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Found 299 results

  1. ellasdaddy

    Need some urgent advise please

    Evening Everyone I need some advice on a delicate matter. so everything is sorted jobs blah blah blah, just now need to send of for the visa's Anyway i was sat talking to a really close friend today and mentioned to her that our visas were getting sent off friday and that i was really excited, and she said will debt have any impact on it so i said i didnt know as we have made sure that over the last year we have paid off every single last debt we had (i.e mortgages, loans-lots of them, credit cards, overdrafts etc-) anyway it took a lot of hard work to pay it off we had over 35,000 outstanding which meant i was working day shift and night shifts just to get it all paid - but in the end its paid, however this is were the delicate part is last year she asked me to get a loan out in my name for her and she would pay it (its with provident - the company she works for) and i thought she had paid it off however today she told me she hasnt paid it off and infact added more to it and has no way of paying it before our visa's are submitted. Im really quiet annoyed as i did not know this and now am really worried that it might have some sort of impact on our visa. What should i do??? Thanks for any advise in advance :unsure:
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get a 457 or 121 employer sponsored visa to get over to Oz. The trouble i'm having is getting response from recruitment agancies and find e-mail addresses of contacts within companies to send my CV and cover letter explaining my situation or what i'm looking for. For the last two weeks i've been calling recruitment agencies about jobs posted on seek/career/jobs. Whilst i get to talk to them and explain everything and ask if the employer would be interested in employer sponsorship for the role, they sound interested, i send on my CV and thats it......no reply from them:huh: What i'm looking for is some advise from poeple who have gone through this process and been successful, what they did and how they did it. Also anyone have any idea about how to get contact email addresses from companies so i can send on my CV? I've read about getting an Oz email address and phone number and applying using those, i suppose thats one way of getting response. Thanks, Harry.
  3. Guest

    De-facto Visa Advise

    Hi, I have had my application ready in my hands for the last 2 weeks. I have been waiting for a so called friend to fill out his Statutory Declaration (Form 888) for 2 months. He will be one of our UK witnesses but would be the better one out of the 2 because his known us both for over 5 years & actually introduced me to my partner! Im in the UK at the moment & my partner is in Brisbane, we dont want to have to wait any longer to send our application off. We think this will look really bad to the Immigration Office if we havent sent it off as soon as we could have. Because we are obviously apart from each other & its been 2 months already! Does anyone have any advise please? Thanks in advance Sophie
  4. Hi Everyone! My partner & i have been thinking the best way to approach possible sponsors is to call them directly before sending our CV's. I am going to go through the oz yellow pages & call the companies in our line of work. Has anyone done this before only i have been going over & over in my head what i should say to them! I really dont want to mess it up! How should i start the phone call & what kind of things will they need to know?:wacko: Thanks! Natalie
  5. Guest

    Visa advise in need of help

    Hi, new member here after some advice. I am 36yr old English guy in a same sex relationship with an Asian/Australian citizen living back in Aus. My problem is we met online 6years ago by chance but after only a few month we met for real when he was visiting family in the uk, this was only for a few weeks till he flew back home, since then I have went to his place back in Aus twice but stayed in touch at least a couple hours a day when apart. Due to my own circumstances in the UK and him waiting for Australian citizenship thats the way things had to be until now where we are both in the position to live together on a permanent basis, this seems where the fun starts! I understand we can’t qualify for defacto as we aint lived together for nowhere near 12months but have been committed for nearly 6years, I am too old for a working holiday visa, I am qualified as PC Tech but fall ten point short of a skilled visa, I have found searching for a work sponsor impossible. By the look of things the only option available is student visa but tuition fees are knocking on $15000 a year which is going to be such a strain that I don’t think thats an option. What I do not understand and hope someone can enlighten me - a defacto relationship requires partners living together for at least 12months prior before applying which is fair enough, but what visa can I apply for so I can lawfully stay with him in Aus (whilst working) to meet the defacto requirements? - it seems if your not allowed to stay together for 12months then how can you meet the defacto requirments as a tourist visa only last in burts of 3month spells within a 12month period. Sorry for the long post but best to explain the situation.
  6. Guest

    ENS or 175?..Need advise...

    My employer is now happy to sponsor me for PR (ENS) but he mentioned that we need to be loyal to the company if we will be granted visa and have to stay for at least 2 years. I have the following questions: 1. I already have positive skills assessment and just booked again this May for IELTS since I did not get 7.0 on reading to be on CSL (got 6.5). Is it better if I wait for the result of my next ielts, if positive then I'll go on 175 if not accept ENS? or should I go straight to ENS? 2. If I'm not mistaken, there are two types of ENS, one is regional and the other is not...Since I am working in regional australia would I have to apply on regional ENS (857) or can I apply (856)? I have read that DIAC is more strict in 857 (regional) than 856 due to some dodgy arrangements with some employers. 3. Is it correct that in 857 I need to stay with my employer for at least two years and if in case I quit my job, my employer can request diac to cancel my visa? 4. If 856, I do not need to stay with my employer for two years and I can get out of the company anytime after getting PR? 5. How long is the processing time for ENS? according to the migration agent I spoke with, if all things and documents are complete visa can be approved in less than 1 month since I am onshore. Is that right? I am not really happy with my employer that's why initially I want to do it independently (175) but now that she wants to sponsor me, I am eyeing for 856 since I've heard that you dont have to stay for two years with your employer if that correct? By the way according them, I need to pay all the visa fees in relation to that ENS. Since i am paying everything, it means that they cannot force me to stay with them for 2 years? Would that be a valid reason if in case they will get back to me afterwards? I know it's a lot of questions and does it sound that I am not happy with my employer (LOL) but if that's the easier way to get PR then I may go that way (LOL).. I really need some advice.. Thanks.:arghh:
  7. Hi, I like to know which category am I fall into as Iam confused the category I will be falling into. Iam currently on 457 visa with the visa sponsored in the name of Software Engineer -ASCO code -223115. Iam basically a Oracle application Functional consultant so Iam in confusion in which category I will be falling into -Applications & Analyst Programmer ASCO 2231-17 or Software Designer ASCO 2231-15 I have 8 years of IT experience in Oracle with higher degree in Industrial engineering(non IT) with age 32. Let me know the class I can apply for.
  8. Guest


    Hi PIO, My family and i are heading for brisbane in 5 weeks time on my wifes 457 visa, my trade is a vehicle body builder (buses/coaches) will my city & guilds certificates be recognised in oz, do i need a TRA or will i need to resit my exams, any advise would be graet. Thanks. Graham.
  9. Hi, My ACS assesment fro 2231-79 was not successfull, following the result: "The applicant BSc has been assessed as comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree with less than a minor in Computing, therefore does not meet the requirement for a qualification as prescribed in the PIM2" ACS calculated my total experience in IT for 10 yrs 6 month, however not suitable for migration under 2231-79. My degree is in Math & Science with some IT course subjects. Question: 1. should I appeal with risk lost AUD 305 or ask for Review? 2. what does it means with "Minor in Computing" ? Yes, I am not IT graduate but took some IT subject as my elective during my undergrad. Thank you. Marc
  10. Hi guys. My dilemma is this:- We are moving to Adelaide at the end of May and was going to get short term rental accomodation for 4 weeks and during this time, find longer term rental (unfurnished) and buy basic furniture to start us off. However, as the exchange rate has dropped it has meant our money won't go as far as we'd hoped so are contemplating looking for a longer term rental (unfurnished) from the uk before we get there. My thinking is we would save money (practically half) which we could put to good use on some basic furniture and would have a secure property for 6 months minimum but my worries are would we really be able to travel to Adelaide with little stopover and then be able to go shopping once we've dropped our bags at the house and buy beds, bedding etc......... Hope this makes sense and hope someone can help.... What should we do??????:notworthy:
  11. Hi this is my first post to the site, as i would like to migrate as a skilled migration i think it is a 715 or i may have to go as a sponsored migrant . Im a network engineer with 2 yrs. experience at the moment with a CCNA, and working on my CCNP at the moment and wanted to know if anyone has got an assessment from acs as as a network engineer and if so did you get assessed under Computer Professionals-(nec) 2231-79 or as a Computer Professionals- System Manager 2231-11. I know that my level of experience my be a problem for a skilled migration but would it be ok if i were to get sponsored by and employer, and if so are there any drawbacks to being sponsored. Thanks in advance any information would be gratefully appreciated.
  12. From 4th November 2009, being as business information professional MODL (code number 2299-79), my application was lodged in Australian computer society. Right now my application status still in process. As you all know well that Australian immigration authority has completely revised its policy for SOL & MODL category by 8th February. Please let me know that how much my application will be effected from this new revised policy. Your sincere response are require for my guidance.
  13. Guest

    any advise re benefits back in Uk

    Hi there We are returning to the UK in the next month and was just wondering what our position would be as regards claiming benefits. Before we left for Oz myself and the OH had good jobs which we gave up. Things have not worked out and we are returning to unemployment before we find jobs again. Will we be able to receive benefits straight away? We have been out of the country for nearly 2.5 years now. I also have two young children who I will hopefully get some assistance with. I just wondered whether there is a time for you to prove you are back in the UK for good before you can receive any assistance? Thanks
  14. Guest

    External checks - Please advise

    Hi all Do you know that Immigration Deparment - case officers normally do external check before or after they contact us for documents? I'm Accountant (CSL), I got the Case Officer who contacted me as I need the revised ackonwledgement letter for my application. He's CO of my case as the title of the email is"Acknoeldgement letter - CO.....". I just wonder if he's CO, he normally contacts me soon as he's allocated from 1 Feb. Until now, I have not received any emails from him. Does he do the external check or what is the reasons I have to wait more then 3 weeks but no information from him. I'm from HR, Vietnam. Suggestions/Advices welcome. Thanks
  15. I was advised by my agent that if i decided to pursue the track of complaining to higher authority such as local Oz embassy or Commonwealth Ombudsman regarding the processing mess and the HR countries that are not even on the processing map ( we were never on it in the first place :biglaugh:)). They said this will cause a longer delay in my processing , since they will need to retrieve a hard copy of my file from DIAC to investigate causing me to fall out of the processing queue. Any advise , thoughts or experiences are greatly appreciated??
  16. Hello there, and thanks for reading. I am currently studying a two year foundation degree in Digital Design and then a top up year to study a Ba (hons) degree in Graphic Communication (graphic design) after this i wanting to do a PGCE in secondary Art & Design for a further year, followed by 3 years teaching in the UK before applying for immigration. Would this be enough to then go into full time teaching in Australia, i have been searching for weeks for an answer but nothing concrete, i want to teach in NSW preferably to. Thank you for any advice or information on anything else i would need to do to help me move over. Also any advise on student loans from uk, how do i arrange paying that back, when in OZ?
  17. Guest

    Migration agent advise

    Morning All, My Family and I are looking to emigrate and have been thinking about this for some time. Can anyone recommend a Migration expert to help us? We are hopefully looking to live in either Queensland or Perth but we are struggling to get the first foot on the ladder due to the minefield of information available. Thanks :confused:
  18. Guest

    visa agent advise please

    Hi all, could you please let me know if there is ant migration compamies that you would or wouldnt reccommend. I am a gas fitter / plumber so have passed the basic skills shortage test so hope to get a unrestricted visa, but we are looking to emigrate hopefully early 2011. I would also consider any other cat of visa's if they are quicker to obtain. Thanks col
  19. Ok like ive said, could do with some advise, when we go to oz, and are not ready to move money over because of the crap exchange rate, how will the tax implications affect us, 1, do we pay tax on the intrest we earn, 2, do we pay tax on the difference in exchange rate that we earn, 3, if yes is there any way out of it, 4, if no what rate of tax do we pay, 5, if we have to pay tax on the above, would we be better off puttting it in to an high intrest account in oz, because oz has higher intrest rate accounts than uk 6, what is the tax rate on the above and who do we pay it to, oz, or uk. Im pretty crap on tax stuff and any info would be great, i understand that no one can say what will come with the furture, but need figures and sernorios (not sure that, that is spelt right). Again any info would be fab as im getting know where on my own, Cheers all Tracey
  20. Guest

    Just a little advise please ?

    Hello, As my hubby and I have bee advised it would be more worthwhile for us to apply for A Working Holiday Visa rather than wait the 3 years that's likely for the 175 Independant Skilled Visa, could anyone please give us any advise on the Working Holiday Visas? -Also if we'd need to apply for seperate ones or could we have a joint one as we are married? -How easy it is to find work when you get to Australia on a working visa, my husband is a fully qualified carpenter/joiner so would be looking at getting a job as his trade ? -Is it easy to get sponsored, obvioulsy if he makes a good impression? -If my husband was to get sponsored and we were on seperate visas what would happen to me? Sorry for all the questions, this seems to be the only way forward for us at the moment and would like some advise before we apply for the Working Holiday Visa. Thank you
  21. Hello all, Today i got my assessment letter from TRA Australia ( I applied as a Cook) and the outcome was unsuccessful and they have out lined the reasons for their decision. About me, I have one year NVQ diploma in food preparation and culinary arts and a certificate (3 months long) on Food Hygiene and sanitation on top of that I have 4 years experience as a cook. Well this is what TRA Told me: Your National Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts has been noted. However the transcripts that you have provided do not sufficiently detail the content and structure of the course or the hours of tuition for each relevant subject. (A Syllabus of the course or similar evidence may provide sufficient detail of the course content for TRA's consideration). The supplied transcripts indicate that the course may not include sufficient trade level training. Therefore TRA could not establish that the course contained a minimum of 900 hours of formal training that directly aligns with the requested occupation or any other occupation as per the requirements of the UAC. Additionally you have not provided evidence that establishes that your formal training provider is accredited to deliver trade level training by an authorised governing body as per the requirements of the UAC. Your period of on the job training and subsequent employment has been noted. However as you have not provided evidence of completing an appropriate level of formal training, the apprenticeship / traineeship is considered by TRA to be incomplete. Additionally it should be noted that the provided employment statements in conjunction with your own statement does not demonstrate that you have prepared and cooked a broad range of food items and does not sufficiently demonstrate the range of preparation and cooking methods that you have used. The statement provides a limited range of examples of the dishes that you have cooked and does not sufficiently demonstrate the methods of preparation that you have used to prepare the dishes. You may wish to seek an internal review of your assessment result. TRA offers one opportunity for applicants within Australia to seek such a review. You can request a review by completing the details in the attached form and returning the form to TRA together with any new information you wish to supply in support of your original application. Your request for a review must be received by TRA within 60 days from the date of this letter. A fee of AUD$300 is payable when lodging the request. Should the review overturn the assessment result and the information on which the new result is based was originally held by TRA, the review fee will be refunded. Now I came to know that I can take Culinary exam at my home country which is examined and the qualification awarded by the Australians them self and the exam governing body is called "CULINARY SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA" and their certificate is accepted by the UAC. So my question are as follows: 1. Should I apply for a Review with in 60 days period? 2. should I take the Culinary Solutions Australia exam, pass the exam and then apply ? 3. What are my options now? 4. What is the best way to re-apply? I would highly appreciate any advise relevant to my situation. I need a Australian Immigration lawyer so if any of you can recommend me one, that would be appreciated as well. Thank you all
  22. trigger

    Drama school advise

    Hi everyone, we do use this forum a awful lot, but we tend to look at the advise you guys are giving.Rather than us asking, and we have had some great advise off all of you. But we really do need some advise regarding our 13 year old daughter who is very much into drama and dance etc. We are due to get our state sponsership through for WA any time now., and then hopefully they will start prossessing our visas, [we fall in the catagory 5 situation] So hopefully we will be in perth before the end of the year. so if anyone has any advise regarding what schools specilize in drama etc. obviously this has alot to do with were we live ie the catchment area etc, just like here in the UK. Has anybody moved from the uk with kids who are into the same thing we would love to here what your advise would be. Or is there after school clubs etc. and when they finish there main education are there any drama colleges,? We have been on the net and there is one in Fremantle called John Curtin. Also has anyone got any idea of what the fees would be. Thanks Richard, Jo and Ellie
  23. Hi All Well my daughter has come back home after breaking up with her long time partner and now has decided she wants to make a new start in OZ once we our granted our 176 visa. (hopefully this century lol) So do you have any suggestions on which visa will be the best. My personal views on this is that she could apply for a 12 month holiday working visa as a first point as she is still under 30 (now 24), but she is worried what happens after 12 months. I know she can apply onshore for a family visa, but I dont know how long this takes or the cost or is this the next best thing to do for stage 2?????? Any ideas greatfully received - I would rather not get our agents involved with her process due their cost's, especially she is still in full time education after completing her law degree and now doing her Bar Degree and she still being subied by the bank of mom and step dad. God dam kids - if she only just signed our visa forms last year .......then we would have non of this now!!!!!! Judy & Darren :arghh:
  24. terry & Melanie

    Nail technician advise????????

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help! We have just got our 175 visa, on Hubby's job (accountant). Many years ago (pre-kids) I trained as a fibre glass nail technician and ran my own business for 2 years. I am considering what I can do when we get to OZ and hubby is out at work and the kids at school. I would like to do a course to get myself up to date in gel and acrylic whilst we are waiting to sell the house. I have been on the internet doing abit of research and have noticed that there are a wide variety of courses available (some that can be done in a week!) I was wondering though to get a job in an Oz salon will I need to do a full NVQ level 2 or will one of the smaller nail tech courses be suffice???? Any help and advise will be great! Thanks Melanie X
  25. Hi all, I am a newbeee!!! We are just starting out on the long process of migrating to Perth, Western Australia (we hope) and are looking for advise, WARNING we really have no clue where to start, so please bare with me; My husband is an electrician and has had is own busines for just over 10 years I am a hairdresser qualified for 10 years, but have not worked in a salon for abour 4 years now, We have been looking into the visa situation and I have got to say, it looks quite complicated for my husband to do electrics out in oz (with regards to skills assessment prior to being able to even apply for a visa, then having all the re training etc before being able to get a job) so Im wondering if it would be easier to try on my Hairdressing for a visa instead of going through all of the skills assessments for him..but as I say, we really have no clue, so any advise would be most appreciated!!:biggrin: thankyoou in advance Laura