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Found 159 results

  1. Guest

    457 & 856 Visa

    Hi I am coming to Australia on a 457 visa and within the terms of this visa I have to work full time. I have been told that after 6-12 months I can apply for permanent residency under a 856 employer nominated sponsored visa which also states that the position I apply for has to be full time and available for 3 years. Does this mean I have to work full time for 3 years following getting the 856 visa or do I have to work full time forever??
  2. hi everyone, we been in perth now for 2 years, and are in the process of applying for permenent residency. Luckily his work have agreed to sponsor us on a 856 visa, this makes it much quicker and cheaper for us. His work got a letter yesterday to say the nomination has been received on 6 Nov but most are taking 3-4 months to be completed, arghhh just for the nomination. It has already been sent for initital assessment so im hoping it will be done quickly. As long as its approved by mid jan that should be fine as im pregnant and not due till then, so we cant do our application till then anyway, but the quicker its approved we can at least get our application ready and police checks done. tracy xxxxxx
  3. Guest

    856 employer sponsor

    hi everyone we currently on a 457 visa, partner worked here over 2 years, and as he thinks he will have problems gettin his skills assessed his work are going to sponsor us on a 856 visa. We are waiting for the nomination to be accepted, but as im pregnant cant do our application till after baby is born, but as soon as we can apply want to send asap, and get residency asap, as we really could do with the help for family assistance. What i was wondering is has anyone applied for this visa and been in a de facto relationship, what paperwork is required, obviously the moe info i send the quicker the application can be done. How long are these visas taking? tracy xxxx
  4. Hi there, I recently migrated to Sydney, NSW from London UK to take up a new job with my company. I arrived in July 08 with a 457 Temporary visa, for a 4 year period. I also brought along my girlfriend, who qualified as a Defacto Spouse and is also on the 457 visa. Recently I've been in discussion with my company about sponsoring me on a 856 PR visa, particularly as at the moment the company does not provide LAFHA and my gf has been struggling to get a permanent job - the agencies tell her they are not willing to put her foward for permanent roles when she has a 457 visa. Luckily my company have agreed in principle to sponsor me for a 856 PR visa. They sent details of my CV/Resume to a visa company they use who have replied that I should be eligible for PR based on my IT skills - I would qualify under one of the Occupations in Demand, based on a successful skills assessment with the Australian Computer Society. I've offered to take forward the PR application on my own to save costs as the company have been quoted $7,000 by the visa company and they've been advised that the cost would be less if I did it myself with their support. I have a couple of questions, could someone help me please? - What would the cost be (approx) of applying for the 856 PR visa? I see the following details on the Aus Immigration website. As I already have a 457 visa, would I have to pay both the 1st and 2nd charge? Employer Sponsored Permanent Visa Charges - Would the Australian Computer Society Skills Assessment simply involve them checking the skills on my CV/Resume or do I need to sit a test? Does anyone know how much (approx) the skills assessment would cost? - I understand I would need a full medical and also police records from the UK and Aus. Does anyone know how I would go about getting these and an (approx) cost? - My partner is on the 457 visa as my partner. Would she also be covered by the 856 PR visa automatically? Would she have to sit the medical too and also go through police checks (I'm guessing yes!) ? - What is the typical turnaround time for 457 PR visa applications? My company has asked me to find these things out before they will support me so I'd really appreciate any feedback anyone could give me. Many thanks, Stewart
  5. Me and my another half are in a 457 visa and waiting for 856 visa. My husband wants to start UNI in the middle of the year and we are waiting for our perm visa. If this visa doesn't arrives soon, what should we do? Can we apply for a student visa while we wait for the 856? Is there any other way?
  6. sami

    from 457 to 856 visa

    Hi, I´m new to this forum, and have a question I hope someone might help me with - We have been in OZ on a 457 visa for just over 1 year, the company that sponsored my husband had agreed to sponsor our Permanent residence, and the Immigration agency has contacted us to start the application as my husband is turning 50 in a few monhts. We have had our medicals and I have submitted all paperwork to them this week. My husband has to have his skills assessment done via Engineers Australia first, as he has a South African diploma and hasn´t been working for 2 years yet, and only then does our paperwork get submitted for residence. Our daughter is still in Europe finishing her university degree (another year to go) and the lady at the agency tells me, she must be in Australia so we can submit it all together (she is in our 457 visa too), which is no problem as she is coming for 1 month in August, but then she tells me, when residence is granted, my daughter has a week to come back to Australia to take it up!! Could that be true? If that is true we have to consider the option of her applying for her own visa after she finishes her Chemical Engineering degree. Thanks
  7. Guest

    457 to PR (856) - timescale NSW

    Anyone out there in process of doing an in country 457 to PR via ENS 856? Or done one recently, through the Paramatta business centre? If so could you give me an idea of timescales for case officer allocation and visa being granted (given all goes through ok). These bl**dy 457 school fees are making things very tight at the moment! It is impossible to get through on the phone to enquire. thanks
  8. A CO. Less than 2 weeks after lodging the application. Janette
  9. Hi Guys Well its official our perm visa was lodged today :jiggy: Our agent says it can take from 3-6 months :chatterbox: OMG I can't believe we are back to waiting for a visa again :yes: At least we are here & I am hoping the wait will not be as bad :notworthy: Janette