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Found 122 results

  1. I have been in touch with my school to get a letter but as I left over 10 yrs ago they no longer hold any records that I attended the school and I was taught in English. I have all my GCSE and A level certificates but I've heard this is not proof enough. I am going to try and contact the examining board to ask if they can do anything but if not can I write a statutory declaration and get it signed by the justice of peace and send this along with all my cetificates?
  2. Guest

    Please help!!!!

    Hi all.... I am from UK...working as a Registered Nurse.....and I manage to find a job in NSW nursing home....I passed the Interview..........and they told me the company head office will contact me for the next steps of 457 visa..... Honestly I have no idea what is 457 visa and next steps of actions I should do...or what will they do or ask me to do....?? any one got any idea.. also how long it will take to get this kind of sponsorship visa........I am ready for a move any time... also do I need police clearence etc...from UK..on nursing registration side, I got eligiblity letter from AHPRA...need to submit ID at any AHPRA office for completion of registration...how long will it take??? Someone know more about these procedures please help.... Thanks....:hug:
  3. My wife is a UK registered nurse; however trained in India and we have sent the application to AHPRA in the last month and received below letter from case office asking for additional documents. They have received now NMC verification and we managed to arrange for the evidence of adapataion competion (from NHS trust where completed adaptation) and also 'Pharmacology' unit (my school of nursing is sending me a letter confirming this). Only an issue is with my nursing council in India. I dispatched documents to India and my relative went to nursing council in India with verification form. But they refused to accept the application saying my registration with them was lasped in 2007 (that's true becoz I haven't renewed it after 2007 as I am here in UK since 2004). So if I want to verify and I need to renew it first and for that I need to be present in there office to prove that I am still exist. They have mentioned in the below email "A Certificate of Registration Status or Good Standing / Verification directly from Maharashtra Nursing Council INDIA" so they just want a letter from Indian nursing council confirming i have registered with them from 15 July 94 (first registeration date) to 30 March 2007 (registration renewed upto). But Indian Nursing council is not ready until my wife first do the renewal. We dont mind renewing it but don't know how much time it will take to first renew and then to send verifiaction. Would appreciate advice on this verificaion issue. Thanks and Regards, Mansawant Email received from case officer Dear XXXXX, We are in receipt of an Application for general registration (graduated or trained overseas) as Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife. We recommend for you to refer to our web site Registration/Registration Process/Proof of Identity in relation to an applicant who is currently overseas. Please be advised the following documents are still outstanding to continue the processing of your application: - Clarification of your Transcript of Training as it appears a core unit ‘Pharmacology’ was not completed in your Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery. A letter from institution stating this unit was completed in your course is required - Certified copy of evidence completing an adaptation program before gaining registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council UK - A Certificate of Registration Status or Good Standing / Verification directly from Maharashtra Nursing Council INDIA - A Certificate of Registration Status or Good Standing / Verification directly from Nursing and Midwifery Council UNITED KINGDOM Please provide the required documentation within 30 days from the date of this email to allow the finalisation of the assessment of your application. If you fail to provide such documentation by this date it will be taken that you have withdrawn your application. The Board will consider written requests (email acceptable) for an extension to this timeframe that details the reason for requesting the extension, and a proposed date for meeting the requirement. Should you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Kind regards, XXXXXXXXX Registration Officer Phone | 1300 419 495 Email | XXXXXX@ahpra.gov.au Web | www.ahpra.gov.au Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency G.P.O. Box 9958 | Perth WA 6001 | www.ahpra.gov.au
  4. samshep

    AHPRA and midwives

    I have just received a letter from AHPRA and said once I produce my ID documents in Aus I will be on the register as a "Registered Nurse"!! I applied for registration as a midwife but it says nurse, I am nurse trained as well but am not going out as a nurse, I am now worried they will have to change it all. I did look back at my receipt of application which does say application for Midwife!! Any comments?? Thanks sam (MW):wacko:
  5. Hi, Today, my oh received an email from case officer requesting following document. "Certified copy of evidence completing an adaptation program before gaining registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council UK". As far as we remember we did not receive any letter from NHS where she completed her adaptation course or from NMC in regards to completion of adaptation course. Please can someone advise us how we can arrange for this asap as she has got only 30 days to submit this. Mansawant
  6. Hi there, Help if possible, from any Midwives who have recently applied for permanent residency, who havn't used an agent?! The more I look at the process for skills assessment and registration the more I confuse myself! I am a Midwife in England, have 6 yrs experience and want to apply for a permanent visa, could anybody tell me if the order of how to apply (below) is right please, Id be very grateful :wubclub: 1. Send off for verification to the NMC for them to send directly to AHPRA 2. Complete the AGOS-04 form for general registration with all documentation -Do I have to complete an IELTS test if I can provide evidence of being taught in English at Secondary and degree level? 3.Send off AGOS-04 TO AHPRA 4. Do I then have to apply for a skills assessment and is this with the ANMAC? What does this involve? Hope someone can help...Would it be better to use an agent Im now wondering?! If any Midwives have recently been through the process either way Id love to hear how you are getting on. Thank you Jodie x
  7. I have a job offer in Townsville and have just sent my AHPRA application off. If i get a letter of eligibility it means that I have to go into an AHPRA office of which there isn't one in Townsville Has anyone else managed to get on the register without having to present at an office. Even though we will have to go via Brisbane when we fly to Oz I was hoping not to have to stay there as with 2 kids it is just more expense booking car hire, hotels etc just so that I can go into an AHPRA office, and then what if there is problems and they don't put me on the register and i have flown off to Townsville I've only just sent my application off to AHPRA and already I'm dreading the process :mad:
  8. JackieS


    Help please! Both myself and my husband Andy are mental health nurses, I'm 46 and he's 43. We've started down the route of moving out to WA. Andy has just got a positive skills assessment after passing the IELTS at the second attempt, the AHPRA paperwork is about to be lodged. We're hoping to apply for a ENS when he's registered and the house is sold. My question is regarding what I have to complete in order to work in Oz. Obviously I will have to register with AHPRA too but do I have to complete a skills assessment? The contact I have at the ANMAC doesn't seem to think it's necessary as I'll be going as Andy's spouse on his visa, but I will be working too so I'm confused. I thought I could apply to AHPRA first for registration and then to ANMAC for a modified skills assessment but just need clarification pleae. If there's anyone out there who understands where I'm coming from! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, We have all the docs. together for AHPRA and will be sending it away tomorrow. I have a question though......what fees do you pay??? It states on the form Assessment fee, aplication fee and registration fee. Do you have to pay the registration fee as I believe we will only get a letter stating eligable for registration and only be registered when we arrive in Perth?????? Thanks in advance. sharon.xxxx
  10. :confused:Hi all, I'm new to this form and am looking into coming to Aus. Spoke to some migration agents and was told I would need to get registration with AHPRA. I have been on the website and checked out all the info, however its no half confusing.... Has any1 been thru the process and can offer advice? btw i'm from the uk Thanks
  11. trace1

    AHPRA - Registration

    Ok here goes..sent my application and documents off to become registered in Oz in order to be able to work as a midwife about 11 weeks ago now..they have such a backlog have only just looked at them to tell me that they have not been signed by the correct signiaturory..I know midwives that have had their documents signed by a solicitor which is what I have had done, but AHPRA state that this has to be a either a public notary or a justice of the peace..it states on the interet that most public notaries are solicitors so am confused, can anyone HELP PLS lol Also I have sent a letter from my school stating that I attended senior school here in the UK and have given the results of the exams that I took, I had to pay a fee for this however this is not enough as it does not state that all classes were taught in English. Seems absurd as English is our first Language here in the UK, you would think that this would be good enough for AHPRA but is not. CRAAAAAZY lol:arghh:
  12. hellsbells712

    AHPRA registration

    Just wondering does anyone know when the 90 days starts counting down for your registration to be completed. :confused: I sent mine on 11 August, money got taken out of account 22 September, received email after 3 weeks saying they received my application on 29 September but I already knew this because they had taken my money. Keep ringing and they say everything is in order but still waiting !!! I know registration is supposed to be completed in 90 days but when does this start ?????? Please anyone???? x helen
  13. Hi folks It seems clear from other threads that AHPRA registration can take sometime (6 months wait not being uncommon) - most posts though are from nurses and I was wondering about other health professionals experiences of getting registered? Is this other professions experience too? Thanks
  14. Guest

    AHPRA Registration - when?

    Hi there. I am an allied health professional, I have had my skills assessed and have submitted a state sponsorship application. I keep reading/hearing conflicting information about when I need to register with my relevant board (under the AHPRA umbrella). As I am not likely to be in a position to move this year I am reluctant to pay out for Registration which won't be used. However I am wanting to get my 176 application lodged before 1st July if SS received, and want to make sure I CAN lodge a 176 without registration in place! Many thanks :confused:
  15. Hi all nurses Please can anyone help with my query, I was asked by AHPRA a few weeks ago to send some outstanding documents. They asked me for a full uni transcript staing the theory and clinical content/hours of my course Diploma HE adult nursing. I have sent all of this off and now have had an email from AHPRA today. Please see below. I am starting to get a bit annoyed with them now as I have sent them what they needed and now they are askling me this question? Has anyone else had this question asked? Im not sure how to answer it, can anyone help. Surely the transcript tells them the info they need? surely it is pretty obvious I am not going to have covered midwifery if I am an adult nurse?Thanks for any help on this, feeling stressed! Email from AHPRA Thank you for your application for registration as a registered nurse in Australia. I am in the process of assessing your documentation and would appreciate your confirmation that the following core competencies were included in your Dip HE course at the University of Plymouth: Theory units: Anatomy & Physiology Microbiology Pharmacology Medical/surgical nursing Statistics/Quality/research Mental Health Paediatrics and Obstetrics Community/Public Health Aged care Clinical units: Community/Public Health Mental Health/psychiatric Midwifery Could you please advise where in the course these components were covered.
  16. Hi Has anyone had a solicitor in the UK certify their AHPRA paperwork and had no problems?? The solicitor who certified all my ANMC paperwork couldnt understand why a JP has to sign and he says that a JP isnt as high up as a solicitor, is this true?? I just wanted to know that if i got my solicitor to certify the paperwork then i wouldnt have a problem later on down the line, anyone done this and not had any problems?? Thanks
  17. Well, I had a really positive experience with 'em. I applied for my Trans mutual nursing registration and got it 6 weeks later - just like that. But then the fun started. OH is medical and WA requires him to register with them too. This meant sending all the paperwork again (now in triplicate) and paying another substantial fee. They acknowledged receipt of it and informed us that they only meet once a month to admit new applicants and that we had missed February by days. We are now in limbo land awaiting their provisional approval. Can't apply for 457 or resign from work here until it's through. Were meant to be in Oz in March and now its looking like July! SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!. V
  18. I just wanted to share some info for all the nurses and other healthcare profs that are being assessed for rego with AHPRA. Im sure the person im writing about wont mind. I offered a qualified RMN a job last year who then applied for rego in December. She was due to start at end of Feb on a Grad program. She was still not registered by the start of Grad prog, despite AHPRA telling me that all Grads would be by the time they started with us. I spoke to AHPRA about the UK nurse, and was told that she would not be registered for a long time as they are only just opening up and looking at applications from Sept 2010 - 6 months ago.:arghh: Totally diabolical I was also told that any UK nurse who was registered as RNMH/RNLD/RN Children would be scrutinised even more as according to the new DIV 1 they are not trained appropriately. Please consider this when planning coming over especially on a 457. Get your rego first before you apply for visa as it may take a while. Also please tell your employer that rego may take some time, just incase they withdraw contracts.
  19. Hi Apologies if this has been asked before.... I had my ANMC Skills Assessment completed in Nov 2010 and now wish to register with AHPRA within the next few weeks (let the nightmare begin...:eek:). I have application form AGOS-04 - Application for general registration (graduated or trained overseas) as a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife. I know i can request the ANMC to forward on the documents they received from me on to AHPRA, but what documents (if any) do i include in application AGOS-04? As those that are required the ANMC already have and can forward on. 1. Has anyone had any recent experience with this? 2. Do i request documents to be sent from the ANMC before or after applying with AHPRA? Thanks in advance:cute: Bev x
  20. hellsbells712

    AHPRA Eligibility or Registration

    It appears AHPRA are being as damned inconsistent as usual. Can people please add whether they have received "Eligibility to register" having to go to the AHPRA office in the state you are going to or actual "Registration" where names are actually appearing on the register. I am trying to find out if it's a state thing or just damned inconsistency with them, so can you let me know which capital city your application was processed in. The reason being is, Queensland are refusing to send my 1100 SS nomination form to DIAC because my name is not appearing on the nursing register. I received "Eligibility to register" on 10th Jan. Application processed in Brisbane. If you could just post Eligible or Register, followed by city. Hellsbells712 - Eligible - Brisbane I need as much info before I make my complaint to the ombudsman. Please help me, this is causing me so much stress, it just seems you get 1 thing sorted, then there is another problem. We have everything else in order for our SS 176 visa, meds and police checks done and meds finalised. Now planning on going out on 457 visa to sort registration out. Please all you good nurses out there help a fellow stressed nurse. xx H:confused::confused:
  21. Hi All, My partner is just about to send in a registration application to AHPRA and as it’s now the national registration scheme (theoretically) it shouldn’t matter where we apply right? We were thinking of sending it to the Tasmania office because it should be much quieter than the mainland state offices so it might be quicker. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but does anyone have any experience with the Tassie office for processing overseas applications? Also if for some reason we have to actually go to AHPRA to show ID originals etc, can this be done at any office or only the one where you are applying? Any and all thoughts gratefully received, Simon.
  22. Guest

    Documents AHPRA

    Hi Now that I am registered with AHPRA but still waiting on SS so I can apply for 176 visa I was wondering if I could get my documents back? I still have copies but I think that they don't need them anymore and I dont know if they keep them or destroy them. Greetz, Micky:unsure:
  23. starting to gather all my docs to do my application to AHPRA and was wondering what i need to put in a statement of service. I was hoping to not have to approach my SCN about it and get this from HR. Has anypne else managed to get their HR departments to do it for them?
  24. yumimumi

    ielts and ahpra

    please help after reading all the posts around these two sore subjects i am more confused than ever. i have a degree in midwifery, qualified in October 2008, worked since july 2009. we have a 175 in place submitted on oh job (boilermaker). hoping that our visa will be sorted and granted by end of this year. (dont laugh). want to live and work in nsw. (newcastle/maitland area if poss) i was going to apply for the ielts, have been reading up on the dreaded test (thanks hellsbells) for the books. xx but i am confused. do i apply to ahpra now or should i wait until our visa is granted. do i still apply for the ielts. if i have to do one or both. what paperwork do i need to submit for ahpra. please help me before i go crazy nicola
  25. I am trying to find some nurses who have been granted Queensland State Sponorship pending AHPRA registration or eligibility to register. If you are out there can you please let me know. I need this sorting for my 176 visa. QLD are refusing to send my form 1100 SS nomination until I actually have registration. This damn nursing registration is the only thing holding up my visa. Meds finalised when QLD SMP released in DEC. I was granted QLD SS last August, SMP criteria for nurses says "eligible to register as a nurse". On the 10th Jan 2011 I was finally given eligibility from AHPRA after a long, tedious and frustrating 6 months. But now QLD are saying this is not acceptable. I need actual registration. Why bother putting "eligibility" when they won't even accept this. BUT AHPRA are not giving out registration, what they are doing is giving you eligibility to register. And when you turn up at the office in brisbane or the state where you will be working, they will issue you with your certificate. PLEASE PLEASE surely I am not the first nurse for this to happen to???????? If I am, why am I ????? I could cry:cry::cry: at this very moment in time as I am so cross at this whole situation.