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Found 108 results

  1. Hi Everyone I am at the start of my visa application for Australia. I would like to know how your current employment status outside Australia will affect your VISA application ? In other words, I will be employed when I lodge my EOI but possibly be unemployed if being asked to submit VISA application. My work contract expires in December and there is a possibility that it won't be extended. The earliest I can write my IELTS is in Nov, then submit EOI if the results are good enough. For 189 visa, I will have 65 points if I score 7 for IELTS. For 489 visa, I will score 75 points with 7+ for IELTS. I have relatives living in WA that will sponsor. The only reason why I am considering submitting 189 instead of 489 is due to being permanent at the start instead of the latter which is 4 years valid. My points breakdown: Age : 30 ( I am 31 years old) Qualification : 15 (My engineering degree in agreement with Washington accord, do I still need to have it assessed by Engineers Australia ?) Overseas Work Experience : 10 (6+ years working experience, I have company letters stating job title; employment period etc.) English Language Ability : 10 ( Still have to obtain) Relative Sponsor : 10 (if submitting 489 VISA) I have no partner or any dependents. Any advice would really help
  2. BSB

    489 visa waiting

    Hi friends Please help with ur valuable feedbacks. i applied 489 visa with 80 points to SA. timeline: vetassess approval..october 2016. state nomination recieved:January 14th 2017. filed visa application: 6th march. recieved request for Pcc and medicals:20th march. all required docs uploaded by 6th april 2017. after that just waitingggggggggg. My query is.. how do we know that CO is allocated. and how we know that employer verification is done. Actually the place u worked in is shut down due to salary disputes. please guide me.. wat shud i update to DIBP. just relueving from that institute where i worked or also reasin for leaving job. plss guide
  3. I have seen two migration lawyers in Sydney and both have given me conflicting information. I feel like I have wasted my money on the consultations and have not been told anything I already didn't know. I am a Primary School Teacher and currently my profession is on the combined list for Tasmania or Northern Territory. I originally enquired about the 190 state sponsorship visa for Tasmania however, I can only proceed with this if I have an employment offer which is very unlikely in my profession. I then came across the Subclass 489 - Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (section 3A). Below are the responses from both lawyers. Lawyer A - The 489 is a long wait too and quotas are normally used up before they reach 489 nominees. I saw what you were talking about on the NT website, they do some discretionary 489 and 190 nominations each year if you undertake to live in their state for two years and do everything you can to find a job. I could do this application for you but there are no guarantees, it is a rare and difficult nomination to get. We would need to present a whole picture of your experience and your husbands too. It is possible they will like your British experience. A job offer or offers in the NT would help this sort of application even if the offers will have expired by the time you get a nomination. Lawyer B - The 489 is not a problem we can easily get the visa for you. There is no medicare and you will have to pay all the school fees for both your children. ( He didn't seem too positive !) Can anyone shed some light on the processing times? ( DIBP website states 75% processed in 5 months /90% processed in 8 months) . I qualify for the 489 and have enough points but I would like to use a migration agent can anyone recommend a good agent. Medicare - we qualify for this under the reciprocal healthcare agreement between UK and AUS. Schooling - Some states do not charge fees and some do but I cannot find anything about Tasmania does anyone have any information about this?
  4. Hello everyone, I completed medicals June 25th and also police check is uploaded. Can anyone advise their timelines to 489 visa grant after this? i.e after uploading police check and completing medicals. Much appreciated.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Skilled Occupations List April 2017

    Only certain occupations are approved for use under Australia’s permanent and temporary skilled visa programmes. These occupations are listed in a legislative instrument that contains two schedules or ‘occupation lists’ that apply to different visa programmes. On 19 April 2017, the: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1 of the relevant legislative instrument Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced the previous ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL) and is available in Schedule 2 of the relevant legislative instrument. The information below explains which lists are relevant for particular visa programmes. Information is also provided about occupations that were removed from the list of eligible skilled occupations on 19 April 2017. Note: different eligible occupation arrangements are in place for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 186). List of eligible skilled occupations Only certain occupations are approved for use under Australia’s permanent and temporary skilled visa programmes. These occupations are listed in a legislative instrument that contains two schedules or ‘occupation lists’ that apply to different visa programmes. On 19 April 2017, the: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1 of the relevant legislative instrument Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced the previous ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL) and is available in Schedule 2 of the relevant legislative instrument. The information below explains which lists are relevant for particular visa programmes. Information is also provided about occupations that were removed from the list of eligible skilled occupations on 19 April 2017. Note: different eligible occupation arrangements are in place for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 186). Expand all Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) You must nominate an occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)if you are applying for any of the below: Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) (unless nominated by a State or Territory Government) Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate Work Stream. Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) There is no separate STSOL list on our website as visa programmes that utilise this list can also access some additional occupations on the MLTSSL. For ease of reference, we have combined both the STSOL and the eligible MLTSSL occupations together. See: Combined list of eligible skilled occupations. You must nominate an occupation on this Combined list of eligible skilled occupations if you are applying for any of the below: Employer Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) – Direct Entry Stream Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) - if nominated by a State or Territory Government Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) Training visa (subclass 407) Removed occupations On 19 April 2017, 200 occupations were removed entirely from the STSOL. See:List of the removed occupations A further 16 occupations on the MLTSSL were restricted to only apply to the following visa programmes: Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Skilled-Regional(Provisional) (subclass 489), if the applicant is not nominated by a State or Territory government agency See: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) These changes will only apply to new applications lodged on, or after, 19 April 2017 for: Employer Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) – Direct Entry Stream Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) - if nominated by a State or Territory Government Training visa (subclass 407) However, for the subclass 457 programme for any of these removed occupations on, or after, 19 April 2017: no visa applications can be granted no nomination applications can be approved. Source: DIBP
  6. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  7. christopherj

    Working online - remotely

    We received the 489 - 8539 visa from SA. Can I live in Adelaide and work online from Adelaide for a Mel or Shepparton company? Regards Chris
  8. christopherj

    489 Restrictions on employers

    Hi All....The restriction on the 489 visa when it comes to working.... what about the following scenarioIf i want to work for a consulting company which has a registered business address in the CBD BUT i will not be working at that this location at all... my work will be at the above employers' Customer locations (100% of the time) which are in regional areas i this possible ?
  9. Hi guys I am applying 489 visa to 887 this August 2017. I need bit of a help from people who have applied this visa or know about this cheers guys.I'am starting to sort of prepare documents and have few question which is . I am in 489 skilled visa as a social worker but I have been working as a bar manager full time now it doesn't specify in Immi website I need to work in my own field I am pretty sure we don't have to can you plz let me know.( I do casual work in disability just in case ) . With functional elsgilsh I have IELTS test which will expire on 29th Aug I am thinking about applying 27th will it be ok? I also have 2 years full time Diplima certificate I am pretty sure I can sue this am I right? . I got my 489 on 27 Aug 2015 and I am planning to apply 887 on 28th Aug 2017. However, I have travelled overseas for about 6 weeks in my annual leave will this be a problem ? Will it be deducted from my 2 years Reginal stay requirement and need to stay 6 weeks more? .My Health examination I should only do after they ask me ? Same with the police cert is this true? Thanks in advance ?
  10. Raj Shrestha

    489 Visa to 887

    Hi All, I currently hold a 489 visa for NSW and I will have fulfilled my requirements by September 2016. I am living with my defacto partner although she is not included in 489 visa as she is a non protected NZ citizen on a special category visa and now we are expecting a baby in August 2015. My question is: 1) After the baby is born, do I need to notify the DIBP if I don’t want the baby to be included in 489 visa as the baby will be an NZ citizen from her mother. My idea is to get permanent residency first for myself without any hassle and then go through obtaining a partner visa for my defacto partner and baby to gain PR if that’s possible? What’s your opinion – do you think it’s better to include the partner and baby or just the baby on my 887 application or wait until I have PR? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Samantha

    Evidence required for 887

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on here. I have a bit of a head scratcher which I am hoping someone may be able to answer. I have a 489 visa. I have just moved to Darwin and secured some work and a nice little house share. I plan to work towards applying for my 887 as soon as possible. My problem is I do not have any utility bills in my name and the Head Tenant has stated they are not prepared to put any in my name so I am a little worried about evidencing me living here for my 887 application. Does anyone know if I have Foxtel TV or a mobile phone bill sent to the address I am living, whether that would count as sufficient evidence? I thought about getting the internet but one of my flat mates already has internet and I am not sure whether I can get a second line put in? Thanks in advance for everyones help. It's much appreciated.
  12. Dear friends, We are family of four with two kids 9 and 13. We are holding visa 489 for four years and we are moving to Darwin , NT on June. Does anyone know if we are exempt of paying international tuition fees or not. Could not find any information about it. TIA.
  13. Hi I hve just lodged EOI for these visas. I am concerned though because my 489 is scored at 70 points and the 189 is 60 points. Will I be invited for the 489 before the 189? Will I be better to remove the 489 until I have been through a couple of selection rounds? As ideally I would prefer a 189 visa for obvious reasons.
  14. Hello guys, anyone who lodge 489 visa last May 2014 and still waiting for grant/approval?? :rolleyes: I have lodged mine online on May 17, 2014. Medical examinations done prior to lodging a visa. All documents uploaded upfront. Received an email from my case officer on July 28, 2014, requesting for Police Clearance. Police clearance submitted on July 30, 2014. Never heard from my case officer since then..... It has been 6 months now of waiting....:arghh: Processing time for 489 as published in DIBP website is 3 months. Status of my application in my Immiaccount is IN PROGRESS and it says, "Please wait for the the department to contact you." Can anyone help me on how I can contact my case officer? Or anyone having the same situation?? :yes: Thanks a lot in advance! :cute:
  15. GMacp

    489 visa application

    I've passed IELTS and got the Skill Select for Software Engineer. For me to gain Regional State sponsorship from Victoria, I need to have a job offer. Now Victoria take 12 weeks to process requests, and then DIBP take 2-4 months. I just can't see any employer willing to wait 5-6 months for me to take up a post. I am applying for jobs via Seek, but no joy as of yet. I think this long dely may be putting potential employers off. Anyone else went down this route and found a way through it?? Thanks Gale.
  16. Hi all, I am looking to go out to Australia on a 489 State sponsor visa for Hairdressing CSOL. I have already done lot's of research but there are a few things I am unsure of. I would be so grateful if someone could please help me. What can you use as proof of your work experience? Can you use bank statements or does it have to be P60 and pay slips? Last year I worked self employed (in salon) can I count that as work experience? Do you need a certain amount of money in the bank to show you can support yourself whilst out in Australia to be accepted for 489? Many thanks, Sarah
  17. Hello. Firstly some background information on myself. I am 25 years of age and a year and a half ago I left the police force here in the UK. There are many reasons why I left but I would rather leave politics to other threads! The bottom line is I stopped enjoying the job I joined up to do and used to love which I am sure any ex UK officers can associate with. I then decided that I wished to complete a degree so am currently half way through a three year degree. My policing experience totals just over 3 years and in that time I completed a Level 3 & 4 NVQ in Policing. My question is this. I have always had the desire to move to Australia and have been fortunate enough to visit on many occasions. When I was in the police I was always looking at the opportunities to move to the Australian police force. I unfortunately didn't fulfil the requirements and then when I did they stopped recruiting UK officers! Now I have been looking at 489 visa and jobs on those lists and to my amazement Police Officer was on NT CSOL list. Would I be in a position to apply for this visa or will the fact I am currently back studying, and the fact I left the police service mean that this is a no go? I obviously have the policing NVQ? I appreciate anyone's advice.
  18. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are currently on a Working Holiday Visa. This is ending on 8 December. Last week, we submitted an EOI for a family nominated Regional sponsored visa (489). We have enough points, and she had applied for her skills test 12 weeks ago so in the EOI we inputted the ref no we got from the accreditation board and the date that we applied for the skills assessment. We got the invitation last Sunday, and have been waiting anxiously for the skills assessment to be completed so we could go ahead with our application. We received the E-mail from the accreditation board today stating the skills assessment was complete. SUCCESS! Or so we thought. My girlfriend rang immigration today and they told her that because our invitation pre-dates our skills assessment result, when we apply we will be rejected, as this was an invalid invitation. I don't want anyone replying to this thread to post links to the immigration page or large chunks of text where it states that this is the case. What I want to know is 1. Should we go ahead with the application and play dumb and 2. Is there any chance it will go through, as we now have everything required. Has anybody else had this experience and can they offer any advice? :arghh:
  19. Hi All, My situation:- current visa = 485 (graduate skilled) Age = 23 expiry = May 2014 Skills assessment = ICT Business Analyst IELTS = scored 7 each living in NSW Work = Data Centre / Help Desk- since march 2013 (permanent job) My elder brother is Australian Citizen = but lives in Sydney, we both have lived and worked in Adelaide for 1 year from 2011 to 2012. (should it make a difference??) My brother is also willing to move to regional area to help me score points (his work can accommodate flexible arrangements) Question: I currently score 55 points on skills select, I want to explore my options of getting permanent residence. Any assistance will be appreciated. Age = 25 points(cos I am 23 not 25) australian study = 5 Bachelors degree = 15 IELTS = 10 (7 each scored !!) total = 55 I hope I will get another 5 points for working in Data Centre /helpdesk for 1 year in March 2014 (please correct me if I am wrong) ---------------------------------------- What are my best options as I have seen that state sponsorships are no longer an option for ICT business Analysts? Thanks for you input
  20. mdmx33

    condition 8539

    Hi Guys Just looking for some information on my moral obligations under WA state sponsorship. I was granted a 489 end of May while onshore. I've been trying to get work in regional WA for 6 months now with no luck at all. I want to live in WA however working here at the moment outside of Perth is proving impossible. I've been offered many jobs but they are all in Perth which is no good to me. I took the 489 under the advice of the dept. of migration WA as my occupation was being taken off the list in a the next few weeks of the phone call. I've read many posts which say different things and quite often refer to the PR visas. My visa is a provisional and don't want to prevent myself from being able to convert it to after working in regional for two years. In terms of my visa condition 8539 it does not specify any region or state in particular. Can I move to NT, SA or Tas for example where any area is classed as regional. What information will the DIAC request when I try to gain PR in regards to my obligations. I am very lucky to receive a visa and I am totally grateful, please don't beat me up as my intention was to stay in WA where I have all my friends and some family. Moving to another state was never really even considered until a week ago. I would move back to WA at the earliest opportunity if it was right to do so. Thanks Guys I really do appreciate any serious advice anyone can give.
  21. hi please help, i am going to apply my fiance as a subsequent entrant to my visa subclass 489, what are the requirements? do i need proof of funds?
  22. Hello, I have applied for a Subsequent Entrant Visa (489) online for my wife, and the status shows In-Progess. Does this mean the application has been lodged and waiting for a case-officer ? Or it is awaiting for another documents to be uploaded ? Usually how long does this visa process take, anyone with the experience could you please share your views. I have already been granted a Provisional Residence Visa. And I want her to join me in Australia asap. Could anyone please help me out with their views on this, thank you!
  23. Hi, I applied for 489 family sponsred (Queensland's regional area) visa on 21 Jan and i am still to get a CO. As per DIAC it should take maximum of 10 weeks for priority4 class. If anybody has been granted CO or visa in between please share your thoughs and processings. Any pointers are really appreciated. Thanks in advance, Punj
  24. Hi everybody, This is my first post on PIO, I've been lurking for a while and given the amount of expert advice on here, I'd like to, first of all, say a big thank you! But sometimes, with too much information available, I'm afraid I've reached a stage of info overload.:arghh: I have a few questions I hope you guys could help me out with: 1) If my occupation is not on the SOL, is it possible to submit an EOI for an occupation that I am keen to pursue? E.g.: I'm a sales manager, and I'd like to apply to be a Motorcycle Mechanic. Do I simply need to pass the governing body's test (VETASSESS etc.) along with the other criterias (IELTS 7.0 etc) to be eligible? 2) If i have relatives staying in Australia, I believe I can apply for a 489 Visa if invited after my EOI, there's a list of postal codes that my 'sponsor' is supposed to be residing in? [TABLE=class: tableborder, width: 1] [TR] [TD]New South Wales[/TD] [TD]Post areas 2311-2312, 2328-2333, 2336-2490, 2535-2551, 2575-2739, 2787-2898 (anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong)[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Looking at this, if my relative is living in Sydney, he will be unable to sponsor me? To sum it up, what's going to be the best method to apply? I'm below 30 years old, with a background (and work experience) in film production, switched to sales over the last two years, an offshore RMIT graduate, with relatives living in Australia. I look forward to any helpful advice you guys could provide, many thanks!
  25. Hi there. I have relatives living in Gold Coast, Queensland who are willing to sponsor me. However, we are n0t sure whether they are eligible to sponsor or not.. Is Gold Coast still a designated area? In the immigration website, it states that for Queensland it's anywhere except Greater Brisbane metropolitan area, however other websites say relatives in Gold coast cann0t be sponsors.. Help please. Thank you. Cheers! Btw, postcode is 4215..