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Found 159 results

  1. Guest

    457 to 856 - bridging visa?

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I'm about to submit my 856 visa application, having been on my 457 for just over two years. Can anyone tell me if you go onto a bridging visa until your 856 is granted? Or just stay on the 457? I'm planning an overseas trip soon, but if I'm on a bridging visa this may not be possible. My 457 doesn't expire until next year, so would I just stay on that? I read somewhere that when you apply for a new visa, your current one automatically expires, but not sure if that applies in this situation. Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers
  2. Delete
  3. Joob joobs

    Subclass 856 visa...

    Is there any route to getting a subclass 856 visa if your occupation is not listed on the ENSOL list?
  4. Hi Everyone Any information or help would be greatly received. We moved here on a 457 and then we were lucky enough to have an employer that was willing to transfer straight to an 856. We have been on a bridging visa now since sept 2011 and been told that we now have been allocated a case officer. However, last week out of the blue we had a visit from DIAC, this was called a 'compliance visit'. They wanted to talk to me and my employer asking lots of questions regarding what I do, on a daily basis. Then spoke to my employer without me there asking about their finances etc and wanting more detailed information. Has anyone experienced a 'compliance visit' and if so what was the outcome. Just really panicking now that they will find something and send us back to the UK. Oh how stressfull this all is. Makes you think was it all worth it. ANY info would be helpful. Thanks sharon and carl.
  5. Poca&Dan

    Help!!!!ENS 856

    Hello, It's been a while since I have been on here, have been in Oz now for just over a year and am now at the stage of applying for PR. My employer has agreed to sponsor me and am now just getting the paperwork together (hoped I'd never have to do that again!!!)! Anyway I am just reading through the requirements and it says I need 3 years post qualification fulltime experience and I don't have that - I will have it in October, but my current visa runs out in Nov, so need to get my app in! When I looked into PR before we left UK I don't rememeber that being a requirement, but you did need 1 years FT experience. Have I just read this wrong or am I going to struggle? Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Hi, my employer is hopefully going to Nominate me for ENS shortly, and I've been reading through the 47es application form and noticed the checklist says: "Evidence of qualifications and experience (certified copies of all qualifications, work references and, if applicable, evidence that your qualifications are recognised in Australia)." Does anyone know what they mean by "if applicable" and what kind of evidence they are looking for? I have a MEng degree from a UK university. The ANZSCO code I'll be applying under is "ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 233411". I'll be going for "Option 3" - I've worked in Oz for over 2 years with the same employer. Cheers!
  7. Hi, I'm Daniel, new to this forum, and I'm browsing around already for a while, as here's such a wealth of information. Maybe someone knows the answer to my little question: I'm working in Perth on 457 visa, and almost ready to apply for an 856 (finally). One of the possible conditions to me is to have worked for two years in the nominated position, 1 for the employer. That certainly applies to me, but how do I provide evidence for this? I first thought the department will look into their own records, i. e. 457 visa which is tied to my occupation at that time: Support Technician. However, that was changed to a software developing position 3 years ago (incl. necessary pay rise), which the department was informed of, but they didn't change the record. When I enquired about my status, I learned, I'm still a Support Technician. But they indicated that there are other ways to prove my two/one year work experience. I'm thinking - my CV, a statement from my employer, the emails that my employer sent at that time to the department, telling them of my promotion... Am I on the right track, or do I actually have a problem here with my application? I'd be grateful for some insight in this matter, and thanks for your time, of course :-)
  8. Hi, hoping someone can offer advice on the following. Been in Australia (WA) for just over a year now on a 457, about to apply for PR. My employer has nominated me for sponsorship (856) and I am required to sign a 3 year contract with employer to be eligible for this visa. I have heard of people leaving the company afer 6month-1 year on this route, but wondered what the implications may be? if any? Im not desperate to leave my employer, but would prefer the freedom to change employer at any time should my persoanl circumstances changes, ie, new home - commuting distance /better job opportunity elsewhere. The other factor in this, I have seen colleagues go down this route and had PR granted within a matter of weeks, how long might the 175 take? Would I automatically enter onto a bridging visa if I were to apply for independent PR (175)? My 457 expires Mar 2012. Many advantages of going down the 856 route it would seem, and less likely that application would be declined, but I dont want to be restricted in any way or lose PR if I wish to embark on a new venture within the 3 year period. I think it has also been written into my contract that I must remain working Full time throughout (not sure), anyway, I'm so indecisive - any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Natale
  9. cluster13

    ENS 856 or 885

    Hi, I have a question on behalf of a friend (nurse) who is currently here on a 457. she is looking to apply for perm and has been told by here employer that they are happy to sponsor her (ENS856). I understand that onshore processing time can be as little as 4-12 weeks. The minor drawback is she then has to commit to her employer for 3 years or repay all fees (not unfair in my opinion). HOWEVER i understand that she could also apply independently under sub class 885 ? Does anyone have any experience of processing times for 885 or challenges related to either process? Thanks in advance Steve
  10. Guest

    457 converting to PR by 856

    Hi, I am working under 457 for last 2 and half years with company A and company A is a part/division of company B. My questions are 1. Which company information/documents (Name, ABN, Financial Report etc.) I have to show/use? 2. If company A does not have Training evidence then what ? If you can answer, that will really be helpful guys. Thanks Sam
  11. shaxncarl

    onshore timeframe for 856

    Hi All Has anyone been recently granted a onshore ENS (Employers Nomination Sponsorship). 856. We are living the dream in Australia already, but waiting for the visa to come through. Would love to hear any information from anybody.
  12. Hi all, I am currently in Australia on the sponsored 457 visa, with my partner being the primary visa holder. We would like to make the move over to PR if possible. I have reviewed my options and it appears that we basically have 2 paths we can take, 1 the 175 skilled independent migrant route and, 2 the ENS 856 route. The ENS route would be our preferred path as the processing times seem much quicker. I done the points calculator last week and we both meet the 120 pass mark but this doesn't matter to the ENS as far as I can see. We don’t think my partners employer would go through the ENS without tying her into a longer contract so I was going to approach my employer and ask them to do it. She doesn’t want to stay with them for much past the expiry of the 457 as it wouldn’t be doing much for her career/pay grade. So, to entice my employer we were going to offer to pay the $2500 fee (maybe everyone pays it but they don’t know that). Can anyone advise on the bad aspects for the employer in this situation? For instance, if they go through with it and after a couple of months I go on a killing spree, is there any comeback on them? From immigration, or the like? The obvious bad aspect is the additional work load on the HR manager, she done a 457 application before and I don’t think she wants to do one again. It would obviously free us up to move and work somewhere else if we wished but I can do that anyways as I am here because of my partner. So, my main query is, after the ENS 121/856 PR visa is granted has the employer anything to worry about other than the employee leaving them. Thanks.
  13. shaxncarl

    856 onshore visa timeframe

    Hi All Just a quick update to let you know my time frame for the onshore 856. We are living in Western Australia. We lodged our 856 from a 457 in September 24th 2011. We have just been told last week that we have been given a case officer and will now take approx 3-4 weeks to complete. So all together the process from lodgement has taken approx 6 and half months. We have therefore been on a bridging visa for this amount of time, which kind of leaves you in the land of limbo, not really sure what is happening. Just thought this information might help someone. Knowing how stressfull the whole move overhere can be. Dont assume this process will be a quick one, because it really isnt. Shaz n Carl
  14. grahammanchester

    ENS 856 visa

    Hi I received my letter from immigration on 9th December to say that the employer has completed their section of the visa. I now have 6 months before it becomes invalid After a few small issues I will be submitting my part at the end of March (awaiting for medical results) My question is about the 6 month employer section. Due to my lateness of submitting my part will my visa potential not being passed because I have only left 2 months of the employer part Also, My daughter is only 2 years old and we don't have a passport for her, will this affect the visa? Any ideas Graham
  15. Am I reading this right.... To be eligible for this visa, I have to find a job paying me a quarter of a million dollars? Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856)
  16. Im going to be applying for the 856 Permanent visa.As i havent the two years experience in my Job as a mechanic here in OZ, i understand i will have to be skills assessed. Has anybody taken this and know how much it will cost me?. Thankyou.
  17. stewe12345

    856 ENS visa timelines

    Does anyone know the timelines for 856 ENS visa's now??? We are currently here on a 457 visa awaiting on a 175 visa to go through but not sure if I should apply for an ENS visa now I am eligible after passing exams for General Electrician License. We original applied for 175 back in June 09 so it will be processed before Dec 11. Will ENS be quicker as my employer will sponsor me??
  18. Hi, Iam new to this forum. I like to know what are the documents or process can be carried before filing the 856 visa. As I complete two years by this June being on 457 working in IT. 1. Police clearance certificate - US,AUSTRALIA,INDIA (Is the PCC require validity of one year before filing the application as got a PCC date May 2010 but never went put of Australia) 2. Medical checkup ( Can we front load this as well as I need to do for my 4 month old child) - Is it advisable to expose them to chest xray now (may have to do the medical checkup for 457 visa extension as it expires by June as well) 3. If the application is once applied can we go out of Australia and come back as looks like I might have to visit home country after the application what are the cons of going out of Australia for a month after the application of 856 I appreciate if you have details on the above question
  19. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from the Melbourne office. Im wondering if they are all atill on holiday or are just moving paer around? ENS 856 employer nomination submitted 01/11/10. I know its still early days. Just wondering if anyone else has any news?
  20. just wandering if anyone knows what will happen if you seperate while on an 856? i came with my partner and we are now PRs but is part of the visa that if you seperate that the visa becomes invalid?
  21. Guest

    Fee-Free 856 Visa

    Hey guys, I have recently lodged for an 885 visa - Cat 3. My employer is willing to sponsor me for PR though. The department says that you are eligible to lodge for the 856 if you have lodged for a valid 885. Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856) The question is, do I still need to meet these requirements also? Eligibility requirements To be eligible for permanent residency under this visa, you must meet all of the following requirements at the time of lodging an application: you must hold a qualifying visa See: Qualifying Visas the nominated position must relate to an occupation listed on the ENSOL. See: Skilled Occupation Lists (formerly known as Form 1121i) You must also meet one of the following requirements: have worked full-time in Australia in the nominated occupation on a Subclass 418, 421, 422, 428, 444, 457 or 461 temporary residence visa for the last two years prior to the visa application being made (including at least the last 12 months with the nominating employer) have been nominated to fill a position with a base salary of more than $165 000 per annum (excluding superannuation or allowances) have had your skills assessed as suitable by the relevant skills assessing authority and, unless exceptional circumstances apply, have at least three years full-time work experience in the occupation before the visa application is lodged. A list of assessing bodies can be found in the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL). You must also: have an employer who is willing to sponsor you for permanent residency demonstrate that you have the appropriate skills, qualifications and/or experience to fill the position meet any mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements which allow you to work unsupervised and without further training be under 45 years of age provide a letter of appointment or a contract signed by both the employer and yourself have vocational English language ability. See: Vocational English Language Requirement Or am I exempted from these requirements because I have lodged for an 885 already? Thanks guys. DIAC wordings are very very tricky, you just need to be extra careful.
  22. Guest

    My job is not in the ENSOL list

    Hi all, my job (Acoustic Engineer) is not is the ensol list. The closest I found, according to the abs webiste is: ANZSCO 233915 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER Assesses the impact on air, water, soil and noise levels in the vicinity of engineering projects, plans and designs equipment and processes for the treatment and safe disposal of waste material, and assesses what may cause problems for the environment in the long-term. Registration or licensing is required. Skill Level: 1 Yes noise assessments I carry out would fit the description above, but I do not really touch water, air, soil nor waste disposal. Besides a lot of the work I do is related to health and safety at work (noise, vibration) and building regulations compliance in acoustics for planning applications. I woud like to apply for an 856 visa (Yes the company I have been working for under a 457 visa would like to sponsor me for a 856) under this ANZSCO number, but will the department of immigration not reject my application on the basis that my job description does not strictly match this of the abs website? Is there an alternative ANZSCO for acoustic engineers?
  23. Hi, Im hoping someone can give me some advise.... Ive been in australia for 2.5 years on a 457 visa. I am now applying for ENS 856 - my company has already submitted the 1st part of application (nomination - submitted 20Oct2010) I recently (end of Jan11) found out that i am pregnant, which i am really exicted for, but i dont know what to do... 1) Do i tell my employer now - if i do, can they with draw the 856 nomination application because currently we are still waiting on approval from the immi dept. 2) Do i wait until i get approval (which should be before 20 March 11) before i tell my employer? What i really want to know is, does my employer have any rights to with draw the nomination application because i am prego? I would have thought if they did this, then that is discriminating of sorts? Please help - your advice is welcomed!!!!!!!! Thanks
  24. Guest

    Loosing or expiring Visa 856

    Hi guys! I have applied for and am currently waiting - already 3 months - for visa application approval (Subclass 856, employer nomination scheme). I've been in Australia for over 3 years now with my wife and we both applied via same application (my wife as a partner). However, I have a complex family situation at the moment and I'm considering coming back to my country very soon, even before I get my visa. This might be a temporary come back, but nothing has been decided yet. Ideally, I'd like to have my visa, so I can come back to live in Australia in future. Now I've got few questions that I'd be grateful if anyone could help me out with: (1) How much longer should I expect to be waiting for my visa approval? My big concern is whether to hold off come back a little bit as to avoid loosing visa or not. Or... possibly letting my wife leave and myself stay here for a little longer, so everything's looked after well and that I keep being employed until my visa is granted. (2) Once I get the visa, what are the conditions for not loosing it? I've heard different things, for example that I'd have to be living in Australia at least 6 out of 12 months for the next couple years. I'm very interested in details of that. (3) If I now left Australia, would I still get my visa? I'm just wondering whether the visa procedure may get stopped due to myself leaving Australia. In particular due to this being "employer nomination scheme" - obviously I would have to stop working for my sponsoring employer if I left the country now. Thanks! ps. I posted the same question on another website's forum for which I apologize and which is only because I must make the final decision rather quickly.
  25. Roberts13

    Calling all ENS (856) Applicants

    Hi All, I have posted this query but unfortunately not had any response so thought i'd try another angle to get the question across :wink: I am currenlty filling in our 856 application form and have become stuck on the following: Part G – Details of other family members Give details of ALL your other family members not already listed in this form (If not living, write ‘DECEASED’ in country of current residence column) Your parents (including step-parents) Your brothers and sisters (including full, half, step and adopted brothers and sisters) Your children (including step-children from both current and previous marriages/relationships) Give details of ALL your partner’s family, not already listed in this form (If not living, write ‘DECEASED’ in country of current residence column) Your partner’s parents (including step-parents) Your partner’s brothers and sisters (including full, half, step and adopted brothers and sisters) Your partner’s children (including step-children, from both current and previous marriages/relationships) Do we need to include all these family members if they are NOT included in the appllication? Both myself and my husband have parents who have divorced and some remarried, but only remarried recently in the last few years so wondering if we have to give all the details of the new wife/husbands children? My dads wife for example is scottish and my dad went up to scotland to live with her so i have never met her children who are Adults and cant even remember their names. Same for my husband - his mum remarried the year we left and though we know her husband has children they are Adults and we have never met them as they dont have anything to do with him. Bit of a tricky one for us ??? Thanks in advance for any replies and help/clarification on this.