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Found 2,406 results

  1. Hi there, I'm a British Citizen from the UK moving to Oz to work as a doctor in August. I'm applying via the 457 visa and have all my sponsorship and nomination approved just need to complete the personal visa. It is a requirement of the 457 visa to have adequate health insurance upon application. Australia has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK in which I would be eligible to apply for a medicare number. This can only be done once in Oz. The Australian immigration website states: "If you are overseas, you must arrange adequate insurance for your initial period in Australia and provide evidence of this insurance as part of your application. You may be eligible to then enrol with Medicare once you are in Australia. Being enrolled with Medicare is sufficient to comply with visa condition 8501." My question is: Would health insurance for 1 month qualify as adequate insurance for my initial period in Oz prior to enrolling with Medicare? If not then what is a reasonable period of time? Is there any level of cover that must be met? Any recommendations or advice would be really appreciated! Thanks JK
  2. Hi, I'm looking to move to Melbourne in January next year on a temp sponsorship visa (am a midwife). I know perm residents are entitled to 50% childcare rebates as a minimum. Are temp visa holders entitled to this too? Tried googling to no avail. Can anyone help???????????????????? Cheers:ssign16:
  3. BigAngel

    457 Sponsored Visa

    Hi can anyone help me. My boyfriend is being sponsored in to join me in Australia and we need some help with his visa. He needs to prove english competency and we have found a document that states he is exempt from needing to do any of the tests because he is a citizen of the uk and holds a valid uk passport and he has also completed at least 5 years of education at secondary or higher level of education. We were wondering if anyone has been in this same situation and how he shows he is exempt? Thankyou!
  4. Hello So I was granted a 457 visa in March 2014 and sponsored as a Social Professional NEC. I am currently still working for my sponsor, but would like to take on additional duties to cover maternity leave. I would like to find out if this is possible - my job title would change from Communications Research Officer to Manager of Business Communications. I have been offered the position pending confirmation on my situation and have a week to find the answer I would be acting in the higher position for a period of 9 months, and will then be returning to my current role. Is this possible? Or would i have to apply for sponsorship for the new position, and then reapply again once the temporary role is over? This seems like a lot of work? Also do you know if I can actually speak to an immigration officer about my case? Any advice anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks, Mel
  5. Hello, Hoping someone can help me because there is so much information out there and I can't afford a migration agent at the moment. Last month I left Australia, cancelling my 457 visa as I was getting close to the end of my 90 days and I just couldn't find an employer to take on my visa. I am desperate to come back as I've left my partner, my home and my world behind. My partner is not Aussie and has just submitted his own 457 visa application with me as his defacto and the application is in progress. We have no idea how long it will take but I'm guessing a couple of months, fingers crossed. Does anyone know how long 457's are taking atm? In the meantime, my family in the UK have experienced a massive financial disaster and so I would like to claim my super in order to help them. I checked with Immigration, the ATO and my super funds if I would be able to claim my super while I have a visa in progress and they all said yes but I don't have anything in writing and my first priority is getting this visa approved and coming home. Just want to be fully armed with as much info as possible because I'm so stressed about it all going wrong. Does anyone have any advice on this? I heard that maybe I'd have to pay it back? Thanks, Rae
  6. Hi I am due in court after being charged with ABH next month. I plead not guilty at the hearing and now realise not only can i not afford the extortionate lawyer fees , but that because my wife is out of the country at the time of the trial and i have no other witnesses to back up my side that even with a lawyer i am probably going to be found guilty. What im wondering is has anybody been charged with a similar offence whilst on a 457 visa and what was the outcome .. and wether i should walk in and plead guilty or attempt to represent myself even if it wouldnt effect the verdict ?
  7. Muttley

    457 TO 186 (Direct Entry Stream)

    Ok so have been here about a year and a half (11 months 457, 6 months 417 before that). Neither me or my employers are exactly geniuses in this field so just wanted to see if anyone might be able to put me straight here. Rather than wait another year or so before ive been sponsored for 2 years my employers have said they are happy to nominate for direct entry. I reckon that im eligible but who knows, heres what ive dug up..... Direct Entry Stream specific requirements: (a) you have never, or only briefly, worked in Australia (b) you hold a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) but do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition stream © have at least competent English which will be met as you are the holder of a valid passport issued by the United Kingdom, (d) have at least three years of relevant work experience (e) have a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation. The skill assessment must be conducted by the relevant assessing authority which is VETASSESS. Am a British citizen, have a BA and over 3 years work as experience as a recruitment consultant which is what I am doing now. So am I cool to go and get onto a vetassess, does part (a) disqualify me or have I missunderstood the whole thing altogether? Cheers for any help!!
  8. Deh

    Couple with two 457 visas

    Hi. I'm currently on 457 visa and my husband is my dependent, but last week he was offered his own 457 visa. Could he accept it and move to his own visa? And what if one of us lose the job, could I apply to join his visa and vice versa? I know it sounds very messy, but I would love to have 2 visas and feel safer. Last year I had trouble at work and felt trapped as I couldn't leave without finding another sponsor. Just by knowing we have each other's visas to rely on life gets a little lighter.
  9. Hi! Please can someone offer some advice. I was hoping to secure some bar work in addition to my regular 9-5 office job for the company who sponsored me to come here. Does anyone know please if I could take work in a bar/restaurant to supplement my income while I'm here - or since I'm on a 457 to a particular company, can I only work for them? Thanks in advance! L
  10. grub

    Hello :-)

    Hello to all.New to this forum. Very happy to stumble upon pomsinOz. Looking to make the job move-just starting to figure out how. Can apply for 457 and 190 Skilled visa-after a quick search through the web and forum links. Any advise on where to start off from here on would be much appreciated. ...
  11. Hi everyone, just want to get an answer about if rejection of 186 nomination will impact current 457 visa. I have worked for my employer for about 2 years under 457 visa, so it's time to apply for 186 through temporary resident stream. However, my employer and I found that the training fee spent in last two year might not be sufficient. We still want to give a try, but just want to figure out first that if immigration office knows that we didn't spend enough money in training, will my 457 visa be cancelled as well? Anyone has any idea about this situation? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, Our migration agent has asked us for a letter from our accountant on letter headed paper to confirm that my husband is self employed as a bricklayer and to give a brief outline of the work he does. The problem is, is that we don't use an accountant, I do all of his tax return a via the self assessment portal! We have submitted the last 3 years worth of tax returns and can provide more, however apparently this won't suffice? Can anybody advise what to do? Thanks
  13. citygirl88

    Redundant 457 - now 186 or 189 visa?

    Hi all, I've just been made redundant on my 457 (after 1 year and 2 months). My 90 days starts now! Rather than go onto a new 457, I'd like to find a new employer to nominate me for a 186 Direct Entry for Permanent Residency (as I now have 3+ years experience in my skilled occupation). My questions are: 1. Which visa is better, 186 with employer or getting the PR myself and applying for 189? 2. Do I have enough time to apply for these, given I have to leave the country in 90 days? If anyone has experience of the processing times please PLEASE reply! Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice... Last year I was sponsored by my employer for a 457 visa, however due to the HR assistant not knowing much about immigration she just put down for 18months and thought we could extend it later. Not as easy as it sounds as they would need to nominate me for a 457 again and we would have to pay the fee. We want to apply for PR however we are 6 months short on our current 457. Yesterday a friend said, you can apply for PR through the direct entry scheme. I am a primary teacher and am on the consolidated list. When I was completing my 457, I submitted my degree for a skills assessment however it wasn't actually needed for the 457. Does this help when applying for the 186 visa? I would appreciate any advice on what the best option is as I really want to get the ball rolling! Cheers, Allison
  15. Hi guys, Any help would be great. I'm a time served carpenter with 8 years experience and I currently am a director of a ltd company in the UK (construction). I want to know if I need to go through the skills test to go through a 457 sponsorship as I have no official qualification? I've heard they are not necessary but i'm not so sure! Seeing if I can save some time and money! Can anyone please tell me what will be required of myself to go through the process? I am aware carpentry 457's are hard to come by but think I have a firm that will take me on. Many thanks, Terry
  16. Hello all! I've seen many posts about changing employers while on 457 visa but none of them has the answer I'm looking for. Quickly, I'm on 457 since August 2014 and lately my working conditions have been terrible. Ever since the visa was granted my boss started bullying me and always saying things like 'now I own you' or 'I know you have nowhere to go, you'll never leave'. Don't want go deep in there as it' a lost cause and things won't change so decided to find another job. Two days ago I found a company willing to sponsor me under the same ocuppation (Cafe Manager). They are already SBS approved and as far I understood they also have a nomination approved. My question is: my current pay is $56,000 per year and new employer said his pay is $53,900. I don't mind at all, just need some peace of mind and $2K less a year is very much worth it. But how will Immi look at it? Both companies are in Melbourne not far from each other (different suburbs, 15km apart). Also, I'm aware this might take 2 to 6 weeks but could it be any faster if nomination is already approved? Thanks!
  17. Genghis Khan

    Adding de facto partner to 457

    Hi everybody, Got my 457 visa granted a couple of weeks ago. Been living with my girlfriend here since July last year. She is an international student here, from Colombia. I want her to join me on my visa as a de facto partner. I didn't apply with her as de facto on my 457 application as I understand that you need to be living together for over a year and I applied in mid April. Can I add her now? What form do I need to get? What do I need to do next? We have evidence of living together, rent receipts, joint bank account, electricity bills, photos.
  18. Hi Guys, Any help on this would be great. So my girlfriend whom I have been with (and met in Australia) for 5 years has a job offer in Sydney through her company in the UK. So she is allowed to go on a 457 visa as they are going to sponsor her. I myself overstayed by 2 months when I was out in Australia 3 and a half years ago. It was an honest mistake as I believed my paper work for sponsorship was being processed. However it was not and they called me to say I was overstaying! I missed the cut off point to not be banned by a couple of weeks and so received the mandatory 3yr ban. I have rung the Immigration Dept and they have assured me that now my ban is served I am free to follow the processes to go back to Australia without hindrance (although I must obviously tell them about the ban). I was going to go on my girlfriends 457. She is a bit paranoid that they may refuse me even though they have said all is well. Can anyone please shed any light as to what we are up against? I'm assuming as they said I had completed my ban and free to apply for a Skilled visa that I can go on my partners as well? (just quicker!). Thanks for any help guys! Regards, Terry
  19. chrissmith

    Visa help! New Osteopath in Oz

    Hi guys, I recently graduated as an Osteopath in the UK and have moved to Oz with my girlfriend (also an osteo) for work. I currently hold a working holiday visa which I got to get me started however I'll obviously need something longer term, the most appropriate seemingly the skilled workers visa (457) as Osteopath is included on the skilled occupations list. The issue I have is that I have been offered a job which will be commission based not a set salary (which is the most common form of payment in the UK and seems pretty common here too) however to get sponsored on a 457 I understand you need to be paid a set salary equivalent to the market salary, is this absolutely necessary or would I be allowed to be sponsored whilst working off commission if it is proved that the other osteopaths in the same place who are Australian citizens are paid in the same way? It just seems silly to me to have to paid a set salary as this is not often the way that it works with osteos. If it is not possible does anybody have any other ideas about how I could go about it. I could potentially get the independent visa but would mean me having to sit the IELTS test and get a level 8 across the board and also hope that I can get an extra 5 points for my partner having skilled qualification too. She's fortunate that her job will actually be salary based so should be able to get 457 no problem, another way I was thinking of doing it would to be included in her visa as her partner, anyone know if its possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm getting very frustrated with it all. Thanks, Chris
  20. Didaho

    Taxation in Australia

    Hey guys I have just landed and currently work in Australia on a 457 visa, I need to discuss my tax liability in Australia in regards to an online business income that I have based in the UK and I want to go through the procedure of taxing this income in Australia. Are there tax accounting companies that specialise in this overseas specific, I don't need names just a helpful yes and then I can endeavour to to track them down. I was reading the 8107 work restriction and as it is strongly worded I don't want to fall foul of this if I am generating online income and wanting to tax it in Australia, despite the hot weather my blood ran cold when I saw this work restriction. Kind regards Duncan Idaho
  21. jakc

    457 Appeal issue

    My employer lodged a nomination which recently got refused. My employer has lodged an appeal for this with MRT. As the applicant, my current 457 is pending, but have just been informed: Was not expecting this. Was under the assumption that the nomination appeal would cascade down to my 457 visa application and I would be able to stay until this appeal had run its course. The following options that I have been given : With it being the Xmas break, my HR department are on leave, so 1) is unlikely. 2) is fairly straightforward. 3) I am not entirely sure what this entails or what to respond with? Not the best pre-xmas news, would really appreciate any tips or help.
  22. jakc

    457 for 14mths of work?

    I have an employer that has 14 months of work that they need me for. This is tied to a 14 month contract of full time work (likely renewed later on). They are a large company and have given out 457s to others, but usually for standard full time positions within the company. I am trying to work out the best visa for the employer to nominate me for? For a 457, do they need to guarantee 4 years or work, or would this be the right visa for 14 months of work?
  23. Hi folks, I quit my 457 sponsored job. There was too much overtime at odd hours on weekends and public holidays, with the only compensation being time in lieu(at a rate of 1:1, no extra time provided for working Sundays/nights/public holidays). I also found out that my salary was not very competitive at all. They ignored these and other complaints and gave me all the unwanted tasks, no doubt thinking that they had me tied up in the contract and visa. I have since found a much better job with a new sponsor. Although I had signed a contract with the initial 457 sponsor declaring I would pay back any costs incurred by the company in recruiting me(pro-rata for 3 years) I also understand that I do not have to honour unlawful obligations. They want me pay back a bunch of expenses they incurred. They paid for one month's accommodation in a apartment and a flight over for myself(and not for my defacto partner!). I understand that an employer can not seek to get back any recruitment costs including costs paid in connection with finding and attracting an employee(from the Immi website). I would not have taken the position if I had had to pay for the these costs while also looking for somewhere to live. Any opinions on what my obligations are here? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar situation and how it ended. I will also contact fair work this week and ask for their advice. Has anyone used them before? Also, can anyone recommend a lawyer/law firm who has experience with immigration contract law? Btw, have done a search but couldn't find relevant posts(and besides, the regulations seem to change every year). Many thanks for any advice
  24. ​Hi I've just found out that I can't apply for my skilled migration visa due to the fact that my skills will not be assessed because I don't have a relevant finance degree, instead I completed my ACCA exams as a mature student. I'm in Brisbane on a tourist visa but really need to start working and my only option now is obtaining sponsorship Could someone please advise what is the best way to go about doing this? Also has anyone any experience in obtaining successful sponsorship in Finance? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  25. My situation is following: I'm in Australia on my tourist visa and I got a job offer and I have signed a contract with company A. Company A has their on immigration lawyers and they came back to me today with a quotation that 457 visa application fee for me ($4.500) my wife ($3.000) and for our 3 year old son ($3.000). So in total $10.500 for a 457 visa for us. On immigration website the price is $2.330 in total. So Now I'm in the situation that I got a job and want to start working. There is no other option as I can see then to go thru their immigration attorney. Does anyone know if this is a an acceptable price or if this is just way to much. Thanks for any answers in advance.