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Found 122 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Marie i'm a midwife in the UK. I just made my first active step towards the big move. After months of collecting documents, chasing schools and university to prove I am english speaking, breaking the news to my bosses to get a statement of service etc etc etc I just got back from the post office. Application form and certified documents x100 (yes i'm exaggerating) sent. Signed, sealed and well I have a tracking number so hopefully some time soon it will be delivered. From all I have read I believe the hard bit starts now................ read so many horror stories. Spent the entire morning going over and over all my documents convinced I have forgotten something, no doubt I have. Is there a way to check the status of your application? Wondered what everyone's varying time scales have been? I read somewhere last week to expect it to take 60 -90 days. Wish me luck?! Sounds like i'll need it! Marie :smile:
  2. Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are slowly starting our emigration process. She's a registered adult nurse, and we've got a few questions about her AHPRA registration that we're unsure about. Any help/clarification anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. :unsure: 1) We've concluded that the first thing she needs to do is complete her IELTS. What we're unsure about is whether we can do that now, before starting the AHPRA process. Where do we get the results of the IELTS sent to if we haven't yet started the AHPRA registration? Can we contact the IELTS later in the year and ask them to forward on her results or can they only be sent at time of completion? Thanks. 2) I believe we need to send proof from the NMC of her registration, and her university transcript. I'm under the impression these documents need to be sent directly to AHPRA. This has left us a little confused, as the AHPRA registration form says we need to send all information together. How can we send everything together if the NMC has to send direct to AHPRA? And how can we tell the NMC where to send the documents, if we haven't sent anything to AHPRA yet? 3) Our intention is to get IELTS proof, then get AHPRA registered, and then start applying for jobs in Oz in the hope of getting sponsorship (state/regional or company). Are we going about things the right way? It's all a bit overwhelming reading all the discussions, websites, and information out there. Sorry if these are stupid questions! Thanks for your time. :smile:
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me.....I am getting togther all my documents for AHPRA and need a letter from my secondary school to say I was taught in English to avoid doing the IELTS. The problem is my school closed a couple of years after I left and I have contacted my education authority where i attended school and they have just got back to me to say they have NO archives of any pupil that attended my school. :mad:I am so frustrated. So I want to know if I can..... 1 .Get my school exam 'O' level certificates notarised 2 .Write a statement to say I attended the school and get that witnessed by a notary too Would this be adequate? Has anyone else had any experience of this at all? I would be interested to hear. many thanks
  4. Just cannot believe the AHPRA and how they work...... 'Australia are crying out for nurses' ? my arse.... Why do they make it so difficult to register? I sent all my documents over 3 months ago, I included everything i could lay my hands on so they didnt contact me to say they needed anything else. I had it all signed by a JP. Now they are asking me for the student handbook from the university i studied at..... STUDENT BLOODY HANDBOOK ??? What is that all about.... Salford Uni think ive lost the plot ringing them and asking for a handbook from 14 years ago. Oh well at least ive got my visa.... working in a cafe it is then. Thanks for listening...... rant over. x:arghh::arghh:
  5. Does anyone have any clever tips on how to speed registration up with AHPRA? Before I have a nervous breakdown? :arghh::laugh:
  6. Guest

    Registration in AHPRA

    Hi, Applied for registration in WA PERTH befor sept 19th with all documents recieved only a mail stating that registration in progress wil contact incase needed ,payment for application done.Now almost 2 months pls guide me where to contact and whom to .I need you advise.URGENT:jiggy:
  7. marieh

    Chasing AHPRA

    Hi everyone Just recieved an email saying my application (for registration as a midwife) has been recieved (it's taken 3 weeks to reach them I may be tempted to use a courier next time). Just wanted to ask if anyone had the email address and phone number which is the best one for badgering them? I am going to be that pushy woman at the end of the phone! I did read the email address somewhere on here before but stupidly didn't copy it down and now can't find it! If anyone could pop it on here i'd be ever so greatful! Thanks Marie :cute:
  8. bethy1

    AHPRA Advice

    Hi!! I would like some educated opinions on my current predicament. Im a newly qualified nurse flying to Perth on 14th November. Will be on a working holiday visa to start, and hoping to have 457 in place by the end of January when my job starts. I finished my training on the 25th of September and had hoped to be on the UK register by the middle of October, but alas, I have only just recieved my statement of entry. So, I still have to apply to AHPRA. I can only get my documents certified on monday, so will be able to post them 6 days before we fly.....should I just go to the APHRA office in person when I land??? Has anyone else done this?? Im hoping that being newly qualified, the AHPRA process shouldn't be too complicated......please dont dash my hopes......its all im holding onto right now!!!!!!! Thanks so much Beth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. Hi there, My husband is a dentist and he is going to apply for the limited registration of dentist at AHPRA. We feel quite confused for application and documents needed. 1) CPD Would it be okay if my husband only provides the record of the CPD activities? Is it a must to sign by someone else? If so, who will be the right person? What sort of activities will be counted? 2) Police Check? Does he need to provide any police check showing that he has no criminal records? 3) From Limited Registration to Full Registration He passed the OET in August 2011 and plans to sit the Clinical Exam of Australian Dental Council within three years. Does he need to sit the OET again if pass the ADC exam but the OET result is more than 2 yrs? The English standard is supposed to apply to all applicants for initial registration. 4) How long does it take to complete the registration? Thanks a lot for your help. Hope that everything goes fine!! Fingers crossed. Juliana
  10. Guest

    Skills assessment AHPRA

    Hi all, Does anyone know when applying for skills assessment to the NMBA if I need to provide proof of identity for category C and D if i've already provided passport and marriage certificate as proof? Thanks for any info Sian.
  11. Hi guys, can't quite believe that I've bagged myself a job and head over to Melbourne with my two boys (11 & 3) around March April next year... Soooo excited but sooooo nervous at the same time!! Hoping to use this site to get as much positive gen about the land I've been working my ass off to get to since my wee brother made the big move in 2007... Left the RAF in 2008 to start my nursing degree which I completed last month and I've been offered a position plus 457 sponsorship on a Graduate Nurse Programme with a Hospital in Wantirna, VIC. Subject to gaining Nursing Registration with the infamous AHPRA that is!! ANY help, advice, ANYTHING please pass it on!!
  12. clz363

    Our 457 has been granted!!!

    I can't believe it, after a long battle with AHPRA starting in April of this year. Then forever going to the solicitors/notary to get documents certified, the 200 phone calls to OZ and various places in the UK chasing everything up we have finally got our visa granted! I have been watching many other members on here getting theirs thinking that my day will come soon hopefully and here it is! So now i just have to work my notice, sell my house, pack and ship my house and say my goodbyes in approx 8 weeks! Where to start? Sunny Oz we will see you very soon!!!!! :jiggy:
  13. nellandged

    AHPRA question!

    Hi, after months of uncertainty got an email off APHRA this morning saying once i take in my passport etc to a local office they will recommend registration. Does anyone know if that means for definate and they arent going to ask for more copies of other stuff i havent thought of or stuff already sent twice?? I'm hoping it does as we fly out on tuesday but scared to get too excited in case its just another step (although in the right direction!) Anyone had the same email?? Cheers Nell
  14. ..i know it will be on their website, i just cant find it! I'm sure i have previously seen it, but now i cant find the oversea's application...can someone help me??? Nic.x.x.
  15. Guest

    AHPRA Problems - Help!!!

    Hi, Is anyone having problems applying to AHPRA? I am already in Australia and have filled out an overseas applicant form. I had Napier University send my nursing transcripts and now AHPRA have came back to me saying that I need to provide evidence that I have studied pharmacology and microbiology. I am a nurse btw. I have contacted Napier University again asking if they can help me and waiting on a reply. Has anyone else had this problem? Or anyone else completed an overseas applicant form who also studied at Napier???? It's driving me mad, I've had a job offer since 1st august and cant start until my reg comes through! thanks, Louise
  16. Hi all, Seen many threads from others (mostly nurses) so not sure why I'm surprised but isnt there some madness in it being more of a pain getting registered than getting the visa in the first place! Need a rant so figure PIO is perfect place! Not AHPRA itself I'm struggling with and my case worker is fab (even takes direct calls, a novelty after DIAC), just the system's weird workings. Takes forever for posted documents to get to them and they don't like couriers...my universities here are either being sooo slow at sending transcripts due to lack of computer records (it was 1997, not exactly pre-computers!) or not doing transcripts for my post-grad, just certifying letters that are not good enough for AHPRA. Feel like I'm going around in circles... And then been told I need endorsement as well as registration with AHPRA so a load more documents I have to get certified and send...need to find a JP this time! AAAHHH!!!
  17. Guest

    457 Waiting!!!

    Hi Guys We have waited for long 6 months to get AHPRA eligibility letter...and then I found Job and sponsorship...they applied for my 457 August 1st / lodge my visa.....finalized medicals and all......still waiting.........6th week now............Is it quiet normal..........Is there anyone ever go through same thing...I mean such a long wait....I heard before only 4 weeks to get it...me on 6th week now...any idea anyone??? please help....:swoon: Thanks!!
  18. Guest

    457 and AHPRA

    I have a job offer in Queensland as a midwife. I sent my documents and application to APRHA in June and have been asked for additional documents which have been sent. I applied for a 457 visa after my employer sponsor sent me the TRN and I had my medical completed on 21/7 according to DIAC. I will be going with my husband and 11 year old son and they have not been asked to have medicals. I suppose there are two things here. How long will it be till we hear about visa and is the wait for registration with APRHA really 4-6 months as they say? I have contacted them using there online enquiry service but have not heard anything. We are hoping to be in Queensland by November... is this realistic? Susan :smile:
  19. Guest

    AHPRA nightmare, please help

    Im currently trying to apply for my registration with AHPRA and feel like screaming. Can anyone tell me if a police officer is a notary public or not... ?? and if not who the hell is ??? Think i might just become a meter maid. x:arghh:
  20. nellandged

    Timeline for AHPRA

    Hiya, wondered if anyone got a rough idea how long takes from applying to AHPRA to registration being granted? I've contacted them to be told it takes as long as it takes! They received my application in June - as a British trained nurse, and i move in October, and obviously want to start applying for jobs as soon as i can, but cant do that without AHPRA number. So any rough estimates much appreciated!! Nell
  21. Guest

    Please help!!!

    Can Someone help me please!!!!!!!! I got Nursing registration eligibility letter from Ahpra and to complete the registration process they want me to submit my ID's with police clearence certificate to any Ahpra office in person within one year of this eligibility letter....lots of my friends in UK got the same thing recently...I think this is how Ahpra giving out registration nowadays...Anyway in my case I manage to find job and sponsorship 457 visa..So as soon as I reach Australia I will submit my documents with ID to Ahpra office to complete the registration process as Ahpra says..Does anyone know then I will be in the register straight away or I have to wait another month for that....did anyone go through this new Ahpra registration procedure... please help.......:goofy:
  22. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I are currently sat around filling out her AHPRA registration form over breakfast, we're getting very stressed... :confused: I think we've managed to get through it all with the exception of one question. Hopefully someone here who's completed the reigstation themselves could help clear this up. State/territory/country is obviously England, but we're not sure what to put for Category and Profession. She's a registered adult nurse, so I thought that would be the category; her day job is as a practice nurse, so I reckon that'd be the profession. Am I far off? What did you put when you registered? The other one is the Period of registration. Start date is fine, but we're not sure what to put for the end date; should we leave that blank because she's still registered, or fill in the renewal/expiry date? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  23. Hi I am just about to make an appointment with a Notary to get my documents certified so I can submit my AHPRA but seem to have an awful lot of documents and not sure if this is correct.... 1 Passport 1 Marriage Certificate 1 DipHE Midwifery Certificate 1 DipHE Transcript 1 BSc Midwifery Certificate 1 BSc Transcript 1 Post Grad Certificate 1 Post Grad Cert Transcript I have no school letter to confirm I was taught in English so instead of this I have: 3 School GCSE School Certificates 1 Statutory Declaration to be witnessed stating I was taught and completed my secondary education in English. 12 Documents altogther!! I also seem to have completely missed this skills assessment that I have read about on some posts....what is this? Do I need to do it first? AHHHHH why is it all so difficult! lol:arghh::arghh::laugh:
  24. Finally after 6 months - I got my AHPRA nurse registration. Today. Also today I have been given a time for a telephone interview (tomorrow 1pm) for a job in ortho at the knox private hospital. :biggrin: Anyone have any advice? or it would just be nice to get some feedback from anyone who works or has worked there? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi all, We have posted additional document to AHPRA and UPS confirmed the delivery time with person's name who accepted the delivery and AHPRA is saying they are still waiting for the document. I have emailed case officer with UPS details but I think she is not bothering to search for the document because she haven't replied my email and when I tried to contact her next day she avoided to speak to me and asked call center consultant to advise me to email again. Can we do something or we need to resend the document. But the problem is I have sent the original document and not the certified copy and also at present I am in India and also the document issued to me was from a UK hospital. Had anyone experience this (confirmed by UPS 'delivered' and AHPRA is saying still 'awaiting') .....Mansawant