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Found 159 results

  1. Hi, I'm just filling in our application for the 856 ENS visa - (those of you who recognise the name - yes my husbands employer has agreed to go ahead with the sponsorship and theyre ready to submit so want our part too) Part G - Details of other family members Do we really need to fill in details of all our parents and siblings? with it saying in brackets (if not living write 'deceased' in country of residence column) it sounds like we have to decalre all it asks but my problem is both our parents are divorced and either re married or unfortunately deceased. So when it says including step parents - we dont actually class our parents new wife or husband a step parent and dont even know their children let alone class them as brothers or sisters. My husbands mum only married the year we left and we have never met her husbands children as they are all adults now. Her husband has nothing to do with us as he didnt agree to us moving out here. My Dad re married about 5 year ago and again although i know his wife she's not really a 'Step mum' and they live in scotland (we are from yorkshire) so i have also never met her children who again are adults. Just wondering do we really need to supply this information.? Thanks in advance for any answers and clarification on this
  2. kissofthegypsy

    856 PR Question

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question? We arrived on a 457 a couple of years ago and after 8 months were granted Permanent Residency through an Employee sponsored 856 visa my OH was the ponsored person. Hypothetically, if we were to go our separate ways, would I have to leave the country? Thanks KOTG
  3. shaxncarl

    ENS 856 Onshore - Timeframe

    Hi Has anyone have an idea on how long the 856 ENS Applications are taken. We lodged ours approximately 4 weeks ago. Not heard anything if we have a case office or anything. Any information would be appreciated. Sharon and Carl
  4. Guest

    856 visa granted - new employer

    I've just got my 856 permanent visa (sponsored by my employer). Can I change my job now?
  5. Hi, im trying to clarify what the course of action would be on expiration of a 457/two year work visa in relation to securing permanent residency.. Ie. I am querying whether it would be better/easier/cost effective to apply for full Permanent residency now or to take up a 457 visa for 2 years and to then apply for permanent residency; i.e. are the full permanent residency fees the same/the same course of action (medical/skills assessment) necessary if I have been resident in Australia on a 457 for 2 years.... Any help greatly appreciated. Liam
  6. Hiya, an odd question I know. I applied for the 856 with my employer on 7th July, Their nomination had already been processed. Its at Parramatta office so they say 5 months... well, sometimes they say more. I have a while to go regardless. Since this time I a new management structure has come in, and they are making my working life increasingly unbearable. I thought a way out of it would be if I could move departments. The job is a bit different, but would fall under the same ASCO code. There might be some slaary changes, but I thought perhaps I could work that out internally. Has anyone moved jobs in this way while their visa was still processing? I am unsure whether I am allowed to. Any advice very much appreciated! Karen
  7. Hi, i"m quickly approaching two years work under my 457 visa and I am looking at now applying for a sponsored pr 856 visa, everything seems fine but i have one question, If for some reason the 856 application is denied is the 457 visa still valid or not? If any feedback we would be very happy Tony and Marcy
  8. grahammanchester

    Police Checks - 856 ENS visa

    Hi I am in the process of applying for an 856 visa. I have been in Oz for nearly 3 years on a 457 visa. Do I need to get a fresh police check from the UK or will the one I submitted for the 457 be sufficient? Thanks Graham
  9. Guest

    Visa 856 nomination Help

    Hi guys hope someone can help with a bit of useful information about Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856) I am setting a company up with my business partner who is already permeant resident and owns 66% of a Australian business which already employs Australian citizens. I am 28 years old and have a skill listed on the Skilled Occupation Lists. The questions i need answering are.... 1. This might sound daft but...Can you nominate yourself as the employer and the employee ? 2. What is the minimum amount of time you have to be trading for before applying for a 856? is there a minimum or can a start up company apply for this? as long as they show there business plans for three years worth of trading... Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated... Many Thanks in advance.
  10. Just a little note to say we are finally Permanent residents of Australia!!!! YAY!
  11. theonetruechris

    Annoyed at the case officer ENS 856

    Hi its ratchet, I just want to share an experience i had today just incase it can help someone else in the same boat. We submitted out 856 onshore ens about 6 weeks ago. As i hadnt heard anything i emailed last night, with a response this morning saying she was waiting for our medicals. When we did the meds for the 457 we made sure we all had PR ones done to save any hassle this end, so i contacted the Case officer today to let her know that also remind her that in our application for the PR visa i sent in the reciept detailing the medicals that had been done. She came back to me saying that mine and our sons have been found and attached but chris's has gone missing. Cannot be found on any system, despite her acknowledging the info i had sent in. She also then informed me that we have to get chris's meds done ASAP as mine and adam run out on the 14th and she has to grant our visa by the time they run out or we will all have to have them done again. Thankfully ive managed to grab a cancellation on thursday for chris's medical but most importantly - She said she would have to grant our visa before the meds run out on the 14th............:eek:..............This makes me wonder whay there are so many of us waiting if its just a case of granting the visa??? So for anyone waiting on the 856 to be granted and have been waiting a while. you may want to get in contact with your case officer to find out what the hold up is..
  12. Guest

    Ens 856

    Hi People, I am in need to of getting more information regearding 856, empolyer nomintated PR visa. Is it necessary to be working at employer's side for complete 2 years, Can't we apply it with in 6 months of starting job? Does employer needs to initiate this process as it says employee nominated scheme? Or If can initiate this by requesting employer to provide necessary documents to us? How much does whole application lodging of 856 cost? Can we do it ourselves or we need to go through migration agent? Please help to answer these question, it will help a lot. Regards, Kundan
  13. jakc

    Rolling 457 to 856 or 175

    Hi Been in Melbourne on a 457 since March 2009 (with my partner). This kind of rolls on from a previous post I made. My HR department have told me that they will provide me with "non-financial support' for obtaining residency. I interpret that to mean they will do any paperwork signing. Was not too chuffed about that as I was verbally told that they would renew my visa when it ran out. Anyhow... They have put me in touch with a company called Greenberg They did my original 457, so they have me on file. Anyone heard of them? Here are my options (feel free to give me more options): 1. Apply for a 175 on my own. Been looking into this already. Im on the new SOL, im still under 30, and get 120 points. Cheapest option. Would have to leave country but could tie that in with a holiday anyhow. Would take the longest as well. 2. Apply for 175 through Greenberg. = More money, but perhaps easier as they have already processed me before for a 457. Can't really see the benefits outweighing the costs too much in this scenario. 2. Get Greenberg to roll me from 457 to 856 I guess I could also do this myself? Greenberg said I have a few options: 2a. Do it now, but would have to do a skills assessment as well. This should not be a problem and they assist lodging this with VETASSES. 2b. Wait till March next year - No need for skills assessment (think they said that) Problem is, going with a agency = $$$ They also mentioned that later on in the year, nearer September, things will likely change again with 457s and 856s so it might be wise to lodge something ASAP. Whats peoples thoughts on my best option?
  14. Hi All I arrived in Australia 18months ago, i was under my girlfriends visa as she is a nurse and had sponsorship. After a long hard process she went for Permanent Residency 856 visa and i was added as a secondary and it was granted. We have recently split up and i have no idea what my options are i.e do i have to leave or am i able to stay? My passport stamp for residency says 'Class BW Resident S' i think the 'S' is for secondary. It still has some 4 years to go on it but i have no idea if this still counts or what i should do. If you have been in a simular boat or know anything that could help that would be amazing. Thanks
  15. Guest

    457 to 856

    Can you apply for an ENS 856 visa before 24 months if the company is willing to sponsor, without taking a Vetassess? I have a UK Diploma which is the equivalent to a level 6 graduate certificate in Australia. Has anyone had previous experience of this? Kev
  16. Hi we came to Oz on a 457 visa then employer put me forward for a 856 sponsored visa which I now hold, can I change jobs or do I have to stay with the same employer? Thanks
  17. Hi All, Im new to this thing so i do hope someone can help! I have applied for an 856 ENS visa but my current 457 visa has expired, The dept of Immigration has asked me to fill forms out for a bridging visa C so that i can work. I have just found out that on this bridging visa i cannot go back to the UK for my best friends wedding in July if my new visa has not yet been granted. Can anyone help?? - Can i go on some sort of bridging visa that allows me to go to UK for a wedding for one month? - How long does it usually take for a 856 visa to be granted? Thank you to whoever you are out there that can help me. Emma.
  18. Guest

    ENS 856 Inquiry

    Hi to all, Is it necessary that the Main applicant be in Australia at the time 856 visa is lodged? I am a bit worried 'coz I am going on a long holiday soon and if I need to be in Australia upon lodgement, I will not buy my tickets yet. I know that upon visa grant, I should be onshore. thanks
  19. Guest

    457 to 856..info please!

    Hi I have been in Oz for nearly 2 years and am gathering all my documents ready to submit with the 47ES form etc. Do I need to send certified copies again of my qualifications, references, marriage certificate etc, as surely DIAC will already have them from when I applied for my 457 two years ago? And...how does the company go about proving that the job exsists and that they can't get an Australian to fill the posistion? Surely, the job exsists if I am already doing it! Also, does anyone know if the 856 (onshore) is more straight forward than the 121 (offshore) being as though I am already here and working in the nominated posistion? Many thanks guys!
  20. Guest

    Withdraw 856 visa

    Hi All, Just a quickie, we applied for our 856 visa but had to withdraw it as a certificate was missing. Anyway, what I wanted to know is when we reapply, do we have to submit all our certificates/police checks again? My husband was told when he went in to the immi office that it would all be on file and we shouldn't have to resubmit all our info as it's already on record, but then our case worker said we may have too. Was just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and if they had to resubmit everything? Any info you guys can offer would be a great help. Thanx
  21. theonetruechris

    We got our 856!!!!

    Came through today, we are so chuffed:jiggy:..........finally we can relax For those that are still waiting.....I hope it comes through quickly for you......fingers crossed:hug:
  22. Guest

    Bw subcall 856

    I'm holding a permanent resident visa 856. The label states "conditions img sched 8". What does it mean? As I haven't completely worked for my sponsor (employer) for 2 years. I'm worring about my stay, if I move to another big city, like Sdy Mel. Will immigration cancel my visa if I leave my current employer? Will this affect my future citizenship application? :twitcy:Guys, pls help.
  23. Guest

    ENS 856 re form 80

    Hi Just a quick question? Did people who have been granted 856 send form 80 with application? If not did anyone ask for it? I didnt realise I had to do one and now have sent application, hence I'm weighing up what to do!! Thanks
  24. Hi, I'm about to lodge my application and nomination for ENS 856 visa at Sydney Parramatta office. Does anybody know how long it takes for the visa to be granted? Thanks heaps! :hug:
  25. shaxncarl

    ENS 856 or 457 visa

    We are quite far in the process. I have had my trade assessed via vetassess (all ok), I have taken the ELTS exams (passed with 8 and above on all 4 modules). Gained Western Australia Regional Sponsorship. At last lodged our application with DIAC. I have been to Australia for the past 5 weeks to try and gain employment. Been offered a job and they want to sponsor which is great however, now to decide with visa is the best opition. ENS 856 which is a better opition as its permanent but its a longer process. Does anyone know the time scale for this at present. Western Australia. Or 457 quicker process but not a permanent visa. The employer wants to do the 457. I want the ENS. How can I presuade the employer that the ENS is a better visa. Any help would be greatfully appreciated. We are very confused. Time is not really on our side as the new restaurant (which I shall be managing) opens in October this year. OMG what to do, ???????:arghh: