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  1. Lukey1234567

    Nomination process

    I was nominated for the 457 visa on 11th February 2017, will this mean that I will fall under the new rules and not the original 457 process ? I am a hairdresser and my trade has been removed and is now only available on the (CSOL) list for the 2 years visa without PR. What other options are there to move perminatly to australia. My mother, auntie and five cousins are all ether citizens or have PR.
  2. Hi there, I'm hoping someone may be able to give me a bit of help and advice. I've recently moved to Aus on a 457 visa. I am sponsored by our UK entity however we have an Australian entity setup but for some reason as the Aus entity was new, I was sponsored by the UK. My company are now saying that they cant pay me via Aussie payroll without transferring my visa so have continued to pay me through the UK payroll with tax, NI deductions, pension etc. I'm a bit confused by this as it means I have to transfer money each month and am paying for benefits (NI etc) that i'm not able to use in Aus. I thought that the Aussie govt would want me to be paying tax in Aus but my company says they cannot facilitate this. Is this a problem or likely to cause me a problem in the future with future visas, tax etc? (other than the admin headache of the monthly transfer) I dont think my company know too much about what they are doing (first Aussie employee) and I dont want this to get too complicated or cause me any future problems with extending visas, paying tax twice etc! Obviously transferring my visa to another entity is risky with the changes to the 457 etc, I have a feeling this may end up not being straight forward! Many thanks in advance Emily
  3. The Pom Queen

    Skilled Occupations List April 2017

    Only certain occupations are approved for use under Australia’s permanent and temporary skilled visa programmes. These occupations are listed in a legislative instrument that contains two schedules or ‘occupation lists’ that apply to different visa programmes. On 19 April 2017, the: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1 of the relevant legislative instrument Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced the previous ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL) and is available in Schedule 2 of the relevant legislative instrument. The information below explains which lists are relevant for particular visa programmes. Information is also provided about occupations that were removed from the list of eligible skilled occupations on 19 April 2017. Note: different eligible occupation arrangements are in place for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 186). List of eligible skilled occupations Only certain occupations are approved for use under Australia’s permanent and temporary skilled visa programmes. These occupations are listed in a legislative instrument that contains two schedules or ‘occupation lists’ that apply to different visa programmes. On 19 April 2017, the: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1 of the relevant legislative instrument Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced the previous ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL) and is available in Schedule 2 of the relevant legislative instrument. The information below explains which lists are relevant for particular visa programmes. Information is also provided about occupations that were removed from the list of eligible skilled occupations on 19 April 2017. Note: different eligible occupation arrangements are in place for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 186). Expand all Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) You must nominate an occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)if you are applying for any of the below: Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) (unless nominated by a State or Territory Government) Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate Work Stream. Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) There is no separate STSOL list on our website as visa programmes that utilise this list can also access some additional occupations on the MLTSSL. For ease of reference, we have combined both the STSOL and the eligible MLTSSL occupations together. See: Combined list of eligible skilled occupations. You must nominate an occupation on this Combined list of eligible skilled occupations if you are applying for any of the below: Employer Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) – Direct Entry Stream Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) - if nominated by a State or Territory Government Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) Training visa (subclass 407) Removed occupations On 19 April 2017, 200 occupations were removed entirely from the STSOL. See:List of the removed occupations A further 16 occupations on the MLTSSL were restricted to only apply to the following visa programmes: Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Skilled-Regional(Provisional) (subclass 489), if the applicant is not nominated by a State or Territory government agency See: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) These changes will only apply to new applications lodged on, or after, 19 April 2017 for: Employer Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) – Direct Entry Stream Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) - if nominated by a State or Territory Government Training visa (subclass 407) However, for the subclass 457 programme for any of these removed occupations on, or after, 19 April 2017: no visa applications can be granted no nomination applications can be approved. Source: DIBP
  4. As abrupt as Turnbull's new 457 changes are to those planning to apply for 457, I think the changes are causing more stress and concern to existing 457 holders/applicants looking to stay permanently in Aus via one of the 3 PR visas available. With the modified 2-year, short term occupation list, over 200 occupations are no longer available and even those that remained will only have one on-shore renewal available with no PR route. Question/survey is, how are these changes affecting your decision to stay in Aus or becoming an Australian citizen? Are you already looking at possibilities of relocating or moving back to your previous country of residence? Particularly for those over 40 and/or with families. Trying to see others' viewpoints and options that we (as individuals) might not have thought of.
  5. Stewjc

    457 visa and resignation

    I have been in australia 1 year 3 months and feel my employer wants to let me go. They said they may make me redundant as we are getting funding cuts and that he would pay me 1 weeks wages. My contract states if either party breaks the contract it is 6 weeks notice so I'm a bit confused. Nothing in my contract about redundancy though! I decided to resign as at least il get 6 weeks pay but I wanted to know- If I resign do I get my flights home paid for my wife and I? i will lose my deposit on my flat that I rent so are they obliged to pay that? thanks
  6. Hi there, i know there are similar threads but haven't seen one with same situation as mine. Have trawled internet for hours and heard nothing back from work MA and I have a few questions maybe others will know answers to? I keep on googling and finding so little and it's really stressing me out not knowing whether my pathway to PR is permanently blocked, even though I arrived on 457 under 'old regime'. It seems crazy that current 457 holders could effectively be treated differently depending on whether they are 2 years in before or after March 2018! i was granted by 457 in Dec 2016, so under current arrangements won't be eligible for TRT until Dec 2018. First question: due to rule changes March 2018 will that actually be Dec 2019? Or will grandfathering arrangements make that still 2 years? added complication: my skill has been removed from all list. I could just have easily been nominated for a skill that is on the new STSSOL list and indeed it comes from same employment code group. so my further questions are: Can my employer nominate me to a position on the new STSSOL if putting me on the ENS TRT in either march 2018 or 2019 (depending on answer to my first question) According to what I can find online you'll need to be on MTSSOL rather than short term list of applying for ENS direct entry at that time but it's not clear about TRT stream. can my employer nominate me today on to the ENS direct entry scheme under the skill on the STSSOL? (I would meet criteria if it's possible to 'switch' and same grouping as my old occupation). Again, from what I can find online until March 2018 employers can use STSSOL rather than MTSSOL list for applications for ENS direct entry. I will have completed 4 months on current 457 but would meet skills assessment criteria. This would give me the greatest security if possible! Work currently not able to answer any of my questions and, like many others I'm sure, I'm really starting to panic! Thanks
  7. jakc

    1 year into 2nd 457

    My good friend (American citizen) has lived in Australia for around 7 years now. Initially a student visa; had a 457 visa for just under 2 years; ~1 year into her 2nd 457 visa with a new employer (same profession - Environmental Scientists (nec)) Trying to get our head around the recent changes to 457 and what her best option is. I cant spot her profession on the removed list and Its on the MLTSSL/STSOL list However, trying to work out what her situation is come March 2018. She won't have been on her 457 long enough (2 years is in late April 2018) to apply for a 186 Any ideas or those in a similar situation who might have done more homework than myself?
  8. Hello all My 1st year working holiday visa expires in June. I had already spent 6 months with an ad agency who said they'd sponsor me, but, after that 6 months, they said they weren't able to afford to put me in the role I'd been promised so I had little choice but to leave. After endless job searching, I'm currently in late stage interviews for mid to senior level advertising jobs with a couple of companies who said they're willing to sponsor me on a 457, but nothing is guaranteed—especially not now with the recent 457 bombshell. The reality of having to leave the life I've built here, as well as my long-term girlfriend, is starting to dawn on me. My question to you guys is, if for whatever reason I wasn't able to secure sponsorship by the time my 417 expires, do I have any options beyond just going home to the UK? Is there any possibility to request a few extra months on top of my 12 month working holiday visa in order to have time to secure a 457? Thanks TooEasy
  9. http://blog.truebluemigration.com/457-visa-changes-summary-of-reforms/
  10. http://www.border.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Documents/reforms-australia-permanent-employer-sponsored-migration-programme.pdf 457 visa holders and progressing to a permanent residency visa following today's announcements: see this factsheet from the Department of Immigration. Best regards.
  11. Dean Linz 5

    Dependant child aged 18?

    Hi everyone, If anyone could offer me some advice it would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not too distant future, but due to being 5 points short for a permanent visa we would unfortunately need to apply for a 457 T/V with a view to applying for the 887 P/V after 2 yrs. We have a daughter who will be 18 when we apply who would apparently therefore need to be in full time education to be able to be included on our visa due to her age? We have looked into a full time college course that interests her but she has also been offered the same qualification but as an apprenticeship which she would get a small wage for; £350 p/m. She would still be living at home and obviously would be dependant on us still on such a low wage. Therefore my question is... although this apprenticeship wouldn't be classed as being in full time education, as most of her week would be hands on in placement, it is still a learner course so would this still make her eligible to be on our visa? Sorry to make it long winded but thought I need to properly explain my circumstances. Thank you in advance.
  12. Dear all, I would like to ask if it helps CO to confirm his/her decision if a 457 visa application is lodged before the nomination is approved? My situation is my boss lodged the nomination application in late May and received a request for more information in late June; we then have been waiting until now. My boss did not pass me the TRN as he is used to having the visa application lodgement only after the nomination is approved. The thing is, I read the following latest newsletter update on an agency website: Processing times and changes to caseload allocation The Department is undertaking a number of steps in an effort to reduce processing times. Under one such initiative, 457 processing will move to a “global allocation model” across the Department’s five processing centres. Associated nominations and visa applications will be allocated to one case officer at the same time. This is a move designed to improve consistency of decision-making as well as improving efficiency. So I wonder will nominations without relevant visa application noted are being put aside until the IMMI receives it, so that the CO can assess the case with all information at once. Grateful for your advice and comments. Many thanks, kieu
  13. Hi! I am just waiting to hear if I have been approved for 457 visa sponsorship, but was wondering if this visa allows you to study at the same time as working? I can't find anything on the immi.gov.au website about the visa holder being able to study or not...just says others in the family who are coming over as part of your visa can study. I want to apply to study through the Australian Open University whilst working on a 457 visa... Does anyone know? Thank you!
  14. Has anyone used travel insurance as opposed to health insurance for their 457 visa application? My lawyer said I could obtain travel insurance on the agreement that I get medicare or private health insurance on arrival in Australia. However he also sent a letter that I can get my travel insurer to sign, that also has all the things the medical insurance needs to cover. However no insurer will sign it as it has a whole list of stuff but they just do it on a level of cover (price wise). I'm very confused. Has anyone applied for a visa using travel insurance? Was there any problems? Who did you go with?
  15. Perez

    457 Visa - Transfer Employers

    Hi, Has anyone been through the experience of transferring employers? I already have a 457 Visa. An application is due to be lodged today by my new employer, however the migration agent told me that 457 processing times for VIC are currently 4-6 weeks. I'm wondering if they are quoting conservatively as my original visa grant only took a week (I was already here on a WHM visa). I would hope the transfer to a new employer is a simpler affair than an entire new visa due to it only involving a nomination. I am due to leave my current role in just over 3 weeks, so the implication of the visa taking longer is that I won't be able to work for up to 3 weeks... Fingers crossed it comes through quickly! Any thoughts/experiences much appreciated. Cheers, Barry
  16. Hello, Here is my complicated story... I'm still in shock as I have just found out in the last few days that I am pregnant (5 weeks). It wasn't planned, and I'm not with the dad (we were off and on). He is Australian and I am English. I am worrying/thinking about a lot of things, but worries about my visa situation are adding to an already complicated situation that I never thought I would find myself in. I have been in Australia for almost 2 years, at first on working holiday visa and now on a 457 visa, which I have been on only a matter of weeks. I know, bad timing... I would like to know what my options are if I decide to have the baby here in Australia. I don't think I will be entitled to maternity benefit from my place of work as I have only worked there a few weeks so I am presuming that if I leave to have a baby, I'll be in breach of my visa conditions after 28 days? Or would I be entitled to another kind of visa if I have my baby here in Australia (as the mother of an Australian citizen perhaps?), as I don't want to go back to England to have it as it's dad (who is Australian) will be here and this is where my life is now, too. I am also worried that if I have the baby here and I am not entitled to stay that the dad would have to give his OK for me to travel abroad with the baby anyway, but if I were in breach of my visa how could I legally stay? If we did get back together and I were with the dad, would we have to marry for me to be able to stay? Or is there some kind of de facto visa that I could get because I am expecting his child? We haven't lived together and haven't been together more than a year, but is it different rules if you are pregnant? I'm so confused and upset by this whole situation, I really don't know what to do for the best. Please let me know if you can answer questions re my visa options and whether I can stay in Australia with my baby. Thank you
  17. Hi all, I am going to lodge an application for a 457 visa next week for me and my family (5 persons). Is it possible to get an Australian tourist visa and stay in Australia as a tourist while we are waiting for the 457 visa to be approved? Thank you for your help NL
  18. Guest

    457 Visa + Mild Haemophilia B

    Hi Looking for anyone with Haemophilia and experience of applying for a visa to move to Australia either on a temporary visa (such as 457) or a permanent one. My company wants to send me from the UK to AU via intercompany transfer on July 1st. We are in the process of applying for my 457 visa. My employer is already approved as a sponsor and they have submitted the nomination application and told me to go ahead and make my visa application. I have a blood disorder - haemophilia, type B. The blood disorder is a deficiency of factor 9 which means my blood doesn't clot as well as someone without the condition. Its a mild form of the condition and doesn't affect my day to day life at all, but if I require surgery or have any medical emergency where bleeding is an issue, I would require recombinant factor 9 replacement, which is quite expensive! Other than this I am perfectly healthy. I require an annual "health check" that I have in the UK with a Haemophilia centre which is just a general checkup and a blood test to check my factor 9 levels and immunisations, but generally thats pretty much the only cost I put on the NHS. I have had 2 instances in my lifetime (I am 25 years old) where I have needed factor replacement. This is quite low for someone with Haemophilia (someone with a severe form of the condition would need factor replacement on a regular basis for life). I had to have it once for an operation and another when I dropped something heavy on my toe! :err: I started to fill out my online application for the 457 and now I am panicking! I started to read through the visa application form and then saw "blood disorder" at top of the list for the question: "During your proposed visit to Australia, do you, or any other person included in this application, expect to incur medical costs, or require treatment or medical follow up for.." I guess I should be answering "Yes" to this question as I will indeed require a "medical follow up" for this while in AU. Has anyone with Haemophilia on here been through this process and successfully made it to Australia? My logical side tells me as it doesn't affect my day to day life and I would only potentially incur cost when unexpected medical attention is required, that this shouldnt be too much of a problem. Also the fact I am applying for a temporary visa (vs. permanent) will hopefully not impede my application. Currently I have no intention to stay in AU forever, but I hadn't ruled it out, but I figured if I can get out to AU on a 457 first, I will cross that bridge as and when I need to. If anyone can give my any insight into their experience if they have the same/similar circumstances I would be extremely appreciative of someone taking the time to get in touch. And if anyone has any advice for me on where I may be able to get some advice on how to fill out the form etc under these circumstances, any do's/don't's etc, that could also be good. I am just really worried right now that this amazing opportunity might be pulled from underneath me :sad: Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, Ben
  19. Hi, I am a boilermaker/welder from the UK, 26 years of age and am currently here in Australia WA on a student visa for the last 6 months. I am currently between semesters on my TAFE course and so have been working full time as a Boilermaker/Welder in WA. I am having trouble finding this company to sponsor me as I am employed via an agency, and I also have to go back to TAFE next week. I am hoping to change to a 457 or another temporary visa ASAP in order for me to work full time in my trade. I am currently based in WA south of Perth and living with my parents and other family who are all permanent residents of Australia but I am willing to work anywhere in Australia if I can get sponsorship (VIC, QLD etc). I am hoping to eventually to become a PR. I also have had my skills assessed by TRA and my trade is on the SOL list as Metal Fabricator 322311. Any help would be absolutely great thanks.:jiggy:
  20. helenr

    Is 457 the only option?

    Hi Hubby has been speaking to Aussie employer who is willing to sponsor him. Is the 457 his only option as he is over 45 and his profession is not on the skills list. He is a Print Finishing Engineer with over 15 years experience 10 years running his own business. Unfortunatly no migration expert has been able to fit his skills into any of the skills list categories:no:! Any help will be MUCH appreciated! Helen
  21. When I applied for my 457 my eldest daughter did not want to come but after 1 month of me being here she joined us on a year working holiday visa. Just wandering if I can add her to the 457 as she is dependent on me and if I can how do I go about it? I have read one entry that says you have to fill 1066 form. Does that mean she fills it out or do I do it and add her as the dependent with my other daughter who is on my existing Visa. Essentially is it a new application which has to be agreed to by my employer? Many thanks Sonia
  22. Ren90

    457 visa costs

    Hi I'm after abit of information. Ive being offered a job in Australia but have to pay for the visa I was wondering how much does the whole process costs from start to finish. I'll be applying for a 457 visa. I'm a boilermaker if that makes any difference.do I have to do a medical check and police checks etc. Cheers Andy
  23. Jammie

    457 Visa Company Buyout

    Hi Everyone, So i have been on a 457 Visa in my current position for over a year (6 months or so in another position before that). My company has already agreed to sponsor my transition to PR in February once i have been in the position for 2 years. However, it has just been announced that the company i work for will be bought out by a much bigger company (major multinational conglomerate). This will become official over the course of the next few months. Nothing has been confirmed yet but it looks at this early stage as though my job will remain the same for a while before we become integrated into their business. I have tried to do some research online but I can't find much about it. Can anyone help out by informing me what my options are likely to be? Can i transfer my existing visa to my new employer or does it simply remain active as is? If so, what does this involve? Assuming my job remains the same until February, would i still be eligible for PR? Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated. Thanks,
  24. dagefo

    Is Medicare sufficient enough?

    My wife and I will soon be heading to Perth on a 457 visa. I've understood and the jiggling with only being able to get Medicare through the reciprocal agreement once we arrive. But my question is "is medicare sufficient enough?" We are both generally healthy people, both turning 30 this year, no kids. I don't expect to require a doctor often and only in an emergency / sudden illness. So is medicare enough when compared to this kind of service through the NHS? I should point out we will be taking out additional ambulance only cover though! Don't want to get caught out with that one! Private medical insurance seems to be very expensive when on a 457 visa and if the reciprocal agreement covers pretty much all the we would need I don't see the need to shell out hundreds of dollars each month for it. Any advice would be most welcomed Thanks!! :-)
  25. chris

    457 Visa Confusion!

    Ok so my employer has offered me as a mechanic on a 457 visa, I am currently on a working hold a visa and have been with the company for 3.5 months. I am yet to be nominated but my employer is in the process of sorting that out (they have sponsored other employees in the past so shouldn't be too much of an issue). Basically my girlfriend went to a migration agents today that we were reccomended to, and they have quoted us a price of $9000! I'm sure this is a bit steeply priced. We are both from the UK and have believe we have sufficient paper work to prove we are in an ongoing de facto relationship (joint bank accounts, shared address etc). We'd both be happy at applying ourselves without the help of an agent, but is this the right thing to do? Do many people do this? Also I believe we are going to get certified documents of birth certificates etc, however they are in the UK. Is there a way around this? I'm worried that we haven't got much time as my visa conditions only allow me to work for o e employer for 6 months, I've already been there for 3 and a half so I guess I'm going to have to also apply for another bridging visa that allows me to extend the time I can work. Feel like there are so many issues!:chatterbox: Any infomation would be useful people! Thanks in advance