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Found 159 results

  1. sami

    457 to 856

    :frown:Hi, my husband worked for 2 years on 457 visa before being retrenched last year, then got another 457 sponsor for which he worked for 6 months, and a few days short of end of probation the company dismissed the whole management team of that specific project that wasn´t going too well, so once again he is out of a job. After a few interviews he now has 2 offers, but one company is prepared to sponsor for PR straight away, and in that case we rather go with them, as this unstable situation is getting us down and stressed. On the immigration site, they mention that you have to work for the original sponsor for 2 years, and 1 year for the following sponsor. Has anybody managed PR without working that further year? They are a government entity in Adelaide, and my husband is a project manager. Thanks Sami
  2. Guest

    ENS 856 application questions

    Hi everyone, how are we?? I'm just going through the checklist for my ENS application... I'm on-shore and am currently on a 457 visa as a graphic designer. I've just been reading about the character requirements, apparently I need to provide a police certificate of some sort. I'm unsure of how I go about doing this... do i just rock up to the cop shop and ask? Any pointers on that would be very welcome. Am also a little worried about providing certified copies of qualifications... I have them up to degree level, but the actual certificates are in the UK. Also, I may have to provide evidence that the qualifications are recognised here... it says 'if applicable' - how do I know if it's applicable? The final thing, I need to provide evidence of vocational English... will a British passport do?? I think that's about it... any help is very much appreciated, especially as it's quite an overwhelming process! :smile:
  3. LKC

    Dilemma about 175 vs 856.

    I am just wondering if anyone can help me decide what to do with regards to PR? Our current situation is that we are living in Sydney, on a 457 visa (hubby main applicant working, myself at home with two children). We applied for the 457 because hubbys company wanted him over here asap. He is happy and secure in his job (he did the same in the UK), so we would like to apply for PR. Every time hubby asks his company about it they say they will sponsor us for PR, but not yet. We have been here for just over a year, and they are saying that they want us here for 18 months to two years minimum before they will consider it. So, I have been thinking over the past few days, that perhaps we should apply for a 175 skilled visa. He would get 120 points, his job is on the SOL and MODL, and as he is already registered with his licensing board to do his job, I am sure that his TRA assessment would be okay. As far as I know, the cost would be the same to us too (aside from taking a trip to NZ for visa grant, which we could tie in with our annual holiday anyway). Our reasons for wanting PR are firstly for security, I just want to know 100% that this is where our future lies. Secondly, our eldest daughter is due to start school next Jan, and obviously we would prefer not to pay for school fees, and instead put the money towards paying for part-time child care for our youngest because I have decided that I would like to take myself back off to university. Which brings me on to my third reason, we cannot afford to pay for international student fees, which we would have to on a 457. I could always be patient and wait another year until hubby was sponsored, but at the age of 35 (would be 36 if I started beginning of next academic year), and being interested in a 4 year course, I don’t want to leave it for too long. However, having not researched 175’s since right at the beginning of our emigration journey, I have no idea about what the situation is with them at the moment. I remember seeing something about the SOL recently, but to be honest I didn’t pay much attention at the time. If we were to apply for the 175 and then it take two years to be granted anyway, then there isn’t much point. We may as well wait for sponsorship from his company. So, my questions. What sort of processing times are we looking at now for the 175? I know this is a piece of string question, but wondered if anyone had any general ideas. If we apply for the 175 and this takes so long that the company are then willing to sponsor us, then can we swap over to the ENS 856, or would we have to pay a further application fee? I don’t know whether just to bite the bullet and apply for the 175, hoping that it comes through in time for me to go to uni, or whether to wait until hubbys company will sponsor us.
  4. HI everyone I submitted form 47ES to apply for PR 856 on 5th Nov (Hubby company nomiated us for PR) . I did not use an agent as I applied for 457 myself and it was fine. We have been in Perth 7 months now. We submitted everything at the same time, form 47ES, meds, police checks TRA approval. My first question is this: How long will we expect to wait to get PR? Will we be assigned a CO? What should I expect to do now? My second question: When we were granted 457 our daughter was 18 and in full time education in the UK. Now she is working 4 days per week and earning $400 as a trainee dental nurse. In Jan she will go to TAFE 1 day per week to do the dental nurse course. I completed form 47A for her as I dont beleive she is able to support herself financially. Will she be approved on our 856 or will she have to apply for PR in her own right? Is this an easy process? Will she have to pay the $2500? How will I know if I need to do this? As always i appreciate your time reading this and any replies are greatly welcomed Kind Regards Sharon
  5. Guest

    ens 856

    Hi, My husband has a 457 and his employer is making him permanent. My husband is now under the impression that he has to have a degree in his current position of Production Manager to become a permanent resident. He is about to apply for ENS 856. I have read on this site that his experience and time served in his job would compensate for lack of qualification. Is this true, he has been in NSW in this job for nearly 12 months with his employer, if he had been there 2 years then the qualification wouldnt matter. Also he turns 45 next year just 3 months before he has been there 2 years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am now feeling rather frazzled with it all.:twitcy:
  6. Guest

    856 Visa

    :chatterbox:Hi Can anyone help only my empolyer at last has agreed to sponsor me on a 856 visa which I was over the moon but 2 days later I was told that all the Special Circumstance had been scraped over night I can not belive it as I am 58 and don`t have time to wait. So is this ture ?
  7. Hi, I am thinking of asking my Company to sponsor me for permanent residency (subclass 856). What are the benefits to the Company to sponsor me? It's quite expensive (around $6000?) so how can I convince them? Also, do I need to be working in the occupation in the Company for 12 months? I heard this visa is processed much faster than the skilled one (around 3 to 5 months) Thanks
  8. Friends, Myself and family are in Australia for last 15months on 457 visa and my employer is processing the paperwork for PR under 856 visa. My current 457 visa is valid until Oct 2012. However, my wife became pregnant in the meantime and due for delivery in Nov '10. Due to this situation, she'll not be able to complete the chest X'ray. I've few doubts which I'd like some advice from the forum friends: a) Can we apply for PR at this stage (by completing medicals and blood test for my wife), and submit the X'ray results for her later in Nov '10? b) For the new born baby, should we require to apply for 457 visa first to get the visa label in the passport before he/she can be added to the PR application? c) If we take medicals in April 2010 and possibly apply for PR in Jan 2011, will the medical be still valid? I know, the report is valid for 12 months. Does it mean the report should be valid at the time of application or, when the visa is approved? d) Is there a possibility to re-use chest X-ray which was done in 2008 for our 457 visa, as we have not exited Australia for last 15 months? Thanks in advance for your response.
  9. Guest

    856 ENS staying with employer

    Hi, Does anybody know if on an 856 ENS visa you have to stay with your employer for 2 years or as I am a permanent resident this doesnt matter? Thinking of setting up my own business is why I ask. Thanks in advance.
  10. Guest

    457 to 856 permenent visa

    Hi Guys, I just need some sort of directions on what to do with my agent. Right, I have been working on 457 visa for almost two years and my employer said he will sponsor me to switch it to 856 visa when the two years is up. So i contacted my agent who has applied 176 state sponsored visa for me (which i m still waiting to get granted, i got my state sponsorship approval back in november last year but i dont really see any chances of getting the visa or CO soon). I asked him how much he wants to charge me if i wanted to switch it to 856 visa from 176 visa application. He told me that i am not eligible to apply for 856 visa. His reason is to be eligible for 856 visa, i must have 3 years work expericence. I told him that its not the case. from what i can understand on the immi website is it either requires 2 year work experience on 457 visa without the skill assessment or if not on 457 visa, it requires 3 year work experience with the skill assessment. I don't really know what to do with my agent now. I can do it myself but it will just cause some conflicts as he's the one who has applied 176 visa for me. Can you guys please suggest me what to do? Regards, Chan
  11. Hi Ive been employed for 2 years, 11 months on a 457 visa, 13 Months on ENS 856 with the Same firm. I now want to leave and start my own Business. Can they revoke my Visa? I had to sign a letter stating I would stay with the company for 2 years when they proceeded with the 856. This wasnt an imigration form Just there own little letter. Im not sure if they can enforce this or not any ideas folks? Thanks
  12. Guest

    856 immediately After 457

    I am planning to migrate to Perth on a 457 visa from Brighton. I was more keen on going on a 121, but the emloyer said it will be quiker for them to sponser me on a 457. After some negotiation the employer has agreed that he will assist me for a 856 rigtaway on my arrival provided i agree to initially come on a 457 to save time. I will have to get my skills acessed once in australia to avoid the minimum 2 year stay. I am an electrical engineer by profession and have 10 years experience. Once in Australia, Employers migration agent will take my case forward for a ENS 856. In Short I do not have to wait for twor years to process the same. The downside is that i will have to fund the same if i need the same upon arrival. I would like to confirm if this is a common pratice (coming on 457 to save time and transferring on to 856 immediately) to attain PR under ENS. Just to add on, It is clearly stated in my job offer that the employer will assist me for a 856 upon arrival. Kindly let me know if there is any catch or loophole in this approach. Regards Sam
  13. lizzy27

    Ens 856

    How hard is it for a company to pass the checks for an ens nomination? Were about to put ours in, have gone through 2 457's with the company & they passed all the financial requirements, proof of training etc.. How much harder is the ens to get?? I guess I'm just panicky that they might fail it.. What would cause a company to fail? They turn over a good profit, they have a good training record.. Like 1-2 apprentices a year etc... Any voted of confidence wud be appreciated. Thank you :-)
  14. Guest

    Processing time for 856 visas

    I am changing from a 457 visa to an 856 visa and my migration agent is just about to lodge my paperwork - she is in Melbourne and I am in Brisbane. Any ideas on how long the processing times are for this type of visa at the moment?
  15. Guest

    457 -> ENS PR (856 I believe)

    Hello guys, Just wanted to get your thoughts on something if I may... I'm going to Sydney with my job for 2 years, my 457 was approved yesterday and is valid for 4 years, my partner is coming as a dependent. If all goes well at work, I'm pretty sure they would allow me to stay for longer, and have said that they can support sponsorship after 2 years. We don't have kids yet. But I turn 30 this year and expect the old biological clock will start ticking at some point soon. I'm kind of thinking that it might be good to stay in Oz for at least 2 years and extend my contract if all goes well and apply for PR at the 2 year point. However, I would also really like to be around my parents and friends if/when we do have kids (ie back in the UK). I think my point is I've never anticipated that we'll live in Oz forever, but if we can get PR during this 2 year stint, then go home to the UK pregnant or with a small baby, at least we keep open the option of being able to go back later if we decide to. Could this work? How long is PR valid for? Do we have to spend a certain amount of time in Oz each year to maintain PR status? 457 -> PR seems almost too easy... and yes, I've seen lots of other threads about the pitfalls of the 457... Thanks!
  16. Guest

    Ens 856

    Hi can anybody help, if you have been sponsored on an ENS subclass 856 and received your permanent residency, then been laid off due to the economic climate within weeks of receving your residency, can immi revoke the permanent visa? and what action can they take, Thanks for any help.:arghh:
  17. Guest

    From Defacto 457 to Defacto 856

    Hi I am currently on a 457 Defacto visa waiting for my PR 175 to come through (no case officers yet). My girlfriend is applying for a seperate PR 856 with her company, which will take less than a month. Where do i stand with a working visas? Can I get a bridging visa until my PR come through, which I hope will be soon (I am on the CSL). Does any know what can be done? Nick
  18. I am the lead applicant on my family's 175 visa application (submitted in May 2008), and following the re-prioritization we are now looking at employer-sponsored options. My wife and I are both social workers - me mental health and my wife children and families. However, given my wife's experience and speciality, she is is much more likely to be successful in securing an employer sponsored visa than me . My question is, if my wife if offered employment with an employer sponsored 457 visa, is our 175 application still valid? I ask because a possible plan could be to move out on my wife's 457 visa, then for me to try and secure permanent employment (which will be easier once we are resident in Australia) and for me to then switch my 175 application over to an onshore permanent employer sponsored 856 visa. My wife has not been in full time employment in the UK for the last few years, and our understanding is that she will not be eligible to apply for an 856 until 2 years of employment in Australia. I have completed an enquiry form on DIAC relating to this, but you never seem to get a straight answer from them, only loads of links leading to more unanswered questions! :arghh: Any advice on this would be much appreciated. :biggrin:
  19. Guest

    856 'renewal'

    We have a sub-class 856 visas granted in January, 2005. They ‘expire’ in January, 2010. We recently applied for citizenship and have been successful but have yet to pledge. My partner has just changed jobs and the new employer is asking for visa details. We have a couple of concerns. First, are we permitted to work on the 856 post-expiry? Second, if required, how do we renew?
  20. Guest

    My Visa 856 route/ Perth Office

    Hi all. First of all, thanks for all who answered me when I had questions. I received my Permanent Residence visa 856 today. My company submitted my nomination at Perth on 5 August 2009, my nomination was approved on 3 December 2008. I submitted my application on 28 October 2008 and was granted today, 15 December 2008. I applied for a visa 176, Family sponsor, soon to found out after lodging that a 167 and 175 will only be processed end of next year and so on(conditions apply like; MODL and occupations in demand). I lost my monies paid for my visa 176. If you have a job that is on the SOL and ENSOL list, you do not have to wait 2 years to apply, all you need is a successful Trade Recognition of Australia. I am a Permanent Resident now, in under 1-and-a-half years. I am a jeweller and my occupation is not on the MODL or Critical list. I used my same IELTS test, with a pass mark of above 5 in each category. Lastly, I did not use an agent, it will not speed things up, and you will only pay unnecessary.
  21. Guest

    ENS 856 Help? Confused :(

    Hey! I'm a newbie and looking for a bit of help? I've been in Australia for 2 years and with the same employer under a 457. My aim is to get PR but I'm in a dilemma. There is a higher position within my company, in the same field of work, that I would like to apply for. If I were to get it, would I have to delay applying for PR for another year because I'd have to change the conditions of my current 457? The website does not specify this and the phone line have given me 3 different answers! I guess I'm looking for personal experiences. Also, can I leave my employer within 3 years? I do shift work and sleepovers and I just can't sustain it another 3 years. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance
  22. Hi, I'm on Class BW resident sub class 856 visa. multiple travel and permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely. must not arrive after 30 Dec 2014. I've got 3 questions please anyone enlighten me. 1. do i have to renew my visa after 30 Dec 2014? 2. If i went out of Australia came back before 30 Dec 2014 how long do i need to stay to go out of the country again and back? 3. can I petition a relative from out of Australia (sister or cousin) to help me baby sit my child. so difficult to juggle time between work, child and leasure? many thanks microst
  23. Guest

    Visa 856 nomination, how long?

    Hi, My company applied for an ENS nomination to sponsor me on a Visa 856. I came to work for them on a Visa 457, and are ready to do my PR. It is the first time for the company to apply for an ENS nomination. The nomination was applied for on 26 August 2009 at Adelaide office, we are still waiting for a decision. I am a jeweller and my occupation it is not on the MODL or CSL lists. We do get emails from time to time, asking questions about the company etc., so there is still correspondence from immigration. My question; Is it normal to wait such a long time for the nomination to be approved?
  24. Guest

    Visa Help

    Hi there I am thinking of moving to Australia however have a few questions about the different visa options... My husband is still studying and therefore hasn't got enough points for the 175 independent permanent visa however I was wondering is it possible for me to go on the 457 temp visa and then when he gets the 175 visa will I automatically take permanent residency as his spouse?? Also, on the 856 employer sponsored permanent visa it says that you have to work for an employer for 3 years (I think?!). What happens If we want to have a baby in this time?? Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!!! :biggrin: Sarah
  25. Hi, I've started a new role on a full time basis (for at least 3 years) and had my skills assessed. In this new role I'm on probation for 3 months and I'd like to know if the company can nominate me for 856 ENS visa now? or do I need to wait the 3 months period? Thanks