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  1. We arrived at the embassy in Auckland for our appointment on Thursday morning with our completed forms and a *huge* envelope packed full of evidence covering the 4 years we have been together. I had initially sorted out a pile that stood just about 6 inches tall, which my DH pared down to about half of that and I still didn't think we had enough! We also brought with us the original versions of our birth certificates, marriage certificate and passports just in case there was a problem with the certified copies we had. We were seen straight away by a very professional and very nice woman at the embassy. We had our forms, stat decs and certificates together in one envelope and our evidence in another [huge] envelope. She went through our forms to make sure we had filled it all in correctly then checked the original certificates with the certified copies we had brought with us. We were asked to ring back later that same day and when we did she had another question for us then asked us to come back in at the same time the following day. We turned up at 10 and I was given a letter and a form to complete. I was asked for my passport and said she was going to put my visa in it -- I didn't dare to hope as we had already discussed my receiving a tourist visa and the letter only said that our application for the 309 was likely to be granted. Ten minutes later, we were called into another room where she congratulated us and welcomed me to Australia! My DH will tell you that I didn't stop smiling until we fell asleep hours later when we arrived back in Sydney that same evening. We just got home to Hobart just two hours ago and I still keep checking my passport just to be sure :wubclub: We had absolutely no idea that it would be sorted out so quickly and were fully expecting to have to get a new tourist visa for me and then book a second trip a bit later. We weren't asked to fill out or provide anything beyond what was on the checklist and on the partner visa area of the main DIAC site. Everyone at the embassy in Auckland was professional and we really can't speak highly enough of the case manager who granted my visa and the staff there. Last but not at all least, we both want to give a BIG thanks to PIO and especially to everyone here who has helped me during the past month because I've been completely blonde when it came to filling out some of the questions on the forms that go with the application. I wish everyone else who is going through the process and/or waiting to hear the *very* best of luck. :hug: H.L.
  2. Pptrixibell

    309 Visa application lodged this week!!!!

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me a timeframe as I'm new to this site, and am engaged to my Ozzie fiance and whilst he's in Canberra and I'm in Edinburgh I was hoping on some advice on how long the London High Commission branch will roughly take....I also didn't use an agent instead doing it by ourselves....hope I've got everything right!!!! All words of advice very welcome!!! Ppxx:cute:
  3. Hi Guys, First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum (too many people to name names) whose posts have been immensely helpful in completing my 309 spouse visa application! There seems to be a lot of confusion about certifying documents so thought I'd share this info with you in the hope that it will help someone if future: 1) From reading various posts it seems that there are different rules when it comes to certifying documents depending on which visa you are applying for (for example some posts report that docs can be scanned in colour instead of being certified, whilst this is not possible with all applications. Be aware that works for some might not work for you, depending on the visa you are applying for. 2) For subclass 309 spouse visa, originals are rquired of character references only. Certified copies should be provided of key documents (birth certificates, passports etc) and in all other cases simple photocopies of supporting documents can be provided (i.e. utility bills, rental agreements etc) 3) Certified documents can be witnessed by: A Notary public, commisioner for oaths, police officer, bank manager or solicitor (Info from Australia House). In my area (Cambridgeshire) Solicitors fees tend to be around £5-7 per sheet, whilst one Notary public quoted £50!!! (I only have 4 documents, but apparently it was a flat fee). A quick call to the local police station and they told me that if I brought in the documents, an officer would happily phoitocopy and certify them for me there and then at a total cost of £7. If you have a lot of documents to certify, then their usual price is £7 for 3 sheets which is still cheaper than any solicitor I spoke to, and they will do it whilst you wait so no need to wait for the solicitor to 'get round to it'. Ok so that's my two cents. I hope that the information is of use to people and apoligise if I have repeated things already mentioned. The forums have been of great help to me at no charge and so thought it was about time I made some type of contribution to help others in future. Best wishes everyone, I'm off to the cop shop!
  4. HI Has anyone applied for Partner Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100) in the U.K.? If so how long did it take? And how long did they keep your passport for!? Many Thanks!
  5. Hello! My partner and I have just received confirmation that our de facto spouse visa application has arrived in London and we have been assigned a case officer. We have been told that my partner should get his meds done now which he will do in the next week. Other than the meds, our application had all the required docs (police check, form 47SP, form 40SP, form 80 and a whole bunch of evidence relating to our relationship). The timelines on this site are great but it seems that from month to month processing times change quite a bit so I just wanted to see if anyone else has lodge recently and how their application was going. We were hoping the visa would get approved by November but now we are just hoping that we will be together for Christmas (my partner, who is English, lives in Scotland and I have been home in Australia since March). Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Hello all, My partner and I are in the process of collating the mountain of documents required for the De facto visa (Subclass 309). I'm looking for advice on the best way to compile everything. Do most people just collate the documents into some order then pop it into a folder? Separated by plastic pockets? Or perhaps everything stuck down scrap-book style? Stapled into sections? Any advice would be greatly appreciated (especially those of you who've had super-quick processing times, or applied to the Auckland branch of DIAC) Cheers :biggrin:
  7. Hi All. Thought I would share some valuable info of my recent application for a new 457 work sponsored visa. I arrived in Oz on a 309 defacto spouse visa on 20/9/8, this ended a few weeks back a letter was sent to immigration from my ex to advise. Seems like a picked a good month to break up and they have a backlog at the moment so as of today (25/9/9) I think havent received any communication from them after her letter was received on 3/9/9. Normally a letter is sent to me asking me to contact immigration within 5 days to advise of my plans, then I believe you have around 28 days to get things sorted out or leave Australia, I did speak to immigration and there was a months backlog, so I had effectively 2 months. I am fully employed and completed my probation at work a while back, I made contact with HR and they agreed to sponsor me on a 457 visa. You have to earn over $45k per annum, I work in IT and have 17 years experience. New legislation came out on 14/9/9 which meant I didnt have to go offshore to apply for it, in fact you dont have to go offshore at all in any part of the process. First of all work had to apply for a new sponsorship as my position in the company had not been up for sponsorship before, this took around 10 days and was granted. I had to wait for this approval before I could send in my application, this has now been sent off and it can take upto 4 weeks with 50% of applications being completed in this time. I had to request my educational certificates from the UK for some courses I completed between 1989-1995 in relation to my job as well as my certificate of health cover, you need private health care otherwise you cant apply. I have spoke to immigration a few times and you dont need to give your name. Its worth calling them twice as I did get told two different stories, but I did find them very helpful. Any questions, please ask. John.
  8. Hi All im in the process of getting my defacto spouse visa, the application was submitted last week and the case officer has come back requesting an Australian police check for my partner (the sponsor) for his time in Australia which was 6 days to activate the visa. I receieved the following which is being asked of all sponsors for 309 visa X The Australian Government considers the safety of children is paramount and is strengthening the policies around the sponsorship of minors for visas. In particular it wishes to ensure that children migrating to Australia are protected from high risk situations, such as when the sponsor has convictions or outstanding charges for offences of a sexual or violent nature and it is likely the child will be residing with that sponsor. Consequently the Australian Government has introduced a requirement that when an applicant under the age of 18 is included in an application for a Child or Partner category visa, the sponsor is to provide an Australian National Police Check (NPC). The information contained in the NPC will assist the Department to determine whether there is any compelling reason to believe that the grant of the visa would not be in the best interests of the visa applicant. As you are the sponsor of [insert name of child applicant/s] for a [insert visa name], I request that you forward to me an NPC. An NPC may be obtained from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Information on obtaining the check is available from the AFP website at http://www.afp.gov.au/business/national_police_checks or by telephoning the AFP on (02) 6202 3333. When completing the NPC application form please use Code 33 at Question 1 on the form and include details of any, and all, names you have been known by. If an AFP certificate is provided based on incorrect information, the department may request another certificate. Please note fingerprints are not required for the NPC. This came in the day my application was lodged.. typical!! We booked our flights for the 1st of Jan as our agent thought we had ample time to get visa and had been preparing the visa for last few months and had everything needed, I have read on this forum that Australian police checks were taking 2 - 3 months to get back to Ireland but those threads were dated 2007 and just wondered if anyone has applied and recieved theres recently and how long this took? We have emailed our friends in Brisbane the application form and they are posting it with the australian cheque asap for us as we have been given a 28 day time frame but the afp website mentions 15 days processing time before even sending back to the UK so this is very tight already even if they can process it that quickly.. let me know how long your Australian Police Check took to process and arrive in the UK LJJ
  9. Guest

    Help with 309 spouse visa

    Hi All, I am an Australian citizen; I have applied for a 309 spouse visa off shore in Lebanon. -Application logged on 26/6/09. We have Submitted all the required papers on the same day, including the interview. - Only, had medicals and my salary slips which we later submitted them on the 12/July/09. Later that month we called them. they said no additional pappers required. application is in inital phase. Can anyone help me with the processing time for such a visa. They said it needs 6 to 9 months to process it. The issue is that, we are planning to be together in Australia by January 2010. since i'm studing and working at the same time and that is the only time that i would be able to do so. that will give us time to settle. i would be thankful if someone could advise. thanks
  10. sgperry

    Subclass 309 Partner visa

    hi, there don't seem to be many postings about this particular visa on this site. Anyone else applying under this category? What success (or not) have you had? We are applying under the de facto partner class (same sex). So far its been promising - my partner received an email from the London High Commission within a week of sending off her application, asking her to get her medicals and police check done within 28 days and return it with her form 80. (They took visa payment within a day and returned a lot of our evidence within 2 days.) No idea how long the visa will take to be approved (assuming it does) once she sends off the requested info but very impressed so far. cheers sg
  11. I have got all of my evidence together and have found someone who will sign it all off for me - just wondering, will i have to get the person in question to sign off every piece of evidence or are there only certain things that the CO will want to see signed? by every piece of evidence, I mean every single piece of paper I send in. Also as I'm applying for the Spouse visa (Subclass 309) - What forms will I need to fill in? Just the names of the forms would be enough, I know the basic 40SP, 47SP and form 888 for Stat decs, but what others will I need? thanks alot
  12. Hi guys this site has been useful to me so far so I thought I'd give it another crack My partner and I have been together for over 4 years, my parents moved to Australia 6 months into our relationhip - I moved back to the UK to be with her and from then on we were living together. We decided that Australia was the better option in life so we left last year to come here, she on a WHV. We lived together until March this year, in which she had to go back to the UK to tie up loose ends. I stayed in order to get closer to my Citizenship, buy a car, renovate a Garage and so on - Whilst there she has had job struggles and family problems - Thats now sorted and we are going to go for the Spouse Visa (309) this month - We've hit a snag with the 12 month rule though - We can highly demonstrate that we have been together for the last 4 years through bank statements, pictures, cards, stat decs etc, and we can prove she was living with me up until she left. The problem is, is since she's been gone, we've mainly used MSN, Skype and Email - I have no records of the MSN and Skype records (On our own stupid part) but do have the Emails (Success at last) - It's only been the last month or so we've used the phone. I spoke to someone on the Immi phoneline, and they were pretty ignorant and didn't seem like they wanted to talk so I thought I'd ask here =) Is this going to be as big an issue as I'm fearing - I can throw emails at them but is the CO likely to care and shoot it down because it's just email? Our family and friends can state that they know of our constant contact and our future plans, so that's alright - but we are obviously worried that all of the things we have went through to be together in Oz (Ie having to be apart) will be pointless as they will just look at the almost 6 month gap we've had - We are both only 21 (almost) so have no real financial commitments, we just did everything together and took life as it came but we have plenty of evidence that we are a genuine couple. Has anyone else had a similar issue? And am I looking far too much into this? Because it's making us hesitatnt to put our money towards it, when I could just go back to the UK with it (not what we want to do at all). I'm not sure what to do now because it's just too worrying to get yourself built up for a big knockdown... Any thoughts, advice etc would be kindly appreciated
  13. Hello there My Aussie better-half has discovered that his passport has expired and now that we are actually preparing our application I've just entered that 'worrying about everything' stage :laugh: Anyway, my quick question to those of you who are familiar with the partner visa types is about the personal documents required by the sponsor. The checklist says: Will it be okay to supply certified copies of his birth certificate and his current driving license without supplying his passport? Thank you very much in advance, H.L. :smile:
  14. Guest

    Defacto (Subclass 309) HELP!!?

    Hi all I'm new to this discussion board, and was hoping someone would be able to help me. Me and my partner are going to apply for the Spousal Visa (Offshore) but I am just getting terrified of our chances!! Long story short, we have been together for 4 years, we are both 20 years old, and have lived together for over 2 and half of those 4 years. We came to Australia together on holidays in the past. However, we were only paying rent to stay with her parents for the first year and a half, so we have no utility bills etc, then when we came to Australia (Her on a WHV me as a resident) the roles were reversed, IE she lived with my parents, again we paid rent but have no utility bills. From my time living with her, I have my bank account statements for the whole time we lived together, and from her time here we have all of her bank account statements etc. We have a huge collection of pictures (including ones that are copyrighted by the company who took them from 2006), emails etc, and we also have plenty of people (Including quite a few Australian Citizens) who are more than happy to vouch that they know we have a strong relationship, have been together for 4 years and so on. She moved back to the UK in March as her WHV had ran out and money was too tight to apply then - Then it hit the fan, she couldn't find work for 2 months, then it was only part time, then full time (at last) and then she had family difficulties... Now that's all over and we are both ready to apply, I am in full time work and am able to sponsor her and take care of her. We have been in constant contact over this time and are able to prove it. But I'm starting to become worried that we may not get this Visa... I mean we have been together longer than a lot of people who apply and seem to get it granted, but the lack of financial commitment is causing me some concern, I have been told that due to our age we should be granted the Temporary, but of course will have to work our behinds off to get the full Permanent... Whoa, not such a short story after all... Basically, I just want to know if we are being realistic in applying for this Visa? We love each other very much, and suffice to say a man with a rubber stamp will not stop us from being together, but we no longer want to live in the UK as we were very happy here and want to build a life for ourselves... Am I being over the top being this worried (Literally sick to the stomach every single day kind of worried) or should we just give up on the Australia dream....? Thanks for taking your time to read this and any advice would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
  15. Hi guys, I have just arrived in the country on a De Facto Sub Class 309 visa with my Aussie Fiance so im new to this site but it looks like there are quite a few helpful people. Im therefore hoping someone can help shed some light on my question?? I have also managed to secure a transfer with work and start work on Monday. Part of my job requires me to have a car for which Im given a $17k pa allowance. As I dont have the cash to buy a new car out right, I want to get a loan. Does anyone know if being in this situation with this visa will allow me to obtain finance either from a bank or a car dealer? At the moment im running into a lot of "ive got no idea" answers and im starting to get desperate. My move over here is permanent as we got engaged 2 months ago and are planning on setting up shop here for good. Please help!?!?!?!?:unsure:
  16. Hi All, We applied (late unfortunately) for our Aus Spouse 309 Visa in May. We hadn't heard anything from Govt regarding case officer/case file number until a good 3-4 weeks later (though it had arrived the next day after sending). We were then advised that due to high workloads, our visa would not be assessed/processed until another 3-4 months time. My partner and I have snce had to move back to our own countries due to visa expiration and to save funds, however this is driving us nuts! We've been advised that we have everything we need, and that we have ample evidence for the application.We frontloaded everything possible also months in advance! We were advised our "Processing Position" was number 7160. Given the Gov't only allows a set quota for entrance per annum, i'm guessing there'd be about 20,000 odd allowed through yearly. Also, the processing year for visas run from something like June 01 - May 31. So as its now July (and at the end), that could only mean (i'm assunming) there were a large quantity of applicants prior to June, and they therefore had to carry over the applications into the next "processing year". Does anyone know if theres any truth in this? Or am i guessing? Anyone else with the same problem? :confused: Has anyone else applying for the same Visa been given the same feedback,and also been advised of a 3-4 month Visa processing wait????? Let me know how you're going, what you were told and any feedback you've been given?! Let me know your Position number too if you know! Will be interestin to share! Thanks everyone! Good luck! Skye & Stephen
  17. :arghh:Hi All, We applied (late unfortunately) for our Aus Spouse 309 Visa in May. We hadn't heard anything from Govt regarding case officer/case file number until a good 3-4 weeks later (though it had arrived the next day after sending). We were then advised that due to high workloads, our visa would not be assessed/processed until another 3-4 months time. My partner and I have snce had to move back to our own countries due to visa expiration and to save funds, however this is driving us nuts! We've been advised that we have everything we need, and that we have ample evidence for the application.We frontloaded everything possible also months in advance! We were advised our "Processing Position" was number 7160. Given the Gov't only allows a set quota for entrance per annum, i'm guessing there'd be about 20,000 odd allowed through yearly. Also, the processing year for visas run from something like June 01 - May 31. So as its now July (and at the end), that could only mean (i'm assunming) there were a large quantity of applicants prior to June, and they therefore had to carry over the applications into the next "processing year". Does anyone know if theres any truth in this? Or am i guessing? Anyone else with the same problem? :confused: Has anyone else applying for the same Visa been given the same feedback,and also been advised of a 3-4 month Visa processing wait????? Let me know how you're going, what you were told and any feedback you've been given?! Let me know your Position number too if you know! Will be interestin to share! Thanks everyone! Good luck! Skye & Stephen
  18. Guest

    That was easy (309)

    Just wanted to share for anyone going for the same visa. Myself and my defacto partner of 1 year have just been granted the Provisional 309 visa. Submitted 30th June 09, granted Today (9th July), total of 9 days!
  19. Hi, I will, in a few months, be applying for a de-facto spouse 309 offshore visa (my 8503 condition probably negates the potential of applying for the onshore 820) and am thinking about the communication process between CO and myself. If I have to exit oz and spend up to 4 months waiting for a decision, during which time I'd expect to receive some correspondence from immigration, I'd like to travel some in Europe. If correspondence were by post, I'd then not get it, hence I need to plan things correctly from the start. So I am wondering if correspondence, during the application process and then the subsequent decision, comes by email or in the post - can anyone tell me? Alexandra
  20. Hi there, my question is that I am in Australia on a subclass 309 visa, and have been lead to believe that someone will just come to our house and check my wife and I are still together. Is this right or do I have to email someone to gain perm resident visa?
  21. I'm currently in the UK pending a 676 visa that I might not get due to previous health issues (have had several 676 visas over the past few years). I do NOT nor have ever had TB or Hep or anything at all, but have had cancer in the past. If this visa is not granted, I will go over on an ETA anyway. I have a de-facto partner there, property, car other assets all legally held. My questions are: 1) can I actually apply for an 820 while on an ETA or do I need to be on some other visa in order to apply for an 820? 2) would an 820 onshore de-facto be easier to get than a 309 de-facto offshore? Cheers, Alexandra
  22. Applying for a spouse (309) visa, our progress so far.... 20/4 - sent off application (frontloaded). 21/4 - money taken 27/4 - email from C/O confirming receipt of application 29/4 - received all the evidence we'd sent back in the post 05/5 - phoned C/O who infromed they didn't require anything else but there was a backlog of apps and it could take 3 months to hear. Has anyone else who's applied in the past couple of weeks heard anything? or been granted a visa?
  23. Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I had my de-facto spouse visa granted last September and myself and my aussie partner (I'm english) came back to live in Melbourne in October 2008. We plan to stay until (hopefully!) my permanant visa is granted which I think is two years after initial entry, so around October 2010 I guess. What happens if we then decide to go back to London for a while? Will this affect my permanant Australian Visa? Our plan is basically to wait it out, get my perm visa then go back to the UK, probably for 5-10 years. What happens to the status of my visa - do I actually have to be living here in Australia to keep it valid?:goofy: Any help or info appreciated. Thanks, Claire
  24. My husband is Brazilian and I am Australian, we are just about to submit our 309 visa to Australia House. I was wondering if anyone can tell us, a) is it better to submit in person b) how long does it take to come back? How long have people waited? Any experiences would be useful! c) can you call the office to ask questions etc. once you have submitted the application? ANY OTHER ADVICE? FYI – we have submitted with evidence and the health checks, we are still waiting for the police check from Brazil but we have the police check from UK. :jimlad: Thanks so much Bec & Tarso
  25. Hello, if you are like me and interested in how long it is taking the high commission in London to process applications for Spouse, Defacto and interdependency (Subclass 309 via the 47SP application), then please add your details to this thread. 12weeks is their standard quoted time but it seems some are granted much faster, especially if front loaded (Medicals and police checks completed prior to submission). Please add your details if you submitted a 47sp Application for Subclass 309 Spouse visa, including the following information: Application Submitted: Case Officer (C/O) Email: Visa Granted: Please also include any additional information, like if you front loaded your application (ie, included your police checks and medicals), and also any additional information that may be useful (like if you were asked to complete an 80 form, if and what type of interview was required). If there is a better thread out there on this topic, Please paste a link to it.. Here is a short history I have gathered so far: (Sorry If I missed yours! Please add, I will Edit the Post so the list below is always comprehesive.) APPLICATIONS IN PROCESS: 30th April: Sent Application (Frontloaded with 80 form). 6th May: We have had no news yet 30th April - Visa application sent (spouse visa 309) 5th May - Money taken from account 11th May - Email from C/O asking for further information (Police Check & ID card) Sent UK police check and form 80 also. 25/4 - App Sent Front Loaded 27/4 - Payment Taken 6/5 - Email from CO stating application and that processing times are currently 3 - 4 months 24th April: Sent application 24th April:Medical done 24th April, should be sent on 29th April, police checks almost ready, will send by first week of May 2009 28th April: payment taken 11th may: contacted by c/o, requested to send police certs and form 80, 11th may 13th may sent police certs and form 80 17th April sent 309: (front loaded with meds and police checks) 20th April: Received and payment taken: 23th April:CO contact requesting more evidence 27th April: Further evidence sent 29th April: CO requested further evidence 9th May: Further evidence sent 13th May: CO contact stating enough evidence and requesting phone interview: 18th May: Phone interview arranged Submitted 15th April CO on the 17th with the standard letter, & requested further information which all in all we managed to provide by the 24th April. On the 24th we had an interview where our CO said he would be approving the application we just needed to get the police checks. On the 24th i also asked about the processing times and he said average was 4-12 weeks. The police checks were sent off and received on the 28th April and since then we have not heard anything further from the CO. Spouse visa application and police check sent 21.1.09... c/o contact 30.1.09...medical done 6.2.09.....and still waiting... COMPLETED SUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS: (Post Creator - SR1992s timeline) 3rd April 2009: Sent Application for Spouse Visa subclass 309, using forms 47SP and 40SP (Fully front Loaded wtih PCs and Meds) 6th April 2009: C/O Replied & Payment taken 7th May: Got impatient and Phoned CO to check if more info is required, no information given other than standard line "3-4months processing time due to backlog of applications". 15 May: email from CO stating that the 309 was approved. No additional information or interview was requested. 9th April - sent Spouse visa application via registered mail from Ireland (We frontloaded with meds & police checks (no form 80).) 14th April - application received in London 15th April - money taken out of account 20th April - received photos back in the mail 5th May - rang Aus House, as we've had no confirmation of receipt (supposed to confirm within 3 weeks of receipt of application). The lovely lady said our application was with a case officer and we should hear something soon! it was actually approved on 16th April - we just never received the email to say so Defacto App sent 2nd March 09, C/O contact 18th March 09, VISA GRANTED!! 20th March 09 Sent the app on 26th Feb, 09 Visa granted 19th March 09 Date lodged: 9th November 2008 Case Officer Allocated: 18th November 2008 Sent Form 80, medicals & police certificate; 15th Dec 2008 VISA GRANTED: 19th January 2009 309 Visa sent 17/10/08, Email from CO 3/11, more info requested 13/11, sent back 28/11, phone ints 12/12 & 05/01, VISA GRANTED 09/01/09! Spouse Visa Application posted 8/11/08 Meds done 8/12/08 Visa granted 15/12/08 Lodged application 12th September 2008, C/O replied 14th Sept 09, Telephone interview 16th September Visa granted 19th September 2009 June 11th 2008 - Sent off visa application! June 18th 2008 - Request for further docs & form 80 July 2nd 2008 - Granted Spouse Visa! Defacto visa submitted 21.05.08 frontloaded Police checks Payment taken 22.05.08 Meds done 23.05.08 VISA GRANTED 17.06.08 application sent 14/04/08, payment taken 16/04/08, CO assigned 21/04/08, police & meds requested 21/04/08, police cert sent 06/05/08, meds sent 15/05/08, VISA GRANTED 21/05/08 Cheers!