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Found 308 results

  1. Hey Folks Just wondering how long before arriving in Australia is the usual to apply for jobs or should I wait until I get there? Cheers Emma :hug:
  2. Hi all, Just a quick post to remind you all about Relocation: Phil Down Under. W e are still looking for Brits who have been in Australia less than 1 year, in a position to buy a proeprty! If you would like the help of propety expert Phil Spencer and a team of dedicated researchers then please drop me an email on siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. We are also looking for Brits with 'Success Stories' and interesting jobs - anything from a teacher to a mechanic to a midwife to a shark wrangler! Look forward to hearing from you, Siobhan
  3. We have applied for a parent visa and are investigatingr the possibility of getting my son over on a Remaining Relative visa. I know these are taking longer now and I understand all the conditons, which I believe he would meet. My query relates to how soon he could apply for this after we have moved to Australia? Does he have to wait till we are 'settled' or would my daughter or son-in-law be able to sponsor him? My daughter is sponsoring us, so not sure how many people you are allowed to sponsor.
  4. Hello. i have my skill assessed as a professional Civil Engineer on May 2010. i have been working as a Structural engineer for last three years. however i would like apply as a Structural Engineer taking SA state sponsorship?..:confused: Do i need to re-assess my degree or i can lodge application directly as Structural engineer is co-related to Civil Engineering. Note: I have lodge already SC176 by relative sponsorship on august2010. i would like to apply again to get the benefit of SMP any kind of suggestion will be highly appreciable.... Thanks in anticipations... Joy:confused:
  5. The company I worked for for 6 months at the beginning of my WHV has now got back to me saying they want to sponsor me, and Ive lodged the 457 application etc. Im wanting to go back to work with them right now, and found I can lodge an application for an extension to the 6 month limit on the grounds that I have a 457 application in process.. My question is basiically, will it jeapordise my 457 application of I lodge tihs extension request, or will it have no bearing.. ?
  6. Hi, I want to apply for a student visa and I am currently here in Oz, on a bridging visa whilst awaiting the outcome of an appeal of a rejected 457 on grounds of inadequate refs. So far- 16months and maybe a CO in 6 months. They say that as i have been on a bridging visa longer than 28 days i would have to apply off shore, back in te UK. Can I apply for this visa whilst I await the outcome of my appeal, posting the app to London? I am unable to leave Oz because of the type of bridging visa and would be refused re-entry(me tinks), Also, how strict are they with 'having to show the extra funds' which I think is somewhere around $30,000 per year of the course for the Student visa. Im going to ring IMMI during the week but getting the right answer can be a hit and miss. cheers
  7. livethedream

    Husband in Military...Can't apply yet.

    We went to the Live Down Under Expo in London yesterday and got chatting to some migration agents/companies. Anyway having researched plenty, i was pleased to find out i had indeed identified the right visa for us...176.. going out on my occupation. And we were hoping to hear that we would be able to start the process. However, on further discussion we were advised that if we applied for a 176 now we were likely to be turned down as my other half still has 3 years left to serve in the Royal Marines. Apparently, unless he only has 3-4 months left to serve they will knock the application back because he could go AWOL if granted a visa and Australia would be seen to harbouring him!! I am very disappointed as we were hoping to apply now and possibly have a visa by this time next year and then we could validate it and start making plans. However looks like we will have to wait now until mid 2013! :arghh: Any other military families come up against this?
  8. Hi there, I am a researcher on the Channel 4 programme Phil Down Under. We are currently on the hunt for families who are moving over to Australia or families who have recently located over there (within the last year), who need help buying a property. If you think you may be eligible and are interested, please send me an email to siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. Thanks, Siobhan
  9. Guest

    Can I apply for 176 or 175

    Hi friends can I apply for 176 while my appilcation is pending with the State for State sponsorship?Or If I apply for 175(I score 100 points) and then convert to 176 when I get approval from State about the sponsorship ? any comments is appreciated
  10. Guest

    Where to apply off shore....?

    Hi, I am from the UK but have been considering applying off shore in New Zealand for my de facto visa, would this be acceptable? I had considered returning to the UK to apply when my tourist visa expires. However, this is quite a long, expensive trip and my partner would not be able to come back with me due to work commitments. I thought if we applied in NZ, if an interview was required it could be arranged for us both to be there and unlike if I apply offshore, I could enter Australia again on a tourist visa but leave as I wish, as opposed to applying and having to remain for x amount of months awaiting a decision. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I have recently applied for my 485 skilled graduate visa, while I am waiting for SMP and my IELTS result. My question is can I apply for 885 Visa before I get my 485 skilled graudate visa granted? Or I have to wait for 485 to be granted before I can proceed with 885. I am still under the 6 month clause of applying for my permanent residency. I am a recent accounting graduate and have a valid student visa till next year march. Any thoughts on this would be well appreciated. Cheers
  12. Hi, was wondering if anyone could help? My OH is a 42 year old Electronic Engineer and is currently on the new SOL but without MODL or SS falls short of the 120 points even with the full score points for English. We were and have been waiting for the SMP to be released but now these may be delayed? Confusion over the hung parliament etc? We have applied to attend the Skills Expo in London in September but as yet not received any reply. My question is? If my OH was offered a 457 job sponsored visa and went out to OZ before the family, who sorted out the house here then went too, how easy is it to then apply for a permanent residence visa on shore? and what one is it? Can you apply whilst on a 457? Are we better off waiting here til SMP are released? Any advice welcomed. Just want to get to OZ!! Thank you Julian (42) Jennie (45) Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)
  13. Hi there thank you so much to those who have already given us some great advice. Just wondering when is appropriate to apply for the de facto visa? My working holiday visa expires October 2011, and by that time my partner and I will have been together 18 months. Should we apply around this time next year? How long does processing take? Helen and Ben
  14. Hi hope someone can help. I am a midwife being sponsored on a 457 visa. Nomination has been approved and I have a TRN number but I have not yet sub,itted my application. I have been advised by HR that immigration have requested that 457 visa applicants only submit their application once medicals, crb checks etc have already been done, as they cannot hold onto decision ready applications for longer than 28 days?? HOWEVER On the immigration website, it clearly says not to undertake meds etc until you have been advised to do so. Do most people submit the initial application then and wait for further instructions? Or has anyone undertaken meds and crb checks etc before they submitted the visa, and in which case how did they know what they needed? I am keen to get my crb check done before as last time I did one through work, it took about 3 months. Being a midwife I know I will need the works, in terms of medicals, if I did them now surely they would be valid when I apply for the visa in Jan next year? Also once the visa is granted, is there a stipulation that you have to commence work within a certain timeframe? If not, if I applied now, even though I won't be starting work until next April, would the visa be valid until then? Thanks very much, Sam
  15. Guest

    Can he apply an SS?

    Hi there, its me again, id like to ask something ,its about the visa of my brother. He's on a student visa, actually her girlfriend is on a student visa, its a defacto visa for him. I'd like to ask if he can now apply for a state sponsored visa even if the student visa is still valid, so he can have permanent residency? Many thanks
  16. Evening all, My OH and I started the pre visa application process 6 months ago and he has passed his VETASSESS assessments (written and practical) and his ILETS exams. We were planning to apply for for a 175 and SS after our recce trip, switching to 176 when we got the SS. From what I can understand, this isn't going to be an option (unless we pay the fees twice which I'm not prepared to do) now. I'm not really clear on what the caretaking role of the Government means to us in terms of applying. Can we still submit an application? OH is a mechanic. We aren't 100% sure about which state we want to move to as our recce trip isn't until May 2011 and neither of us have even been to Oz before. I don't want to wait to submit our 175 as the ILETS and VETASSESS will expire and it's too expensive to resit them. I know we won't be in a priority processing group if we submit without SS so it's a real dilemma. Can we even submit an application prior to the election? Thanks in advance for your comments and advice Regards Emma & Steve:smile:
  17. Hey, My partner has worked on two projects in Australia in 2009/2010 for a few months each for 2 different companies. Both times she had a 457 visa. At that time we didn't think about moving to Australia yet as those were short-term projects - very common in the maritime business. But now she got a very good job offer from a former colleague who runs a recruitment agency in Australia and we'd like to move there (with the hope to get PR). The job offer was oral and we don't have much details yet and as my partner is currently at sea she cannot find out more about it. I'm assuming that she'd get an employer sponsored 457 visa again but I think I read somewhere that you can renew it only once. I can't find back where I read that so I'm hoping someone knows more about it. :confused:
  18. Hi, I hope some agent or experienced member can answer the following: Under current policy, assuming a dependent (spouse) of a student 573 visa meets every requirement, can he/she apply for a Skilled Independent 885 or 886 as primary applicant? How about in the near future, say 2 or 3 years from now? Thanks Jose
  19. Hi, the wife and I are in a fortunate position were both our skills are on the wanted list for WA. She has just sat the ielts on Saturday for the 4th time, which has held us up for a few months. This time she feels quite confident, fingers crossed, the question is, do we wait until we get the results from ielts,hopefully positive, then send the application in for nursing skills assessment, wait for that to return, then the state sponsorship for WA, then the 176 visa her as main applicant OR I already have my positive skills assessment from TRA as electrician special class, do we send off for State sponsorship now, me as main applicant, and if that returns good, then send off for 176. Which do you think would come back sooner, if successful, the nurse or the electrician ???? Many thanks ......
  20. Hi there folks, my wife and i are really confused right now as we are unsure as when exactly to apply for our visa? we will be applying for a 175 CSL visa either state sponsored(priority ist no.2) or not(priority list no.4) as my wife is a nurse and apparently nurses are in extremly short supply everywhere in oz( is this true?). We have contacted a couple of migration agencies who have frankly quoted us riddiculously expensive quotes for filling out our paperwork ( ranging from £2,000 - £6,000). I have had a look at all forms required and i am not in the least bit put off as to filling in the forms myself IMO they are all self explainitory and straightforward (think i will probaly fill them in myself is this wise?). the time scale these so call migration experts have qouted us range from 12 months to 3 years!!! then upon joining this wonderfull site i have found scores of posts and of nurses who have been granted their visa either 175csl ss or just 175 csl within 5 to 7 months, we are just looking for status quo as to when we really should be thinking of realisticly applying as we will not be able to leave glasgow until July 2012 at the earliest asthat will give us enough time to clear our debt and reach our savings total for the move. all help and comments will be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance Hugh & Isis
  21. Hey all, I was hoping if someone could help me, I am an onshore student and waiting my final results which is due by end of this month. Could anyone shed some light how much time do I have to file for PR/TR once my education is over! Since my Visa is valid till end of this year, but I assume that once the studies are over we just have 30-60 days to file for any other visa. Any inputs would be appreciated. Cheers Adi
  22. I received a +ve assessment under 2231-79 .NET on 4th May 2010. I've read from a PIO user that if he is to apply to be re-assessed for the transfer of ASCO code to ANZCO code, then it must be done within the 60 days or he will have to re-apply again!! 60 days after I received my assessment is 2nd July (3 days ago). I haven't applied for re-assessment yet as I am waiting for the SMP's to be announced. The new SOL only came out a couple of weeks ago. I've emailed ACS but still waiting for their response. Anyone else heard anything regarding this?? Cheers
  23. Hi, We are a couple currently in Oz. I (aged40) am on a touist visa and my wife (31) is on a WHV. She has been offered sponsorship by a company in a regional area that meets all the requirements of the 457 visa. My question is this. Can we apply while in Australia as I am only on a tourist visa, or am I not able to apply as a spouse while on a tourist visa. To make matters worse (or better??) She has just been offered the position but we are going to vietnam end of next week for 5 weeks ( mainly becuase I had been here nearly 6 months and I need to renew my visa). I know that you should be in the same place when the visa is granted as you were in when you applied, so Senario 1: If I can apply while on a tourist visa, it would be really good to apply now before we leave but, what if the application takes less than 5 weeks and we are granted the visa while out of the country?? Senario 2: We apply in vietnam and it takes longer than 5 weeks, this would be a problem as we would both have to hang around, but the employer wants my wife to start when we get back (1st week in may), cause she can start work on her WHV. plus we also have a flat rented which we would have to keep paying for??? Senario 3: Is is possible for my wife to apply here (this week) and me apply next week in Vietnam?? (or do we have to apply together)This would make much more sense as I can hang around asia while my wife gets to work? Even then would we have problems if her visa is granted while we were away?? So if I can not apply on a tourist visa, obviously I would have to able to be out of the country anyway, then 1.do we both apply out of the country and just wait (not a good option if it takes time as wife has to start work 2. should I get the cheapest student visa in the world just to get me legal and both apply here in oz? many many many thanks to anyone that has read this far and has any answers richie
  24. savedbytheson

    will i be able to apply for PR?

    Hi, I am just in need for clarification in the new SOL announced by the immigration. I am on my 2nd year of advanced diploma of hospitality, which will finish in march/april 2010. At this stage, i had 6 months experience working as a baker already. Referring to the SOL Schedule 2 "This list applies to applications made on or before 31 December 2012 for a Subclass 885 (Skilled-Independent), 886 (Skilled – Sponsored), or Subclass 487 (Skilled – Regional Sponsored) visa by an applicant who held a Subclass 485 visa on 8 February 2010 or had applied for a Subclass 485 visa that was not finally determined on 8 February 2010, and may nominate an occupation on the current SOL or the new SOL that commences from 1 July 2010. This list also applies to applicants who held a student visa in subclasses 572, 573 and 574 on 8 February 2010 and who apply for subclass 485 visa on or before 31 December 2012." Does it means that, if i apply for first step of skills assessment now and get my TR after i finish my study in april 2010, i still can use the SOL Schedule 2 for applying my PR as long as i apply for it the latest on 31 December 2012? Many thanks!
  25. Hi We are considering applying for a 173 or 143 undecided as yet:confused: My main concern is I have health issues. I am classed as disabled due to Arthritis and receive benefit, I know I would not receive benefit if we were successful but that is not an issue. My concern is if I am registered disabled in the UK would it disqualify me on health grounds? I do not need to use a wheelchair but have mobility problems however I do also still choose to work part time. I have had kidney problems in the past, my GP put me on a course of stronger anti inflammatory pain killers after a car accident which caused my kidneys to fail, thankfully after 4 years they are back to 90% function but will never be 100%. It has also left me with high blood pressure. Does anyone know what I would need to say/do to a migration doctors panel? I have read some of the posts but am still very confused. I don't want to build my hopes up and spend what is lets face it a lot of money only to be turned away. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Phoebe:biggrin: