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Found 308 results

  1. Hi Guys, We are thinking of applying our 176 online, however our SS has not arrived yet. Please advise, should we wait till our SS arrives or shall we go ahead and apply now 176 and upload Sponsorship later. Will there be any problems later, I know, earlier upgrade from 175 to 176 was allowed but not now. Please advise, we want to apply before the rules change again. Suggestions?
  2. Guys can anyone help me in this..(May be someone from Parent Visa Section).My parents are here on a 1 year Tourist Visa with no further stay condition.We went to DIAC Adelaide and asked them that whether we can apply for their 173 Cpntributory Temp Parent visa onshore? As this is a offshore visa and they have to be outside Australia at the time of decision. My question is can anyone apply for 173 offshore Visa while here on a visa with no further Stay condition?As we are not applying any onshore visa so I think it may be possible?Can any Migration Agent help me in this question? Thanks In Advance Sammi
  3. Both my previous employer and my current one wanted to sponsor me as a cook after i graduated here. the previous one was not a suitable employer and although this one is eminently suitable and has submitted paperwork, i am now on a bridging visa A waiting for my 485 visa to come through (which can take quite some time apparently). now ive just been informed (second hand mind you) by a friend in the same position that anyone on a bridging visa cant apply for a 457 as the bridging visa is not substantive. whilst he can wait to get it and then apply for 457 (his employer is keen to sponsor him too) i cant: i turn 43 in May! that means that i will spend 2 years on that visa only to be thrown out for being overage when i apply for the 856 PR visa through my employer, because i need those points. any help, or should i just throw in the towel and put down the 30k ive spent so far down to a bad experience?
  4. Hey, I am a bit stuck on a few things to do with th spouse/fiance visa that i am applying for. I am a UK citizen and have been with my australian partner for over 4 yrs. We both want to live in aus and plan to get married. I am currently in the UK and he is back in aus. I will be meeting him back over there in a few months (on a holiday visa) and there we will get married. I know that once i am there i will have to apply for the spousal visa and that means he will be sponsering me to stay, but can i work too? or do i have to wait for the permenant visa to come through, which means not working for nearly 12 months!? and also how much roughly will this all cost? is it easier to pay somebody to do it ( althouh i heard this was lots)? I'm very lost right now and would appreciate any helpyou can give, thanks jen
  5. Guest

    Not Sure What Visa to Apply For

    Hi all, I was pointed in the direction of this site for some help some issues I am having. My girlfriend, daughter and I are planning on going to Australia next year. Ideally we would like to go for a few years. To do this I understand I would have to obtain a skilled migration independent visa. I have talked to an agent and I do qualify for this visa. The problem is that the costs seem substantial and having talked to some people it seems there is a lot involved in the application and it usually takes two years to get granted. The problem is we are keen to be gone by June next year and don't want to wait two years. The other problem is we are worried about investing a lot of time and money into obtaining this visa and then only staying for a year or two and coming home. We do intend on coming home so it seems like a waste to apply for this visa but at the same time, from what I understand, it's our only option. Ideally myself and my partner would get a working holiday visa like most young people who head over for a year do, however we cannot bring our daughter on this Visa. She is not old enough for school yet so we are not worried about that side of things. It had been suggested on another site that that my partner and daughter obtain a yearlong tourist visa and I obtain a working holiday visa and then travel out separately so I wouldn’t have any dependants on my visa. This would be ideal as I could do some temporary work while out there and we could travel and meet friends and family. However I do not know if this is possible. One last point, if I were to manage to get sponsorship while out there on a working holiday visa and my partner and daughter on a tourist Visa, how long would they have to leave the country for before I could include them on my visa? Any thoughts and or recommendations on our situation would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi If i have a Australia bank account, a medicare card, will these be considered as "substantial (business, cultural, employment) and beneficial ties" for me to qualify to get a RRV? I have my Australia VISA approved but due to some personal issues, i won't be able to migrate them in the coming 5 years and i won't be able to fulfill the 2 out of 5 years requirement too so i definitely need to apply a RRV when it reaches the 5 years limit. Besides bank account and medicare card, if I buy a house there and rent it out , will that boost up my chance to get the RRV approved ? As someone mentioned if i buy a house there for investment purpose, it won't be considered, is that true ? Also, if i invest a house for renting purpose there, will i be taxed by Australia government ? If i buy a house there just to qualify for RRV and leave it vacant for 5 years , it sounds like i don't have any ROI there , that is the reason why i am thinking to rent it out :cute: please advice thanks
  7. Hi - I hope someone is able to help on this forum so that my cousin can apply to OZ! She has started to look into the process of applying to OZ but works part time. Although she works for 22 hours per week -she is paid for 18 hours per week as her salary is annualised as she only works term time .(she effectively has a salary sacrifice for more annual leave) Would this be an issue as the current guidance on minumum working hours is 20 per week? for the work experience requirement. Any insight would be appreciated . Thanks
  8. I am getting ready for my move to Melbourne and have secured a job. My new employer has asked me to complete some forms and has asked me for my tax file reference. I have not applied for it yet but want to know if I am able to apply for it from the UK without an address in Melbourne? At this moment in time I dont know where I will be living as my plan is to stay in a hotel for the 1st week and then try and find some shared accommodation during my 1st week.
  9. Hi peeps, I hope someone can help, I am forward planning at the moment and gonna struggle to get submitted before the rules/points test change in July 11, So I am hoping that after vetasses, tra and ielts has been done (this will all be by march 11) that I may be able to submit the visa application by mid june, I will be applying for the SS straight after but probably wont get a reply in time for lodgment, Any help would be great, thanks in advance fellow pio'ers :wubclub: And I tend to rabble on and people cant always understand what I am asking...lol so if this doesnt make sense please just ask...lol :cute:
  10. Hi everyone. At last the we all have a plan and a date to arrive later this year. November. I have permanent residency based on my nursing, which I am grateful for. Should I apply for my nursing registration for WA now or later in the year. Should I wait til I have a position to go to. How long does the whole process take. I have downloaded a huge amount of paperwork which I cant bear to look at yet.:goofy: Can anyone give me advice. Hospital of choice is Joondalup if anyone works there. Thanks, Lisa
  11. Hello Brand new poster here!! Myself and my OH are just starting the process to get PR in Oz. We are currently awaiting the results from our skills assessment from ICAA, (we are both chartered accountants). Hopefully it'll arrive in the next couple of weeks and then we should be ready to apply. We are looking to settle in either Perth or Sydney, so given that neither NSW or WA are looking for Accountants at the moment, it looks like a 175 visa is our only option. We get 125 points under the points test at the moment, but given that 175 is cat 3 and currently taking 18-24 months to process - should we hold off on applying and wait until the new test comes out in July? (we would get 80 points under the new test). I suppose in a nutshell, my question is this - does anybody think that visas processed under the new points system will get processed quicker than under the current system - or is that just wishful thinking on my part? Thanks:biggrin:
  12. Hi, My spouse and I are holders of a Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (Subclass 476). I was a primary applicant and my spouse is included in this visa as secondary applicant. My spouse satisfies all criteria for applying for a Skilled Permanent Residence Visa (Subclass 885) as a primary applicant and has all supporting documents for that. We plan to apply for this visa immediately upon arrival to Australia but I am not sure whether she is eligible or not to apply as a primary applicant onshore. In this respect I kindly request you to advise whether a secondary holder of Subclass 476 Visa is eligible to apply as primary applicant for Permanent Residency onshore as a primary applicant. Thanks
  13. brooks

    CPV apply in UK or Australia?

    Help! Am I best applying for a CPV in Australia or in UK. I will be visiting Perth in September and could stay permanently. If I want to spend time in UK (I have a business to deal with until I sell it, and a house to sell) I believe I can only leave Australia for 90 days max - what is the situation applying for a CPV offshore?
  14. Has anyone done this?? Just getting all info together ie skills and ILETS test, then will need to try and get a state sponsor from WA? How does this work, do you need to do an application with any other stuff sent to them and reasons for this?? Any help would be fab :v_SPIN: thanks shaz
  15. Hi , new to this chat today, just looking to get some more info on applying for state sponsor visa to WA... Was going to use Visa Bureau but am thinking it may be cheaper to do ourselves but dont know where to start with the application?? Any help would be apprecaited:jiggy: Thanks Sharon
  16. As both UK passport holders do we just pay the 1st instalment of $2575 and not the 2nd instalment? My understanding from what I have read is that the 2nd instalment of $3575 is only for those bringing dependants that do not speak English?? Also has anyone sat the IELTS test? We are 5 points short of 120 so were planning to sit this to get an extra 10 points. My husband will be the one doing it and as already mentioned is English (born and bred) and competent at reading, writing, speaking and listening. Other option would be to wait until he has a years work experience in Australia (we are currently here on a 457)..... Any personal experiences would be much appreciated
  17. Hi, I qualified as an Occupational Therapist last year and I am hoping to move to Australia this year however I am finding applying for jobs difficult as I am unsure where to start. Is there anyone that can help?! Thanks :biggrin:
  18. Today I have completed my Bachelor Degree (Accounting) from Sydney University. But my visa is going to be expire on 22nd March. I am planning to apply for 886 Family sponsored visa and As only 4 weeks left to expire my visa, one of the agent told me I wouldn't be able to apply for 886 because of short time rather I need to extend my studnet visa again. Do you think same??? I reallyyyyyy don'ttttt want to extend my student visa againnn... I haven't got my certificate yet so couldn't apply to CA for skill assessment. I will go for fast track skill assessment, whenever that will arrive. another question....as I will apply through my maternal uncle's sponsorship, can you please give me some idea how can I prove the relationship? What document's I should bring from him? Refresing page every 5 minutes to check the answer. Please asnwer. Thanks
  19. Hi, I've been sponsored by an employer and have got my PR 857. I have 16 months left before I can move to where ever I want. However, I'm wondering if I can move sooner. I phoned Immigration and they didn't really give me a straight answer. First said no and then said I MAY have to apply for PR again!! Can anyone help here? Cheers
  20. Hello all, been reading up on here for a while now. Registered today as am looking at the possibility of moving to Oz. Lived there in 89/90/91 and have been back twice since. Still have some good mates there. My question is about the visa application process. I had a recent PNC check/ same as basic CRB check for work recently, which came back OK. Is this used in the process of applying for permanent residency/emigrating ? Or is there some other check they use, on the application forms, theres no mention of any checks at all, unless they come further down the line. Also, at 44 am I too old. Although I am a qualified chef, I`ve run my own catering business for 10 years, and although I would`nt have loads of cash to take with me I would have the proceeds of house sale and business sale (maybe $200,000), and my other half is a teacher with good experience. Might it be better for her to apply and me to be the `partner`, she`s 35. Any advice greatly appreciated. Tony
  21. Hi All, I have a friend who is interested in applying for 175 visa (skilled perm) but her problem is - she currently scores 120 on the 175 visa but if her application is not granted by 26th June '10 she will be 35 and therefore drops 5 points so she will no longer have the necessary points. Is she better just to wait until 1st July and then apply as she will still then have 120 points under the new system. Any info would be great as she's conscious that she needs to act fast to get in under the old system or just wait until 1st July & then apply. Thanks all, AM
  22. Anyone else had doubts for which ANZCO code to apply from the following and which one did you choose in the end? 261312 Developer Programmer 261313 Software Engineer 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec
  23. catinahat1975

    where to apply for visas UK or Germany

    hello this may sound like a dumb question but any answers would be great. i am a UK passport holder but living in Germany now. I'm married to a German and our 2 kids have German passports. i#m looking at gaining AQF III in Landscape Gardener over the next 2 months and then will try for SA sponsorship,That is if i gain everything in time. my main question is can i apply for visas in the UK still or must it be in The county you are living in? My fear is that i will have to have so many letters translated at high cost. As i will be the main applicatent holding a UK passport will it be better using a Uk agent? anybody had a mixed marrige visa application who could give me advice? all help would be great thanks george
  24. hi, hubby is a construction manager, no qualifications only certificates and experience!!!..... is it best for us to apply now before july, will our visa come back on time?..... or if we waited would be be able to get into oz another way, such as regional sponsership, or employer nominated?..... confused!.. any info or advice would be great , thanks. katrina
  25. We are looking to apply for a visa. We are expecting a new baby in sept, and want to know if this could affect anything. I don't know the name, DOB or even sex of all the applicants. Can I add a new baby onto the application when it arrives?