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Found 308 results

  1. Should we apply for our tax file numbers before the move, or once we arrive? :unsure: Im wondering what everyone else did? :wideeyed:
  2. Dear Experts, I am in a crucial condition. I assessed from ACS as IT professional. My state sponsorship will be expired on this 29th Oct. But till then my experience will be 4 years 11 month 28 days according to ACS assessment. So to get full 10 points for 5 years experience I have 3 days short. Now the thing is I have a one month full time experience which I didn't mention in ACS. Because i haven't taken that seriously as I already met ACS requirements without showing that job. But in DIAC I want to show that job expereince as it will turn my total job experience into 5 years. Can I show this to DIAC now? Or will DIAC strictly follows the timeline of ACS? It's an urgent issue and hope to get feedback from you at your earliest.
  3. Just had my daily update from seek.com.au with the jobs in my field (mental health). My ideal job is being advertised - right grade, location and pay fab, all perfect... Only issues, my registration is not through yet (in the AHPRA pile) and commitments over here in uk mean I can't go til august 2012. What to do...apply and give in to my impatience to resolve the job part of the move, or accept that it's ok to wait and they're probably going to chuck application straight in bin as they want to fill post now? Hmm, dilemma...thoughts welcome.
  4. im currently nursing in uk,but myself and family looking to emigrate in few years time,just looking for advice on how to apply for skills assesment for registering with australian nursing council,can anyone help me susan
  5. Hey, We have been offered a job and will go over on a 457 visa. How long do you have to be in OZ before you can apply for a PR visa? OH has the points for a 175 etc but not sure if thats the best way:twitcy:
  6. Have I left to get a visa. I'm 45 next month. Where do I start if I'm still ok Nvq3 mechanical maintenance (fitter) Tried looking on the websites but it just gets confusing when I'm not sure what to look for
  7. Hello all It's my dream to move to Australia one day.... though the sooner the better! I'm currently training as a secondary school teacher (PGCE in ICT) and will finish training in June 2012. I have heard that the rules are changing in July 2012 to make it that you can't apply yourself? You have to be invited? Should I apply before July 2012, even though I don't have any experience as a qualified teacher, or should I wait until I have experience and apply another way? And can I apply again if the first application fails due to lack of experience? Advice please!!
  8. Hi, is it possible to apply for a 176 visa and then travel out on a whv and wait for it to come through in Aus?
  9. Hi,i m in bit problem,I already apply for de facto visa with my partner ,we have been living together almost 3 years,i m on student visa,but i didn't we go to uni at all,now my uni has report me to immigration ,I got email it say you got 28 days to reply back to immigration,But i didnt got anything from immigration :confused yet, but my student visa will expired on 5th October,when i apply for de facto visa ,i got email from immigration you on bridging visa A ,My girlfriend is also on student visa,I really dont understand what i should do ,i applied my de facto visa on 5th of august,what will happened to his application,and my visa will expired after 15 days,if my visa will expired before 28 days,How they can canceled my visa ?will it effect to my de facto visa application ?after 15 days i will on Bridging visa A? i really don't understand that what will happened after 15 days and still now i have not got anything from immigration about my report when my uni did?i m on section 20 as say on letter,but i checked my visa status online it is still in effect i was just wondering,what will happened if they canceled my student ,but i m on bridging visa A,i applied my visa a month ago,i already submitted all paper to immigration ,will it effect my current application,please let me if anyone know about that,i m really worried ,Please let me soon Thanks Rick
  10. Hello all, I am looking for some advice as to which visa my partner should apply for to obtain permanent residency in Australia. I am a permanent resident, however am currently living in the UK until I complete uni in early November (2 months time!). I will then be moving to Cleveland, Qld to join the rest of my family who have been there since April. My partner and I have been together for 4 years and are unsure as to easiest and most cost-efficient way of him being granted a permanent visa. He is a chemistry graduate and is looking for work in the mining/environmental field. He has so far applied for a working holiday visa, which should be in place in time for the big move. But I am concerned that as this only allows him to work for 6 months it may put off potential employers. Obviously in the ideal world we would go, he would find a job, and get an employer sponsored visa, but I don't really want to take the risk as if this doesn't happen we would have to come back and start again. We are currently looking at applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa, this would cost in the region of $2000 plus costs of medicals, CRBs etc. Our idea was the apply for this once the working holiday visa is in place, then hopefully as it takes 4-5months to be granted, this could replace the working holiday visa before it expires. This would then give us 9 months to marry in Australia, and I believe a permanent visa would be granted upon being married for 2 years?? However this is my first time at dealing with the Australian immigration system (I was lucky enough to have my family sort out my visa!) and I'm feeling quite clueless - really confused if this is best path for us to go down, especially due to the cost of the visa. I am looking for any advice anyone can offer! We are keen to get married, and my parents have said to me it might be worth just getting married during those 6 months of the working holiday visa, which we are also looking at. But would that mean that my partner will be unable to work if the 6 months expire before a further marriage visa is processed? I also liked that the prospective marriage visa would give us 9 months to plan, but if that is at the premium of cost and complications, then we would reconsider. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi, I've lodged my e457 application (yay!!!) but haven't attached all the supporting documents yet. I know we're going to need Medicare cover before the application can be approved. Had a look at the Australian Medicare website and it seems I can only apply for Medicare if I'm applying for a permanent visa...but the 457 is a temporary long-stay visa. Help! How do I apply for Medicare? Which form do I need? (Ideally family cover) Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Georgiajoe

    What visa should I apply for

    Hi folks, Please could anyone advise me on what type of visa I should apply for. I've just sat my IELTS , if ok as I'm a plumber do I go for a 175 or a 176?? If it's a 176 state sponsored (I think)!! if I lost my job or couldn't find work would I have to leave the country?? Were as I believe a 175 skilled would allow me to stay. Please help a very confussed man Thank you
  13. cass51824

    Date to apply for Citizenship

    Hello, My husband got a spouse temp visa back in 2007 when we were living in the UK. We then came to Oz Sept 2007. His permanent residence visa was granted Dec 2011. THis means he has been here 4 years now, but it also says 12 months permanent residency. It says if the visa was offshore then it starts from when he arrived in the country. Or is is the date of his perm residency visa? Thanks in advance!
  14. hi dear all, one of my friend is holding a 475 visa currently. he has fulfilled all the requirements to apply PR. He just wants to know whether he needs to pay application fee again when apply the PR?. need your help please.. thanks :idea: Samk6
  15. Hi all! Newbie poster here: I have already found this website such an amazing resource of great information over the last few months, but now its getting to the time where I need to think about gathering my evidence for the visa, and would appreciate some of you guys thoughts!! My partner Scott is from Perth and I am from Glasgow. We are applying as de facto's as we are a same-sex couple. I am planning to apply off-shore. We first met in 2005, and I stayed with him in Perth on a tourist and then student visa for over a year, although we have no documents from that period apart from my documents from TAFE. We decided to end the relationship late in 06 after I returned to the UK, but got back in touch in Spring 09, when we decided we did actually want to be with each other. Scott saved for a year and came to the UK on a Youth Mobility Visa in April 2010. He has been working in hospitality and I in the public sector, and he has a good number of friends as well as joint friends who have known the both of us since he got here. Also all his family and friends from back in Perth remember me when I was there in 05/06. His parents are also visiting and staying with us for a few weeks later this yr. When he got here, I was just about to graduate from Uni, and we stayed with my family from April till October, and have letters from banks etc addressed to each of us to that one address. We then set up a joint bank account in October 2010 and got our first joint lease, and also have joint phone bills, gas, electric and council tax in both our names. We have a joint lease up to April 2012, at which point his Youth Mobility Visa runs out and he is going back to Perth. I want to send off my application by Jan 2012, with a view to moving over there around October 2012, so I can move back with family and save for a good 6 months when Scott is back in Perth. I am most worried about the one year relationship requirement, and also if me needing to prove I have support when I get there will be a factor? What we do have: - Joint leases from Oct 2010 - Joint bank account from Oct 2010, with all our joint expenses coming out of it and us paying in half of the total each month. - Joint names on phone bills, gas, electric, council tax from Oct 2010 - About 30 Christmas cards and invitations - Joint email account with receipts for purchases, tickets, special offers etc - So far a dozen good photos of us with friends, with my family, from when his parents visit, so plan to take plenty then and also when our two families meet up. - There is about 30 possible family and friends in Perth and about same here who can do stat declarations for us, and will remember me from when I lived with him there in 05/06. - Payslips and P60s for the pair of us since mid 2010. - Almost daily email correspondence between both of us from November 2009 untill he arrived in April 2010, which references the time we were together previously too. - Official letters from banks etc addressed to us individually, but which show we stayed at the same address from when he first arrived in April 2010 till we got our own place in October. - I graduated from Uni in 2010, and thankfully found a good job in Jan this yr. Im saving everything for the visa, so wont have a very big bank balance when I apply, but should have £5-6k when I plan to go late in 2012. Similar with Scott, he has little savings, altho his mum & dad own their own home etc. (we're only 23 & 24, no property to speak of yet!) What I am concerned about: Will we be able to satisfy that our relationship intends to continue based on the fact we had such a large gap between when we first met and now? We plan to have some sort of partnership or ceremony perhaps later into 2013 once I am settled into Perth and can afford it! We should mention this in our own statements? Scott has been working in the UK since 2010, not in Oz, although was working in Oz up untill he left, will we need to prove anything about him being able to support me? When I first arrive late in 2012, the plan is to stay with his family and look for our own place once I find work. My Dad and his wife are both Australian permanent residents, and both live in Perth, would evidence of this help? Also would this help in terms of evidence to support me when I first arrive? My Dad also applied for the partner visa when he moved over with his Australian wife a few years ago. He warned me that I need to overwhelm them with info, and that they can be quite suspicious of same-sex couples. Sorry for the info overload there! Be so good to hear your guys suggestions (or reassurances!) for what kind of evidence is needed or that we should have! Thanks guys!
  16. Hi everyone, I'm still trying to find some way of getting me and my OH to Oz for good. If I apply for a job in Oz and they offer it to me, would I be eligible to apply for a visa if that job wasn't on the SOL list? The work I do is pretty specialised and I have a lot of experience, some qualifications (no degree, this is why I can't get in on the Skilled Migrant Visa) and a proven track record of achieving top results. So I'm pretty employable is what I'm saying. But is it worth me applying for jobs? I know it's a long shot, but any shot I've got I'm going to exhaust right now. Thanks all. Kelly xxx :cute:
  17. hey guys anyone who is applying for visa 475 this year and does anyone know how fast will it get processed till the year end or next year beggining????
  18. How soon after landing in Australia (on a 457)can I apply for a permanent residency visa - do i have to wait until the four years are nearly over, do I need my employer to sponser the application if I have enough points on the new system to apply myself?????
  19. Hi there, I am planning to go study for a year in Australia so I can fulfill the 12 month living requirement with my boyfriend (we lived together on my working holiday visa but when it ended I had to move back. Now we're doing long distance). However I saw the 'no further stay' requirement and am now wondering whether it will work or what we have to do? I still have my working holiday visa in New Zealand that I can use when the year's out I guess... but will that work? Can anyone give me any info on this? I am a UK citizen.
  20. Hi Guys, I badly need your help. I am going to spend Xmas and NY with my Aussie bf of two years this year so Im going to apply for a tourist visa. With regards to the EMPLOYMENT PROOF, I resigned from my WORK A of 5 years last July 2011, and continued working with my EMPLOYER (WORK B) online in same country since AUGUST 2010 until now. I resigned coz my online employer pays me better than my previous employment of 5 years. My question is, My employer will give me the COE detailing my employment and since when and how much I get paid every month and he pays me via bank account and more projects to come to do so i need to get back. Is that enough? Do i need to submit for Income Tax Form? All i know being an online worker doesnt need to file for ITR since we didnt have contract signed in the first place when i was started working with WORK B? It seems im a mere freelancer this case. Please help. what other proof do i need to present. I have the COE of my previous employer already. Any help is highly appreciated Thanks
  21. Guest

    Apply for white card in UK

    Hi, my husband is a joiner and we are moving to Perth. Does he need to wait until we move to apply for his white card or can he apply for it while we are still in the UK. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Valerie :wub:
  22. Hi, we are just starting the process and going to give it a go ourselves. My OH is a Carpenter and we need to have the ILETS test to get the required points, he is booked on for this on the 8th October but want to get the TRADESET form done and all the other forms to send off, can we do this before he has positive ILETS test just so we can apply and get him on a date ready for the next practicals..... anyone any idea when the next practicals are and any carpenter advise would be apprecaited many thanks :biggrin:sharon
  23. Fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer. Did full 4 year apprentiship in plumbing 20 years ago, qualified NVQ level 1 2 & 3, also further qualifications to advanced and master plumber. Running own business doing kitchens, boilers etc etc for over 10 years. Corgi and then Gas Safe resistered. So fully qualified in plumbing/heating and gas. TRA is a lot cheaper for a gas fitter but would that get approved? Many thanks
  24. Hi guys! may i ask if anyone knows here if it is possible for me to apply for 2 state sponsorship wtih 2 diferent occupation. Im an interior designer so I can apply for ACT ss but the thing is the ielts requirement is high i need a band 8 in all parts. I think that would be quite hard for me to accomplish. However in West aus, they also offer the architectural draftsman occupation, which I am also qualified since i also got 3 yrs work exp for that. And the ielts reqt is just a band of 7 in all and thats something I think I can do. So my question is is it ok if I apply for skill assesment for 2 different occupation in 2 different states ACT and West Aus? Will there be any problem if ever I do that? If not I think ill gamble and apply first for WA since the ielts reqt will be favorable for me. I hope anyone can reply regarding my question it will be a big help so I can proceed and apply online for skill assesment!
  25. Hi, I am a British doctor currently working in Sydney on a 457 visa. I want to apply for PR via the skilled independent migrant visa route (175) since my hospital wont sponsor me on an ENS visa. I want to ask if anyone can recommend a company with whom I can lodge my 175 visa application through, or do you think I can do it myself without paying a 3rd person? I know the application itself is $6000+, does anyone know how much a company will charge to do all the paperwork for you (and is it worth it?) Any companies highly recommended? And can they speed the application process along? (I ideally need to have PR by next May!!) Thanks