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Found 92 results

  1. Morning everyone, Just wanted to post to say that Gavs AQF III certificate was emailed to us this morning! Woo Hoo!! :jiggy: Sooo excited! Just got to do some last minute bits and get the documents certified and should have our skills assessment in through the TRA in the next few days, yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Cara xxx :biggrin::biggrin::wubclub:
  2. Hi Folks, My OH is a floorlayer, could anyone kindly provide further information on the above course ie timescales, contact details of assessors, costs etc. Many thanks, Lexylou
  3. Guest

    Aqf 3

    Hello, I'm going to be starting the AQF3 process soon and would like it if you could tell me who the best people to use are, and also if possible links to websites for anything that anybody found useful. Thanks alot guys and i appreciate any info you can give.
  4. We are still trying to find the facts on obtaining AQF III for my hubby, who's skill match this of a Drainer. We are still waiting to hear from the Migration Agent, as he informed us it would not be possible to do in the UK. He has told us he is looking into Underground Pipefitting? My husband took the call, So didnt question him, like i owuld of hoped. I cannot see why or how this would help us with Stat sponsorship visa? Has anyone completed this for Drainer? Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  5. Hi there, I have just returned from a week in Perth where I have completed the AQF 111 Solid Plastering. I did the course with Silver Trowel in Perth and I would definitely reccommend them to anyone thinking of doing it. It actually worked out cheaper to fly over and do the course in Perth than to do it here in the UK. Plastering in Australia is very different to here in the UK and if anyone is planning to do the course and would like any information about it then feel free to get in touch. Wal
  6. Guest

    AQF III plastering

    Hi, my OH has his Aussie trade assessment for plastering coming up shortly. He has many years experience, but is worried about the Trade test. Has anyone had the assessing body come out to the workplace and can give any advice or tips? Any advice given will be much appreciated, thanks, Sarah x x
  7. Really pleased. Now do I have to wait a year to have relevant experience with VETASSESS or do I lodge it & start the process for Project/Program Administrator? Can someone clarify for me please. Thanks. Mark
  8. paulswin

    Aqf iii

    Yeah hubby passed his AQF III in flooring. I'm sooo proud I could'nt have done it!!!
  9. Hi everyone First post in the forum, have only ever sat back and read everyone elses posts in the past, must start joining in more!! Presently employed as both an insurance broker (17yrs) and office manager (4yrs). We were originally looking at a family sponsored visa to either SA or Vic, as wifes aunt lives in Tas. As I have no qualifications, I needed to get an AQF Diploma. I took the first half of an AQF Diploma course with NIBA College - have just passed this after 8 months (for which I get a statement of attainment, which gives me a recognised qualification to sell insurance in Aus). However, the course seems to be taking forever, not that I'm dim, but it is so in-depth, and it has been taking them between 1-2 months to mark each assessment. Just as I am thinking of applying for the 2nd half, I see other posts referring to courses which can provide full AQF Diplomas in 4-6 weeks with Orion, based on prior recognition. Has anyone had dealings with Orion, or any other organisations which can do RPL based Diplomas, have they been completed within these time limits, and have they obtained VETASSESS approval? Myself and the family are now after the fastest possible route to oz, so any advice would be much appreciated Many Thanks Damian :wub:
  10. JoRed4

    AQF III Landscape Gardener

    After seeing that Landscape Gardener is still on the SS List for SA & breathing a massive sigh of relief, can anyone tell me whether or not they have been through the process for an AQF III qualification for Landscape Gardener.... What is involved, what do we expect? My OH has just sent off his initial application & we are waiting to hear whether or not he will be accepted onto the next stage... Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Xx
  11. Hi, I have been looking into the Australian equivalent, of the qualifications i have from the UK. It would appear that i have the equivalent of a 'Diploma' and a 'Certificate III'. Do Employers understand the equivalency system? Or will they look at my CV and think that i dont have the qualifications they are looking for? My CV has my UK qualifications on it, should i put the Equivalent on there in brackets or something? Thanks:notworthy:
  12. Hello, I attended the Down Under Live seminar in Leeds this weekend. I have received a few quotes from migration agents. Do the quotes include the AQF qualification costs? They say Skills Assesment, does that mean application to TRA? As oppose to the actual AQF III qualfication cost. Are you supposed to have obtained the AQF III independently first before enlisting the services of an agent? With regards to the AQF III qualification; is there any shopping around to be done in terms of who you go through i.e. Australian Skill Assessments or the asa group regarding price or is it generally the same. Who do people recommend? Cheers
  13. I am so FED UP now! :mad: Can someone let me know that has spoken to VETASSESS that I DEFINITELY need this year post experience now after getting Business Admin Diploma please!? If I find a Company to sponsor me - which visa is that a 457? Does that change things for me? Do I still need a year post experience?:unsure: Can somone also layout for me the timescales as obtaining Diploma now. Can I follow up with qualification later in the visa process? Or has to be done first? I've been told that once worked through the documentation cautiously, my year would be up anyway :unsure: Have I left this too late?? Mark
  14. New to this site just starting what it seems a long road to AU .Need to pass aqf certificate 111 as a carpet fitter . Has anybody else on this site passed this certificate and could they tell me what was involved been a carpet fitter 23 years never any good at tests thanks Jason
  15. Well everyone, If you fall short on your qualifications & you are thinking of getting an AQF Diploma with Orion or another Company. Then you are going to have to WAIT ONE/TWO YEARS to obtain relevant work experience before you can even think of starting your application.:mad::arghh:+ According to VETASSESS previous work experience is not considered until you have the DIPLOMA!! Another year to wait!!! Mark
  16. Guest

    AQF Diplomas

    I'm after some advice, i am an Engineering technician with 18 years experience but no qualifications. In order to migrate as an engineering technician or associate (40 points) i need the equivalent of an AQF certificate level IV. I found a website in oz where you can input your experience and on the job training, and it tells me with that alone i could probably get an AQF diploma (one higher than i need). Problem is i can't find anyone that does an engineering AQF by distance learning. Looking at all the details based on my experience, it would probably only take 6 months or so to fill in the gaps and get the qualification. Has anyone had a similar experience or have any ideas? I've tried the 457 route but most employers don't seem interested.:arghh: I thought i read somewhere on another post that if its a 40 pointer on the SOL list, the qualification doesn't neccesarily need to be in the trade area, so could i do flower arranging, cake making of something like that. :huh: Any advice greatly appreciated :notworthy:
  17. Guest

    AQF level 3 in Gardening

    Hi there, please can anyone advise me as to how to obtain the AQF in Gardening in the UK. We live in Manchester. Many thanks Kirsty :-):biggrin:
  18. stacybird123

    Got my Aqf Level 3 certificate, yes!

    Hi guys , yesterday i was assesed by tfia who flew to the uk to assess my carpet and floor laying skills, it cost me £2k, but im now a qualified aussie tradesman so very happy......this qualification is not handed out lightly, 3 guys failed and 3 of us passed, it was a pratical assesment of our skills and took till 7.30pm, anyway im well chuffed. Am i right in thinking that all i do now is send my aqf certificate off to tra with maybe 2 reference letters from previous employers and ill pass?, I am doing it myself without a agent as the cost of getting the aqf has skinted me out so cannot afford an agent, any way can someone please help before i send this off to tra? many thanks if you can
  19. Hello all, bellow is an email from Vetasses in relation to the diploma offered by Orion in Business Administration:- "In regards to the Orion Diploma in Business Administration, we are not sure the awarding institution. Generally speaking, for a postsecondary qualification to be assessed positively at the educational level of AQF Diploma, at least 800 guided learning hours were completed in the program." "Orion have indicated to me in a recent email that the Diploma is equivilent to a AQF Diploma" Am now not sure in light of all the coming changes if this is going to be accepted and dont want to waste £1500 dollers!!!!!!!!!!!!:shocked:
  20. Guest

    AQF 111 Solid Plastering!!

    Hi, I found a post about the above from walthepasterer from a year ago but my attempts to follow up have not been successful. It's to do with a course in Solid Plastering at the Silver Trowel in Perth and I'm keen to know how valuable this course is viewed in the UK, if the experience will help my son apply for imigration in Aus and if there are any problems doing this course on a tourist visa? He's in Perth at the moment, will probably be coming home at the end of January but really wants to stay in Aus permanently. He's done plaserting in Perth, the course may help him with visa points etc.. Anyone know? Kymosabi
  21. Guest


    I am a floorlayer desperate to move to Oz. I need to gain an AQF and wonder if any of you know an AQF assessor who is genuine and not just there to take your money. I have had an application form from the Australian Trades Assessments and wonder if anyone knows if these are ok to deal with. They all want money upfront and my concern is that once they receive the money i'll hear nothing more from them!!! Please someone advise me!!! Thanks Kenny:confused:
  22. Guest

    AQF cert 3 question?????????

    after 15 yrs as a bricklayer with no formal qualifications (only on site training) my oh got his AQF cert.we were then told that this along with all his refrences would not be enough to prove he is a fully qualified bricklayer. we were told he also needs proof that he has an apprenticeship, can someone please explain???????:arghh:
  23. Guest

    AQF Diploma Versus UK HND

    Anyone know if my HND in Mech & Prod Engineering will be classed as the same as an AQF Diploma or higher? I can get it assessed on the aei/ogov.au website but it costs money and takes 3 months! If you've links to some proof that would be good. I think Gollywobbler has previously told me the quals are the same, but I might be wrong!
  24. Hi there, We are just starting out on the long process of gaining a visa. I have a NVQ level 2 in hairdressing but need to get my qualifications converted to AQF3, so can anyone tell me, what details will the AQF request from my accountant as i am self employed. Many thanks Louise:jiggy:
  25. Hi, This is my first post although have been reading on and off for the past year. My OH is a fitter with 6 years workplace experience. We are thinking of applying under Pathway E and obtaining AQF III - thru master builders but unsure if this would meet the TRA's CRICOS requirement. Does anyone know if AQF 111 issued by Master Builders is acceptable to TRA? Thanks for any help you can give.:spinny: