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Found 80 results

  1. Guest

    subclass 857 visa

    hi, me and my partner and two children have been granted a bridging visa until our subclass 857 visa is granted, am i right in saying that we a intitle to medicare and state benifit for the children, also does anyone know if we can learn to drive now even tho we have not had a final decision, thankyou for any help
  2. Guest

    RSMS Subclass 857 - ACT

    Hi all, Just wanting to find out if there are any other Canberrans out there who've applied for the 857 or in the process of applying? Our employer is a current registered sponsor with DIAC (for our 457 as well as several other ENS nominations around the country). Do they need to submit another nomination application for the 857 or will their current sponsorship status be used? If this is the case and they are pre-approved sponsors, what paperwork would they then need to submit to the Chief Minister's Dept? How long did the certification take? Their website says 15 working days? Is this accurate? We're planning on lodging the nomination and visa app at the same time. Any indication on time frames for these to be approved a) with a decision ready checklist (DRC) via an agent and without a DRC submitted without an agent? Really would appreciate any input here. Thanks! Mrs Mupersan
  3. Guest

    Changing employer on a 857 visa

    Hi, I came to Australia on a 457 sponsored visa in Aug 2010 and about 2 months ago got a 857 from the same employer. My partner who is a NZ citizen and my new son (born here in Aus), all came on the visa with me. I am a junior doctor and since coming back from maternity have been put on as a reliever (covering everyone's leave). They have done this as they agreed for me to come back part-time. This job holds no educational aspect and I don't have a mentor, as I would be expected of a junior doc. Another aspect is, as a small hospital there is no further training. Also in the main I will be expected to spend most of my time in the emergency dept. I have been suffering from post-natal depression and anxiety and really feel this stressful environment will be harmful to me. I really would like to take up the opportunity to do a GP training programme which would mean me changing jobs although I still would work in a rural setting. Immigration have not been helpful in giving me any advice, and your forum has been the only place I have found people with similar problems. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? Will immigration cancel my visa? If I do leave my job should I just email them and inform them....then what happens next? an investigation? I really couldn't go back to the UK as my partner wouldn't come too, we both love it here.
  4. Guest

    457 visa to 857 visa condition?

    Dear All, Iam a mining engineer and came to OZ on a 457 visa and after 3 years on the visa (when it expired last November 2009) and that is when I got my 857 visa. My first question is: Can I move to another mining comany in a regional area? Note:I was not told that I can apply for my PR while on my 457 visa. If I move now to another mining company in a regional area before my 2 years for the 857 visa is up will the DIAC penalise me for this. Note: Iam not happy for what Iam doing now as the work condition is not good, no training, can not see a career development path here etc. Anyone out there with any advice. I need some advice on this matter. Kind regards James
  5. Guest

    Rsms 857 !!

    hI GUYS !! i have some confusion regarding rsms 857 visa. I have got my 857 few months back and working in Geelong. Now I want to sponsor my wife for PR. Since I have to be in Geelong for 2 years .. i can't leave my job. If i sponsopr my wife for PR ..THEN Can she work anywhere in asutralia?....or whether she also needs to be in the regional area for 2 yrs? Please reply me back. Thanks
  6. Tillytali

    Rsms 857

    Hi all, I have been searching the site for a while now, and found that everyone here is very helpful, and I am in need of some of that help right now! My fiance is applying for the RSMS 857. We are both in Australia on working holiday visas - and my partner is already working for the company that are sponsoring his application. Essentially, what we are trying to get confirmation on, is whether to include my details on the forms at this point - considering that we are yet to be married (October). We really need to get the application process moving quickly, and don't want to wait until after this time to apply. I understand that the employer nominates the position and gets it certified etc. but there is a section on the form regarding the employees' partner. Must/can/should they include my details, even though we are not yet married....? We are thinking of adding me once the application has been lodged, as I believe this is possible, at no extra cost? Sorry if this doesn't make sense! But any help and advice would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
  7. Guest

    Subclass 857

    Hi eveybody! I'm new to this forum. :biggrin: My partner and I applied for an Onshore subclass 857 Permanent Residence Visa. Our application was received on June 27th. Thank God... bcos they increased the cost from $2575 to $2960 on July 1st! We did our medicals on June 30th at Medibank Adelaide on June 30th. We don't have a case officer yet. Anyone who is also waiting for their subclass 857 visa approval? Was wondering how long will it take and when will we get a case officer? Thanks ppl & hope to get to know more of you in the forum.
  8. Guest

    Yay!! Got our PR!!

    Received an email from our case officer yesterday informing us about our RSMS 857 grant letter! We're over the moon now! :biggrin: Thanks to this forum and everybody who has helped us along the way! Appreciate all your help. Just to share our timeline for our RSMS 857 visa.... We didn't use any migration agents. Nomination Application: 15 Mar 2011 Nomination Approved: 15 April 2011 Application Lodged: 27 June 2011 Medicals done: 30 June 2011 CO Allotment: 14 July 2011 AFP Clearance, Overseas Police Clearance and Form 80 submitted: 4 August 2011 PR Granted: 11 August 2011 Cheers!
  9. Guest

    leaving in a rsms visa 857

    hi everyone. I have been granted my 857 visa sense januari 2011 and I have been very unhappy and under paid,,,I have been doing way over fulltime and my boss has been a asshole..she has been going nuts on me and I couldn't take it any more..so I had to quit. but I'm on a 2 years contract,,,I live in a regional area...so my qeustion is what is going to happen to me..Am I going to be cancelled my visa or do I just need to find another job.
  10. Guest

    857 or 887 ??

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but my dad is currently applying for a Permanent visa ( which we were considering 857 or 887) Well, my dad is currently on visa 457 (business temporary longstay) but living and working in a regional area. According to the immigration website, 887' requirements seem to be easier as it only requires an eligible visa and 2 years living and working here. But 857' requirements are way more difficult. Same thing as above + age + English ... So what do you guys think about it? I really need some advices right now. Cheers, Steve
  11. Hi, Wondering if there is anyone on here who could help me? I have applied for the RSMS 857 Sponsorship visa and my girlfriend is listed as de facto. We have been given a bridging visa until the decision is made regarding our application. There is no specific type mentioned. I have read through form 1024i about the bridging visas and this is where my question arises. I want to know if my girlfriend can get permission to work even though she is cuurentl here on a holiday visa? Does the bridging visa over rule the existing holiday visa therefore allowing her to apply for permission to work? Thank you for your time. Paul
  12. Hi, I have 857 visa approved recently, prior to this I was on 457 visa. I have been with the same employer for 1 and half year which includes 1 year with 457 visa and now six month with permanent 857 visa. this visa require me to stay with the same employer for further 1 and half year to complete 2 years duration. I currently live in regional area. Now I am getting married in next few months- my partner is an Australian citizen and lives in Sydney. After marriage we want to live together in sydney, when i rang immigration they said 857 visa is a very strict one and have to comply with its terms. What can i do to keep my residency and leave my employer, I know once I am married i can always apply for partner visa but I already have PR can i just keep this one, and break my contract with my employer. can someone please help me ...:confused:
  13. I did my 857 visa application on 3 March, but my employer loged the sponsorship on 6 Dec 2010. Finally i received a email from my case officer on 5 June 2011, she ask me the document about AFP clearance. I sent it to her on 28th June 2011 as soon as i got it . unfortunenately , she didn't repay my email. i sent another email to her, nothing happen, I just want to know did she get my email yet. Guys, just help me, what is going on, what shall i do, is it nomal, she just ignore my email????????????:sad::sad::sad: anyone have the same experience like me, any good suggestions please email me lindalee6666@hotmail.com
  14. Guest

    857 visa ..and the problem.

    hi everyone, i have been granted a prmanent residency using rsms scheme and its been one month.i have previously worked for the company for 5 months while on my tr visa. i wasent happy about the place before and was confused one stage to withdraw my visa application but i thought to stick for two year so that my future wil b good.but now the situation is getting more worse ..the relationship between the employer and me is breaking day by day..i havent provided the full time job as per the contract..nither the super ..the work enviroment is really worse and im doing the job of 3 person.i dont know how long i can cope all this ..im not sure what im going to do..as in such envorment if i continue working i m loss my brain..im so much stressed at present..can i inform diac and let the know about my situation..will my visa cancelled if i leave and tell them this is the case why i left ..besides i still want to work and serve in regional area. what could be the respose frm diac..will they try to cancell my visa and i hv made genuine effort but the employer doesnot want to treat me like a employee and dosent maintain the agreement which was made in contract paper before? please help me ..:arghh:
  15. Hi Anyone got a direct contact telephone number or email address for the unit who may be able to advise if I want to quit my 857 employer before the two years is up? Waited on the phone for 45 minutes and was given the wrong email address :arghh:
  16. Can anyone please help me what the visa level on my passport means.. what's Nill means ..does that measn i dont have any condition and free to work any where now..i recently got my residency but im still confused abt the condition mig.regs.sched.8 NILl means.. any one have the same visa label on their passport ..please post some information.. cowboy:eek:
  17. want2beaussie

    857 visa hope!

    I just wanted to share my time line to give some hope.. My application went to the RCB 4th April 2011, they requested a small change to my employment contract on 24th April. They approved my application on 3rd May 2011. My agent lodged my application 17th May 2011 & it was granted on 25th May!!! Very quick turn around, I have been very lucky, as my 457 only took 3 days before!! Wish you all luck!!:biggrin:
  18. Hi, I wondered if any had any experience / advice on super payments after leaving Australia. I had 3 years on 457 visa, then 5 months only on 857, but had to return to UK permanently due to family health reasons. Its extremely unlikely I will ever return to live in Australia, therefore I would be ineligible to claim a pension when I reach retirement age, so am wanting to claim my super payments now. I did not fullfil the required conditions of the 857 visa as i did not complete 2 years with that employer, so I am assuming my visa will be revoked / cancelled soon. All the information I can find on reclaiming super payments is related to temporary visa's, but if my permanent visa is cancelled, how could I ever return to claim a pension? Any advice would be most welcome!
  19. Guest

    857 PR question...

    Hello, My boyfriend just had his nomination approved for RSMS Employer Sponsorship. He will be seeing out 2 years in Adelaide at an Engineering factory. We had spoken to a Migration Lawyer in Adelaide almost a year ago who explained the conditions to us but also added that if he was to be fired for any sort of reason that he could in fact seek employment through another company, which I am guessing would also need to be as a sponsorship. She told us that Immigration would not have his PR 857 cancelled if this was to happen. However, she did say that if he was to leave on his own accord, they would more than likely have it cancelled... Is there truth to this?? I mean, she must know what she is talking about. But after much research on here and google, I can seem to find a definitive answer. My boyfriend seems to think that if he was fired, he wouldn't have to find another company to sponsor him, which is just too hard to believe. I've thought about calling the hotline but the information we've received from them in the past wasn't exactly correct... Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!
  20. Hello everyone on this forum, I am quite new to this forum but hope to get some useful advice to help me in this very difficult situation I am in. I have been on a 457 visa for the past 2 years and stayed with the same employer. Things have been extremely difficult, my boss bullied me around, long hours, lots of stress and mostly 6 days a week. I also have been underpaid. However, I always looked at the bigger picture and that is permanent residency. So about 2 months ago, when my 457 visa came to an end, I organised with the General MAnager to continue employment on a 857 visa which he agreed to. All paperwork was organised and I paid all fees. As I am in Regional QLD, the 2 years on my 457 are the base for being able to apply for this permanent visa. As my 457 has now expired in the meantime, I am on a bridging visa, waiting to receive my permanent residency. However, yesterday, I received my termination at work! The woman who runs the business and who is in charge, disliked me from the start and was trying to get rid of me for a long time. I am a good worker but she bullied me around and just disliked me on a personal level trying everything she could to make my work life miserable. As I had arranged my permanent visa with the General Manager though, I thought that all was good and safe and I was confident to go ahead with it. Now that I got terminated and am still in the process of receiving my permanent 857 visa (which is of course based on an employer which I don't have anymore), I am very stressed out on what to do. Obviously I will have to contact immigration and be upfront with them. The last thing I want to do is to leave the country. Can anyone give me some tips and advice? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Should I let the Immigration know that I have been underpaid for 2 years? Please help!!!!
  21. Guest

    citizenship while on 857 visa

    Hi Guys, jus wondering whether we can apply citizenship while on 857 visa. i have come to australia on oct 2007 and now have applied for my 857 visa. would i be eliglble to apply citizenship once i get my 857 visa. its nearly 4 that im in australia. i was 2yrs on student visa . Your comment in above would be highly apperceiated. Cowboy T
  22. Hi everyone, i am applying for the 857 regional sponsored visa and i was just wondering if somebody could confirm the "2 year obligation." The immigration website says: The employee must meet the following obligations. commence employment within six months of arriving in Australia or within six months of the visa grant if they are already in Australia remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two years. Granted i havent read the statutes on this, but above it doesnt specify when the 2 year period starts? Am i bound to two years upon the date of my visa is granted, or is it from the date i started work for the company, or is it the date that the position was nominated as valid by the regional certifying body? I have worked for my employer for nearly 12 months already, i lodged by 857 visa app in november and i am still waiting for the outcome. Thankyou
  23. Current on a 457 Visa, have applied for and 857 visa but the wife failed medical (costing way out to lunch MOC figure is 5 time the actual cost but I won't get in to that), waiting on the desision on a medical waiver from the NSW govement. application has been in for over six months and not a word from them. What I need to know is if any one has had a PR visa rejected and the got another 457 visa
  24. Hi All; I and my husband had just lodged our application for 857 visa through our migration agent last month under Employer Nomination Scheme. We were told by our migration agent yesterday that our application was handed already by DIAC case officer and unfortunately, there is a tough problem on it on employer's information and etc. Our migration agent added that our papers as employee/s are all fine and satisfied the DIAC case officer. However, the problem of our application relates to our employer's papers. My query is that, would our application for 857 be cancelled because of this problem? Our employer as well was not then told by our agent. He said that he can work on it. I'm just a bit worried as to what would be the after effect on it. Would the DIAC will advise us to move for another employer?
  25. Guest

    rsms 857 help!!

    Hi Guys could you please give me some advice about this rsms 857 conditions of 2 yr. rule. My company is asking me to work for a franchisee but my visa 857 is for compnay.Once i accept the franchisee offer i am no longer connected to the company and i only work 14 months on 857 visa and it should be 24 months but my employer is the one asking me to help their franchisee now its my decision. If i will accept means i changer employer but me and my employer is happy about this changes.but what if theres problem in the future in my franchisee work? Are they still in control of my visa? any advice is appreciated. atc03:no: