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  1. dogsill

    Sydney vs Melbourne on 457

    Anybody would like to weigh in on my pro/con list? Coming over from NY on husband's secondment. He works in risk/banking. I work as a private chef. We have 2 kids and would have to pay 11k year in school fees on the 457 for NSW Planning on downsizing tremendously so Ok with a small apt. Are the Sydney beaches/lifestyle/weather worth the school fees or should we just plan on Melbourne and save ourselves 11K year. I'm sure I could easily make those school fees up by freelancing myself - My daughter is worried about not nice beaches in Melbourne and overcrowded beaches in Sydney. Perth is unfortunately not an option right now. Husband would probably have more growth and interest in Sydney... He's Scottish and I'm from California if that makes a difference - he also currently has over an hour train commute now and would like an easier commute.. thanks!
  2. I’ve just been granted a 457 visa. Due to the delay in visa processing the timing has meant presently there is a shortfall in work in the office I was meant to start in. The job offer hasn’t been rescinded yet but I’m not sure where I stand. I’m working in the UK for the same company, although different division. I cant even check my visa conditions as my company submitted the application. Question: 1. Is there a time limit on starting the new job in Australia or can I wait it out until things pick up? 2. Can I transfer the visa to another company in Australia before I travel and start work for the nominated company? Any help appreciated!
  3. kredav

    Including Partner sc 186

    Hi, I really just need to know if My partner needs to be on my 457 visa before including her in sc186 application
  4. Any Restaurant Manger (141111) applying for 186 through TRT?
  5. Restaurant Manager 457 visa approved on 1st April 2017. I will apply 186 through TRT in last week of April 2019. Country: Pakistan Any one here similar with my case?
  6. Hi all, First post. I’ve been trawling various forums for some clarifications on our situation but I just can’t confirm, so I wondered if you can help. My GF is a registered Nurse and has been offered a job arranged through an employment agent (I’m defacto partner). We’re continually hitting delays. Mainly, I think, due to poor comms on the process. Timeline: Sept 2017 - My GF was interviewed and verbally offered a job. - We started the APHRA (Nursing Registration – notoriously slow) paperwork, as requested. Nov 2017 - We had to chase the letter of offer and in Nov 2017 it turned out there were forms to be filled in as a pre-requisite for the offer which we weren’t told about. 1st delay! - We sent APHRA docs off and the employer’s docs, as requested. Jan 2018 - APHRA asked for more docs. Provided later in the month. 2nd Delay! - I realised GF still hadn’t received a letter of offer and asked agent to chase employer. - Employer drafted the offer letter and the 457 visa nomination form but said Labour Market Testing has now probably expired and would need to be re-run (job re-advertised locally). 3rd Delay Feb 2018 - Nomination form received but with errors, so we’ve sent back for corrections. - Nomination form also made reference to 457 Visa and we will not submit the visa app before TSS comes in, presumably requiring new nomination templates which can’t be produced until 1 March (4th delay) Neither recruitment agent or employer really seem to be acknowledging the impact of TSS visa introduction and on the agency’s advice we have not applied for the 457 visa until APHRA comes through. Recently I saw facebook posts from an old friend (doctor) who this week turned up in Sydney to work on a 457. She cited APHRA delays and can’t start work yet but entered on a tourist visa. She also noted she already has her 457 visa though. I’ve since been digging around forums to find if our order of processing is wrong. Questions Why might the agency tell us to wait for APHRA before applying for a visa, if it could have been applied for in tandem? Now both us and the employer will have to pay increased fees for the TSS visa. I’ve since noted forum posts about APHRA’s ‘present [ID] in person’ deadline (in Australia) of 3 months from receiving APHRA ‘registration in principle’. Based on 457 processing times it seems highly unlikely a 457 or TSS visa will be granted within 3 months of our APHRA registration in principle, which I expect to come through in a couple of months. This seems to mean we either have to re-apply with APHRA (more delays) or the GF will have to fly to Australia just to present her ID in person (more cost). Neither agent or employer have made any reference to this. Am I missing something obvious here? Any advice is much appreciated.
  7. Hi all. I was recently interviewed for a job with a company offering sponsorship to successful candidates. It seemed to go really well and i felt there were a few hints towards me being successful (these were interviews for multiple jobs of the same role rather than 1 job available). I travelled the length of the UK for the interview and they were really thankful for that and made a point that they will 100% call whether it's successful or not. They said they'd call by Thursday or Friday and i'm pretty certain they said next week which would have been there 17th. I haven't heard from them and i'm hoping i got my weeks mixed up and it's this week as in today but my worry is that the visa changeover on the 18th may be delaying it and putting things in jeopardy. It's not so bad as we can apply for a 489 but we were just kinda hoping to get over on a temporary visa first and experience other parts of the country. Is any body experiencing similar or do any migration agents think the change would delay things as companies go though all the details with a fine toothed comb?
  8. We do need applicants to have full AHPRA registration but are able to offer sponsorship for the right candidate. Could be ideal for someone who is locuming on a working holiday visa and thinking about staying: https://cerebralpalsy.mercury.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?id=H+VJo7z+MKM=&jbc=ere
  9. Jade1991

    New 457 after March

    Hi All, My partners employer has offered a 457 visa but we are hoping we get an invite for a 190 visa prior to our visa expiry date which is the 14th March. Our 190 nomination is being expedited but we are cautious of time. My Question: If the 457 nomination has been submitted, can we still take up the 457 offer after 1st March?
  10. strayadreams

    457 Transfer to new employer

    Hi I’m in Australia currently on a 457, awaiting PR 190 (submitted August 2017). I’ve potentially found a great permanent role with an organisation willing to take over the sponsorship of my 457. Has anyone recently transferred their 457 to a new employer that can give me an idea of timelines or a good migration agent who has done this? I want to manage the new employer expectations honestly. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am a British, 34 and I have been in Australia almost 9years, living in NSW. I have been sponsored with my company for 3.5years and it appears they will not sign my PR for reasons I do not know. My old agent messed up my skills assessment as a Project Administrator and it got rejected so that Avenue is closed and I am now sponsored as a Contract Administrator. My English wife has a small beauty business, we have 2 small children born here and want to stay but my employer is dictating my family’s future which is causing immense stress. Does anyone know of special cases or what I can do? I am not skilled enough to go on the high level sceme. If I leave my job I do not believe I have any other option to get Residency. I would of hoped after all my time here, kids born here , business, I support the community out of work they would be a special case. I hate the fact I am not in control of my family’s future which is causing immense stress. My current visa expires next May 2019. Any advice / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. strayadreams

    BVE or wait for PR

    Hi I ceased employment with my 457 Employer Sponsor almost 90 days ago, unfortunately I just found out that they didn't fulfill their obligation to inform the Dept.of Home Affairs (I did tell them). This has meant that I missed out on a job. Anyway, we're awaiting the outcome of a PR application submitted last August and I wondered if anyone had experience of applying for a BVE. My migration agent says I could request online to cancel my 457 but I'm not sure what the process is if I do and could we apply for a bridging visa? I'd rather not be unlawful for any amount of time and I haven't worked for a while now so I don't want my husband to lose his work rights - but I'd definitely like to get back to work! I don't know if we should risk cancelling the 457 or just wait for the PR to be granted? Any and all advice welcome.
  13. palmtrees

    457 Visa Priority Processing

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had their 457 visa priority processed recently and if so how long it took to be granted from the time the priority processing request was accepted? My partner has been sponsored by the business he works for and we submitted our 457 application back in the middle of May 17. We put in for a priority request just over a week ago due to circumstances that have made our application more urgent, we had the priority processing approved, but still haven't had the visa granted. Just looking for other people's experiences/ timelines. TIA ?
  14. Hi all, can anyone help clarify the below statement...242111 University Lecturer (Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University) "Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University"Can a Research Fellow (but not a lecturer) working in the uni be nominated by "242111 University Lecturer" occupation ?And If so, can this occupation go with 186 (direct entry) or just can do 457 (long term TSS from now on) and transfer to 186 later ?Thanks all
  15. Hello, my husband has recently been offered a sponsored position in Oz, his company are approved sponsors. They have agreed to support me and our 2 children on the 457 Visa application on the condition we pay for ourselves (they will be applying and paying for my husband). My questions are: How much will this cost for the 3 of us as secondary applicants? Do we apply at the same time? Will there be any issues with us travelling over there 6 months after him? (He is due to start in April but I have things to arrange over here first so likely follow in October) Will we need our own private healthcare cover? (His company are paying his) Anything else I'd need to consider? Can I work out there etc.? TIA
  16. Hi guys. I've posted here a few times before explaining our situation so hopefully those in the know may have seen my posts! Basically we are in England, not even applied yet but very close to starting the process and my gf/wife by August has been in touch with vets in Adelaide/SA who can offer sponsorship through the TSS visa. She is a vet nurse (29) and i'm a care home manager (33). Vet nurse is currently on the short term list so we can only get a temporary 2 year visa if we go down the TSS route. Advice needed - While on the TSS visa, are we allowed to apply for a longer term visa such as a 489? Or are we just a bit better off going through the rigmarole of the 489 now and paying for the skills assessment etc as she has more than enough points. Then when we're in Aus our only major visa worry will be the 887 after 2 years to apply for PR. Thanks! PS - my job is on the medium list but i don't have enough points so TSS through me is our other option as that could be a 4 year visa which i believe can be transformed to something more long term after 2 years? Yes? No?
  17. Hi guys. I've posted here a few times before explaining our situation so hopefully those in the know may have seen my posts! Basically we are in England, not even applied yet but very close to starting the process and my gf/wife by August has been in touch with vets in Adelaide/SA who can offer sponsorship through the TSS visa. She is a vet nurse (29) and i'm a care home manager (33). Vet nurse is currently on the short term list so we can only get a temporary 2 year visa if we go down the TSS route. Advice needed - While on the TSS visa, are we allowed to apply for a longer term visa such as a 489? Or are we just a bit better off going through the rigmarole of the 489 now and paying for the skills assessment etc as she has more than enough points. Then when we're in Aus our only major visa worry will be the 887 after 2 years to apply for PR. Thanks! PS - my job is on the medium list but i don't have enough points so TSS through me is our other option as that could be a 4 year visa which i believe can be transformed to something more long term after 2 years? Yes? No?
  18. Hi, I have lodged a 457 visa back in mid December 2017. They have contacted me requesting for more documents/information and requiring me to do a health check-up and given me a time-frame of 28 days to do so. All of that was done and submitted to them before end of December 2017 except one final remaining document (license to practice). I have gotten in touch with the immigration officer, they have agreed to wait for me to submit the final document but advised I submit to them as soon as I have it As the relevant authority is still processing my license, and March 2018 is fast approaching, I've got 2 questions to ask. 1. if I am able to submit the document (license) to them by end of February 2018, will I be processed and granted visa 457 or the new TSS visa? 2. what will happen if I am only able to submit the document after March 2018? Thank you
  19. Hi all, I am currently trying to send my evidence and documents over to vetassess for the first part of my skill select. I currently have the evidence set up in a PowerPoint presentation... Is this the way any of you would recommend or is there another way someone could suggest??? is the uploading prices of the documents and evidence simple?? Thanks in advance.
  20. Reckoner8

    457 priority processing

    Hi Friends, I have my 457 in queue from Dec 2017, my employer wants me in Australia by February 2018 due to the criticality of the project. Does anyone have idea on requesting priority processing? What needs to be included to get the priority request approved. Thanks for reading through, response is much appreciated.
  21. Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions regarding visas that maybe people can shed some light on. I am Australian and my boyfriend is British, we currently live in the UK and are moving to Aus this year. I’ve read on here about registering the relationship as de-facto… does doing so waive the requirement of 12 months living together? The reason I ask is that my boyfriend and I have only been living together for 3 months so far in the UK. (We’ve been in a relationship for 16 months). During this time I have been transferring him money for half of the mortgage and bills but my name isn’t actually on them. We also both transfer an amount each month to a separate account we call the ‘Fun Fund’ which we use for shared expenses (groceries, restaurants, holidays etc) but it’s only in his name. I do have my own bank/credit card statements with our address on it. We are planning to move to Australia this year however there will be a few months where we will not be living together. This is due to my UK visa expiring and me having to leave the country and him not being able to leave his job just yet. We will go on holiday together during this time but won’t actually be living together for about 3 months until he can move. Even though we're not apart by choice I’m guessing this doesn’t look good on an application. So what I’m wondering is, when we are living together in Australia, have a joint bank account, insurance etc. and register as de-facto, do we have grounds to apply even without 12 straight months of cohabitation? We are looking at the possibility of him entering on a working holiday visa then applying for the partnership visa shortly after. Is it correct that we could apply at any time and be put on a bridging visa enabling him to work until it’s decided? We are also looking into the option of him transferring with the company he works for (a large well-known company with offices in Aus). Is there a separate visa to transfer in the same company or would he need to apply for a 457? His qualifications/experience is in marketing, account management, sales and E-retail management. He is also a rugby referee here in the UK and is hoping to do the same in Aus. Could he work this second weekend job on a 457 or can he only work for the company who has sponsored him? Thank you!
  22. sunshinedawn

    457 to residency

    Is there anyway that we can apply for residency while we're on a 457 visa. We've just recently arrived here and have been told we can apply for it. Is this true?
  23. Cerberus1

    2018 Visa Changes

    2018 will see the implementation of Temporary Skill Shortage Visas, changes to the Occupation Lists, plans to introduce mandatory provisional visas before permanent residency and changes to Parent and Partner Visas. The Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457) will be replaced with Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa From March 2018, the current 457 visa program will be abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. The TSS visa will be comprised of a Short-Term stream allowing stays of up to two years, and a Medium-Term stream allowing stays of up to four years. The Short-Term stream visa is renewable only once. The STSOL occupation list will apply for Short-Term Stream applicants. The Medium-Stream visa holders may renew their visas onshore and may apply for permanent residence pathway after working for three years in Australia. The MLTSSL occupation list will apply for Medium-Stream visa applicants. This stream is relatively similar to the current 457 visa. Tighter Regulations for both streams: Increased Work Experience Requirements Higher English Language Levels Requirements Mandatory Labour Market Testing Set Australian Market Salary Rates Additional Character, Anti-Discrimination and Training Requirements More information: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Documents/abolition-replacement-457.pdf Discuss Temporary Skilled Visas on our forum Changes to Occupation lists in 2018 A number of changes were made to the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) in April 2017 and again in July 2017. CHECK IF YOUR OCCUPATION IS IN THE MEDIUM AND LONG-TERM STRATEGIC SKILLS LIST (MLTSSL) HERE Though the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) is likely to remain the same, the STSOL which is a list of occupations nominated for temporary and short-term visas is likely to see some changes. Some of the occupations flagged for removal from the Short-term Skilled Occupation List are Accommodation and Hospitality manager, Hair or Beauty Salon Manager, Recruitment Consultant and Building Associate.. University Tutor, Psychotherapist, Property Manager, Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Representative may be added to the list. It is also likely that Skilled Occupations List will include Airline Pilots in 2018 to address the shortage of pilots in Australia. Following lobbying from the peak body for regional airlines, it has been reported that the Skilled Occupations List will be revised to allow foreign pilots to come to the country on a two-year work visa. Discuss Skilled Visas on our forum Plans to introduce mandatory provisional visas before permanent residency in Australia and reducing the number of visas from 99 to 10 The Government undertook public consultation to transform Australia’s visa system in 2017. The Australian government discussed plans to introduce mandatory provisional visas where migrants may need to spend a certain period of time before they are granted permanent residency and also to reduce the number of visas from 99 to 10 to simplify the process. The Department received 255 submissions and approximately 184 representatives of industry, academia, community and government participated in roundtables across the country, with an additional 60 industry representatives participating in immigration reform workshops. In December 2017, the department in a consultation summary said while approximately 55% opposed a provisional period, among those who supported the principle of provisional residence, a provisional period of a minimum of two years was most popular. 88% of the submissions supported visa simplification with suggestions that importance be given to transparency around decision making, reduced processing times and a system that was easier to understand and navigate. The department though has not set a timeline for its implementation and says, ‘This is a long-term programme of improvement to the way we deliver our services. There is no immediate impact for visa applicants or holders. The first step will be broad consultation with the market on the design and build of a new visa processing platform.’ We are likely to hear more about these plans in 2018. Discuss Visas, Residency & Citizenship on our forum Temporary sponsored parent visa In the 2017-18 federal budget, a new temporary sponsored parent visa was announced - to be available from November 2017. However, the new visa which will allow migrants’ parents to stay in the country for extended periods has been delayed. The Bill enabling the new visa to come into effect has not yet been approved by the Senate. Here are the six must know facts about the new long stay visa for parents: 3-year-visa will cost $5000, a 5-year-visa will cost $10,000 and a 10-year-visa will cost $20,000, with the opportunity of a single renewal for another five years at the same price. 15,000 people each year will be granted this long stay parent visa. Children/Sponsors will be required to pay for their parents' private health insurance. The children will also need to act as financial guarantor on any extra healthcare costs their parents rack up in Australia. Those on the new visa will not be allowed to work, however, the government hopes they will take on family roles which would see “reduced pressure on childcare facilities.” Those sponsoring their parents for the new visa need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents, or “eligible New Zealand citizens”. The visa-holders would not be allowed to reapply beyond the 10 years and would have no pathway to permanent residency. Discuss Parent Visas on our forum Partner Visa Proposed changes to Partner Visa were expected in 2017 but it has been deferred to 2018. This is because the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016(Cth) (“the Bill”) is still before the Senate and has not been enacted. If the Bill is enacted, it will establish a sponsorship framework for partner visas, placing more focus on the assessment of sponsors. In particular: The sponsorship assessment would be separated from the visa application process Sponsors would need to be approved before visa applications are made Legal obligations would be imposed on approved sponsors If sponsors fail to meet their obligations, sanctions may be imposed In certain circumstances sponsors can be barred from sponsorship The new regulations propose partner visa sponsorship applications would need to be lodged under stricter criteria and approved before the overseas partner visa application could be lodged. The new two-step process is expected to delay the lodgement of the overseas partner application and require the overseas partner to have a valid visa until a visa application for the overseas partner can be lodged. Discuss Partner Visas on our forum
  24. In mid November the company I was working for went into liquidation after 2.5 years there on 457. I was immediately offered a job by a new firm. I was asked to relocate immediately and did so at great cost. We went to the visa agent and I had all of my details complete, but the company dragged its heals to get all the paperwork done. I was sitting in a new home unable to work for 6 weeks, waiting on this company to sort out the 457 visa transfer. Yesterday I found out the member of staff that was dealing with my employmemt had been fired and the company would withdraw the offer of employment. The company had their own guy who would start in the position I had been offered immediately. I had signed a contract and was ready to start but now that's gone. I spent 6 weeks waiting for this company to get the 457 transfered and now have a lot less time to find a new job. If I bring all the evidence to immigration can they reset the 90 days? None of this was my fault.
  25. Hi, I am a US citizen and my company has asked me to transfer to Sydney on a 457 visa in the couple months (yes, they plan to meet the March 2018 deadlin). I have Crohn's and have been in remission with no flair-ups since 2008 - thanks to Humira. Based on some of the info I've been reading on here, it seems like it may be difficult for me to get the 457 visa based solely on the fact that I take Humira. My company will be paying for me to work with an immigration lawyer to work through the visa process, so assuming I pass the medical and get the 457 visa - I'm trying to understand a few things about the health care system in Australia for someone on private health insurance on a 457 visa. And I'm hoping this forum can help me out. Thanks in advance! I've read on here that it can be difficult to get a prescription in Australia for Humira - would that be the case for me since I've been on it for so long already? I'll have my medical notes from my US specialist for the past five years with me. I'm also trying to understand the physical cost of Humira/month in Australia. According to the PBS website Humria (2 40mg syringe = 1 month supply) is listed as having a DPMQ of $1,401/month....but is that really what I would pay? Or since I'd be on private insurance, would it be even more? I've looked into private health insurance and even the most comprehensive plan I've found will only cover up to $600 of prescription costs for prescriptions given by a specialist or non-hospital related prescription. Are there any health insurance plans that help cover more of the costs for these types of drugs? Or is $600 typically the max? In the US, AbbVie (teh maker of Humria) has a patient assistance program that helps cover the cost of Humira (even for people with moderately good health insurance), does anyone know if there is a similar program in Australia? And if people on a 457 Visa are eligible? Thanks again!