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Found 308 results

  1. Hi all, I'm in Australian on Bridging Visa A waiting for my 485 visa (applied on August 2010). Now I want to apply for 175 visa right away since I'm afraid that DIAC likely won't grant my 485 before Jul 2012 (the freaking model!) due to huge loads of 485 applications, and they might change the rules and SOL again. Here are the points I'm going to claim: Age: 30 (26 years) English: 10 (all 7) Australian degrees: 15 (Bachelor + Masters) 2 years study in Australia: 5 (2.5 years) 1 year work experience in Australia: 5 (1 year since Jul 2010) --------------------------------------------- Total: 65 (just enough...) I already have my Australian degrees assessed as Developer Programmer (on Sep 2010 when I graduated), and have been working for an well-known Aussie company as Software Developer since Jul 2010. I would like to ask whether I can apply the 175 straight away without resubmitting skill assessment to verify my 1 year work experience? Because I heard somewhere in this forum that the work experience must be assessed by the Skill Assessment Authority as well. Thanks a lot David
  2. Hi, I fly out to Australia a week Saturday. I have just looked online to apply for a TFN, but is says you must be in Australia to do so. How do people get around this? Do you just wait until you're in the country, apply on-line and hope it's a very quick process? Obviously you can't get paid without TFN. I'll be staying in short term accommodation for 2-3 weeks, then hope to secure 6 month rental somewhere else. Do people open a PO Box or register using the short term rental address? Seems a pain to have to change the address after only a few weeks! Thanks, Mike.
  3. Hi All, So pleased we found this forum. My Husband (British) and I (Australian citizen) have been married for 5 years and have two children. We met whilst working in the US. We have lived in the UK for the past few years but would now like to move to Australia (Perth). Could anyone here advise what information we will need to provide the Australian Embassy for my husband to successfully receive a Spouse Visa. Furthermore, can anyone advise whether it's easier/quickier to submit the paperwork from London or Perth. It seems to us that everything is made so much more complicated in the UK? Our preference would be to fly to Perth and visit the Immigration office there, as they were very helpful when we visited around 10 years ago. I suppose in a nutshell we would appreciate the following advise - If you were in our situation what would you do. This is obviously aimed at people that have either gone through the process in either country or understand the processes involved... hehe sorry I'll be quiet now. Kind Regards Megan:wacko:
  4. So, here's a question: I currently have a positive skills assessment for a Secondary Teacher and a top of the band IELTS score. I would like to apply for my Type 175, priority category 3 visa ASAP..., well 1 July because that points test works better for me, but that's pretty soon. Now, I teach English and Social Science in the US. I'm also taking courses that will lead to a certification in Math, and Math Secondary School teachers is on many SMPs. I'm actually working as a Math teacher now, but not certified to do so. It's the US..., we're REALLY messed up when it comes to education, so this stuff happens. My issue is that I have to take a test in September 2011 to become certified as a Math teacher, and if I don't pass it, then I have to wait to March 2012 to take it again. If I fail a second time, it's September 2012 for the next go. So, I wouldn't be able to apply for SS until that test is passed, and I don't want to wait. Maybe I get a CO with my Type 175 and move on with the process before I pass the Math test, and that's fine with me. I am aware that I can't simply move to a Type 176 after applying for a Type 175 free of charge anymore. It appears you used to be able to do that, but that loophole is closed. However, if I were to apply for my Type 175 as a Secondary School Teacher, and just get frustrated with the wait for a CO, and after obtaining my math certification, could I apply for state sponsorship and then a 176 if I pay another fee? Would that help my cause? Or, would it just cause a bureaucratic nightmare because I would have two applications in the system. It's not like money is no object, but if A$3000 would save me 6 months or more, I would be willing to spend it. I would have the requisite experience working as a Math teacher, by the way, and by that time I would have the proper education. I would be willing to pay the extra fee if it got me to OZ sooner. Odd question I know, but let me know if anyone has any info to share! Thanks!!!!!!
  5. Hi, I have had a read of the proposed changes to skilled migration program. What strikes me is a person like me, who is currently pursuing an accounting undergraduate degree will find it very difficult to get permanent residency unless I can score 8 in all 4 bands of IELTS. Let me illustrate my situation to you. I am 21 years old. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate accounting degree in gold coast, Queensland. I graduate in July next year. I am in the top 5% of my university in respect to grades. (says that on my transcript) I have already secured an accounting job, starting this month, will work full time during vacations and part- time during my next and last semester. My current IELTS score is 8 overall( 9 in listening and reading, 7.5 in speaking and 6.5 in writing). I have to give IELTS once again, and I am confident i can get 4x7 but 4x8 is a whole different story. Now it seems that because I will have to apply for a new visa in july/august next year, I wont have 1 year of work experience and hence wont get 5 points. With the new points test I will be on 55 points unless I score 8 in all 4 bands of IELTS. With the old points test I would be on 120, with which i could pass. My other option is to apply for a 487 temporary residency visa, which again is a 18 month visa. Even if I apply for that and work for the next 18 months after I graduate, I will still have only 2 years of work experience and will still get 5 points, which will still not be enough (this is assuming that the immigration rules stay the same for the next 2.5 years which is unlikely) So ultimately I have to somehow manage an 8 in IELTS to have a chance. I suspect every other student graduates soon (in the next year) will have to do the same, I cant see any other option. Is there any other option that I am overlooking? On a side note, It is virtually impossible to apply before July 1st, if my uni semester gets over around the 20th of june right?
  6. We've finally had our application for State Sponsorship from Victoria accepted and now it's time to actually apply for our 176 visa. Any tips on what to include and anything else etc. We've already gone through this once in the last year when I got a 457 company sponsored visa but now going through it again to try to get PR. Fingers crossed!
  7. Hi poi, wondering if anyone can help me on this... i realise that to get citizenship now it takes roughly 4 years of being in oz etc but then i read some post saying that these rules changed in july 2007...we got our visa's 28th Apr 2007(skilled migrant) and we're just heading out to oz permanently in November..does this mean that in November 2013 that we could apply for citizenship as our visa's were granted before the change??
  8. Hi, My British husband is on a temporary spousal visa which he activated by entering Australia in July 2010. This means we have to wait 2 years before applying for his permanent visa. I am now 7 months pregnant and due in August 2011. I thought that once our baby is born, my husband could apply immediately for his permanent visa, and we would not have to wait the full 2 years (and as a family have the security of his permanency). We have spoken to others in the same situation who got their permanent visa early (thats what they told us anyway). I called Australian Immigration, the man I spoke to seemed vague and unsure, but said he thinks my husband still have to wait the full 2 years to apply for permanency. Can anyone offer us some advice? Once our baby is born can my husband apply early for his permanent Aussie visa? Thanks for your time! Fredandginger:confused: If it is possible, what branch of Aussie immigration do I contact?
  9. I have all my relevant paper work to send off to get my skills assessed. I hear the point system is changing on 1st july. I have a secondary D and T teaching degree, 2 years experience, English speaking and under 30. with the old point system i didnt have enough points. can anyone tell me how this will affect my visa if I apply after the 1st july? i know that to get your skills assessed with take about 8 weeks but i need to make such that i will qualify before spending wasted money. anyone help me out with my problems many thanks x
  10. My wife and I are in the final stages of our Migration Visa application and should be approved within the next couple of months with a view to us relocating to Brisbane as quickly as possible. We are going to Brisbane early September 2011 to look round the areas and possibly look for jobs. I am a Mechanically biased Building Services Engineer and my question is when should I start looking for a job because it is our aim to reloacte as quickly as possible? Thanks in anticipation Carlos1974
  11. Hi everyone, It's a relief to find this forum! :biggrin: I have called Australian immigration three times and received conflicting information on whether or not I can apply for a fiancee visa (Pros. marriage, form 47SP) while in Australia on a tourist visa. One person said "yes," another said no then spoke with a supervisor and said yes, a third person said "no." Does anyone have any advice/experience with this? My preference would be to remain with my partner (an Aussie citizen), rather than leaving the country. Thank you so much! Lara
  12. Hey, sorry if this info is already on here but i'm new to the forums. My partner is Australian and i'm from the UK we've been together 2 years. I used my working holiday visa when we first met. We have just had our offshore partner visa refused due to lacking of joint evidence like lease and utility bills. we have lived together both in Aus an UK however due to our circumstance were unable to get joint rental lease etc :-( My boyfriend is unable to come over to live in the UK at the moment due to personal reasons and we were thinking so we could get the evidence of living together that I should apply for a 676 and go over for 6 months so we can be together. Does anyone know whether we would be able to re apply for the partner visa onshore after 3months? we have loads of other evidence to show we are a genuine couple as the case officer told us if we just had bills etc for 3months then we would of been approved. Would be really grateful for some advice! Thanks guys! :-) seriously stressing out over all this! Hannah :-)
  13. Guest

    should i wait to apply for visa

    Hi, my mind is a bit everywhere at the moment so i am hoping that someone can give me some advice on rather to apply for my visa now or wait.. In August 2010 my Australian partner and i (Irish) moved to New Zealand as we did not have enough evidence to apply for defaco visa untill April 2011 and my second year work/holiday visa was up In December 2010 i discovered i was pregnant but we decided at the time to stay on in New Zealand and still apply for visa.. baby due 29 august / deadline to fly 14 july / visa up in New Zealand 28 August When the date came to applying i backed out of applying because the time frame seemed to short.. and i changed my mind about going ahead with chest xray if we got to that stage of visa... And also my job involved alot of heavy lifting and we could not afford to stay on in New Zealand on one wage.. My partner and i arrived in Australia last week (me on Evistor visa) We did not want to seperate to soon so decided that we would return to Australia as my partner has a better paid job here. I would finish work and stay with my partner in oz till mid July (deadline of flying 6wks before baby is due) then return home home and my partner would join me in Ireland a week or so before baby is due then i would apply for my visa in Ireland and my partner could stay with us 3 months till his holiday visa expired.. but the thought of the long flight home on my own 7.5 months pregnant.. leaving my partner... the extra expense is stressing. I can stay in oz till the 19th of August on my Evisitor visa.. should i just apply for defacto visa on shore now or does it look really bad that i wont be able to fly out of Oz if bridgeing visa is not granted to stay on while my visa is been processed... sorry if this is confusing but any advice or tips would be great Cheers
  14. Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, here's my dilemma, ok I've been on a 457 visa now for 3 years but i've changed jobs twice meaning the job title has changed the first year and the second year. the first job was a "marketing specialist", 2nd job title was sales exec, and now my current title is "marketing specialist" again... i've been in my current job for 12 months... can i apply for my PR now? I know it states you should be in current role for 2 years but i've been lead to believe you can link previous roles and plenty of applications have been approved despite it being 1 year in current role I have spoken to some agents who have said they previously have put through applications that have had just 1 year under a job title but been on the visa for 3 years also that have all been approved... I don't want to have to wait another year to make it two years in my current role in order to apply... a few agents have said they can get it processed and highlight the link of both jobs and considering i've been in the country already for 3 years Can anyone please shed some light on this? it would be hugely appreciated...
  15. Today I am chillin in the garden with the sun beating down and a can of pedigree in my hand listing to the footie on the radio, tonight is a barbie with me mates coming round. Life is good :cute:
  16. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice from all you more knowledgeable people than me about what we (I and my OH) should do! After looking through the forum and the Immigration of Oz website I realise that the process is a lot more in detail than I thought it would be! I am about to enter the last year of my PhD in Belfast in electrical engineering (have a masters already) and my wife works in the local education authority. With the visa point system changing soon, should we apply now or wait until later on? My wife has 1st cousin south of Perth (we would be looking to move to WA) and we would prob have to apply for either state or employer sponsorship if we apply now, but im not sure what would happen if we wait if we would qualify for independent visa. Any advice on if we should apply now or wait? Thank you! Robin.
  17. Hello all I am arriving in oz on a WHV in August to be with my boyfriend, live with him and work (im a teacher) and try out the life! I will want to stay longer and want to apply for a partner visa after the first 12 months, however, the 12 months WHV will be up and that is when i can apply for the partner visa (due to the 12 month defacto requirement). My question is this: if i leave the country after the 12 month WHV is up and take a short trip and arrive back in the country a while later will i (a) be allowed back in the country on an automatic tourist visa and (b) will this satisfy the visa people for my partner visa, if my 3 month tourist visa runs out then i can apply for a bridging visa right? *i know i can extend the WHV for upto 2 yrs if i work fruit picking in the bush or the like for 90 days but this is not really what i want to do as my partner lives on the coast and i want us to stay there I know it's complicated but i'm sure somebody will get what i'm aiming for Thanks for ANY advice (i have been researching stuff independently too) Tina
  18. Hello everyone! I'm so confused with the visas and criterias so if anyone of you could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!:wacko: I had my skills assessed a year ago by VETASSES before the SOL List had changed and had a positive assessment under Office Manager 3291-11. When I saw that my Skill was not on the new list, I didn't bother to look at trying again until now. My overall band score for the IELTS was an 8.0 with 7.5 in each band, I also have the Orion Diploma in Business Administration which is AQF qualified and I have a direct relative who lives in NSW who is willing to be my sponsor should I be in luck to be eligible to lodge my papers under the GSM scheme. I did try to get state sponsorship through ACT who had Office Manager on their list but I didn't qualify as I don't have the $40k requirement ($20k for main applicant and $10k each for my two dependants - husband and son). So my question is: what route can I take to apply to emigrate to Australia?? Am I still eligible or is all hope lost?? Thanks in advance for any advice given! :arghh:
  19. Hi all I have my PR visa (176) and thought that I would now apply to APHRA before we sell the house and leave for Melbourne in September. APHRA have asked me for proof of employment before they look at my application. Is this correct ? There doesn't seem to be anywhere on the application form where they state this? I just want to get things organised before we move as I have seen that APHRA take ages to process applications and then sort out a job when I am out there. I do not want to commit myself to a job and a start date before I have decided where I want to live! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  20. Can I apply for 176 offshore visa while I'm on my student visa (572) or working holiday visa? Or do I really need to be outside of the country whilst processing the visa.
  21. On this link I found this: 'You may also be eligible to apply if you do not hold one of the above visas but have held an Overseas Student visa in the last six months and meet the threshold requirements to apply for a GSM visa. 'http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/885/eligibility-applicant.htm Does this means I can also apply onshore for a skilled-migrant 885 visa, with 130 points, though I only have a student visa without even being graduated. Normally I should go for a 176 state sponsored somewhere this summer, but maybe I change my plans if the following plan works. -Go to Auz with a WHV - apply onshore for a student visa, and get a certificate 2 in electrotechnology (6 months) - Then apply for a independent GSM (885) visa onshore, the threshold is 120 points, I have 130. This way I should be faster in Auz, and get better conditions for a visa, is this a bit correct?
  22. Hi All I am a civil engineer, i got the assessment and IELTS 6.5 average. I have a first cousin in AUS (citizen)who is willing to sponsor me. i have few question on these application. 1.Can first cousin sponsor me ( My farther's elder brother's daughter)?. 2.Can i apply to both visa475 (regional sponsor) and 176 family sponsor visa?. 3.which visa is quicker? Since the points system will change soon. I should apply before Mid June. Please guide me on this issue. Thanks
  23. Hi We have put in SS for South Austrailia but always thinking about the time factor. If they say no then we have to apply to another state we are just wasting time. I know another state wants me too, but don't want to mess up completely by being greedy. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone, I am waiting to work in NSW and awaiting for a number to apply for 457 visa. How long should it take for a number to come through from my employer to apply for 457 visa because online application asks for a number? My employer applied for the 457 visa one week ago. Kind Regards cyclone22
  25. Hey. I've got a normal higher education student visa (573). I've finished my bachelor in Australia, and I'm in the process of applying for a Permanent Resident visa. When I try to get the online application started for my onshore Skilled Independent visa (885, onshore version of 175) it says that "You do not hold a valid prerequisite visa to enable use of this service". Why is that? The same thing happens if I try to apply for the graduate visa (which is pretty much solely based on people with the 573 visa as far as I know)? It would make life soo much easier if I could do it online and just upload supplemented documents directly, it's hard enough as it is Plus it's the stress factor that maybe something is actually wrong (ie even if I mail my application, it might not be approved because something is not right). So have anyone got any idea why this is? I can not find any info on the immigration site regarding who can/can't apply online, but the site is massive and maybe someone else has got better luck. PS my nationality/passport etc is Swedish (if the online application somehow separates between nationalities). Help is MUCH appreciated! I'm freaking out with this and everything else. Also, the total cost will end up at $3500 bah, total ripoff and not much fun for a poor student