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Found 61 results

  1. Hello everyone, My name is Amy and I am doing an assignment on Briton's who have emigrated to Australia. I'm from Kent and I have been in Melbourne for 1 year and 3 months. I have PR and am very happy and well settled. I was wondering How many of you currently want to return home? or How many of you have no plans to return home? Thanks for any help xxx
  2. thinkingofoz

    Any assiatance appreciated

    Our Names are Rachel and David, we have a young son (17mths) and are currently living in South Wales. We have our visas and are looking to move within the next year, but if David could secure employment before hand, it would help us make up our minds. He is a carpenter and teacher. We have registered with Tafe and Brisbane councils, but no luck as yet. We have visited oz twice, and stayed in Karalee and Malloolabah, and liked the sunshine coast, Cotton Tree was a nice area. We don't really know where to start, and when we think about the move, become homesick for Welshness. We beleive we will be doing the right thing for our Son, so hopefully we can get some practical advice and support. We have family in Brisbane (who doesn't) but they are not very close family. Look forward to hearing from someone, anyone.
  3. Hi all, My husband will be sending off his application soon for a Spouse Visa, but there is a few things i need to know f irst. 1. MEDICALS: Is it just my husband who has a medical? I am an Aussie Citizen by Birth and lived in Perth all my childhood and iv'e got an Aussie Passport, so i think i don't need one. We have 3 children, 6, 19, 21 years of age. They all are Citizens by Descent. The youngest child is definately coming to Austrlia next year, the oldest 2 are not sure yet but i think they will come. DO ALL 3 OF THEM NEED MEDICALS IF THEY GO OR NOT? and DO THE ELDEST 2 HAVE TO PROVIDE POLICE CHECK CERTIFICATES TOO (THEY ALREADY HAVE THEM). I am told by DIAC that they do not migrate as they are already Citizens IS THIS CORRECT? 2. PASSPORT INFORMATION: On the Spouse application, do i put the children's passport details on the form? and does it have to be Australian passport details? all 3 of them have yet to get there Australian passports. The youngest has no passport now as expired, but eldest 2 only have British passports at the moment.:arghh: Any info greatly welcomed! Cheers.
  4. Hello everyone, My Names Nick and myself and partner Samantha have finally decided after a couple of years that Australia is somewhere we would love to emigrate to. I'm an Electrician and run my own small contractors with another director and also worked in signalling on the railways for a few years. I'm thinking we need to take a holiday first to at least visit or do people just go! if we took a holiday with Australia being so big i dont think we'd have enough time to decide or see where we'd like to go to. If anyone reading this in a similar situation can offer any advice it would be very much appreciated!!:biggrin: I've made loads of enquiries on the net and so far have had shed loads of emails and calls from different agencies all over here in England. Would the best route for us be via one of these agencies? It seems from the online assessment i am pretty well qualified plus Sam has worked in banking and we have 2 kids aged 2 & 8. Theres so much to look at i'm struggling to know where to start!!! Any pointers or advice welcome!! Cheers all, Nick
  5. Hi there I hope someone out there could help me. Dose anyone know what a " Broardcast Transmission Operator " 399511 499 -17 is.:wacko:. My oh has received an email that he might come under this, were having a bit of a nightmare as hubby is leaving the army in 20 Months time. His trade is telecomuncations but because he gets promoted and is know doing another job stl within this bracket, its diffucult to prove he has been doing this job for the last 12 months..:arghh: Driving us nuts and if anyone knows how much this job would pay, or what he would likely get per year i would be really grateful. :biggrin: many thanks sue ...
  6. Hey everyone, new to this and not quite sure where to start......to give you a bit of background.. my husband and i emmigrated to queensland in 2007 just after getting married-then it all went a bit pear shaped alot of stuff happened including my hubbys mum passing away etc and we headed home again the end of 2007...so we didnt last long!! My hubby is a joiner/carpenter and started his own business which is doing ok...even with the recession hitting.....but we both keep saying WHAT IF...we have since had another baby and both think that oz is the best place to bring up kids. So i think what im needing help with is advice on joinery jobs etc in perth...even offshore work...we are considering renting our house out here again and just renting in perth and giving it another shot.Are jobs scarce in this field in perth????We are so confused and scared this time..the last time it cost us a bit and this time if it didnt work it would bankrupt us lol:no:...so im just trying to get it a bit clearer in my head on what to do...any advice or comments appreciated x
  7. Hi there I have been with my australian partner for 8 months here in NSW, but we have been friends (long distance) for 5 years. I am from the UK and am on a working holiday visa which expires Oct 2011. I would like to know what stages we need to go through to start doing some de facto visa planning now. Do we need to register our relationship? We live in northern NSW. If so how do we go about this? What are moving in together in a month and a half and know we should get joint bank account and bills with both our names on. What other things should we start to arrange now. I am so worried about it coming to next year and we havn't got all the things we need to apply. Is it wise to have an appointment with an immigration advisor or something to sit down and discuss things face to face? The website is helpful but hard to ask questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated Helen and Ben
  8. Hello! I feel so fed up! I feel so stressed with the whole move to Oz and it's getting me down. We have had our house up for sale for nearly a year and we just want to sell. We have changed agents hoping that we will get a buyer soon. We much prefer to sell the house, so we can have a complete fresh start. We don't really want to rent at all. Can anyone advise us of their experiences with renting their house out from the other side of the world...... My hubby has two job offers in Oz which start in the next few months and we don't really want to miss the oportunity..... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Samx:wink:
  9. :unsure: Hello there I'm new to the forum and it looks like there is plenty of help out there so I'd love to hear from you. My dream is to nurse in Brisbane QLD but I'm not too sure how to start the whole migration process. I've submitted an "Expression of Interest" to Queensland Health which included my CV and Personal Statement and have since been contacted to say my details will be forwarded to relevant health authorities. However, they recommend I register with Queensland Nursing Council but before I can register, I need to complete and pass the academic IELTS. So, I'm after some advice from people who have managed to complete the process and those of you who are in the middle of it all: * Can you recommend an order in which to tackle the process? Is it too early to contact employers direct when I'm not registered with QNC? * What can I do in the meantime i.e. is there anything else I can start doing so early in the process? * IELTS - I've read on the forum that most people really struggle with the academic test so I'm a bit worried (despite receiving a 1st class honours degree on qualifying last September!). How long do people think is needed to prepare before the test (I've not applied or booked a test date yet). Any advice from people about how to tackle the process (and what you might have done differently with hindsight) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Kelly
  10. Hi everyone, Can you help with my dilemma? Our daughter turns 16 and does her GCSE's in June in the UK. Want to get her into school in OZ as soon after that as possible as she will complete year 10 and go onto Years 11 and 12 so want her to settle in before starting her final years. My problem is OH is having a few probs getting a job so am thinking of just going over, just the two of us until he can join us. We're prepared to make that compromise so as not to compromise her education. From reading previous threads it seems really hard to get a rental unless you can prove you are in employment, which I won't be for a while until she has settled into school, etc and it will probs take a while to get a job anyway. How can I go about renting if I'm basically unemployed? Could put up rent for 6 months or so, would that help? Any replies much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hi Everyone Im new to the site - it was recommended by a friend and it looks like it may be a great help with the visa process. My partner and myself are considering a move to Australia. I am 35 and my partner is 39 with no dependants. I am a solicitor with a 2.1 Degree in Law, LPC and Masters Degree in Social Policy and Criminology and 5 years recent work experience specialising in Personal Injury. I believe that there have been recent changes to the migration system but just wondered if anyone could help with the likelihood of achieving Permanent Residency or if the Employer Sponsored visa would be an option. I understand that a conversion course may be required to practice in Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sopcat x
  12. Hi Guys, Hope someone can help. :unsure: I am in Qld on a 475, I am going to end up working for myself/sub-contracting. My question is. How do I provide evidence to the Government that I have worked in a regional area? And my hours? I am trying to be organised so I can begin collecting the correct evidence from the jobs I work on (as a Carpenter). Any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!! Many Thanks, Paul
  13. Hi all, Many will know i asked a couple of months back about Alice Springs and if anyone would choose to live there. It seemed to be a resounding no? Anyhow we are having no at all in finding an employer to sponsor us anywhere and we are running out of jobs to call. BUT the one in Alice Springs is very much interested and we dont know what to do? I asked a native aussie at work form ACT would he live there and work with the disadvantage youth and he said absolutely not its a huge culture shock for aussies never mind brits. What do we do? Do we go for it at the risk its awful or our next option is to try for student visa and whilst on it hope Jamie finds an employer willing to take him on and sponsor at a later date?? Were really unsure and just dont know what to do? This could be our only chance of employer sponsorship? I will try and find out what visa they would offer. PLz help xx
  14. Hi guys, I am an expat in Oz who's after advice or a big favour. I ordered some clothes for my wee lass through their online store Trade me, but then discovered they don't have a payment system similar to Paypal, and the seller wants bank deposit. This is going to cost an arm and a leg for clothes worth under $15 NZ. Can anyone advise if theres any other way to do this? Is there anything I could exchange for you if you can help? Sorry this is so trivial but I cant bring myself to spend $5o+ on a pair of jeans for a 1 year old. It's totally my mistake, but I thought it would be easy like buying through amazon or ebay. I blame mummy brain. Or maybe my hogmanay hangover. lol! Thanks in advance for any advice (or laughter!) :twitcy:
  15. Guest

    Visa options help appreciated!

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you can help point me in the best direction to go next! Our situation is that my Husband and I came to Australia on my 457 visa and would like to be PR. We both work in IT, unfortunately I will be made redundant soon, what would be the best visa to apply for permanent and what are the implications for us? My husband has set up his own Australian business but I dont think it meets the business turnover requirements for the business investor visa. We are 44 and 32 years old, both from the UK and had a baby this year in Australia! I hope someone can help point us in the right direction - we love living here!
  16. Hi All, Just a quick question: My OH and I are in the process of applying for the 175 State Spons Visa (so we're in the queue with all similar visas that allegedly won't be processed before end 2012) What I'd like to know is - if we manage to arrange a JOB OFFER for my OH, is the visa that applies to this, the 121 ?? (I believe it's called the Employer Nominated Scheme - correct me if I'm wrong):eek: We are in the UK, so will need the Offshore visa but I just want to know if this is the correct one that I should be looking at? And also: Is it possible to change our visa from a 175 to a 121 (or whatever) IF my hubby secures an offer of employment? The other option is apparently Regional Spons Migration, which we are happy to do just to get to Oz quicker, but not sure what visa this is either?? I know all this info must be on the immigration websites, but I'm just being lazy and asking on here first. I'm over-loaded with website info at the moment! :laugh: Thanks in advance... Cx
  17. Guest

    Gutted, any help appreciated

    According to our Agent, the immigration order of processing changed on the 23rd of September and we are now category 5 (out of 7 categories) and possibly will not be processed until 2012. We were just 4 weeks away from getting our 716 State Sponsored Visa. We had been accepted for State sponsorship and at the beginning of September, we did our Meds and Police checks. Now we could be waiting a further 3 years. Where's the sense in that? They may as well push us through rather than close our file and re-open it in three years time. Is anyone else going through this? Has anyone got any advice to offer us? I wish someone could help. :cry:
  18. Hi All, we are off next Monday for our 3 week reccie/visa validation trip, soooo excited!! Just wondered if anyone has any tips or advice about the flight, especially as we are travelling with our almost 3 year old. Also, we are taking the pushchair, she is at that stage where she loves to walk everywhere but if we don't take it she is bound to want it, especially as when we land she will be expecting it to be night time! So my query with the pushchair is, do they like you to scrub the wheels? I will probably do this before we leave anyway but obviously it will be used at the airport til we check it in. Was just wondering about this as I know when you emigrate they don't like muddy wellies etc for the obvious reasons. We are flying with Emirates and have heard they are great with children. Does anyone know if you have a little bit more room than say a flight to Cyprus? All tips and advice greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! Dons and family x
  19. Hi all, I'm new here but I've been using these forums as an excellent source of reference and help for some time. After much struggling to pull together paperwork and postal services I got my ACS assessment through a few weeks back, in the right category (and with the right wording) to get me on the MODL and CSL lists. So a little over a week ago now I applied online for an independant GSM 175 visa. There are a couple of things that confused me about the attached documentation - 1. I was confused by the need to attach certified documents electronically. Surely an electronic scan of the original is as trustworthy as a scan of a certified copy? My birth certificate and passport were not certified, should I get them certified and upload new copies? 2. Should I attach a scan of my reference multiple times? It asked for documents proving relevant work experience and proving recent work experience, which were different categories. 3. Is it worth getting the police and health check organised now? 4. I looked at the timeline website and it seems that people with my category and CSL seem to be getting visas in 2-3 months. Is this a realistic expectation? Any help, as I say, is appreciated. I'm a little unsure of it all... and I really want to be there ASAP (I'm sure you all do too). In return I can offer advice and experience on the ACS process if needed. Dave.
  20. :confused: Hi everyone, I am Darren and I am in a dilemma at the mo'. With university speedily approaching, I am struggling to find my chosen subject on the SOL or Nominated List. I am about to start a three year BSc in that dreaded, much hated subject of Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management. I am currently driving petroleum tankers for Asda and have just been elected as the H & S Rep, which I am hoping would class as previous work experience, I am hoping that Occupational H & S Officer 2543-11 would be a match. The cost of the degree is quiet a lot to take on if I cannot get me and my family into WA to start a new life which we are so looking forward to beginning. However there are many vacancies in Australia needing O H & S and Environmental Managers. It is an absolute Minefield which is completely stressing me out. :arghh: Please Please Help Kind Regards Darren and Lesley Wirral.
  21. Hi everyone. I was just hoping to get some advise about our defacto visa application. We have lived together since Sept 08 but we do not have a joint lease. Everything is in my bf name as he found the apartment for us whilst i was at home visiting a sick relative. I'm just concerned that we will not have enough evidence to show defacto for 12 months. We have letters to the same address, bank statements, evidence of our relationship over 2 years. We will get stat decs and everything else, i'm just worried that they will turn us down just over the lease. Do they accept other things, such as statements from the rental agency or the lease with his name on and the form i filled in to become an approved resident showing the same address? I am currently on my 2nd working holiday visa which expires end of Sept and my partners job means he cannot come to England to live with me. If anyone can help I would appreciate it as I am feeling very worried that I won't be allowed to stay with him. Thankyou.
  22. Hi this is my first post. I'm so glad I found this forum! About to apply for a prospective marriage visa. I was just wondering about the statutory declarations that I and my partner have to write. It just says on the form that we need to write about how we met and about our relationship etc but do they need to be signed by anyone else or is it just as simple as writing about us? Also the statutory declarations that we need to get from at least two australian citizens. Is there some kind of official wording that we need to put in the declaration or can they just write what they want? I read that there were official stat declaration forms but I cant find them online. I know these probably seem silly qns but I don't want to get something basic wrong and then get rejected because of it! Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  23. This is my first time writing on here and I can say it's already been really useful reading other people's advice on different topics on here, really could do with some advice ourselves! We are a family of 3 : Sophie(26) Julian (33) and Elise (7 months). Hoping to move to Melbourne but really dont have a clue wherebouts we ned to be looking! Julian is a plumber and will be looking for work straight away, any advice on any particular areas in Melbourne would be greatly appreciated. Sophie and family Sophie, Julian and Elise Visa 175 ackl. 04/08/08 Medicals 06/01/09 Police checks sent 08/01/09 Still waiting for CO!
  24. Any help - would be kindly appreciated........ My family and I are really hoping to migrate next year. I qualify as a hairdresser in June - but have had 15yrs experience in Sales - from finance to cosmetic surgery. My partner is a qualified gym instructor although turned his profession to car sales for the last 8yrs. we have 4 children 16yr old - looking to carry on further studies. and 3 younger ones will require school or pre school. What's are chances????? would it be best for us to go and find employment then apply through employment sponsership???? Any help really would be appreciated!!!! Thanx in advance., xxxx
  25. Well firslty id like to say Hello as im new to this forum and it looks very informative Im a qualified Carpenter (City&Guilds) but due to personal circumstances i had to go part time so i could squeeze in doing Taxi'n at nights, because of that i dont and cant qualify for the Skilled 175 Visa so frustrating so ive took on the painstaking task of trying to find a sponsor in the building trade- very very difficult due to most work like here in the UK is sub contracted out etc so Sponsor and building trade dont go very well.. BUT i found a sponsor back in Nov at which time i was selling my house too and getting ready for the whole roller coaster ride that evryone was warning me about with the sponsor VISA and were they right... House Sold,Contents Sold bar a few items then out of no where my new found Email buddies/friends if you like/Sponsors decided to change their mind but didnt tell me, my Agent but thought it wise to just ignore everyone and everything...No words can explain how i felt at that time though 'Let down' would sum them up i guess.. So i put everything on hold untill 2-3 months ago where im now in the process of sending cover emails and CV's to buisness and Companys, i have to say not alot return the Email, maybe 1-2%, which are 'thanks but no thanks' or like i said before only Sub Contract. Ive had 3 positive replys this week.. 3 out of maybe 4-500 emails to Perth,Sydney and Brisbane Areas, my Agent now has their contact details and will contact them, hopefully they are still on board, hopefully they fit the sposor criteria and hopefully if they do they dont change their mind so il keep you posted on the future events. the most annoying thing is that i have family in Perth, a huge family in fact and of which only 6 i have met, they are my Dads Uncle and Aunts and cousins so they are 2nd if you like to me, they cant help in sponsoring me which again is very frustrating as its not like i dont have a trade or wouldnt be able to find work through the normal channels if i were there, if anyone has any thoughts on that please advice. Ive exausted most of the Email address contacts now that i can find on the internet and my way of thinking is most buisness's now have email/web so the ones that havent i dont think is worth approaching regarding sponsorship, thats my gut feeling. So the next step would be to get my bag and fly outh to Perth and start door knocking but that just seems such a daunting task and an expensive one at that though accomadation wouldnt be a problem due to family and hopefully would get some pointers where to go to, anyone else tried this? So thats me and my thoughts, sorry it was long winded but wanted to vent really and maybe getting some other peoples thoughts on my ways so far many thanks Carl