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Found 1,883 results

  1. Hi all, just discovered pomsinoz and hoping someone will be able to give a little advice i am a hairdresser currently working in Melbourne on a 457 sponsorship I have been on this visa for 3 and a half years now, the problem is my employer does not want to nominate me as he has not fofilled his visa duties , example ;not paid the nominated wage award (was agreed at beginning ) Not used 2%of the company's income on training and education and am sure there is a few other things,, so am wondering what happens once I reach the 4year mark? Am I able to apply for P.R without nomination? or am I better off looking for a new employer who will nominate me??? any help would be much appreciated !! therr could be a haircut in it for you regards beandos
  2. So i have been working for a company for about 6 months...they did my initial 457, sponsoring me for the maximum 4 years...the work they thought they had dried up, so I am looking for a new employer and have found one. The company is an approved sponsor but there is a problem: they are under the impression that if they sign me up, they are effectively signing me up as a permanent employee for the duration of the sponsorship under law. No matter how much I plead, they won't listen that they are 2 separate things. Does anyone have official/semi-official proof that this is not the case? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all New to the forum, but in need to help urgently. I have been made redundant and have until early Jan to gain new sponsorship. Its not a great time and I do not have many leads. My son was born here and my wife is due with #2 in April, I consider my son an aussie and its our home. Does anyone know of ways to extend the 3 months grace after losing sponsorship? Any help much appreciated. Cheers Ian
  4. Background Arrived in Aus 2010 on a Student Visa. After Uni, obtained a 485 Skilled Graduate. Currently working for an employer in my skilled nomination. Applied for a 457. Unfortunstely, nomination for sponsorship was recently refused due to salary issues (long story, but legal advice has said not worth appealing) Currently under a Bridging A (class WA) as I still have till the 1st December to appeal against my 457 decision. I intend on withdrawing my 457 application before the 1st of December. I believe that upon doing this, I will then be given 28 days on withdrawing, for my Bridging Visa to remain valid. Option 1 - New 457 Application I am currently working with my employer to potentially find another role with a simpler contract that meets the needs of a 457. I would then need to apply for a new 457 application Q1. Whilst on my current bridging visa, can I apply for a new 457 onshore? Option 2 - Lodge a Tourist Visa (600) The above might fall through with my employer and therefore I want to find work elsewhere in Australia. I would then like to apply for a 6mth Tourist Visa so that I can continue to find work. Q2. Whilst on my current bridging visa, can I apply for a 600 Tourist Visa onshore? Can anyone perhaps offer some answers to my above two questions. If anyone has any other ideas or useful advice, would really appreciate it. I would like to avoid getting myself into any high risk categorys with IMMI by having anything refused, so want to do everything right.
  5. Various positions with our IT Services company in Darwin (near Kakadu), for the right person we are also offering Visa Sponsorship. - Helpdesk / Incident support officer - IT Engineer Server/Desktop Support - Marketing / Sales - Office Admin / Sales Admin - Workshop IT Technician The positions could be contract/short term, however also do offer sponsorship in for the right person. Please a/ Email me your resume & let me know your availability or interest in a position b/ Even if you don't want work now, but may come to Darwin in the future, re-email me your resume before you arrive (as I may have work at the time) Have a look at http://www.theterritory.com.au and our website http://www.ategra.com.au/contact-us/news-blog/434-ategra-now-hiring For more information and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would simply like to linkup on LinkedIn, also send me an invitation or see my profile at http://au.linkedin.com/in/territorian Its a good way to keep in touch and also if you link up your profile will be visible to thousands of employer contract I have all over Australia. Michael Michael@ategra.com.au
  6. Hi, Could anybody please share me your experience with August 2013 visa processing time. my application was lodged on 1-Aug-2013. currently in application being processed further status. your reply is much appreciated. Thanks
  7. hello, I am looking for some advice from people that have moved from the 457 to the 186 transition stream. I will be 2 years on my 457 in febuary 2015, my visa runs out a month after in march 2015...so I have a timeline to work with. my employer is willing to do the nomination..can the nomiation be lodged before the 2 years is completed on the 457??? How much is the nomination? I have been in contact with some migration agents and to work on my visa..i've been quoted 10,000$$$ +++ (my partner is de facto on my 457 so to lodge the visa is 5,280 anyway) how complicated is the visa application itself?? i know its online. and i am cpmpetent on computers. I think if the nomination is approved thats the hardest part?? am i right in thinking this. I would love to chat to someone who has been in my situation before. any info would be greatly appreciated!!:confused::confused:
  8. Hi - apologies if this has been covered already, but Im wondering if anyone has found a hospital employer that provides sponsorship recently? The bulk of the jobs are looking for residents (rightly so too as I believe the auzzie graduates arent getting jobs) - theres no longer a shortage of nurses I have 10 years experience in acute care and AHPRA reg - not sure where to start now though as I cant find any sponsorship vacancies. Have had emails back from employers saying theyre looking locally first. Looking for posts in NSW or Adelaide Have looked on Seek.com.au. Any other job sites for nurses? Anyone in the same boat?
  9. Hi guys, Do I need to take the IELTS exam even though I already have a registration with AHPRA as RN to lodge 457 visa? It seems like the immigration change there rule about providing evidence of English proficiency on an applicant with rego (I hope not):arghh::arghh:. Anyone who are expert in this, please I need help. Thanks.
  10. Hello peeps. Have lodged my side of 457 application after an agonising wait for TRN number from sponsor - had not realised they had not even got a sponsor status until I have completed everything for the skills assessment :arghh:! Not impressed to say the least. Only got 9 weeks left before I have to register in person at AHPRA so panic mode definitely on. Rant over. In preparation, am wondering if you lot have any recommendation on which one to choose for visa medicals (particularly one with quick turnaround time??). We are in Cambridgeshire so closest would be London/Essex ( Knightsbridge or Spire Brentwood), or Birmingham (Handsworth or Spire Little Aston). What would be the expected turnaround results from the medicals, do any of you know? Had read some issues with one in Birmingham in another forum (apparently very slow with miscommunications etc). We don't mind paying more as long as we don't have to play the unnecessary waiting game again. Thanks in advance for any reply x
  11. Hi My girlfriend has been offered a job back at the previous place she worked at in OZ. We were out there in 2012/13. This would be our second 457 visa. We have been living apart in the UK since we got back due to job arrangements- when we apply for a 2nd 457 visa do we have to go through process of proving we are in defacto relationship? Will the process be quicker? Any thoughts/help much appreciated T.
  12. Hi, Is it possible to track the progress of a 457 visa application online during stage 2? The application has been made through a migration agent, I've logged onto the immigration tracking site (http://www.immi.gov.au/Services/Pages/check-progress-online-application.aspx) and when I import an application using my details I get 'no matching results found'. I contacted the MA and they said 'the only way to track your application is to directly call the case officer or the immigration department.' Is this correct? Many thanks, Matt.
  13. Hi! I've been working as a Cafe Manager since NOV/2012 and on NOV/2013 my boss offered me a sponsorship. Application for BSB was made on 20.12.2013 and approved on 28.02.2014. Nomination had already been lodged on 13.02.2014, just to try to speed things up. Everything was going well until 21.05 when Case Officer informed my agent through the phone that he was going to refuse nomination as "he doesn't like approving managers for Cafes". Long story short CO said he approves for Restaurants but not for Cafes because he reckons Cafes don't need managers. My agent explained to him that our operations are as complexes as any Restaurant, as we do have table service (40 indoor seats and 90 outdoor seats), have an extensive breakfast and lunch menus, offer catering services and also do functions (have a liquor license). My agent also asked him on what grounds he was going to refuse; he didn't answer, just said again he doesn't like Cafes and we could go to Court if we were not happy with his decision. My agent's last shot was to tell him my boss is opening a new Cafe in October (that's real, he is already working on the design and all the papers are signed) but he didn't seem to change his attitude. He finished conversation laughing about the situation, saying "I'm checking her file and can see she has a valid visa until next year... enough time to look for something else". After hanging up the phone my agent sent him a very straight forward email explaining again our position and how law supports 457 for Cafe Managers and ever since we haven't heard from him. On 30.05 my boss wrote two letters pointing out why he needs me working full time by his side (I'm currently on a student visa working part-time). During these nearly 2 years he tried to replace me several times as a Cafe Manager as he needs someone full time but was never successful (that's why he offered me the sponsorship). I've a Diploma of Business completed here and also I'm graduated in Business back in my country (4 years studying). I'm very stressed and aware the only thing I can do is wait until CO makes him decision but would like to ask if anyone has any tips or has had similar situation. Thanks
  14. Raj27

    ENS 186 - Temporary Stream

    Guys, Does it makes a difference if you are applying for ENS 186 - Temporary stream and you get promoted to higher position (than your actual 457 nominated position). For example if your are working as Network support and your are promoted to Network support Team Leader. Just a title is different, job description is very similar. I will appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  15. elesmith

    457 Visa Help

    Good Morning All, I am looking for some help and advise if at all possible. My partner is on a 457 visa until 2017 and I am on his visa, I am currently 14wks pregnant and due to the cost here in the NT we wont be able to afford to stay. I am wondering if my partner is to terminate his visa early will his employer still have to pay for the flights back to the UK or will we have to pay as we are terminating his employment early and how much notice do we have to give them if they do pay for the flight. Thanks in advance
  16. hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I'm currently on a 457 visa (its a labour hire visa sponsored by an agency) working in IT. My 457 based upon the "Project Coordinator" role. My employer have told me that I may not have a job in 6 months, so i'm wondering how easy it is to apply to other jobs, and transfer my 457 Visa to the new job... are there any limitations when doing this? I've spoken to a few agencies and they've said they're not interested in putting me forward for roles (although I have 8yrs experience in Financial Services Operations), because its much easier to put forward candidates who don't need to consider transferring a visa. I feel like I'm stuck and its so frustrating. Thanks in advance, Tom
  17. It would be great to get other's thoughts on this. No plugging, and I have been a recruiter since 2005 doing the 457 option, and believe me when I say the last 3 years haven't been a great time for us International Recruiters, finally some of my old clients are once again asking for candidates (albeit a trickle) Are we seeing the fabled 'green shoots' in Australia as well? Best Richard
  18. Hi Everyone, I have for quite some time been reading posts on here and am eternally grateful to all those who have shared their experiences of applying for visa's. I have searched quite a few forums to try and find out other peoples experiences when going for the defacto whilst having cautions and although the question is asked and everyone says it should be fine....I have never seen a follow-up regarding what the outcome was. Which has brought me here to ask if anyone does have advice or can explain what the ramifications were? To give you an overview of my situation, I am currently on a 457 and going to apply for the defacto visa shortly (just starting the process) the UK police check takes the longest so want to get that sent off asap. I know it is going to come back for two cautions, one was relating to an incident where I was physically attacked, retaliated and due to this both of us got cautioned. The second was for a tiny piece of weed which was in my pocket which a dog sniffed out on the tube one day. These events occurred nearly 4 years ago, I have never has anything else happen (i realise some people get through life with zero cautions) and don't actually smoke weed. However I can kind of appreciate why these two cautions would be massive red flags. I'm going to send for the checks anyhow but just wanted to find out if anyone has gotten through the process successfully despite some unsavoury incidents in their past? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
  19. Hello, Seeking some advice or experiences. I am an electrician, currently in Australia on a 417 WHV, I am just about to begin my second year. I have recently started a company in regional NSW, offering small electrical installations, repairs and mainly Tag & Test (PAT). I have heard that it is possible to "Sponsor yourself" through this route but I have also heard that there are complexities to the requirements of the company such as structure, turnover and the length of time the company has been operating. Perhaps if I appointed a friend or family member as a director of the business, would that be of more benefit in terms of a visa being granted to me as an individual? Can anybody shed any light on the situation for me? Cheers, Marty
  20. Hello! I am new to the forum although I have been eyeing the threads on here for years! This is my plan: Go to Sunshine Coast on a WHV (age 29) and try to secure a 457 visa as a fibrous plasterer (10 yrs of exp). I'm hoping this won't take longer then 6 months to secure so that I can send for my wife and son to join me on the 457 visa. I would appreciate any advice on this matter, any folks been in the same boat before where they transitioned from WHV to 457, how did it go? If I am able to secure a 457 visa what are my options for PR? Visa suggestions please! After being on the 457 visa for two yrs can I apply for residency regardless if my current employer will sponsor me for PR? Does this seem like a feasible plan? Open to suggestion and all help is welcomed!
  21. Hi All Im currently looking into the option of applying for an employer nominated 186 visa from my 457 visa. My query is has anyone done this without the help of an agent? The reason I ask is my employer is willing to sponser however not fund the application and I'm trying to keep costs down to a minimum where possible. If you have done this yourself is there any advice/tips you can give to help me with the process? Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks heaps in advance david
  22. Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me, as maybe they'd been in a similar position.... I'm moving to Aus shortly (Melb), on my partners 457 visa which has all been approved. The company I work for in the UK would like me to continue to work for them, from my new 'home', but I can' seem to find anything to confirm if this is legal or not! I would continue to be paid by this company into my UK bank account, so I guess to the Australian govt I wouldn't be working for them technically. The only information I can find is that I have full right to work within the country, so I guess I could choose to not work for them if I want? It all seems very confusing, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right place? Any advice would be greatly received, Thank you
  23. Hi My partner is a hairdresser and has a company interested in sponsoring her. It's in a regional area so RSMS 187 visa is an option. As is a 457. I know a skills assessment is not needed for the 457, but I'm a bit confused as to whether one is needed for a hairdresser applying for a 187. Does anyone have the answer? The processing time for the 187 looks better, but not if a skills assessment is required. They want her to start ASAP. Thanks Joe
  24. Hi All, I have a specific question that I cant seem to find an answer for anywhere. I really hope someone has had some experience and can advise me :-) Will be greatly appreciated. Currently I'm on a 457 with an agency, so it means I cannot apply for PR because my 457 is held with an Agency (this is what the agency has advised me). One of my options is to apply for de facto through my relationship, but I'm just wondering that if I do this: 1) Will I stay on a 457 Visa until PR is approved? 2) Or will I move onto a Bridging visa? (if so which one) 3) and if i'm on a bridging visa, am i able to apply for other jobs, or do i need to stay in my current job/457 until PR is granted? My worry is that if I apply for de facto, I'm stuck in my current job with my agency for at least 12 months. Thank you in advance, Tom
  25. hey guys Were emigrating to OZ next year on my 457 visa hopefully Ive previously worked in OZ as a nurse so hopefully AHPRA wont take long. Im a specialist HDU / recovery . surgical nurse Q - where are all the Adelaide nurse jobs though? Theres hardly any advertised and even when you go into employers main recruitment, it states NO vacabcies at present Worrying as Adelaide is where we'd like to move to:frown: PLan B is Brisbane as the Mater there do a lovely relocation assistance package Which leads to my next Q Has any nurse been successful in gaining any relocation assistance in SA? Thanks in advance