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Found 79 results

  1. Hi all, I have just renewed 2 of the childrens passport as only 14 months left, do i just inform Australia House, What happens now do they have to send us anything new or does it just go on file, We are plaining on having our passports stamped up there anyway, Our agent has said becuase we have visa hes not sure if he can do it for us, he will let us know,:wubclub: all that money and cant help us now, lovly aint it.:err: Any way all help would be appreciated, Cheers All Tracey
  2. Hi, Looking at opening a bank account before we leave the UK. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a mortgage approval before arriving in Australia? This assumes selling UK property and getting an Australian job before leaving the UK.
  3. We received an email this morning approving our SS to kueensland (Sorry, excuse spelling, my key is stuck so cant spell it properly lol) I know its just the next step & we still have the long wait for our visa but its another step forward & bring us from number 6 on priority list to 5. :biggrin:
  4. Guest

    457 Visa Approval !!!!!!!!!!!

    We were woken at 1.40am UK time this morning by my husbands new employer saying our 457 visa has been approved - BEST CALL EVER!!!!!! On checking our e-mail we were indeed in receipt of an e-mail from our agent Jennifer, with the visa approvals for myself, Paul & Britt. Our agent has worked really well for us as the application was only applied for on the 25th August 2009!! my husbands new company have also worked really quickly which is great. What was a dream,,,,, is now reality. Raych:jiggy:
  5. Hello there everyone... Hope people are getting over this week's shock announcement! Bit of a 'life bite' eh? Anyway... We recently received State Sponsorship, so after accepting this, I later sent a PLE to DIAC to query if they had received form 1100, and I specifically asked if our application had been changed from a 175 to a 176... And we got the following reply... (pasted from email): ****************************************************** Systems records show that the State/Territory Nomination submitted in support of your application is under active consideration at this time. Please note there can be delays of up to 4 weeks before an officer contact you regarding this application. ****************************************************** So reading 'is under active consideration' and '...there can be delays of up to 4 weeks before an officer contact you...' makes me wonder... 1) - Do DIAC actually have a final say in whether a state sponsorship is granted? I mean, can they over-ride the sponsorship approval given by a state? Or is this a bog standard reply, and are the approved & accepted sponsorships automatically put in place? 2) - Will DIAC contact applicants to let them know of a successful switch from 175 to 176? In light of this weeks changes, maybe I'm getting paranoid someone will throw a spanner in the works!!! I'd hate to be bumped from position 5 to 7 in the priorities list!!! :eek:
  6. a couple of weeks ago we recived a letter stating WA had confirmed state sponsorship had been agreed...... now with the new changes does anyone know if these new changes will effect us or have we just got in in time...? many thanks
  7. Hey Guys, Just out of interest how long on average is it taking from state sponsorship approval to getting a case officer? I know they say 10 days! But what is it realistically? :wacko:
  8. Hi Guys, We had our SS approved on the 6th July and still no case officer. Its been six weeks just wondering who is in the same boat and been waiting a while? Thanks!
  9. Hi peeps, How long has this taken? I know still a long way to go but we received our state approval for 176 Visa in the post yesterday. I've been checking the email everyday for about a month!! A nice surprise. Does anyone know where I can get some kind of checklist of things to organise? There used to be a two page spread in the 'Australia' magazine but I've checked a couple of latest issues and I couldn't find one. Any help with that would be appreciated, it's very daunting isn't it making this move in terms of the sheer amount of stuff to organise. I don't know where to begin. Regards, Nora
  10. cartertucker

    Hooray!....We got our WA SS Approval

    Just found out that we have recieved approval from WA, our State Sponser....:jiggy: Its been a 17 Week wait to find out, But now we are so very Happy......:jiggy:
  11. Guest

    WA SS approval

    Just to give you all out there the strength to carry on being patient and believing in the dream, checked emails before work this morning - nothing (the same at the last 3 months and 2 weeks). However, came home to find THE LETTER on the mat....... :smile: WA State Sponsorship Approval. Very happy bunny xx Sam (brickie), Sonia, Lucy and Louis Vetassess passed Feb 09, SS lodged 03.03.09, approved 10.06.09

    WA sponsored approval

    I have been approved for state sponsorship TODAY all systems GO. Perth here i come:biglaugh:
  13. Hallo, after getting QLD SS approved at the WE, I'm a bit unsecured about the following process. We sent form 1022 to Adelaide, QLD confirmed that they sent the nomination paperwork (whatever it is) to the DIAC. I read that some people sent form 1100? Maybe there is someone who can share some help or experience if we did it the right way. Thanks, Nini
  14. Hi , I was granted WA state sponsorship on the 6th of May , on the 7th i signed form 1100 and yesterday i phoned WA to confirm they sent the form too. What happens next ? my status page hasnt changed since September !! Cheers Jackal
  15. Hi Everyone Well we put our 176 family sponsor visa app in in Dec 08 and we are now waiting to know whether we will ever get processed, and quite franclly going out of our minds while we wait for an answer! We were thinking we could maybe go to NZ on a WHV for a year while we wait as we have already used up our OZ WHV, is this something you can do while awaiting for the application to be processed or do you have to stay in UK? We were thinking we could pop over to OZ a few times to see my sister while were in NZ, as she is due to have a baby and we were hoping to be settled in OZ when it arrives but thats not gonna happen now! We just want to do anything but stay in the miserable UK and wait for a potential yes which may not happen anyways! Is anyone else having the same thoughts? Thanks Claire
  16. briggs

    Next step after SA approval?

    Hi, Can anybody tell me what i have to do after SA sponsorship grant please? Cheers!!!
  17. I had an email this morning from WA Government with the official State Sponsorship Approval Form 1100 for my O/H to sign then they can lodge the 176 with DIAC!! Yes we are being state sponsored for definate! We are so excited! A bit of hope in this horrible visa wait time. I have already informed DIAC with the ref no WA gave us and Adam will be signing the form when he gets back from work later then I will scan it and email it back straightaway and then......more waiting for the C/O! Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear from SS. Samantha:woohoo:
  18. Hi all, I'm just after a bit of advice on timescales for approval of my on-line E457 (being dealt with by Perth Business Centre of Excellence, Western Australian State Office, DIAC) Our nomination was approved 21nd Jan 09 E457 application made online 23rd Jan 09 Additional info supplied 27/28th Jan 09 Xrays completed 30th Jan Status on application states: further medical results received (2/2) and Health requirements finalised (2/2). But it still states 'application being processed further' since 28th January. I've seen other people on here getting approval a couple of days after their medicals. Would really appreciate any info on your experiences, as I want to give notice at work (need to give 2 months) and book flights. Many thanks Eva:biggrin:
  19. thekevjones

    Post VE:175 approval

    Hi folks, Obviously obtaining one of these babies is difficult and costly enough as it is but no doubt (although we're not there yet) the post approval plans, I can imagine are equally complex and costly... What I'm looking for is a list of the kind of things we should start thinking about NOW (in advance)? Obviously house sale/rental is up there as high priority as is a trip to Oz within first 12 months to get the visa validated. Whether you treat the trip as a rekkie or actually emigrate is down to personal circumstances BUT what else can and should we start planning NOW? Those who have already made the move should have heaps of advice?? Any comments or advice welcome.... Thanks Kev
  20. Hi, I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I am interested to hear from Diabetics who have had visas approved. We will soon be arranging for our meds to be done and would like to know what HbA1c results have got through ok. I think I have good control, but what do immigration class as good control. I saw on another forum the the result should be 7 or less ?? is this correct ?? We are applying for PR visa. Thanks.
  21. Guest

    ENS 121 Visa Approval

    Its happened, i can't decribe how we feel but its happened, Yes, our ENS 121 visa has been issued this morning........................................... ..........I think in the last 20 minutes we have experienced all the emotions we can. watch out Adelaide, we will be arriving early september. PS work is really going to be difficult today :biglaugh:
  22. As the title says we got approval :jiggy: Submitted online application on the 4th Feb heard nothing so emailed them on the 12th to get told they had recieved our application but no supporting documentation :arghh:. So i emailed them back with the confirmation email they sent us stating received on the 5th Feb. Spoke to them on the 13th to be told yes they had receive all documentation & approval granted 15th. So should get mortgage letter this week and then it will be all go. Should move into our new house within the month :jiggy: Can't wait. Janette
  23. Guest

    visa approval stage query.

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me at what stage of the visa process confirms you will obtain a visa. Is it when my oh trade is approved etc. Not sure on this just need to know when we can start packing ASAP ideally lol. I'm itching to start now. Reason I ask is if this fails we need to move to plan B. :arghh:Either way its bye bye UK. Thanks
  24. This might seem like an obvious question, but I'm really not sure.. My partner is applying for an Interdependency Visa (310/110). We are planning to lodge the application very soon. However, we are planning to visit Australia in January. If his permanent visa has already been granted by the time we go, can he enter on that visa, even though we will only be visiting for a couple of weeks, and then returning a few weeks later for good? Or would he need to get a tourist Visa?? Any comments would be great. Thanks Cam & Russ