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Found 102 results

  1. Guest

    Visa 485

    I studied in australia for 2years (2006-2008) and came back to my hometown in Sept,2009. I dont have any valid visa for australia at present. Now, i want to go back to australia as i am eligible for Visa 485,but i dont want to study. So, Do i need to go back on a new student visa or can i go on a tourist visa and then apply for visa 485 onshore ?? Please Help.
  2. As an ex international student, I have been through the rigmarole of studying and applying for the 485 Skilled Grad visa, working as a cook and going through the Job Ready Programme. Recently Perth was reclassified as a regional area but only for the purposes of a limited amount of visas. As someone of 43 years old, I fall 5 points short of the passmark for migration, and needed the points that studying and living in Perth for 3 years would have given me. I passed my IELTS at 9 across the board, giving me 20 points for superior English but that isn't getting me very far. I'm becoming depressed. I've done everything I have been told to do, yet by the time I can look at applying for residency I will have been pushed over the age threshold. Its been 3 years of drudgery and constant paying out for immigration processes that become obsolete with every change of rules, which is about every 3 months on average. I've invested so much, not just in financial terms but in blood, sweat and tears. Is there any way at all I can work around this? It seems after so long doing this there should be some way. Employer sponsors aren't that easy to find, as most of the worthwhile jobs require you to have PR already. My previous employer was in fact interested in sponsoring me once the RSMS status had been accorded to Perth but I had to work with someone who (I'm fairly convinced) was a clinical sociopath and I couldn't stand it and left. A 457 visa is a slave visa in this industry, and the moral objections I have to it would see me rather go home than be owned like that. Help, I'm drowning in a sea of frustration and angst!
  3. Dear All friends, I have a very serious matter to discuss with you all :arghh:. It is about 885 visa; independent skill category for PR. I just have completed my course on 25 JUN’2010. Already got my positive skill assessment and IELTS 6 in each component. Actually, I was preparing myself for lodging 485 skilled graduate visa in couple days. Then from nowhere someone suggested me to apply for 885 visa at the same time with 485 visa application. The reason is to have all the available options open in hand, so that I don’t have to be disadvantaged . I am not sure how far that idea will work out . Then I thought of you guys, Why not to take an opinion from you all whether it’s a good or bad? My that friend also suggested me my PR application has to be before 1st JULY’2010 to get the maximum output/points. According to my current estimate I make straight 100 points for PR in independent category if I lodge my application before 1st July’2010 on existing SOL (i.e. occupation: 60, Age: 20, IELTS: 15, 2 Yrs Aus Study: 5 = 100) :confused:. Then my friend advice me after lodging 885 start working on increasing points, which are sit for IELTS and try to score 7 in each component from where I get extra 10 points + community language : 5 and Australian 1 Year work experience 10 points. He also suggested me the time DIMIA will ask me remaining documents you will have over 1 year time to supply them (i.e. new IELTS transcript, work experience, NAATI etc) I feel that I can do it . I really have that confident. If I sit couple times for IELTS I can make 7 each. Work experience won’t be the problem as I am already working in my occupation over 2 years. NAATI won’t be the problem. In this scenario, “Do guys think I should apply for 885 with 485 visa application together?” . The thing I am worried about and need to be confirmed: 1. “Are they(DIMA) gonna accept any documents such as IELTS, NAATI, Experience Certificate; if I supply them later on after lodging my 885 visa application?!” :mad: 2. Is it a smart IDEA (885) or I will be the looser? 3. What happens to my 485 Visa application (as I will lodge it 885 visa application)? :skeptical: 4. What is the sequence of processing as such application i.e. 485,885 from one applicant? 5. During the process of both applications (485,885), can I apply for state sponsorship if the new migration plan suits me? Guys you know I am making last minute changes; as I never thought that I had option of lodging 885 visa in such a short notice. Although I am ready to bare all the expenditure associated with this. You know how much it cost to lodge 885 visa, which is 2525/- (that also 1st instalment) :wacko:. I just have got 2 days time to make a final decision. Guys! give me some smart ideas, please! I can go to agent/lawyer but to do this you need time to have an appointment and in my case I haven’t got my course completion letter yet, although my education provider said I would have it by Tues (29) or wed (30). So you can imagine on the edge situation . Anyone can help me?!! :no::no:
  4. Guest

    Advice please - 485 to 885

    Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice here. We are on my partners Graduate 485 visa which is due to expire in a few weeks time. She is a hairdresser which she studied for here in 2007-2009, and as she got the 485 before they changed the points system show is eligible to apply for an 885 on the old points system. Unfortunately we have hit a stumbling block.... the IELTS!! :no: She needed a 7 in each band to get the 25 points she needs to get 120 points, but the reading section is catching her out every time and she has only got a 6.5 there. We have no time to do anymore IELTS and all other options are not viable (employee,state etc). My question is, if we put in for PR (885) with her current 110 points and 6 average IELTS score, will it go into processing until it is assigned a case worker in 2/3 years time or will the points be checked at the time of application and instantly be refused as she does not have the 120? Also, could we add a 7 IELTS score at a later date? (I think this is a no but I did read somewhere that you could). Any help or advice with this or even any other avenues that I haven't yet thought of would be great to hear. Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi Guys! How are you all doing? It was hailing here yesterday but I still love this country!:biggrin: However, I do have a question or two and hope that you guys are able to enlighten me. I came over here with a Student Visa. I was confirmed a place in Jan 2010 and as per IMMI, I can only apply for the student visa 3 months before the course starts. Therefore, as at 18 Feb 2010, I was still waiting to apply for a student visa. So, that means I won't be able to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) after I completed my 2 year of studies, right? Some people are telling me to apply for the 485 in Dec 2010. So, I am confused. What other options can I go for? Currently I one year of paid working experience in the arena of my study ( 20 hours per week). That means, by the time I graduate, I will have 2 years of work experience. Thanks so much! Cheers, JP
  6. Hello. I have completed the Bachelor of IT, major in Network Services, at the Central Queensland University. It is an ACS accredited course. Here is a link to the degree: handbook.cqu.edu.au/Handbook/programs_4.jsp?s=4&code=CQ18 I took the following courses: Core: Conceptual Foundations of Computing Computer Hardware Fundamentals Professional and Technical Communication Ethics and Social Issues Programming Fundamentals Software Fundamentals Java Programming Visual Programming System Analysis and Design System Development Information Systems Project Managements Objects and Data Structures Database Use and Design Data Communications Network Services specialization: System Administration Operating Systems Networks Information Security Electives: Human Computer Interaction (from Application Development major) Database Application Development (from Application Development major) Statistics Principles of Economics Business Finance Macroeconomics Now, I am looking at SOL and I don't see Networking there, there are the following: 261111 ICT BUSINESS ANALYST 261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST 261311 ANALYST PROGRAMMER 261312 DEVELOPER PROGRAMMER 261313 SOFTWARE ENGINEER My main question is what occupation should I choose for Skill Assessment with ACS? I may fall under the Transitional Arrangements from 8th of February 2010, as I was studying in this course at that point in time under 573, although it was a different visa number since I had to extend it this year. If my understanding is correct, I should also fall under: 135111 Chief Information Officer 261111 ICT Business Analyst 261112 Systems Analyst 261311 Analyst Programmer 261312 Developer Programmer 261313 Software Engineer 261314 Software Tester 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec 262111 Database Administrator 262112 ICT Security Specialist 262113 Systems Administrator 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263113 Network Analyst
  7. Hi guys, I applied for my 485 VISA in August 2010 (using old SOL with transitional arrangement) and now I'm ready to apply for 885 VISA with occupation in new SOL. It's almost a year since my application for 485 and I deadly want it now so that I can apply for 885 before DIAC decides to make their moves again! Is there a way to get them notice my 485 application? I've used all necessary means (phone, email, and even an agent) but there is no success so far. Some of my friends told me that I just need to call them and say I'm ready to apply for 885 and they would assess my 485 application right away. Has anybody here done that? I'm pretty much appreciated for your comments, hints and tips. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, In January 2010 we applied for a 485 Graduate Visa after completing 2 years study as a Commercial Cook, when I called Immigration to check something, they advised I was able to apply for GSM as had completed the TRA + had all the docs ready to go. Therefore on 7 feb 2010, we applied for GSM 886 Sponsor, I know that we are in for a wait + this wait is unlimited ( I/We can only pray that our visa's are not canecelled as there was a threat of it happening! ) Anyway, I receieved an email today stating we had been assigned a case officer for the 485. I was somewhat confused as thought the 886 superseeded the 485 visa, they were requesting extra docs, such as new medical/AFP as obviusly they had expired since we ap;plied over 12 months ago. We are on a bridging visa now, I asked what the benefit was to still applying for the 485, or should we infact just void this one + wait for the 886. She said that we could do that + stay on a bridging visa but we cant leave the country - unless we apply for bridging visa B ( I did this last year for a trip back to the UK for a family emergency ) My question is, are there any other reasons we would benefit by going onto this 485 Visa, as far as I can see its just more expense for the medicals/AFP when we will prob have to do this again in however long its going to take for us to be looked at for the PR visa. I really hope this makes sense - so long winded! I just do not want to jeopardise the Perm visa in anyway + need to know that if we cancelt eh 485 we are not making a problem for ourselves somehow! Any advice is very very much appreciated. Regards Gemma
  9. Hi , I m currently holding 485 skilled graduate visa, it expires in september 2010, can any one please let me knoe is it possible to extend it to next 18 months?? with out applying for PR, can any one please let me know how can we extend TR visa, thanks in advance..................
  10. Guest

    485 visa processing time

    Has anyone got 485 visa granted recently? If yes when did you lodge the application. Looking at the DIAC's processing. The 485 application hasn't moved further from 22 December 2009? Thanks
  11. ljwalvin

    485 applications not moving!!!

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if they are going to speed up 485 visas after July 1? It says that the priority processing for 485 will end after June 30. I lodged my application in Aug 2010 but my occupation is on the Jul 2011 list- was just wondering if they are going to speed up the process at all!
  12. Hi everyone,:unsure: I have several questions regarding my eligibility for a graduate visa 485. I did a bachelor of commerce in marketing in Feb 2009 and finished in Nov 2009. In Feb 2010 i cont'd on to study a masters of arts in Journalism and now in June 2011 i am about to complete my course and get my results sometime next mth. Both marketing and journalism are no longer in the SOL but i held a student visa on or before Feb 2010 so i am eligible to apply for a 485. I have several questions regarding that. 1. The IMMI says that students that don't qualify the 2 year study requirement may either study something else that is of higher level than what they previously did or take extra subjects that would contribute to the current course but both has to be closely related to their current course and job that is being nominated on the SOL. My question is does marketing and journalism qualify as closely related? i called up the immigration and an officer told me i qualify but in my forms i need to justify to the IMMI why i believe they're both related is that true? 2. Initially i was planning to apply for a 485 on the basis of marketing being nominated as my job on the SOL but i realised that i held a student visa before 8th of Feb 2010 however i completed the course in Nov 2009 and in order to qualify i need to apply for the 485 not longer than 6mths after i graduate so that means i can't apply under marketing as my nominated job? 3. If marketing is not possible for me i will then apply on the basis of journalism as my nominated job however i will only be getting my results etc. somewhere in July and my student visa expires on the 30th of August. I know that the skills assessment will take about 8 weeks but will it speed the process up if i submit the form of urgency stating my student visa will expire soon? and if i still have to wait 8 weeks will i be alright to submit the application of 485 with all the IELTS, police clearance, identification etc but along with just a receipt from Vetassess stating that i am waiting for an outcome of the skill assessment? If i am not mistaken i have 28 days after my application is lodged for me to produce all the documents before my application is being rejected am i right? I do hope that anyone on here could shed some lights for me on this issues as it is pretty urgent and i really want to con't living and staying in Australia with my Aussie partner. Thanks for reading and any advice is highly appreciated. Melissa
  13. Hi all, Im very new in this forum. I really need some help. Im applying graduate visa 485 and i have banking finance major (just graduate) and i need VETASSESS to assess my qualification for TR. The thing is i dont know which SOL is suit me. I dont have any experiences. Could anyone please help me which one should i choose? Can i choose internal audit???? i think that is the closest one if im not wrong. Thank you very much..=)
  14. Hi, I had lodged the 485 visa on 12 December 2010. According the current scenario the processing times for 485 is more than 10 months possibly 14 months or more. After getting 485 granted , i have to got through the state sponsorship which may take 2 months to be granted. Will i be able to apply for the 885 visa before July 2012? If not what are the possibilities of getting 885 visa granted through the new selection migration model ??? I am totally confused and shattered !!!
  15. Hi all, I completed a Bach. of Engineering (Electrical) on 7 Dec '10 and qualified by Engineers Australia (skill assessment agent) as Electronics Engineer (included in SOL). My visa expired on 15 Mar. '11 and I applied for Subclass 485 (TR) on 12 March '11. Then applied for Subclass 886 (PR) with assistance of my relative in Sydney on 13 June '11. Does anyone know which one will process quicker information given by immi is pretty confusing to me...:mad: In fact, I'm a little bit doubtful too as to whether I am eligible for 886 since it is said that it is for people who graduated in the past six months; while I also see somewhere that says people who held a student visa in the past six month may be eligible too... Anyways, it would be sweet if any of you who have a similar case to me could give me some idea :smile: Thank you very much in advance!!!:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: Schwarz
  16. Guest

    Urgent!! Can anyone help me?

    Hey, guyz. I got a serious situation here for 485 graduate visa. I did not intend to staying Aus when I finished accounting bachelor course from university, so I back to my home country. But I got a situation that I should back to Aus to apply PR. The problem is here The date when I finished course was 16/Dec/2010 that means I only got approx 10days left to apply 485 as it has to be made within 6months after finished course. But I do not have IELTS score atm. If I do not have IELTS score that is 6.0 each, then I can not apply skilled assessment to accounting body for 485 visa. That means I can not apply 485 visa, right? 'At the time of making your application, you must have applied to have your skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation. This is an evaluation of your qualifications to make sure that you are sufficiently qualified for your nominated occupation.' according to IMMI. But, one of agency said, you still can apply skills assessment to accounting body like CA,CPA,NIA without IELTS score for 485, so I can get the assessment number or reference number which I applied skills assessment. Thet means I can apply 485, right? 'At the time you apply for this visa you must provide evidence that you have applied to the relevant assessing authority to have your skills assessed for your nominated occupation. You can lodge your application without a completed skills assessment, however this visa will not be granted until a completed satisfactory skills assessment has been provided to the department.' according to IMMI. No time really, is anyone can tell me I still have chance to apply 485 or I should give up. If, it is possible to apply 485 now, the please gime some instruction. All I doing this is for my lover, we could not live without together. :cry:
  17. Merxi

    IELTS for 485

    Hi, when I need IELTS for 485 visa? Do I need results before I lodge application or can I attach results during bridging visa?:cute:
  18. Hi Everyone, I am in a dilemma about applying 885 visa while still on the bridging visa for 485? My Student visa got expired last month and since I was waiting for my CDR ,I could not apply for 885 visa which I have eligible luckily.Now i have got my CDRv assessed and I want to apply for 885 visa. Can I apply for 885 while on bridging visa A for 485? What will happen if I apply now?Someone told me that my bridging visa A will change to bridging visa C which has no work right and travel rights? Has anyone applied any visa or 885 visa while you were in bridging visa? Please help me out guys..:confused:.
  19. Guest

    485, 885 Cat 4 Processing

    Hi All, I have applied for my 485 Visa as a Community Welfare worker in Feb 7, 2010. Later in may 2010 i have applied for the 885 visa. I am on a bridging visa now and is waiting for any one of the visas to be processed. No case officer has been assigned till today. Is anybody has the same issues? I would like to know approximately how many more months/years i may have to wait? Will both my visas processed at the same time as 485 is 18 months visa and i may be completing my 18 months in bridging visa soon? Regards Mat
  20. Guest

    *485 - 885*

    I'm in category 4. holding a 485 visa. applied for 885 on mid May,2010. How long i need to wait for getting a CO. Somebody told me from the beginning of 2012, processing of cat-4 will be started. Is that true? is there anyone in cat 4; holding a 485(or bridging) visa and applied in 2007/ early 2008? I will go on bridging visa from november,2011. i am recently married. what should i do now? Will bring my wife now in australia or not? Somebody guide me plz.
  21. savedbytheson

    485 and 457 questions

    I have just finished my Advanced Diploma of Hospitality course, and wanted to apply for Graduate visa (485) for myself and my wife. Do i need to get the AFP check and medical checkup for her also? Or just marriage certificate is enough? Also, my employer (bakery) offered 457 before, but my salary is under $48k/year, is it possible to apply for 457? and is it true that after 2 years being sponsored, I can apply for my PR? Instead of working 2 years for my employer, can I just apply for PR right after I got my 457? Cause I have Certificate III in Patisserie already. Btw, I have been working for the bakery for about 8 months now.. I am a bit lost here, so I really appreciate for any reply and answers.. Thanks
  22. Guest

    Adding Dependant on VC 485

    Hi All, I want to add my mother on my current VC 485 visa. Can anyone please help me with the necessary forms and documents for the same. I am confused between form 1276 and form 47A. I already have a VC 485 and she has a tourist visa and currently staying with me in Adelaide. from the immi site I got this info: General Skilled Migration Can anyone help me with the documents that I can provide to show evidence that the relative resides in your household evidence that your relative has been dependent on you for at least the last 12 months Thanks in advance Andy
  23. Hi, I applied for 485 (graduation skill visa) in January. I'm on bridging visa right now. I applied on position as VET teacher, which was on old skill list. I can not apply for 885, because of this position (is not on the new skill list). Do you have any recommendation what can I do for my PR? :daydreaming:
  24. Hi there, Currently i am holding a subclass 485 graduate visa and need to apply for 885 (migrant independent) in 2month time as my visa is expiring. as of now i couldn't get 7 in IELTS so only other option for me is to apply with my work experience. ^ i have a full time job offer from a eligible Australian employer. ^ i have worked full time in my nominated occupation (on which i have finished my Bachelor) for last 16 month for that same employer Under the old rule (the one before 8th of feb 2010) should i get the last required 10 point to make my 120? and is it risky to apply with work experience compare to having 7 in IELTS? i would really appreciate some input on this matter. Thanks in advance
  25. Hi to everyone:biggrin:, i`m new to the site!!! Actually i need your help guys!!! i applied for a 485 since nov09 and just got it few weeks ago.So i after reading the changes that occured 8 feb 10 i thought i would be able to apply for PR after getting my 1 year experience in my field(hairdressing... i know guys:cry: i am a genuine hairdresser but had many issue because of pay slips. which i started collecting since march 2010).i have my ielts with at least 6 in each band last year and when i went ro see my agent,she said that i am not eligible to apply for PR unless i look for a sponsor!!!!:arghh: So guyz!!! give me your opinion about the matter and if whether i should look for another agent.... thanks a lot!!!:embarrassed: