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Found 159 results

  1. Hi. My paperwork for an 856 visa was lodged last week. I have previously been on two separate 457 visa with the same employer. I have been offered a similar position to the one put on my nomination form within a different division of the same large corporation I work for, but it is sensitive to let my own division know at this point. Has anyone ever been in a similar position, changing roles within the same company after the paperwork was lodged but before it was granted? Would I be able to be transferred internally before the 856 visa is granted, or would I need to either wait until after or re-lodge the paperwork? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Guest

    176 to 856

    has anyone changed from a 176SS application to a 856 without having to pay the application charge again? Were you able to just switch from one to another? Regards Rob
  3. Hi guys, dont get on here much now that we are living our great life here on the Gold Coast. I spent do many hours here while going throught the initial stages of our application. Anyway we have been here 2 years and are now gathering all our information to move from the 457 to the ENS 856 visa which will give us the PR that we desperately want to stay here. Is anyone else going through the 856 at the moment??? We have had our xrays and blood tests today and medicals next week we are front loading everything and waiting for our UK police checks to come back. Its like getting on the rollercoaster all over again!!!! Em x
  4. Guest

    856 visa

    Hi Does anyone out there know once you have been granted your 856 visa from having a 457 visa do you still have to have private health care.:cool:
  5. Guest

    Subclass 856

    Hi, i am trying to find out what the process times are for a ENSOL subclass 856 is once completed and the diac application charge paid. I have found all sorts of info on the net, but would like to know if someone has already completed this pathway and how long it took to complete?
  6. Before I get into all the details, my 2 questions are: 1. Can I leave my 175 application in if I put in an 820? 2. How long does 820 take to process once they have all docs? History: I live in Sydney since 2002 when I came on a student visa to do a PhD. PhD awarded May 2008 and I applied (finally!) for PR 175. Jan 1, no CO assigned and my 175 put on hold (no MODL/CSL/SS). My current 457 (temp) expires Dec 31; PR health exams expire Jan 12 2010; i turned 45 years old Jan 2009. I have 2 teens (17) who can't go to school w/o PR. 820 allows highschool, but too late for that as they have dropped out and want TAFE now. I have been applying for any 3year (ENS 856) job available in Australia to no avail. My partner and I have lodged intention to marry on Nov 14 and I can lodge 820 Nov 17. Dilemma: What I do know is that if I apply for an ENS, I tsf my $2000, but have to lodge a new application, which means I now have to get exemption for age. If I apply for 820 spouse, I have to pay $2500, my children don't get school and will go home to Canada to live with dad, I have to wait another 2 years for full PR (so I still limits on SOME jobs that you have to be full PR for), and what if the r'ship falls apart? What I don't know is can I leave my 175 application in if I put in an 820? That way, I can still apply for jobs for ENS, and who knows, DIAC might change their minds in another 6 mths - now that there are signs of rapid economic recovery, they may decide they need workers after all and lift the hold on 175!!!! Also would like to know how long does 820 take to process once they have all docs? Thanks, Suzanne
  7. Guest

    ens 856

    My migration issue is this: Under 856 category, is the worker being sponsored obligated to work for 3 years for the employer who sponsored him ? What are the consequences on th PR VISA of not completing the 3 year service required? Help on this will be highly appreciated.
  8. Hi , Im just waiting for my nomination number and then i can apply for the 856. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long this visa is taking at present? Also we all had x rays for the 457 visa and the kiddies and i all had a full medical, and i had blood taken as i am working in a hospital. My hubby only had the x ray, dose he need to go for a medical and bloods before i submit the visa application, or should i wait and see? Thanks kris:chatterbox:
  9. Hi all, I need to ask anyone who has done this process if family members are contacted that have been listed on your 856PR form? We are currently looking at the process and forms we need to fill in to apply for a 856ENS, my brother in law has a criminal record and we are very apprehensive to name him on the form where it says " list all family members" He is a half brother and does not have the same surname as us, do you think family are contacted? ( anyone who has done this was any of your named family contacted?) Would this make problems for us if we did name him? would it make problems if we didn't name him? We have never seen/spoke to him since 2004 and they are not in our lives at all and don't think they even know we are in Australia. What do you think we should do? what would you do?!
  10. Hi, I have started the application process for 856 ENS sponsored by my company. I haven't lodged the application yet and I just wanted to know what would happen if I am made redundant before the visa is granted? There are rumors of redundancies and I would like to be sure I can get the visa anyway. For example what would happen if I lodge my application, I'm made redundant, but still work for a few weeks as a notice period so it gives enough time for the visa to be granted? would that work? :eek: Thanks
  11. Roberts13

    457 to 856 ENS Visa onshore

    Hi, We are currently in Australia on a 457 visa. We have been here 9 months now. Husband is an electrician and we arrived with his ARTC cert and he obtained his licence in South Australia after studying with Peer for the Wiring rules. His employer has agreed to sponsor him permanetly in order for us to get permanent residency. We have been advised that the 856 is the quickest visa to be processed in our circumstances over the Independant Skilled visa. So - we have had a price for facilitating the visa and on top of the actual visa fee the company who did our 457 are charging $1650 to help us with this visa. This includes getting husbands PASA and the visa application. Police checks and medicals are on top and he advised that medicals are not always requested????? I'm wondering how easy it is to do the application ourselves. ? Have any other electricians arrived on a 457 then applied for 856 before the 2 years working for employer? I've been told by the company that as he has his artc and licence all he needs now is his PASA to be able to apply for the visa and this can be obtained for free as he as the artc. However i can not find anywhere how to obtain the PASA on our own. Does anyone know the timescales for visa being granted both for the sponsor 856 and independant also when onshore. Sorry so many questions. Just trying to work out whats best and what we actually need to do to get an application in place. Thanks in advance Jo, Garath, Rhys Haydn new baby Calym ozzie the dog
  12. Guest

    ENS (856) obligations

    Hi, we had just gotten our PR visa 2 mos ago and a friend in another company learned about this and now wants to hire me. We were previously on 457 which obligated us to stay with the sponsoring company. Can DIAC revoke the PR if I take the new job offer? I and my family were sponsored by the company under ENS 856, but effectively paid by us. Also, the company did not ask us to sign any contract binding us to stay should the PR be granted. Hope someone can provide some clarity on this. Thanks!
  13. Guest

    417 WH visa to an 856 ENS

    Hi, Can anyone help me with this, I am on a 417 working holiday visa and am now getting sponsored by my employer on n 856. The problem I have is that I can only work for them for 6 months on my 417 and Ive been there just over 3 months now, my visa application went in yesterday, hopefully it will be granted before y 6 months are up but if not, am I able to extend the time I can work for them as they are going tho sponsor me or will I have to leave and return once the visa is granted? Thanks in advance. Tim
  14. Guest

    457 to 856

    Hi all, just wondering if any PIO'ers have been sponsored from 457 to ENS 856 without having to wait the two year time span? cheers Kev
  15. :unsure:I was wondering if after being sponsored by a company, did anybody apply for 856 on their own and paid for it? How much would it cost for a family of 4 (the Immig site fees seem very confusing to me with 1st and 2nd inst for non-functional english applicants). Did you use an agent? thanks, sami
  16. Hi, We have decided to return to oz after being back in uk for 1 year. We came back as my father was ill and we lost him in April. My daughter 21 stayed in Melbourne and is loving it.My partner myself and son have sub class 856 visa pr visa's. My query is can we just basically book the flights and return? Or do we need to go through some sort of process now we have been out of Australia for 1 year? Anyone who could help i would really appreciate it Thanks
  17. Guest

    Ens 856

    Anyone applied for this visa before? Any advice? Thanks.:hug:
  18. Guest

    856 visa

    Hi there I'm have been working with company with visa 457 for 2 years and now did apply for permanent visa 856 and now i'm resident , but the troble is the company close dow the operation what happens ?? i will lose my residency?? regards
  19. Guest

    subclass 856 information

    hi me and family been in brisbane since june 08 on a 457 visa ,we have just been granted a subclass 856 (employer nomination scheme )visa. can anybody give me the pros and cons off this visa as i havent a clue about them. the visa was granted under my wifes name as she is a nurse in the wesley in brisbane. many thanks alan :confused:
  20. We are currently in Sydney on a 457. Hubby is the main applicant. The reason why his employer went for the 457 was because they are a UK company who set up in Australia, things went off like crazy and so they wanted some experienced staff over from the UK asap, to in the first instance work at putting systems in place etc in the existing practices, and then to invest in and set up their own practice (which is what hubs did in the UK). He has worked for the company for 12 of the last 15 years, has a degree in his subject as well as professional qualifications. His professional qualification is recognised by his licensing board in Australia, so he is registered to practice over here. So, now we are here, hubs is about to pay his money for his joint venture (kind of like a franchise), and we are starting to think about buying a house and getting our childrens names down on waiting lists for pre-school/kindy for when the time comes. He has spoken to his company and they are happy to sponsor us for PR. Hubs job is on the MODL and the ENSOL, so I think that the two options open to us would be 175 or ENS 856. However, as he has a company that are willing to sponsor, the ENS 856 would be the obvious choice. Am I correct in thinking (from researching on the immi website) that he can apply for PR straight away via the ENS 856 route, if he has his trade assessed by the TRA (he is a dispensing optician which falls under the remit of optical mechanic). Obviously this is attractive to us, since we are just about to invest quite alot of money in settling here. So, looking at the pathways for application on the TRA website, I am unsure as to which one his training falls under. He did an undergraduate degree which was full-time and part theoretical, part practical. Then he had to complete a pre-registration year, working under the supervision of another dispensing optician, or an optometrist, and he also had to take his professional exams to register and practice, which he did. Since then he has had about seven years of full-time work in the job. He has had his qualifications recognised by the NSW Optical Dispensers Licensing Board (his ABDO qualification is seen as being an equivalent to the qualification that is needed to practice over here). If getting the TRA assessment underway is the best course of action, I will start getting the paperwork together straight away. If I get a detailed breakdown of what he did at uni, detailed references from his pre-reg supervisor and each of his employers since he qualified including his superior in Oz (including a full break-down and description of what he did/does, what equipment he used/uses etc) and then his certificates from uni, his ABDO qualification and then the NSW licensing board, is this what the TRA are looking for? Is there a prefered format for writing the references? I understand that hub and I will have to have meds. Will our x-rays and the kids meds from the 457 application still be valid for this application? Finally, the how long is a piece of string question! Once we have submitted the TRA forms, how long does the assessment take? Is it fairly quick since his job is on the MODL? And how long does the application for the visa take once that is submitted? Sorry for the questions, but I want to get it right and it isn't always possible to think straight when you have two toddlers nipping at your ankles!
  21. Im currently in Australia on a S/C 457 visa. 457 visa expires 2010. My occupation is Computer Professional 60pts. (MODL/ENSOL) My sponsoring employer is a contract management company that will be sponsoring my ENS. However my current contract is expiring and I'm wondering what impact this will have, if any, on my ENS application. Hope someone can shed some thought on all of this. Cheers.
  22. Guest

    Permanent Residency 856

    Following on from my previous thread yesterday; http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/56503-457-applying-page-ranking-confused-about-modl-csl-prl-skills-assessment-process.html Assuming I do not go the PRL/MODL route and I just sit and wait for the two years to tick away, I started with my employer in 17 March 2008, but was on a Tourist Visa until my 457 visa was granted. The 457 was granted on 27 May 2008. So I become eligable to apply for automatic PR on 27 May 2010........... Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to process a PR Subclass 856? Is it like months nearly years? Or weeks and days? Furthermore, most importantly, is there anything stopping me from handing in my notice the day my PR is granted? I just want to leave my employer.........Your thoughts would be great.......:tongue: Thanks Jo
  23. i have been on a 457 visa for 18 months now/and have just received my sub class 856/class bw resident.i am been told by immi that i have to stay with the company for 3 years/and can only work within queensland,for the same 3 years.is this true/then my visa becomes un restricted,kind regards alan.ps my age is 51,is this relevant.:confused:
  24. Hi - i know these aren't visas that are talked about on here much - but i'm hoping someone can help. They are the Employer Nominated Schemes - and our situation is this: When we were out on a year working visa my other half worked for a scaffolding company that desperately want him back. They can't get anyone with the experience and qualifications he has in scaffolding. Now as scaffolding isn't on the skills list, i'm guessing this is his only route (i can do the 176), but i hear the ENS is alot quicker??? Can anyone shed any light as to whether or not this is infact a quick option - his old boss emailed him this morning literally saying he still wants him and would we be able to come over asap! Any help on the ENS appreciated Suzanne
  25. Hey everyone My OH and I arrived 2 1/2 years ago and have been on a 457 temporary visa (OH employer sponsored). It was his second job as the first one didn't work out and we had the terrible - 28 days and you have to leave situation thrown at us. Fortunately in the last week before we were officially illegal - he was offered another job with sponsorship so we could stay. As soon as we qualified for PR (2 year thing) he asked his employer to sponsor us for the 856 permanent residency visa which THANK GOODNESS they agreed to do. Anyway - we have used an agency and it took us about 6 weeks to gather all the paperwork and complete the forms. The application was lodged with DIAC as 'decision ready' on Monday this week and now today - Wednesday - we have our letter of approval. We were told it could take 2 months so we still can't believe it took 2 days. No idea why - apparently it can vary this much depending on DIAC. We had a really tough start when we got here, not just with the job, but with all sorts of difficuties and it would have been so easy to go back to the UK (and I was sooo homesick at first) but we were absolutely determined to stick it out and I think our luck has turned. So pleased - bouncing off the walls. Oh and is was soooo worth it. I LOVE it here now and would never return to the UK. Anyone in similar positions - crack on with it and always try and get your PR as soon as you can. :jiggy: