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Found 80 results

  1. Dear mates, Is good to see this site and I am sure that a lot more people will know about this site as it is really helpful after reading some the threads. I need your helps on RSMS. I am recently getting sponsorship from my employer. This is my personal particular: I am graduate of Bachelor in IT from CDU, Darwin, N.T. It was a one year full time study and I just graduated a November. I am 21 years old and currently employed as a permanent full time employee in an IT firm. I am from Malaysia. However, I never take IELTS test before but one of the requirement of RSMS is 'functional english'. However, DIAC people told me that everyone that going to apply a permanent VISA will require to undertake IELTS test. However the DIAC website has stated the following: evidence the applicant has successfully completed at least one year full-time or equivalent study in Australia for a diploma or higher qualification and all instruction was undertaken in English. So for anyone who has knowledge about this, could you please advise me that whether I need to undertake an IELTS test or not. For your information, I never take any IELTS before. I came to study in Australia after I finished my Diploma and I granted admission to my CDU, Darwin, N.T. through advance standing and therefore the IELTS is exempted when the time I applying for my student VISA at February 2009. Also, about the criminal history check / police clearance, how long is its valid period. For instance, criminal history check for my country Malaysia is valid for 2 years and I got it since January 2009, and also I got Australia police check at March 2009, so is it still valid for me to apply for PR under RSMS? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Guest

    RSMS 857 Visa

    Hello All, I have been in Australia for a year now. I have been granted the RSMS 857 3 months ago which I paid for myself. I have since become unhappy with my employer this is mainly due to the type of work I'm doing. I am getting 0 experience with this firm. If I stay with these guys my CV will look terrible at the end of the 2years. I have read the previous thread on the 857 which have given me some great info. I have been offered a job by a firm in Perth (not regionally). It is dream job and the employer is willing to sponsor me via the 457. Ideally I would like to keep the PR, is there anyway of doing this? Can I transfer from the 857 to the 157?? I have the relevent qualifications to apply for the 157...but that would be another 2.5 k if I had to forgo the 857 and reapply. Is it possible to ask my employer to "let me go" and then I could say I made a reasonable effort to stay with my company...risky business. Any help would be great. ~B
  3. Dear all, Recently, i just want to to transfer my application 886-(PR) Relative sponsored overseas students, which was lodge in May 2008 and sill not being approved yet, to 857(RSMS). however, Some agents stated that as my substantive visa which was student visa ceased to be effective from May 2008 (my student visa expired in May 2008 and before the expiry date of the student visa, I made 886-relative sponsored skilled (Residence) overseas students application) and from which i was granted the Bridging Visa A, up to now it has been more than one year since my substantive student visa ceased to effect, thus i do not meet the criteria 3001 or 3002 in either 856 or 857 visa, which states that if the applicant doesn't hold a sustantive visa when making employer nomination, the period since the subtantive visa expired should not be more than 28 days (if 3001 applies) or 12 months (if 3002 applies) . However, i could apply the 119 visa, the only difference between 119 and 857 is that 119 doesn't have the 3001 and 3002 imposed. if it correct? i really want to see some professional advice before i got a employer to sponsor me so that i could get the PR quickly. (As indicated in DIAC fact sheet, for trades person, their PR would usually not be granted before 1 July 2010).
  4. Guest

    Visitor to 857 visa?

    Please can anyone help with this one.... We have a friend staying with us on a 12 month visitors visa. She has recently been offered a great job from a local business owner who is also willing to sponsor her. Our question is can she apply for a sponsored residency visa whilst currently in Oz, or would she have to leave the country first? As above the visa in question is a 857 Regional Sponsored. She hasn't got long left on her visitor's visa also!
  5. before i make a numpty of myself with dh's prospective employers, what are the differences between a 457 and an 857? both require the employer to nominate you, both require you to apply for the visa within 6 months of getting nomination. differences i can see 857, is a permanent residency visa, you get medicare eligability and can apply for the reduction in health insurance within 12 months, also after 4 years you can apply for citizenship. 457 you are a temp resident, pay school fees, pay medicare levy and time dosnt count towards citizenship down the line - only saving grace i can see is that if your employer wants to they can nominate you for a PR after 2 years, so the road to citizenship there would be, work for 2 years, get nominated, get PR visa, then 4 years later you can apply for citizenship. also im pretty hacked off that a hairdresser can get a PR visa but a crane driver cant :realmad: my hubby works hard and can kill people with one wrong move, bit more responsible than a cut and blow dry! id go train as somethign on the SOIL list but then you are looking at at least 12 months working before you can even apply to have your skills tested. ggggrrr we just want to go now!