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Found 122 results

  1. Guest


    Just a quick thread to see if anyone has or is having issues with Ahpra to register as a nurse?? nikki
  2. Has anyone had QLD accept eligibilty letter from AHPRA to forward on form 1100 to immigration. I received my eligibilty letter from AHPRA last week. QLD are being awkward saying because I don't have my registration they cant forward on my state sponsorship. AHPRA do not give registration, just eligibilty letter until you actually arrive in the country and turn up at the office. No visa I can't turn up anyway. So what am I supposed to do. If anyone has received 176 visa with just eligibility letter can you please get in touch with me. I think I just have a snotty woman trying to cause problems. Even on the QLD SMP registration and experience criteria it clearly says must be ELIGIBLE for registration. It doesn't say must have registration. Please help someone. Thanks, Helen
  3. Aphra have updated their website today and this is going to be the FINAL word on assessment. Go to www.ahpra.gov.au and on their home page on the RHS under NEWS and click on Update for International Nurses and you will get all the information there. Update for International Nurses (178 KB,PDF) Hope this will clarify things for everyone. Adele
  4. I spoke to a nursing agency today and they told me that despite nurses being told that they don't need the IELTS test by some workers at AHPRA, they have had a letter this month from senior managers to say any nurse outside Australia must pass the test. Anyone submitting without the IELTS exam will only be granted part registration- which will be useless. HOWEVER, AHPRA have released a statement today regarding English language requirements. The statement says " applicants taught and assessed in his/her tertiary entry to practice nursing and/or midwifery education in English in the countries listed here (Australia, Canada, N.Z., Ireland, South Africa, U.K. and America) may be considered to have met the English language skills registration standards". But the first part of the release seems to indicate that English nurses do. What does anyone else think? Cath
  5. Hi, as ive stated in a previous post, i have in the past been suspended from work due to ill health for 7 months. I received all appropriate treatment for my illness and deemed medically fit. My suspension was lifted without any restrictions in november2010. I was only ever suspended as i was unfit to work never for doing anything wrong. having read the application im confused as to wether i answer yes or no to question 22, which states: Have you previously had your registration cancelled, refused or suspended in Australia or overseas? although ive been suspended from work i have never had my registration suspended and the NMC has never been informed of my suspension therefore am I right in saying I should say 'no' to the above question? thanks
  6. cs259cr


    HI, this might appear to be a daft question but I thought I could ask it. I am currently awaiting my visa. I registered with NMBWA and received a letter to renew with AHPRA. I have done this but it seemed strange as it: a- only cost $48 B- was done online and took me minutes It just seems to easy, I didnt have to send any proof of documents etc. I'm just checking as nothing in this entire process has been that easy :biggrin: Thanks, C
  7. endtroducing27

    AHPRA and Diploma Nurses

    Majorly confused here guys. Sent off my application to AHPRA a couple of months ago and have an email from them. Part of it reads: Further information is required to support your qualification and English language skills: Question 11: Your academic transcript has been received and assessed. To complete the assessment of your qualification further information is required. In Australia the qualification standard is a degree. You have completed a Diploma at a recognised university and have ten years experience as a registered nurse in the UK, however you did not provide any evidence of ongoing professional development leading to academic credit points, e.g. have you completed any further professional courses at the university or another higher education institution leading to the award of academic credit points? If so please provide certified copies of evidence of course completion so that the assessment of your qualification as equivalent to a degree may be completed. but then... you have met the recency of practice standard supported by your statement of service and CV. Evidence of ongoing professional development is noted- please refer to the comment at Question 11 above regarding professional development at university level to be considered along with your diploma qualification and experience to assess your qualification as equivalent to a degree; I completed my Diploma in Professional Studies in Nursing at Uni of Manchester and it's not recognised? I'm also annoyed because I've arranged for my IELTS results to be forwarded 3 times already, since sitting it at the beginning of Sept!
  8. Hi, has anyone from the UK presented themselves to the AHPRA office in Sydney to finalise their registration and have criminal record check carried out. How long did the criminal record check take (ive no criminal history). I went to AHPRA office on Mon 15th Nov, called on 16th Nov and again on Tue23rd, advised criminal record check still not back, emailed nursing officer again today, waiting on reply. Due to start work next thursday, getting more anxious/worried that it wont be through in time.
  9. :chatterbox:Hi All Please Help me... I send my Application for Nursing Registration to AHPRA Sydney 2 weeks ago, they got it in 3 days( which I knew from DHL tracking) ..BUt they havent taken fee from my credit card yet?? any idea why?? anyone know usually how long it will take to get a reply from them?? once they took the money will they give any refernce number...when I ask NMC UK to send my verification do I get a reference number or just send it with my name and they will sort it out.........please help... Thanx all:swoon:
  10. Hi All, If you need to register in Australia as a nurse and havent yet done so thru AHPRA (and lets face it, things are still very disorganised and the time-line for getting registered with AHPRA is not a short one).. you can do it this way providing you have your IELTS.. 1. Apply to WA for your registration (even if you want to go somewhere else) 2. This takes 6-10 days to process if all your documentaion is in order. 3. Once you recieve your WA registration you can then apply directly to APHRA for mutual recognition (meaning you can then practice anywhere in Oz) 4. This takes a further 2 weeks to process. AHPRA already have the protocols in place for mutual recognition so there is no delay in doing it this way. Its a little more costly this way, but an awful lot quicker! :wink: Hope that helps someone else out there afraid to apply to AHPRA! :wacko: Sorry, forgot to add that you need to do this quickly, as WA will be amalgamating with AHPRA soon (although i have been told that it is unlikely that they will amalgamate on time because of AHPRAs "problems".
  11. Guest

    Bloody AHPRA

    Hi Well I finally arrived in Oz 5 weeks ago and what a roller coaster ride it's been, I'm tempted to write a book which I'm sure would be a best seller lol. Anyway, has anyone had problems registering with AHPRA (overseas nurses), it has been an absolute nightmare. Although I've been up the office informing them I have a job, they still will not process my application any quicker. They have taken payment but still no joy grrrr. They will NOT put themselves out for you. I've even told the I'm running out of money but they still won't do anything. Oh and don't bother emailing them as they suggest when you ring cos the NEVER reply!!!!:arghh: They told me they have only just started on the overseas criteria, maybe to get me off their backs lol. Sorry to moan but I feel I'm hitting my head against the wall with these guys. Oh for reference they received my paperwork August 9. Dianne.
  12. Hi anyone help please!!!!!! I send my nursing registration papers to AHPRA G.P.O. Box 9958 Sydney NSW 2001 this Address thru DHL and they are asking for contact nuber and a name to contact for delivery...why?..I have no idea.....anyone had similar problem before.... any other contact number for them...or any persons name to contact for DHL... Help please....
  13. Malkitek

    AHPRA! Why??

    Whaaa! Why would I have asked the ANMC to send my file to the Sydney office???? I sent my application to Melbourne! I am going to live in Adelaide! Sydney never crossed my mind!!??? Now I'm thinking my wee file is sitting in a massive pile in Melbourne and will never be found? And the ANMC say they can't send again as apparently they send the original file! Oh but the good news is the AHPRA are waiving the IELTS exam as I was previously registered in NSW in 1998! Well I've already passd the bl**dy thing, its in my ANMC file somewhere in Melbourne! Have to say though the AHPRA were very efficient in one way, my fee was taken very quickly! :tongue: Sorry about all the exclamation points A venting Gill
  14. twinkletoes35

    AHPRA reg and GCSE certs

    hi all trying to get my papers together for my nursing registration, after 20yrs I cannot find my GCSE certificates, contacted AHPRA who gave me a long list of other possible options. Has anyone else got there nursing reg with APHRA without producing there GCSE certificates and not done the IELTS test? thanks TT
  15. Hi, I'm planning a sabbatical to Oz from April and sent my application form to AHPRA, which they received 5th October (I paid extra to have it tracked). What is the average waiting time, when do they take the money from your account and when should I start chasing them for a progress report? If it's going to take forever then I might do voluntary services oversees instead. I read one agency's website that stated 6 weeks to 4 months!! Thanks, Cath x
  16. Hi guys I am trying to complete my AHPRA registration along with my application for a 457 visa at the same time. Has anybody else got experience of the form required for general registration with AHPRA? It states that 100 point proof of id is required and if applying from overseas a passport with an Australian visa is needed. As I havent got my visa yet, I cant provide this, therefore cant get registered! My employer wants me out there asap but im stuck until I have fathomed out what to do. Trying to contact AHPRA is impossible! Any ideas greatly appreciated.....
  17. Has anyone had their registration from the AHPRA through yet? I was under the impression that it took over from the the state registration boards on July 1st 2010 so would have thought we would have heard something by now? JOHN
  18. Guest

    documents for AHPRA

    Hi, Can someone please tell me which documents need to be certified for AHPRA????I have been searching their website and all I can find is that I need my passport, my qualification certificate, my original registration with the NMC, my current registration with the NMC, A letter/letters from employers from the last 5 years, transcript of training (which I dont have but I believe you can get this from the NMC as I qualified 21 years ago and the school of nursing no longer exists)......anything else....e.g. birth certificate?????i really dont want to get everything certified by a Notary only to find that i have forgotten something......all help greatly appreciated. cheers. Colin.x
  19. Guest

    AHPRA and Immigration

    Im a UK nurse who applied to NSW Nurse Board for registration, received letter in Dec 09 stating I was eligible to register, letter valid for 12 months. Ive applied for 457 visa at end of July, had medicals etc, but Immagration want proof I can register with AHPRA, rather than the letter from NSW Board. Ive contacted AHPRA who said NSW letter will be accpeted. They said would send a letter for immigration, but still waitng on a letter 3 weeks later, very frustrating! Anyone else experiencing this, or provided a State Nursing Board letter to Immigartion and this has been ok.?
  20. Flipping Nora I'm trying to fill out the NMC verification form to register as a midwife in WA, it say's you can list up to 5 authorities (£34) Therefore I was going to put NMBWA, ANMC and AHPRA Obviously WA is not part of AHPRA yet until October? But I was thinking if it took a while for the NMC here to send them on then I could put AHPRA down as well to cover all bases. But there is no contact for WA and it says to contact NMBWA. How long does it normally take to send them through? and would the WA board send them over to AHPRA if I missed the deadline. HELP :arghh:
  21. Guest

    Ahpra help please

    Hello, Could anyone help me please. I lodged an application with QNC in June. Early July my documents got returned to me and I was told to apply to AHPRA. I filled in application and sent it off to a PO Box address in Melbourne, as at the end of the application form it clearly says that that is where postal applications should be lodged. I have today telephoned AHPRA to see what is happening and was told that I was wrong and I should have sent it direct to AHPRA in queensland. Now I have been transferred to several people , none of whom can see me on the system! I'm unsure whether I should send another application off! I have the packers coming today and where as I should be excited I'm terrified that rego won't come through before I move in October. Has anyone got any clarity from AHPRA? Thanks Beth
  22. I applied for registration with the QNC and because they recived my verification from the NMC one day too late (somehow it tool 5 weeks to get here from the UK) my application has been passed over to AHPRA. cant get any sense/info from AHPRA so wrote a letter to the QLD department last week. Wondered if anyone else was in the same boat? I have orientation at nambour hospital this thurs and fri but god knows when i can start, worried they will retract my job offer if i dint get my rego soon... Annie:unsure: