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Found 103 results

  1. Guest

    485, 885 Cat 4 Processing

    Hi All, I have applied for my 485 Visa as a Community Welfare worker in Feb 7, 2010. Later in may 2010 i have applied for the 885 visa. I am on a bridging visa now and is waiting for any one of the visas to be processed. No case officer has been assigned till today. Is anybody has the same issues? I would like to know approximately how many more months/years i may have to wait? Will both my visas processed at the same time as 485 is 18 months visa and i may be completing my 18 months in bridging visa soon? Regards Mat
  2. Guest

    *485 - 885*

    I'm in category 4. holding a 485 visa. applied for 885 on mid May,2010. How long i need to wait for getting a CO. Somebody told me from the beginning of 2012, processing of cat-4 will be started. Is that true? is there anyone in cat 4; holding a 485(or bridging) visa and applied in 2007/ early 2008? I will go on bridging visa from november,2011. i am recently married. what should i do now? Will bring my wife now in australia or not? Somebody guide me plz.
  3. Dear Friends, I recently completed my PhD and I am almost ready to apply for a 885 application. However, I am on Bridging Visa A (BVA). The reason for getting BVA was that when I applied for my previous student visa extension in Jan 2011, my wife was pregnant and she could not get the X-ray done for the visa medicals and hence DIAC put us the BVA until the baby is delivered (some time 1week of July 2011). Recently, I heard from my friend that if we now apply for 885 having BVA, we would be granted a Bridging visa C (BVC) and this visa does not allow for any work rights. Since my wife is only sole earner currently, without any work rights, it would be extremely difficult for us and also with a baby on its way. Kindly let me know how to tackle this situation and people with any similar experiences please suggest me the appropriate way to deal with this. Thanks Deepak
  4. Hey. I've got a normal higher education student visa (573). I've finished my bachelor in Australia, and I'm in the process of applying for a Permanent Resident visa. When I try to get the online application started for my onshore Skilled Independent visa (885, onshore version of 175) it says that "You do not hold a valid prerequisite visa to enable use of this service". Why is that? The same thing happens if I try to apply for the graduate visa (which is pretty much solely based on people with the 573 visa as far as I know)? It would make life soo much easier if I could do it online and just upload supplemented documents directly, it's hard enough as it is Plus it's the stress factor that maybe something is actually wrong (ie even if I mail my application, it might not be approved because something is not right). So have anyone got any idea why this is? I can not find any info on the immigration site regarding who can/can't apply online, but the site is massive and maybe someone else has got better luck. PS my nationality/passport etc is Swedish (if the online application somehow separates between nationalities). Help is MUCH appreciated! I'm freaking out with this and everything else. Also, the total cost will end up at $3500 bah, total ripoff and not much fun for a poor student
  5. cluster13

    ENS 856 or 885

    Hi, I have a question on behalf of a friend (nurse) who is currently here on a 457. she is looking to apply for perm and has been told by here employer that they are happy to sponsor her (ENS856). I understand that onshore processing time can be as little as 4-12 weeks. The minor drawback is she then has to commit to her employer for 3 years or repay all fees (not unfair in my opinion). HOWEVER i understand that she could also apply independently under sub class 885 ? Does anyone have any experience of processing times for 885 or challenges related to either process? Thanks in advance Steve
  6. Hi there, Currently i am holding a subclass 485 graduate visa and need to apply for 885 (migrant independent) in 2month time as my visa is expiring. as of now i couldn't get 7 in IELTS so only other option for me is to apply with my work experience. ^ i have a full time job offer from a eligible Australian employer. ^ i have worked full time in my nominated occupation (on which i have finished my Bachelor) for last 16 month for that same employer Under the old rule (the one before 8th of feb 2010) should i get the last required 10 point to make my 120? and is it risky to apply with work experience compare to having 7 in IELTS? i would really appreciate some input on this matter. Thanks in advance
  7. Cherry123

    Applicants of 886 and 885

    Hello! I just registered into this forum out of frustration as most of the people here do. its been great reading the forums.anyways my husband and i applied through a lawyer for 885 and 886 and he's a business anaylyst and his name is on the smp too. We lodged our PR application on 20th of june 2009 and since then theres nothing. What im upset is that if DRC was making applicants get there PR so fast how come my lawyer did not do it for us!? now i guess we cant do drc anymore. we have applied for 2 subclasses and 886 being the main front application. i was wondering if its better that we apply as 885 in the front? or it doesnt matter now? is 886 better or 885? i dont know how it works because we'v applied for both. help!! :sad: and can we /or should we change our lawyer?
  8. Merxi

    885 and 485

    Hi, I have question about skill list for 485 and 885. I already apply for 485 and I would like apply for 885. I apply for position which was on skill list - schedule 2. How is it with 885, can I apply for this position which was on schedule 2 or should I apply only for position which is on current skill list? Thanks :wink:
  9. I am just wondering if that is still possible, my 885 application is from 8/2008. Thanks
  10. alex2010

    Eligible visa for 885?

    Hi, a friend of mine holds 485 and her partner has student visa subclass 572. She has got enough points now to apply for PR 885. We have found on DIAC website that she and all secondary applicants have to hold an eligible visa to make a valid application for 885 ( Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) ) The question is if all applicants must have the SAME visa subclass or it is ok if every applicant included in the application has an eligible visa regardless of the fact that they have DIFFERENT visa subclasses (in this case 485 and 572)? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you. Alex
  11. Guest

    885 Visa Cat 3! where are you?

    Hi guys, Thought i shud create a thread for 885 visa cat 3 (even though thr is cat 3 forum but not specific to 885) Just post ur updates! Cheers Name: Karthik Thiru Date of lodgment: 29/11/10 Occupation: Mechanical Engineer PCC: 29/11/10 Medicals: 29/11/10 Date of CO: Not Yet Visa Grant: ?????
  12. Guest

    Query on ACS Assessment

    Hi , I have been granted 485 visa which on November 2009 and now I am preparing to apply for PR as I have completed one year of Australian IT work experience. But i am really confused regarding my assessment. Please share if any one have some valid information. There are two things confusing me in the ACS online application form. 1. I am not sure which assessment type to select from bellow options. a)Recent Graduate of an Australian University in Australia b)Recent Graduate of an Australian University in Australia, wanting ICT experience considered. I was thinking, i may have to choose option b as i am claiming 10 points for my experience, but the immigration website[http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/885/eligibility-aust-experience.htm] doesn't asks for ACS assessment of work experience gained. 2. My Second Query is regarding choosing a ANZSCO code. I got assessed as 'ICT Recent Graduate' by ACS when i applied in 2009 in order to launch my 485 application which is valid until March 2011. But I am not sure which one to choose as i find three of the following occupations suitable. Analyst Programmer, Developer Programmer and Software and Applications Programmer. After doing some research, I feel like Developer Programmer is more suitable me. 70% of my units were based on programming and i am working as programmer using skills like java, xml, WebServices etc. Thanks in Advance :hug:
  13. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to my question. I do intend to take advice from a migration agent soon, but still wondering if anyone has come across this situation. I finished my studies in Feb 2009 from Oz as an ICT Recent Grad and Applied for the 885 visa in April 2009. I managed to find employment as an IT business analyst in June 2009. Its been more than 1.5 years since then. I recently got married and want to bring my spouse in Oz from overseas. However I cannot, as I'm presently on a Bridging Visa. My employer is willing to sponsor me for a 457 visa and that would enable me to bring my spouse to Australia. 1) If I go ahead with a 457 application, will my existing 885 visa application be withdrawn/cancelled by DIAC? Can I have 2 simultaneous applications in process? 2) Since my spouse lives overseas and I live in Oz, do i need to apply for her visa after I get my 457 visa? Or can I add her as a secondary applicant with my 457 application?
  14. Hi guys, I've lodged my 885 online in Sep 10 and now I'm planning to do 886 (to take advantage of the State Sponsorship) Is it possible to lodge 886 online? Or it has to be done in papers? Cheers
  15. Guest

    lodged 885 in march 2009

    hi there everybody!! i guess im the most unfortunate one among this forum members.. i lodged my 885 in march 2009 after completing my studies in information technology.. i cleared my IELTS( 7 IN EACH) and hence applied straightaway for 885 on my own.. i did not apply for 485 at all.. At the time of application i was still awaiting my ACS skill assessments..That time it wasnt necessary that one shud have the skills assessments and all the supporting documents at the time of application.. hence i nominated a wrong occupation, the biggest mistake one cud ever make.. I nominated information technology manager instead of computing prof nec.. now i heard computing prof- nec is goin to be bumped up to priority 3.. and i feel i wud be still stuck in priority 4. i have a great fear that my application is going to be considered invalid.. i am plannin to submit form 1023 asap.. i am not sure if that wud help.. if my application is goin to get rejected, will i have any options to apply for any other visa? its been 2 years since i passed out, but i still cudnt get a job in my field.. im still doing the job which i had when i was a student.. so there is no chance for a employer sponsered visa.. somebody please help me out..any of the migration agents in this forum or anyone who came across this similar situation, ur valuable answers wud be very much appreciated.. im in a serious dilemma.. thanks in advance.. dianne
  16. Hi all, I have one query regarding the Australian work experience. Since the fact I am working in my field of Accountancy from May this year. To be precise as an Assistant Accountant, and have 4 weeks of annual leave in my contract. The question here is does those 4 weeks of annual leave also gets accounted for 52 weeks of work experience, since they are all paid leaves and I do have a salary slip from my company to prove it. Or I have to work extra 4 weeks irrespective of paid annual leaves? As a last alternative I am relying on Australian work experience so that I can lodge my file before the new rules come into existence. Would appreciate if any RMA/POMZ member can provide valuable inputs or advice. Cheers Adi
  17. Hi friends, I ve lodged my 885 on 12th aug and now i got the state sponsorship. can we withdraw the 885 application and launch it again as 886. I ve seen under new SMP we have to launch the 886 application after we get the SS to get our application into priority processing. but wt if we with drawn the previous 885 application and launch a new application with SS? is it a good idea? worth of spending another $2575 huh? do you think we will get approved in 3 months according to new priority processing times?
  18. I have already applied for an 885. Since the SMPs have been introduced, I am doubtful that my visa will be processed in the next 2 or 3 years. So, I am thinking whether I should go down the provisional 487 visa route for recent graduates. However, what is bugging me is whether I am allowed to lodge a 487 since I have already lodged an 885. If I am allowed to do this, would you advise me to take the 487 path? How long is the processing time for a provisional visa such as 487? If I have to wait over an year or more for a 487 I don't think it's worth applying since the 885 currently would take 18 months according to DIAC's service charter. Also, if I am granted the 487, one of the conditions of the visa is that I work for 12 months full time. My question is, can I work in ANY occupation or does it have to be related to my nominated occupation for the 487? I am thinking of applying for an 887 after working for 2 years on the 487. Anybody out there on a 487 or has any knowledge of how this visa works? Is the grant of the 887 guaranteed for all 487 visa holders or is there a quota for 887s? I don't know if I am being stupid here but I have a feeling that the provisional path is at least a more secure way than being stuck in category 3 at the moment. What do you guys think?
  19. My cousin completed her course on 18th July 2010. Her course was of 2 years duration. We read somewhere that she had to apply for the 885 within 6 months of her course completion or does this apply only for bridging visa holders? Currently, she is on a student visa doing another course. Her student visa will expire in April 2011. My question is, can she apply for the 885 after 6 months' of her course completion as long as it is before April 2011?... or will she be in trouble because of the 6 month window... in her case, I am guessing she has to apply for the 885 before the 18th of January 2011? Is this right? We are so confused. :confused:
  20. Hello guys, Sorry if the question I ask here have been already addressed in some other threads. Its been since 2 days only I started going to the online discussion regarding 885 visa and immi (and I have been sleepless since then :mad:). I applied for 885 visa under occupation Computing Professionals – nec 2231-79 (cat 4) on May 2010. At the time I applied I thought my application would be finalized no later than end of 2012. However now I have come to learn that due to post July 2010 immi priority arragements, cat 4 applications wouldn't be looked at unless all the applications on cat 1,2 & 3 are finalized. Does this mean that cat 4 applications will never get their turn? Obviosuly cat 3 applications will never stop coming. All the PR applications July 2010 onwards will be either on cat 1,2 or 3. Anyway, I did some googling about cat 4 and options available for applicants on this category and came accross few topics about skill reassessment and PR application relodgement thing. However I have few confusion here. Following is my current status: - I've been working as fulltime Application Developer since 1.5 years. - I still have my Graduate (VC 485) visa valid for few more months - I still have valid IELTS (general) for few more months - Employer nomination is not option for me as I'm slightly below the minimun salary requirement for Software Programmer/Developer/Analyst role. - I just applied for ACS assessment (recent grad with ICT exprience category) yesterday for Developer Programmer Now my confusion is here: If I get the positive assessment for Developer Programmer: - Am I eligible to relogde the PR application from scratch by nomitating differnet occupation (Developer Programmer) than the one I had nominated for Graduate 485 visa (Computing Professional nec )? - If I'm eligible to lodge new application, do I need to withdraw my previous application before I file new one? - And finally if I do lodge the new application by nominating occupation on new SOL, should I try for DRC? Yeah, I have read that since Nov 1, DRC applies to cat 2 only, but does that mean that new cat 3 applications with or without DRC will have same processing time? Thank you very much in advance for your inputs. Maxx
  21. Hi All, I ve applied 885 based on my degree. The application package was sent to immi dep on July by lawyer, 2010 and allocated case officer one month later. Since that, there is no further information but most of my friends are getting . Some of them even applied later than me. I don't want to wait with the uncertainty, so any guidance will really be appreciated. Does the application stuck somewhere? Do I have any alternative way to make it soon? :wink:
  22. Hi all, Just wanted to know what would be the effect of SMP on the processing of onshore visa. Since the fact, SMP(176) would be processed in Adelaide and the onshore visa are processed in Brisbane. So is there any major impact of the SMP on onshore independent visa? I also heard someone saying on other forum that with SMP being announced the DRC would be revoked from category 3? Can any RMA or pomz shed some light on the same. Cheers Adi
  23. Guest

    885 Advice Please Help!

    Hi, I am currently living in Perth and studying a 2 year Associates Degree in Business. I also have my skills assesed in Australia as a Metal Fabricator (Boilermaker), which is my previous profession before I came here to study. I would like to know if I can nominate my skill as a Metal Fabricator for the 885 Visa with my two years study in business for this Visa to be accepted?
  24. I've lodged a 885 visa application online early this year. Can I lodge another 885 visa application through paper lodgment without withdrawing the previous one?
  25. Hi, Background Info - Economics Bachelor Degree with 2nd class (division A) honours Problem I need migration advice. I am currently holding a temporary 485 visa and my nominated occupation is 'economist'. I have found a job and am currently working as an economics researcher. My job tasks have some relation to the the job of 'land economist'. I would like to know if I am able to nominate another occupation, 'land economist' for my PR application next year after my 1 year of work experience. Kind Regards, ColdSun