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Found 98 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've lodged in a 485 application few months ago and i'm on a bridging visa A , and now i'm eligible to apply for a 885. I was wondering , will that be a problem if i lodge in for 885 and withdraw the 485 application after logding in the 885? will the withdrawal affects my 885 application? I'm doing this because the nomiated occupation on the 485 was nominated wrongly(2231-17 Software Designer instead of ACS assessed 2231-79 recent graduate), according to DIAC policy, we are unable to change the nomiated occupation after the application has been lodged. so i was thinking, before the 485 being refused i need to apply for 885 and withdraw the 485 application. need some urgent advice here.. many thanks
  2. horrbot

    Visa 176 & 485

    Hi there, i've lodged my 176 visa application on 13 May 2008 (majoring in IT Database Record manager) and yet still waiting for the result up until now. i live in Sydney, and finish studied Master of Education at UTS (i year). Currently, i'm taking another study on Advance Diploma Business management at APC (term 6, 2 more terms to go to finish 2 year study). My IELTS is 7. The questions i want to ask is : - Can i apply graduate skill visa 485 while my 176 visa is still ongoing? - Does my 2 degree related??because i'm planning to lodge for visa 485 if it's possible and that means i should take another skill assessment in that field,what kind of SOL will that be related with?? . - What is the minimum degree that is required for applying Visa 485?? - Do i have to wait untill i got my Advance Diploma?? or Certivicate IV? then lodge?? - Any suggestions/options?? I'm pregnant at the moment, and expecting birth on November 2010, what should i do if i still haven't got any news from the immigration??. I know i should forward my child birth certificate, but will that make any effect to my file to be checked quicker?? Please assist me with these enquiries, really appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Guest

    How to withdraw 485 app

    My situation currently waiting for 485 visa decision, But now i want to lodge another 175 visa application. I afraid my 485 visa granted after I got 175 visa granted and I lost my 175 visa. So I'm thinking if i can withdraw my 485 application, if my 175 visa near or already granted. Is what im doing right? Anyone know how to withdraw my 485 visa? :wacko:
  4. hi, i have already granted a 485 in august and already applied 885 visa as well. i am just wondering can i apply ENS visa coz i m a systems administrator working full time from 2yrs and my company is ready to sponsor me. the Question is am i eligible.
  5. Hi i am in Melbourne bridging visa 485, i plane to go overseas six months so i have to apply bridging b visa . my question is when i go out off country my application will process or not ? when i come back is i have to do overseas police clearance again?( HR country ) pl give some advice !!! otherwise i will plane less then 3 months thanks Dhani:chatterbox:
  6. Hi, I have a question regarding the graduate 485 visa. To quote off the DIAC website: However looking at the eligibility criteria it looks like you need 7 in IELTS to actually get the visa. If I get band 7 in IELTS, obviously my english woulnt require any improvement so shouldnt the visa allow for those people with poor english (and getting below 7 required for GSM) since one of its purpose is to allow for international students with poor english to improve their language skills?
  7. Hi wish u every one, My name is Dhani i applied for 485, 886 cat 5 DEC 09 non csl, HR country India i been here Australia last 2 years,now in bridging visa, i am having 2 kids studying year 8 th, year 11 and house wife in INDIA i am planing to shift them to Australia by tourist visa for one year by June 2010 then however 2011 JUNE i hope i will get minimum 485 visa then i could join my family in my TR 485 visa now my question is how i could get one year visa to my family ? pl help me can i apply from Australia ? or my wife apply from India ? and which one is best way to reach my plane ? pl give idea i am working in AUSTRALIA as a pastry cook i missed my family last 2 years so i like to keep my kids with me and after one year we like to send them school in Australia what they like school. if u give the idea or solution it will be great to me and my family thanks DHANI
  8. Guest

    Visa 485 How long??

    Hi all, I will be applying for Provisional skill assessment of Job Ready Test, but I was in concern that what would be the waiting period of TR Visa 485 once I get positive provisional assessment and apply for that visa. I have heard that currently students are waiting for more than a year to get TR. So at the end, is it like I have to wait for 1-2yrs to get 485 visa and then start with second step of Job Ready programme ? So eventually it will take ages to apply for PR:wacko: Any advice please...................... Thanks in advance.
  9. Guest

    Job Ready Test and Visa 485

    Hi all, I am will be applying for Provisional skill assessment of Job Ready Policy after couple of months when I finish my studies, but I was in concern that what would be the waiting period of TR Visa 485 once I get positive provisional assessment and apply for that visa. I have heard that currently students are waiting for more than a year to get TR. So at the end, is it like I have to wait for 1-2yrs to get 485 visa and then start with second step of Job Ready programme. So eventually it will take ages to apply for PR:wacko: Any advice will very highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. HI, Just got the acknowledgement from DIMIA,that they received my partners application. Question> How long is the processing time(for spouse),as I believe they assess on 2 grounds,your medicals and police checks. I have called DIMIA numerous time,and most if not all officers have said that it wouldnt take long since they(spouse) are being assessed in 2 grounds(mentioned above) Can somebody throw some light here and tell me how long it took(under the 485 visa) to get their visa approved. Thanks, Mac
  11. Hi all, I had my 485 visa granted and already applied for 885 3 months ago. As I need to leave Oz for 1 month to go back my country to visit my family. I quite confuse as a friend of mine told me I just use my 485 to leave Oz due to this visa let me Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of my visa. On the other hand I've been told that I should go DIAC to get a bridging B. I really don't know which way I should go ! Thank you for your help
  12. bmw2705

    485 visa help

    Can u tell m if once we get the 485 visa my wife can work full time like me or does she have to stay on 20hrs and does anyone no the processing time as just putting aplication in so i presume u get bridging visa as our 572 runs out in jan 2010 .
  13. Guest

    Subclass 485 query, please

    Ill have to apply for a 485 visa. I finished a 2 year trade course 1 week ago and havent completed the 900 hours yet. Am I able to apply for the 485 visa now or do I have to complete the 900 hrs first? Thanks
  14. Guest

    485 help---thanx

    I attached my document through online attaching additional document menue for my 485 application, but when I checked my application processe, all the materials are still required, is it OK? And today I found I did not answer whether my occupation is in MODL, but I remembered I did not see this question when I lodged, anyway. But before that question, I answered my occupation was assessed by CPA as accountant, so is that OK? Or i need to fill the form of incorrected answer from online, coz I am afraid it affact my processing priority? Thank u, guys!
  15. Hey all, please give me some expert advice here on my situation. I am currently holding a student visa, just graduated and have all my documents ready to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485). However, I am planning to include a partner, my girlfriend (3years relationship) into the Subclass 485 visa being her as a secondary applicant while me as a main applicant for this visa. My girlfriend is currently here in Aussie too holding a Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462) and her visa has a 'condition 8503' on it. I would like to ask whether is it possible for her to be the secondary applicant for the subclass 485? If can't, what are the other solutions I can look into? I really appreciate all your opinions and all your tips. Thanks loads
  16. Anyone has the 485 graduate visa online application checklist, coz I just wanna get all the material ready before hand and lodge on once I get my completion letter, I need the receipt to apply PY? Thank you everyone. And the birth certificate is from China, and had already been translated into English, but it is white and black color, so if i wanna upload it, do i still need get it verified by JP? Thank u for help!
  17. Guest

    485 Visa - Bringing Spouse

    Hi I am on the 485 visa ( temporary resident - valid for 18 months ) I got married 2 months ago,and I'm planning to bring my wife here. She is overseas. My question is 1) What application do i fill in for her? ( form number ) 2) Can she submit this at her local australian consulate (ie where she lives ie offshore) or should i submit it onshore? Please advise, Mac
  18. Guest

    485 - Timeline worries

    Hi All, I have lodged my temporary residency file (subclass 485 - online) in Mid Jan-2009. Now, it's been almost 8th month of being on bridging visa:arghh:. Any one here who has also lodge 485 in Jan-2009 and got the TR visa? I want to know currently which month of file is opening for 485 applications. Thanks, tekmis
  19. hello. i'm applying the 485 Temporary visa online and when I enter my VISA NUMBER, it said " The value you have entered in the field 'Visa number' is not a correct format". I know that there will be a LETTER following the visa number, such as. V8023745156X. But I applied my previous visa online so the Visa No. on the Visa Granted Letter that IMMI email to me is just 80237451566. not any letters in it. I'm not sure what's wrong. SHould I go to get my visa label & see what is my real visa no. ? thanks.
  20. Guest

    176 to 485/885?

    Hi All, I applied for 175 in Jan 2008, submitted medical in Feb 2009 and my status is "awaiting further processing". My Occupation was in SOL. In the meantime I finished a MS in IT in Brisbane, got 8.5 in IELTS. Now Im wondering if I should wait for the 175 outcome or apply again for 485 or 885 or switch to 176SS. 1. Should I wait for it or 885 would be faster? 2. If I apply for 485, does my 175 application become void? 3. can any one kindly give me any url/forms that i should be reading for 176SS? I would be really greatful if you can kindly provide me an answer. Thanks in advance.
  21. Guest

    Is this possible?

    Hi guys, okay, have spent the last 4 hours looking at the DIAC website and various Google sites and think (praying, oh please please please...) that I may have found a possibility. A South Australian Provisional Sponsorship (475/487) as an office manager. It is under the provisional sponsorship but I don't know what that means! Is it I can apply, as I have a Certificate in Management, which I think is equivalent to a level 3 certificate needed as well as 3 years experience as a receptionist and the past 2 years as an Executive PA at CEO/Board level and we will have to stay there for 2 years as per a state sponsored visa? Do you think I qualify? Please help!
  22. Hi, I have a very complicated situation here and I really need help and suggestion from anyone.:unsure: I am on a 485 at the moment and it is expiring in November 2009. For me to apply for an 885 and be approved, I would need to work in the job nomination I was assessed under, for 12 months. All my documents and conditions are all OK, except for the work experience that I am having at the moment. I am working in a field that is not closely related to the job nomination I was assessed under which was management consultant. I am currently in Human Resources. This is giving me a massive headache because I am in a risk of not getting my PR. I have a few alternatives I can think of relating with this but I need help in clarifying a few things and I need some opinions. From my research, I know that I cannot re-assess myself under Personnel officer (HR) and use this to apply for my 885 as I cannot change my job nomination for visa 885 since I applied for my 485 under Management consultant. (Anyone can verify this?) So......... Since I don't want to leave Australia.... I am thinking of re-assessing myself under Human Resources and applying under 175 (offshore) right now, and close my 485 expiring, I will apply for an 885 so after my 485 expires, I can still stay in Australia under bridging visa while my 885 is being put in process (until it gets rejected - but i know that it takes a while until the application goes to a case officer). Then if worse comes to worst, I might have to leave Australia while still waiting for the 175 to be approved, but by then, at least the application will already be halfway and is getting closer to approval. Can we actually apply for another visa while one is still under process? How many visas can we apply for at the same time? Please spare me some of your thoughts and if there is anything that I have missed on, or any rules that will stop me from implementing my plan. For any replies, I really appreciate your help. Cheers.
  23. Guest

    485 to PR but waiting offshore?

    Hi everyone, I am currently holding 485 visa, and I will be working for one year as web engineer this June 2009, and My 485 will be expired in june 2010. my question is that once I get my one year australia specific working experience and then lodge my 885 application, will I be able to leave australia. Because I found a job in New Zealand and My girlfriend is working in NZ as well. and we are planning to get married. After I got my Australia PR, then we can move to Australia together. I heard a rumor that one's pr application's priority will be lower down if someone waiting PR outside of AUstralia. is it true? thanks in advance for your help.