas / suggest alternatives. Getting the family settled is one of my main drivers along with work so any information with regards to Oil and Gas, Uitlity, Pharma and Chemical industries in WA would also be very helpful. Thanks Ewan:wink:
  14. Guest

    areas to look at wa

    Hi all, I am a newbie and this is my first post, but wondered if anyone could help. We are hoping to move to western Australia September 2012 . We have two girls aged 16 and 14 years old at the time of our move . Could anyone help with areas to look at . Our 16 year old daughter does ballet, tap and jazz and wishes to continue with this , studying dance in Australia and we are looking for an area with good schools and would like to be no more than 20 minutes drive to the coast . Nearer if affordable and possible . If anyone could help us it would be very helpful.
  15. Hi got a job offer at nambour hospital , but been told nambour not such a good area to live, has anyone got any advice on somewhere nice to live near nambour but not tooooo expensive. i have been told buderim is nice ans sippy downs but it seems quite expensive.
  16. Hello there!!! This is only my second time of posting however I'd like to ask for some advice. My question is Melbourne specific but I guess the approach is common for any relocation. Its looking extremely likely that we will be relocating to Melbourne in December. We will not know 100% where we will ultimately want to settle until we arrive however based upon the research we have done we are most keen at the moment to relocate to Mordialloc, Aspendale and Chelsea (or possibly Seaford). The advise I am seeking really relates to the process of relocation. We don't know the area for sure where we want to end up however importantly we want to try and avoid our youngest daughter (10 years old) changing schools as we try and settle on an area/ accommodation. Can anyone provide any advice as to the process they went through in a similar situation and what works/ what doesnt work when trying to find a school and somewhere to live. In case it helps, we will likely be in hotels initially, then temporary accommodation (for 2-3 months) then a longer term let. Furthermore does anyone know what the schools are like in the areas I listed above and whether the areas listed are ok. Also, if anyone has general guidance as to the process to go through getting our daughter registered with a school (as we arrive mid December), that would be tremendously helpful. All this confusion is hurting my head! Thanks in anticipation.
  17. the coyne family

    Good areas in north Brisbane

    Hi, we are currently living near Coffs Harbour in NSW. My OH has an interview for a job based in Albion Brisbane. Not counting my chickens or anything but I've been looking at suburbs in north Brisbane places like Redcliff, Mango hill, North lakes and Burpengary its very hard to tell the good from the bad looking on the net so I'd really appreciate any advice I really like the look of Burpengary it looks really nice. Can anyone recommend some good suburbs with good public schools we are a family of 5 looking to spend about $350-$450 in rent. Top of the wish list would be firstly he will get the job :wink:, a large back garden and no more than 30 minutes to the beach. Thanks.
  18. kasisalo

    best areas for horses

    hi could anyone give any advice on which areas are the best to live where you could find it easy to keep horses thanks
  19. Hi, I've been looking on this site for over 2 years, i've had loads of information to do with visa applications which was a great help, now my husband,myself and two kids, my son who's 15 and my daughter who is 12 have finally arrived in Brisbane our dilemma is we do not know which areas to move to, my husband has got a job in Carrina, but we want to live by the coast, we loved Victoria Point, Wellington Point, looked at Redland Bay, Raby Bay/Cleveland, can anyone give us any advice/guidance about these areas and your opinions on the state schools, this would be really helpful as were so confused. thanks
  20. Hi, A friend & I will be looking for roofing/plastering work when we arrive in Perth next week. Ive been told its a good option to look around Karratha/Port Hedland area. Is there a bit of a construction boom going on in these mining areas as I've been led to believe? Are there any other areas worth looking at? Dont mind travelling but if there is anything closer to Perth it would be better. Thanks Guys n Girls.......Pete.....
  21. KazzKing

    What do you think of these areas?

    Hi all, Just wanted to know what you thought of the following areas in Hobart, Tassie: Bellerive Blackman's Bay Howrah Kingston We're a british mixed-raced family looking for the usual - good schools, don't want to be on the doorstep of CDB, happy to be 30-40 mins away at most. Good quality affordable housing (rental and sales), usual amenties and open spaces (parks etc). Daughters will be 12 and 5 when we move, want an area where they can feel settled. I know that will take time where ever we go though. I've done some research and like them all :laugh: so need help to narrow them down a bit. Thanks for your thoughts. K
  22. We are moving from the Uk to Canberra in December and I have loads of panic induced questions for anyone willing to help. We will be on a 457 visa. 1/ I know we have to pay for schools. Our son is 4.5 yrs so we will need to get him into a school. I understand is 9K for a government school. If we wanted to go provate do we JUST pay the private fees or the provate fees in ADDITION to the govn costs. I cannot find this info anywhere!! any advice on good schools would be great. He is on a gifted scheme for those good at maths here in the UK so we would want to look at good schools for him. 2/We would probably have to go into temp accomodation when we arrive but Im terrified of the rental situation there. Given we are arriving mid December, will this cause big problems for us to find a good rental quickly? We cant afford to stay in temporary accomodation for too long - but any advice on this would be gratefully received. I just have visions of a scrum type situation. We would be looking at getting a 4 bed house in a decent area. 3/ Which areas are good for 1/ schools and 2/ transport links to the City. My husband does not want a more than 20 min commute. Is it worth doing a reccie visit in November to visit schools and areas? This is an extra cost for us but #Im wondering if we would achieve lots during this week (as we would leave kids here in the UK) while we visit schools etc. Any advice would be great!!! Angela
  23. Guest

    schools, areas,,,help!!!

    Hi! I ve just registered on here hoping to get lots of info!!!! We have just got our visa, flights are booked for oct 15th. We have perminant visas but have to live and work in Canberra. We have 3 kids all in primary school and just wondering if anyone has advice on schools, we wanted a state school, church of england type fine, wanted to avoid catholic if possible...not sure why just a feeling!! My dad was taught by nuns so heard bad stuff!! My husband is an architect/project manager and will be looking for work when we arrive.We are looking for an affordable area with lots to do and lots of kids for our kids to play with, we want the old fashioned life where kids can play out without too much worry. Can anyone recomend where to start looking?????? I don t want to move my kids too much as they changed schools 2 years ago and we want to settle!! Thanks, Sarah
  24. lynn22

    WA versus Queensland areas

    Hiya Hubby has just made a very useful contact who is in his line of work & lived/worked in Oz for 7 years (altho he's back in uk now) Anyway hubby is going to speak with the guy this afternoon for more info but they have exchanged a few emails & the guy doesnt think my hubby will have any problems with jobs in his line of work in the oil & gas industry (which is good) However He's mentioning queensland & all my research has been about WA, although i think the pictures I've seen Queens is beautiful I'm a bit worried about how the weather differs & bugs etc (ie more mozzys & worried about that paralysis ticks for my dog) Should I have any concerns about which area to go to or keep my sights firmly set on WA (dont know why but its really wa i'm drawn to but maybe thats because I've learned a fair bit about it & getting reasonably familiar with suburb names & can picture where they are on a map etc) Lynn x
  25. Just been job searching for hubby & one of the jobs (exactly what he does) said most employee's live in or around those two areas.. Are these nice areas with lots of choice or am I better telling him to look for jobs that will leave us around perth subs ?