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Found 80 results

  1. Hi, I've been sponsored by an employer and have got my PR 857. I have 16 months left before I can move to where ever I want. However, I'm wondering if I can move sooner. I phoned Immigration and they didn't really give me a straight answer. First said no and then said I MAY have to apply for PR again!! Can anyone help here? Cheers
  2. Guest

    Appyling for 857 when pregnant

    Hi all My partner and I have been living and working in Australia for the past two years on a 457. She is de-facto on my visa. She is currently 7 months pregnant and we're delighted !! We have had to pay for all costs so far and dont recieve and government benefits which we are happy to do and dont mind too much as we both work full time. However my employer has offered to pay for my 857 and I think we would be silly not to jump at it. Does anyone know if I can apply now or do we have to wait till our baby is born ?? and will having a child reduce our chances of approval ?? Any help is appreciated guys Cheers ...
  3. Guest

    857 visa

    Hi everyone, I have recently started my process for 857 visa. i have sent my documents to regional certified bodies to get certified.. Can anyone please tell me how long will it takes to get certified by regional bodies.. i would really apperciated if anyone can share their personal experience .. Thanks in advance Cowboy:rolleyes:
  4. mandymcqueen

    Office base for an 857

    OK if a company has the head office in a City but the worker will be employed and relocated to a Regional area can they be sponsored. I have been told that this is only possible if the company has a Regional Branch. Any takers??? Mandy
  5. Guest

    857 visa

    hi everyone, i am new to this forum..and jus want to know how long the process takes to get 857 visa..from the starting point. Recently i have moved to one of the remot area of vic..its 500km away frm melbourne and totally away frm the real world ..the population where i have moved is 400ppls and m totally bored .. i have jus started collecting the documents to get certified from regional certified bodies. Cud any one help me to let me know abt the time frame..and i would highly appreciated if any one cud share their any personal experiene.. Thanks:arghh:
  6. Hi What is the most appropriate route to PR when on visa subclass 475? There are visa subclass 887 which is “is specifically designed for holders of a provisional skilled visa who wish to apply for permanent residency”, or visa subclass 857 which “has reduced eligibility requirements for holders of a Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclasses 475)”. Now this might seem like a daft question, but besides the reduced eligibility requirements for visa subclass 857, what are the differences between 887 and 857? Do they both award PR and the ability to work all over Australia when obtained? Many thanks Etienne
  7. Guest

    857 visa nightmares

    Hi, I've gone through the numerous posts on this forum about people being unhappy about their job or employer and feeling helpless because of the 857 visa obligations. I'm currently in a similar kind of situation and would greatly appreciate any advice offered. Basically I've been working with my employer since last 2 years (457 visa initially) and was recently granted 857 visa as well. Though I was supposed to be happy on that day, I was actually trying to hide my tears with just the thought of getting stuck with the same employer for the next two years in a regional area. Funnily enough, I was also offered a job with another company in city on the same day my 857 visa came through.!!! The pay was much higher and the work load was less (less stress), considering that there was a team of 10 people doing a job similar to mine in my current company...wow. The only catch being that there was no offer of Permanent Residency and I'd to take a step back and accept the 457 visa being offered by my new employer... If I take a look back, the situation was much better when I'd initially joined my current employer couple of years back. Just out of a rigorous Masters program from one of the best universities in the world, I always felt that I was moving at a pace greater than the rest. With a very high skill set and energy to work, my employers did not even blink before hiring me and offered me a position . The remuneration package though less was ok at that time for me because I did not have a clue about the market rates for my kind of skill set in Australia. Anyhow I started working with the company thinking that I'll probably get a major hike if I showed them my work (as suggested by the recruitment consultant and HR who interviewed me).. There was no limit to working hours (70-80 hours a week including weekends) as the workload was high...I got involved in numerous projects and completely changed how the things worked in just an year. I used to hear people talking/ appreciating my direct reporting supervisor about my work and that she recruited me at such a low salary package. I did speak to my supervisor about my situation (after approx. an year). Impressed by my work she spoke to her manager and told me that I'll get a major hike apart from the regular one in couple of months time.. In the meantime my employer agreed to sponsor my 857 visa and I also signed another 2 year contract immediately (as I was aware of the waiting times for subclass 175 visa. 2 -3 years is just ridiculous for a country like Australia where people talk about skill shortage all the time)... But the salary hike promised before never came through. Even though my salary is well above the award rates, I could have easily earned more than double the amount if I was working else where for similar kind of position. It's just the difference in making a fortune and earning a normal regular salary. Combined with huge workload, long working hours and low salary stressed me up. I wanted to relax a bit. I pushed my start times to a bit late like 9:30-9:45 instead of 8:15 - 8:30 previously. Even though I never complained about the workload and kept on working till late hours (6,7,8,9 pm. no limit). After couple of months, I got really pissed off when my employer started complaining of my start times. I got so angry that I almost had a verbal heated argument with my reporting manager on this. This eventually resulted in me getting a low end-of-year appraisal rating (no salary hike and no bonus). This has also reduced my chances of getting promoted to a more senior position within the same company for which I had applied for. Everything started going horribly wrong. Now my questions are as follows: 1) If I somehow manage to stick to my current employer for another 1 year, I'll be eligible for citizenship in Jan - 2012. I've confirmed this by calling DIAC hotline. By that time I would have worked for my employer for approx 3 years (2 years on 457 and 1 year on 857). Would it be safe to quit the job once I get my citizenship, considering that the 857 visa obligations (work until Jan - 2013) will no longer apply once I get my citizenship?? 2) Is there a forum or a govt. body where I can go and consult about my situation? I've tried before and I was told that the govt. institutions only interfere when the salary package is below the award rates (which are too low for highly skilled people like me). 3) What happens if my employer fires me or makes me redundant.? I think its high time now for the immigration dept. to start thinking about the skilled employees and not just give all the power in the hands of the employer. The system has to become more transparent for it to come in equilibrium and survive for a long period of time. Any pointers will be appreciated, as I just feel like a bonded laborer. Thanks in Advance !!!
  8. Hi Guys New here in Poms. I search this site so at least someone can help me and provide me advice based on experienced. i am currently holding ENS RSMS 857 PR visa SPOnsored by the fast food company. i was in 457 since July 2007. then granted RSMS PR VISA last Jan.06,2009 soon it will be one yr. My total years in the company is 3 1/2 years. 2 1/2 during 457 visa and 1 yr in RSMS. During these years i've seen australian employees come and go..now it happens my australian boss was resigned who i worked since 2007. New australian boss from 2008 and 2009 came then resigned. Last yr.i have a new boss again that based in perth and this time it doesnt seem she has a good people skills specially to 457 visas. In my contract it says i am only holding one store but due to my good performance the CEO asked me to handle 4 stores he said he will prepare new contract with new job title. So i continued handling 4 stores but until now one yr. ago my contract still the same but my job load is changed. meaning they utilizing and maximizing me because i always try to do all.and now the job title change is now forgotten. I send store report through my personal email which should not be but i think they keep me holding to grow. i am planning to resigned but i spent 1 yr. only in rsms pr visa 857. Is diac will cancel my p.r visa? I am sure they will ring diac once i resigned. after received manager of the year award and been featured in the company newsletter my new and current boss said i am not performing well. She said this because last week i disagree to handle 4 stores anymore as my contract said only one store to manage. The relationship has been destroyed and i am not feeling comfortable to work tothis comapny anymore as they didnot encouarage employees growth. Any advice is greatly appreciated. atc03
  9. Guest

    visa, 857

    hi all, i am new of this website. I am italian and since november 2006 i am living in australia, after almost an year with working holiday i got sponsored by a restaurant in cairns QLD as bar attendant, after 2 years, i lodge for a 857 visa as bar supervisor ( april 2010), which is been granted about 2 month ago. Unfortunately things are getting really hard for me, i am not smiling anymore and often i feel sick, as often i am getting overload. I also spoken with the honer of the restaurant, whose completely understood my situation. I don`t want to leave australia, as i don`t want to leave cairns, everything i have it`s here, my life and girlfriend. What can i do? Can i change my visa in defacto? what will happen if they`ll fire me? Thanks
  10. Guest

    885 to RSMS 857

    Has anyone here changed your application from 885 to 857 recently? We lodged our 885 application online and now decide to lodge for 857. But we're not sure if we'll have to mail everything to Parramatta, or just form 47 and they can access to our online files. Please let me know if you've experienced this. Thank you :hug:
  11. Hiya, this is my first post on here but i have been a serious lurker over the past year or so whilst trying to sort out mine and my partners rsms 857 visa. This forum has been a goldmine of information. My partner and i have recently (3 weeks ago) been granted permanent residency on an 857 rsms visa (i am an arborist or tree surgeon in WA), i was previously working for my employer for 6 months on a working holiday visa. However, work has seriously slowed down the past couple of months and the boss is starting looking at downsizing. This is exactly what happened to me in the UK and made me come over here in the first place!! From what i have read and understand so far, if i am made redundant on the RSMS i am to find work within the same industry in a regional part of australia. The problem being that arborist work is very slow throughout regional WA at the minute. There is however still arborist jobs in Perth. What am i supposed to do if i can't find a job in the same industry in regional WA?! can i apply for jobs in different industrys whilst still staying in regional WA? I feel pretty screwed at the minute to be honest. The mrs and i were feeling really settled where we are at the minute having joined clubs and become part of the community. If anybody can offer any advice it's greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello PomsInOZ fellows Me and my partner are currently on postgrad research visa subclass 574 which will expire in 10 days. We have prepared documents to apply for permanent residence since last year because there were times my partner thought he completed his thesis but then his supervisors would want changes so it went on and on until this July and he already got his PhD. We were over nervous and did everything to make sure there was no problem like skill assessment, health check, police check, IELTS and as a result when we're finally eligible to apply for PR everything is out of date :wacko: This time I did more research and read a lot from forums like pomsinoz so we decided to renew the police check and skill assessment but leave health check until we're assigned a C/O. We lodged our online application for visa 885 last month (August 2010). My partner recently got a job offer from a large company in a regional area, he accepted the offer and we have relocated for a few weeks now. Now there's an option for us to ask the company to sponsor for visa 857 so we can jump from cat 3 to cat 1 in priority proccessing. However my concern from reading our forum is that my partner then has to work for this company for at least 2 years. We're quite happy now with the job and the area, but like some people have experienced, circumstances might change like, for example if the company changes their management or if we got a much better job offer in a metropolitan area, etc. Another concern is timing, there are generally 3 steps in 857 application and the first 2 steps are done by the employer which means we can't control how long it will take them to finish what they have to do. And if I'm not wrong we have to lodge the application no longer than 28 days after our 574 visa expires, which leaves us only 1 month ahead. Then for lodgement there's no online option, meaning we have to gather all the original paper documents, photocopy, have them certified and lodge paper application. There are some documents our family sent us scanned copies for 885 so it will take some times to post them here. I also found out from the forum that we have another option for Decision ready checklist. If we do health check now, we should have all the required documents for 885 and so we can hire an immigration agent to check our application and sign the decision ready checklist for us. It will be beneficial as a proffessional will verify for us if our application is complete and correct and will (hopefully) speed up the proccess immensely. I prefer this option since there's not much more additional work for us other than doing the health check (which we'll have to do anyway) and find a good agent. But my partner prefer the 857 option since we don't have to pay extra fee and he feels more comfortable dealing with his employer than an agent, we did have bad experience with 2 agents before that's why we decided to do it by ourselves. I hope to hear some advice from pomsinoz fellows in regarding to which direction we should take. So sorry for my long post :wubclub:
  13. I got visa 857 in 14 july 2010, but I and my boss have some problems, we can't solve them, now if I leave him, my visa 857 will be fire, doesn't it? or I find another boss in the same state look like WA, can I tranfer thi visa? Thank you.
  14. Guest

    changing employers on 857

    I was on 457 visa from Nov 08-March 09. On 857 from 1 April 09 to the present. Have had the same employer. 1) Can you pse advise what the procedure is if I want to change employers (both are in a regional area) - do I have to make a whole new 857 application? 2) Does DIAC see changing employers (both in a regional area) and changing employers (from regional area to a city) as the similar or not? Thanks E
  15. Guest

    RSMS 857 onshore

    I am working in Regional Queensland on a 457 visa as a Farm Overseer since 20 Oct.2008. Now my employer wishes to sponsor me for Permanent Residency under the RSMS and is in the process of applying for nomination. I have some doubts. Will someone plz help? Q1) My current 457 visa is valid till July 2012. If I apply for 857 under RSMS, will I be brought on a bridging visa during the pendency of my 857 visa application? and in the event of a non-successful 857 application will i be able to retain my 457 visa or it will just lapse?
  16. Hi My 857 RSMS visa was approved yesterday. I would like to know: 1. what happens if a get made redundant or get fired in the very near future - do i keep the visa? Can I go to the city and work in this case? 2. can I resign and go to another employer in a remote area? Thanks Roger
  17. Hi all, this is my first post :eek: Just looking for some advice! So, firstly, a brief description of our history..... My partner and I (both aged 25) first came to Australia from Scotland on a 417 Working Holiday Visa back in 2007 with the intention of staying 1 year. We were lucky enough to find regional work on a sheep station for 3 months which enabled us to extend our visa for another year. As the 2nd year was coming to an end, we realised that we didn't want to head back to Sunny Scotland and decided to call the first company we had worked for and ask if they would sponsor us to stay (which they did!) We applied for our 417 Long Business Stay Visa in January last year and got granted it the day before we were due to leave :cool: Just for the record, we now work VERY remote (Uluru) and have been in the same line of work since arriving in Oz. We are looking to secure our residency and since we have no diploma or degree, have decided that the RSMS visa is our best bet. Now one of the conditions of that visa is that you have worked for the company for 2 years. We HAVE worked for said company for over 2 years but not consecutively, and only because had we done so, we would have been in breach of the terms and conditions of our initial working holiday visa (only 6 months permitted with each company) Surely immigration would take this into consideration? My partner is the main applicant and his asco code is 6 (hotel/motel manager) He has recently undertook a Cert 3 in Hospitality and I'm enrolled in a distant education Advanced Diploma, although I'm sure this doesn't count for much as he's the main applicant. He does have a NC qualification in IT from the UK but we cannot determine if this is the 'equivalent' to an Australian Diploma and anyway, it's not relevant to what he's doing now. The company initially advised us to do the application ourselves, then after realizing the amount of paperwork involved, decided, no, we'd have to use their agent. So we have just paid the agent $500 to assess whether they think we're eligible, and if so, the total agents fee will be around $5000 PLUS the actual visa fee of around $3000 :wacko: Not that money is of that much importance in the grand scheme of things, but still! We have our medicals, Australian police checks, waiting on UK police checks (they won't accept PO box ID which is all I have, so waiting on HR to pull their finger out and type me up a letter to get by this) and all our paperwork filled out. Anyway, the reason we are not waiting 2 years to apply is that they're always changing the rules and criteria and we cannot afford to wait till next Feb and risk new changes coming into place that exclude us being eligible My mum and step-dad have recently became citizens though I don't think this actually matters, even though she's my only immediate relative (no siblings and no contact with Father) One of her sisters, my aunt, has just been granted residency and my other aunt has just been assigned a CO. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the matter? I make no exaggeration when I say this will completely ruin our lives if we do not get to stay in this wonderful country. Cheers.
  18. Guest

    What happens with an 857

    Hi, We need some help here. We have just been granted an 857 p.r. visa, and have been on a 457 for the last four years. We know the property that we work on will be up for sale for the fourth time since we have been here, and that the boss cannot guarantee that the new owner will take us on. What happens to the two years we are supposed to do with our sponsor. We have been in the same job for all this time and have had two bosses, the last sponsoring us in. Are we able to leave here before the property is sold and find another job else where, or will they waive the two years in view of the fact we have already done four in a rural area.
  19. Hi i was wondering if anybody could help me out. my girlfriend and a were graunted permanent residency under subclass 857 just before Christmas. but out of the blue I was pulled into the office yesterday and told that the company im working for were having to let me go and are giving me 1 months notice. iv done nothing wrong no misconduct or neglagence. so where do i stand does this mean we need sell up and go home??????????? what do we do??? please help thanks Jamie
  20. Hello there folks! I was granted my PR under the RSMS 857 visa 5 months ago. However I have been working with my employer for the last 13 months in total. Recently I have decided that I have not been gaining the experience that I was told I would when I initially signed my contract. I am eager to be part of the Gorgon project as it gears up for action. My question is this; If I were to source another job in Regional Australia with a different employer, would DIAC cancel my 857 visa or would they consider allowing this change? I understand I would not have completed my 2 years with my employer but surely they (DIAC) might allow you to complete the remainder of your 'Regional time' with another employer. I'd understand if I had to pay my current company for the nomination they put forward but I actually paid for the main fee. The major problem however is that when my PR was granted I sponsored my girlfriend:wacko:. (Couldn't get her on as my defacto on the 857, long story!!) Reading between the lines I'd assume that they could cancel her visa if they cancelled mine. Any advice would be most welcomed
  21. KD79UK

    857 RSMS Visa

    Hi I'm currently on 457 Regional Busines Long Stay under legal professionals nec and have been since July 2008. Suggested to my employer who has not given me a yes/no yet to sponsor me under an 857. I want to make sure I have the whole process correct to put forward to them. Anyone know if I need to have a skills assessment or not? Think its just for the ENSOL visa but wanted to make absolutely sure!!! As far as I can gather process in a nut shell is employer goes to regional certifying body and nominates position, and then I put my application in. Just hoping due to unemployment and my skill not being highly desirable that it comes back as a no! If anyone also knows......will it then cancel my 457 completely? also a little concerned I will have to leave if they then take my skill of the SOL list in June. Cheers Karen
  22. KD79UK

    Sills Assessment 857

    Hi Trying to get in on an 857 visa, Im not employing a migration expert. Anyone know if there is any requirement for a skills assessment for an 857 visa? currently on a 457 for the same occupation of legal professionals nec Cheers Karen
  23. Guest

    857 and some de facto info!

    Hi all, New to the forum so here is some background info for you guys. We have been living and working in Regional queensland since May 09, We applied for our 857 visa in November, they came looking for more info in December. On Jan 4th we sent it to them and on Jan 14th we were granted residency.:biggrin: So my partner was the one with the job offer and she was the main applicant. We have been doing ok here but I am finding it difficult to get decent work. I have been working part time only. It was fine since we had alot of savings but now that is running out and I really need to get back to meaningful employment soon. I have been offered a job elsewhere and the whole package is fantastic. We have discussed it as a couple and my partner agrees it would be difficult but the long term rewards for both of us would be too good to pass up. So my question is this, am I free to move anywhere I like in Australia or indeed to another country as long as my partner keeps her end of the bargain with immigration? ie 2 years with her employer Thank you in advance The exile
  24. lee74

    Rsms 857

    Hi can anyone tell me if you are to be sponsored on an RSMS 857 has the employer to have a minimum number of employees working for them or can it be a sole trader? Cheers, Lee
  25. Hi everyone - never done this before but worth a shot an i am sooo stressed with what to do! Need any information!! I have been offerend residency think its the 857 visa - i have been over in Oz 2yrs and my 2nd year visa expires on the 14th on January and just had to go home for the past few months so i am in a really problem situation as i dont have long till it expires so i need to act fast! My major problem is my company are not willing to help with costs!! So they said its around $6300 and even if i was to go on a 457 it would cost the same!! They said i cant go it alone so need a agent!? iS THIS RIGHT??? Also! my partner is french - he is currently over there at the moment working and is still on his 1st working holiday visa for Oz which expires in May. He is a chef (high quality) what arre our options for him? If he is coming over march/april and i have logged my residency, even though we have been together 8months can we apply de facto? We have no house bills as proof, is this a problem?? I need as much info and help from people as i can! What other options does he have as i heard that a chef is maybe an easy way of getting sponsored?? Please let me know ASAP if you have any insight or little information for me! Many Thanks Rebecca