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Found 61 results

  1. Hi, just joined 2day... (supberb website) Partner is an Ozzie, we've been together 8 yrs and we have a 6yr old son...we are just about to submit our application, have a few queries thou. As my partner worked away alot, all our utility bills are in my name only, we only have Joint Life Assurance Policy and our Rental agreement. What other evidence should we supply, Also it asks if you have a National ID number - is that your National Insurance Number? We are hoping to move to Melbourne (Sunbury or Hillside Suburb) Partners sister moved back 4 yrs ago and wouldn't move back!! Cheers
  2. Hello all, I may be a little early to post, but my husband is interviewing at the moment with a company based in Sydney, North Ryde. So far so good, and I wondered if you could offer any advice on family areas to live. We have 2 sons (6 & almost 8) so schooling is the most important. We've not been to Oz & do not know anyone there, so we are a bit lost with where to start! So: - Do we integrate into Oz and go with the public school option, or private (international). Any experiences or recommendations? - My husband does not mind commuting, I think 30-45mins max. Where should I start looking? Thanks alot for any info you can offer. The recruitment agency are saying if successful we could be there within 3 months, and I thought I should make a start! :wacko: -
  3. Guest

    Any Advice appreciated

    We were stuck between New Zealand and Australia. Following a visit to NZ recently, we decided that Australia is the better option for our family. We have been recommended to use Access Migration as our immigration agency by close family friends who reside in Adelaide. We completed an on-line assessment and due to my skills and experience as a metal machinist (first class) with Rolls Royce Aero Engines, they have recommended the State Sponsorship Scheme as the best option. The only obligation we need to undertake is to sign a declaration stating we will stay in SA for a 2 year period and then we avoid taking the English Test (what a laugh!!!). Does anyone have any experience of using this agency and if so, your thoughts on the work they carried out and did you experience any problems with them etc. If anyone has any help, advice or tips etc we would love to hear from you. Thanks,
  4. Hello My wife and 2 boys aged 7 and 4 are looking to leave the UK for hopefully better times is Aus. Unfortunately I have no real labour skills as I am more an entrepreneur. I have sold a business in the UK. I am thinking of buying a Nando's franchise in Applecross WA. Am i correct in thinking that the only way we can enter Austrailia is on an investment visa? Does anyone have any other comments on Applecross. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, We made the decision on friday that we are definatly going, and now i have to tell my family. My mum already knows we are thinking about it and is very unhappy about it. My sister knows also, but thinks we don't know she knows (big mouthed mother). And last night i sent my other sister who lives in germany an email telling her (long story but we only met each other for first time 4 years ago and have since been building a great relationship...the rest of my family dn't get on with her.) and she hasn't been in contact or replied yet - i don't know her well enough to know how she is going to react... :sad: I have written a really long letter to my family telling them we are going, and am dreading sending it... Basically i feel awful, feel sick when i think about it, and just feel so terrible for putting my family through this... i know none of them will be happy about it, however hard they try to be happy for me. I know i have to follow my dreams, but i can't bear the thought of making other people unhappy when some of them already have things in thier lives that are making them unhappy... Can anyone tell me about thier experiences or give me some words of wisdom? Today i'm wondering if its worth while and finding it hard to be excited about it all... Meg xx
  6. Hi Guys, We've been doing some reading into the eductaion system, but finding it hard to make head or tail of it! We have 3 kids, a girl in year 5, a girl in year 7 and a boy in year 9. We want to go in two years time, so the boy would have finished his GCSE's and ready to go on to whatever is the aussie equivilant of A Levels, the middle girl would be about to start her GCSE years/ or Aussie equvilant, and the youngest woud be in year 7... Could someone explain roughly how the Aussie eductaion system works? I know there is an equivilant of A Levels, but is there an equivilant to GCSE's?? Anyone had experience of moving kids of this age? They really want to go (at the moment!) but thier schooling is really important. Thanks, Meg xx
  7. Guest

    any advice appreciated

    Hi, my first post, found this great site about a week ago and it seems really freindly and people are offering great advice. Me and hubby have dreamed about moving to Oz for long enough and now it is finally time to set the wheels in motion so have called a migration expert today only to find out that our jobs dont fit any of the skilled list that I have read over and over trying to make something fit our occupations! He is a prison officer and has been for 12 years, I work part time in a call centre in sales and have been there for about 7yrs now. I have been a team leader there and full time until 1yr ago when i had my daughter. Anyway the best option open to us is to find a sponsor hopefully for my hubby and then i find something when we get there, has anyone got any advice on popular jobs that offer sponsorship?? He would be willing to try most things but is abit concerned that if you get sponsored ou have to stay in that job for 2yrs, is that right??? Any advice would be great.................... cheers Carol :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  8. rach28

    any help would be appreciated

    me and my husband really want to move to oz with are 2 children. My husband is a plasterer and has done his apprentership and has nvq level 2, city & guilds and cscs in his trade. He has been a plasterer for 17 years. My husband has an aunt and uncle in oz who are willing to sponser us. We have done loads of online assesments and have been told that we can get a skilled independant migration visa and that we dont need sponcership. Can any one clarify that this is correct? Also having spent hours trawling the net it seems a very complicated process. Can anyone reccomend an agent? We dont have lots of money and my husband is going to have to work lots to pay for the visa. Can anyone reccomend an agent that is a good rate. Any help would be really appreciated many thanks Rachael
  9. Hi, this is my first post so apologies if I make any mistakes! :unsure: We are getting more and more (understatement!!) determined to leave the UK for Oz! We have spent the last year (in a great way of course!) adapting to being parents for the first time and I'm sure other mums and dads out there will agree - once you are a parent things change completely!! We want a great future for our little girl and we don't see that happening in the UK! So, having joined this fab site in July and having browsed various threads, I have taken the plunge to introduce ourselves and ask for a bit of advice from anyone if they wouldn't mind - the mind boggles when you aren't familiar with all the lingo (TRA's etc!):spinny: 'We' are Dons and Bran and baby Taylor Ellise (13 months). Hubby Bran is a Web Developer :GEEK:(has a degree but not in IT and think his work experience is approx 8 years(?)and I am a stay at home Mommy. In my former life (lol!) I worked in advertising for a newspaper for 14 years. I want to, at some point, get qualified as a proofreader so I can work from home when Taylor is at school. We keep dreaming of life in Oz (though we have never visited), but know a couple of people who have taken the plunge but lost touch with. The advice we would like is basically - what are our chances? I would feel happier if it was possible for hubby to get a job first (is that likely?) so there's a bit of security to go with, and it would be great to hear from anyone who has done it without ever visiting before! We aren't fussy what area, would go with the jobs!! I feel so excited at the thought we could do it and provide a better future for our daughter (feel free to tell me how great it is for families out there!!) but just want someone to tell us whether they think it would be straight forward for us or not? Then we would probably go with an agent in the new year (any recommendations welcome?) Sorry bit long winded but not sure what people need to know in order to give any advice, although any would be appreciated. Thanks xxx:)
  10. If there is anyone out there who lives or knows someone living in Canberra, please feel free to update me on pace of life, schools, sports etc. Due to be there in Apr 07 for two years initially before maybe being posted elsewhere. Thx
  11. Hi all Just curious if anyone has gone through or going through this process. I've had a verbal offer, awaiting the written version, and wandering what your experience have been. I've heard it takes roughly 6 weeks for visa approval but taking that with a large pinch of salt. Pj (PS, please don't flame me, I know how amazingly lucky I am as we were going through the normal visa channels until 4 weeks ago.)