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Found 159 results

  1. Hello PIO's, As the subject says; I am in need to some clarification regarding our 856 ENS application. My husband's company lawyer had lodged his application in August with me as the non-migrating partner. I returned back to OZ on a Tourist Visa and the lawyer had my husband sign a letter advising DIAC that he would now like for me to be added onto the application. I am not sure what else the lawyer would have sent with this letter to advise DIAC to add me on. We have asked the lawyer to clear the doubts but its been extremely frustrating for us to get anything out from him as he's not helpful at all. That is why I need assistance with the following; 1. Should'nt I be on a Bridging Visa already? I am concern as I do not want t be unlawful should I still remain assuming my Bridging Visa has kicked in when my Tourist Visa expires. I am also afraid to contact DIAC to enquire incase I alert them to the fact I am applying for PR whilst on a TV. 2. Would'nt DIAC send some sort of an acknowledgement to advise that they will add me onto the application? Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided with clearing my doubts. SW :hug:
  2. Hi, I am currently on 457 visa which would expire in next few months. I have applied for onshore 856 visa and my understanding is that I would be granted bridging visa after 457 visa lapses if my application for 856 is still not processed by then. I understand that you get 28 days to leave the country should your application gets rejected. I was wondering if anyone knows whether I could apply for second 457 whilst awaiting the outcome of 856 since that would give me enough time to apply for some other skilled pathway should my 856 gets rejected. I know that I cant apply for 457 whilst I am on bridging visa and that is why I would like to apply for second 457 whislt I still have valid 457 visa. I read somewhere in forum that the second application cancels the first application....would my 856 application get cancelled with this rule then?
  3. Guest

    856 visa and leaving job

    I wonder if anyone can help or has been in the same situation. I am currently on a 856 visa and have been on it for almost a year. When I was applying for the visa I checked with the immigration depratment about my obligations esp regarding staying in the nominated job and they told me that I didn't have to stay in the job and that I could move job at any time as long as it was in line with my jobs contract. I am now at the stage that I do want to leave my current job (which sponsored me) - there have been some changes that I am unhappy with and also do not feel safe. The visa website says that my obligations as an employee are to "comply with all Australian laws as a permanent resident" - does any one know what these are / where I can find them or has anyone been in the same position and know whether I can leave my current job and what my obligations are in my next job - ie do they then have to be my sponsor? Thank you c x:arghh:
  4. doing a geographical

    457 - 856 skills test?

    Hi Thinking about applying for an 856 visa. If I've my skills have been approved for a 457 visa, do I still need to get a TRA certificate for a 856 application? Cheers!
  5. Radlam

    ARTC and 856 Visa

    Hi, I am having trouble with my 856 visa, I applied through TRA to have my skills assessed for the visa, all granted OK. Visa was lodged and case officer issued, says I need a licence. Applied for licence using TRA outcome assessment and it got rejected saying I need an ARTC from TRA. This application seems identical to the one I've already done successfully but just with a diff certificate! Can anyone shed any light on if my TRA for migration can be converted to ARTC without starting again from TRA as their wait is massive at the moment I think. Thanks Rick
  6. This is my first post on the forum - although I am very grateful for all the advice I have found through here previously! :cute: I hope someone can help clarify something for me.... My partner is currently on a 457 visa and his company are sponsoring him for an ENS 856 visa. (I am currently on a working holiday visa.) We intend to include me as his partner on his new visa application, and his employer is happy for this too. The checklist on the application form does not include the 12-month de-facto relationship evidence as an item to be included, I have seen it is listed on those for other PR visas. Does anyone know if this is something that should be included in the application anyway or will it be requested if required at a later date? Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give.
  7. Guest

    Perth 856 processing times

    Hi everyone, Just looking for some updated info on the Perth processing timelines for a 121/856 visa? I understand that the client service charter states 5 months, but I have heard of people being approved within weeks, particularly with the new priority processing tiers. My circumstances are as follows: In Aus for past few years on a 457 visa. Employer ENS nomination lodged 8/8/11 Employer ENS nomination approved 19/9/11 856 visa app lodged 5/9/11 856 visa app acknowledged as valid on 8/9/11 All documentation has been submitted. I am a UK citizen working as a Surveyor. Can anyone give me an idea of how long I can expect for PR to be granted based on their recent experience please? I know I am being impatient, but this is the final hurdle! Many thanks.
  8. Hi guys, I'm just looking for the facts about this visa. Including any payment to be made by the employer, what is the total cost in obtaining the above visa? Thanks
  9. Guest

    511111 or 511112?

    Hi all You may remember I was on a bit back when I split from my ex and was worried about kicking them off my 572(student) visa. At that time my employer expressed a desire to sponsor me (856!), and we've left it until now to start applying (as my Dip IT finishes shortly). I have over 10years experience (at least 5 demonstrable) in Project/Program administration. My current role is Contracts and Account Administrator (but I also run the training program, and coordinate incentives programs). I dont know which i should apply for 511111 or 511112? Does it matter when its clear to see I broadly meet the criteria for both? My employer obviously has to nominate me too, so its important we select the right one - theyre submitting their application/nomination this week. Im probably being paranoid and i also have the luxury of already having a visa, but the difference in fees for me are phenomenal if I get PR. It's still my intention to complete my degree, and I have the support of my employer to do so, so even if I was turned down, I could appy with a degree in a year or so. Anyone else got stories to tell about 511111/511112, or can allay my fears/give me pointers to success?
  10. Guest

    856 visa leave

    Hi There, Hopefully I will have my 856 approved soon. Very shortly after the grant I am planning to take a long leave (6 months or more) as I haven't been back home for a very long time and I have some personal things to deal with during that time. My sponsor is fine with that, providing that when I will be back I restart working for him. I was a bit unsure if this could be a problem for DIAC. The condition of the visa is 3 years working and if I go away for 6 months....I don't know if they will like it! I don't want to have the PR cancelled or to have problems at the airport the day that I'll come back here! What do you think, should I worry or not? Cheers, Carl
  11. Hi, Under the 457 visa i was under strict work-sponsor rules regarding what i could do for employment. Now that i have my Permanent Resident visa (856), i am wanting to know if i have to find another work-sponsor in the event of me being fired or if i quit from my current sponsor. Also, under the 856 visa, am i able to open my own business instead of working through a sponsor? Any information and or references would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Guest

    856 dilemma

    Hi I moved to Brisbane from Sydney after my 457 sponsor went bankrupt and had to withdraw my 856 after it was pending for 5 months. I obtained a new 457 sponsor in Brisbane and have another 856 pending. My question is this,If i where to leave my sponsor, to relocate shortly after the 856 was granted (weeks after it is granted) could that be regarded as a character issue by DIAC and a reason to revoke my visa? Im well aware of the moral issue and dont consider it lightly but im not happy in Brisbane. My sponsor paid a recruitment agency $8000 which id offer to pay back. Thanks joe
  13. hi i came into the country on a 457 and moved to 856visa , that 13 mnths on 457 and a year on 856 , i am curently having problems and am thinking of leaving , but now am suffering in decission because someone told me that if i decide to leave the employer now , the employer can report me to immigration and they will revoke my visa saying that it was fraudlent due to the short time i have spend with the company , so my question is how long should someone stay on an 856 visa before leaving for it not to be termed fraudlent , please help , coz its stressing me up :arghh:
  14. doing a geographical

    856 visa (chef) please help!

    Hey! The more I look at on the websites the more I'm confused. Does anyone know if they've changed the skills assesment for this. Last time I looked on the TRA website(about 5 weeks ago), I was looking at skill pathways etc. Have they done away with these? The main thing I want to ask is do need to use the application "TRA Migration Skills Assessment" for the 856 visa on the Employer Nomination Scheme? Surely its not the offshore skills assesment program, because I'm in Oz on a 457. Apologies if I've missed something obvious as you can see red tape isn't my forte. Thanks so much for any input!
  15. Guest

    457 -> 856 on same contract?

    Hi everyone, I received a 3-yr contract in Australia recently, and although I was thinking about PR back then, I decided to come on a 457 visa because the processing time for PR would have taken too long. Now that I've been here for two months, I'd like to apply for PR. My question is whether I can use the same contract to satisfy the 3-yr minimum for an 856 visa. Although the position is 3 yrs altogether, there are less than 3 yrs remaining right now. Thanks!
  16. Guest

    457 to 856 Advice Needed

    Hello, I am on a 457 visa (transferred to oz with my current employer), as the intention was always for this to be a permanent move they are keen to sort out my PR which suits me. I have read on the DIAC website that if you have worked for your employer for less than 2 years then you need your skills assessed but other than that as long as the usual conditions, medical, police check etc are ok this should not be a barrier. I wondered if anyone had experience of this? My only thought was that if it was more complex we could wait the 2 years as for us (with no kids), other than the risk of loosing the sponsor we are not adversely impacted by being on 457? But I may be missing something here? Many Thanks Tracy
  17. doing a geographical

    chef skill pathway for 856 2 questions

    Hi all, I'm on a 457 visa as a chef. Since I've been approved as a chef already, do I need to do the TRA skills test for the 856 PR application. If not, great. If so... I've been a chef for about 9 years but have no formal chef qualifications. I've got good experience tho and definately think i'm up to AFQ3. Problem I think is lack of evidence. I'm not sure which skill pathway I should go for on the TRA application (for 856 visa). I have an HND in International Hospitality Management (which included practical formal training, but not in an NVQ sense). But most of my experience is informal training. It says in the smallprint on the TRA website that I can do Statutory Declarations to document any experience that I cant prove. Will pages and pages of these with my HND do? I know its not an easy question, any help would really be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  18. noway

    457 to ENS 856?

    Hi Everyone, I have been on a 457 visa – Program/ Project Administrator for one year. My occupation is not in the General Skilled Migration SOL List and hence, I can’t apply PR on my own. Before my occupation get removed from the ENSOL, I’d like to ask my employer to sponsor for PR. Can I apply PR before being 2 years on 457? Are there any special requirements? Can someone please advise me? Thank you
  19. Guest

    457 to 856

    Anyone know how many years i will work in AUS (hold visa 457) can move to ENS 856 visa (PR), my agent told me need 3 years full time for my sponsor guy. but i checked immi web has show: have worked full-time in Australia in the nominated occupation on a Subclass 418, 421, 422, 428, 444, 457 or 461 temporary residence visa for the last two years prior to the visa application being made (including at least the last 12 months with the nominating employer) so.....im confuse for is that 2 years full time+ 1 year full time (with sponsor) and then apply VISA 856 (3 YEARS TOTAL) OR 2 years full time and then apply VISA 856 ??? (2 YEARS ONLY) Which one is correct ? Any one can help me ? Thx !
  20. jakc


    Arrived in Melbourne a year ago (feb09) on a 457 Visa. My partner (also English) was also given a 457 visa. Loving the job and would like to think that I have made a good impression. (software trainer) We are beginning to think that we would like to stay here long-term and therefore want to start looking at PR. I was thinking about forgetting about it until the last year of my 457, but then realised im 30 a year from now, so perhaps that may cause issues with other visas? Im also a little worried about what happens when the 4yrs is up. I have been verbally told that its no problem, im a full time member of staff and they would re-knew the visa, but at the same time, I dont like the fact that they have me by the balls. The jobs great, but the higher powers (i.e. the HR department) are a little harder to deal with. (for instance they refused me the LAFHA). I also know that I was the last person to get a 457 for the company as they are now tightening their belts on getting people from overseas. Have been doing some early research on both here and the immi site. Saw the 856 visa Am I on the right track? Is this something that I can do independent of my employer? What other options do I have? I remember back in the UK I was just short of passing the skills test, so I kind of assumed now that I have been working in the country for >1yr, id have a much higher chance of scoring PR on my own? Please can someone clear up what options I have and what my next steps should be? Thanks:smile:
  21. doing a geographical

    Chef 457 - 856 PR

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for options for PR, currently on a 457 visa as chef. I think I might be able to apply for the 856 permanent visa. I have about 8 years exp, here and back in england. I know I need to do the skills test and everything else thats required for pr, but is it really this straightforward? I don't need to stay on the 457 for 2 years minimum? is that just a common misconception... Any help would be great! Thanks
  22. Guest

    856 - Immigration visit

    Hi I am applying for a 856 visa - is it normal for the immigration dept to come and visit your employer thanks Emma
  23. Just thought i'd see if there are any Electricians or other trades applying for a ENS 856 and what your current position is After a hard few years since arriving in Aus we have finally just submitted our ENS 856 application and our position is as follows Current Visa: 457 (expires Oct 2012) Applied ENS 856 - Electrician Visa nomination & App lodged with medicals & Police checks 18/05/11 Payment taken 01/06/2011 and the wait begins ..........................
  24. Hi all, I am putting together my application for PR through the ENS 856 visa. A little history, I am currently on a 457 with my de-facto partner being sponsored by her employer. Both of our professions get 60 points on the SOL. I am making my application for the 856 through the first condition of; adequate skills assessment and 3 years post graduate experience. I am a mechanical engineer with a BEng which should qualify me for Engineering Technologist – 233914 (Sydney accord) and I have a post grad diploma which should qualify me for Mechanical Engineer – 233512 (Washington accord), both of these are ANZSCO Skill Level 1. I am waiting on my diploma parchment to be posted out to me for the skills assessment but I am a little unsure of what grade of skills to be assessed under. I think the bulk of my experience would fall under the description of an engineering technologist, though my current position would fall under mechanical engineer. If I got the skills assessment for mechanical engineer could I still use the engineering technologist grade for the visa application? A little further info, I got my BEng in 2006 and started work as an engineer immediately, I got my PgDip in 2008 having studied through distance learning. Thanks,
  25. Guest

    856 sub class visa

    HI all We were in Oz between 2009 and 2011 and returned to Scotland. Have got a PR visa sub class 856. If we want to return to Oz, are we entitled to do so on this visa? We have to return before July 2012. Do we need a return visa? Many thanks for any help. Thanks