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Found 193 results

  1. Guest

    309 Visa Help !

    Dear All, I sincerely need your help to solve my situation. I explained you herewith in detail. I am Indian Citizen living in India and I hold Australian PR. I was granted Australian PR in 2007 and I made initial entry to Australia for validating my PR. However, I did not settle in Australia and I stayed in India only. I got married in December 2008 and me and my wife live together in india. Now, I want to settle in Australia and I want to travel with my wife. Which visa should I apply for my wife? Sub-Class 309 visa? But, I do not live in Australia. Is it necessary that a sponsor must be in Australia for Sub-class 309 visa? Please guide me. Thank you in advance.
  2. Guest

    309 - second stage

    Hello I am new on this forum and am wondering if anyone can share their time lines for getting a PR from 309, onshore, Canberra. My application was received by Immigration on 27 July 2010 and I have not heard anything back from them. Like everyone else, I would like to get the PR asap - I need it for work. Cheers!! Tess
  3. Hi, Last month I got married in Bangladesh, I am a citizen here. Now I am interested in Partner Visa (309). So We need to submit *form 47SP Application for migration to Australia by a partner; and *form 40SP Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia. Regarding Statutory declarations, I got a few questions. Who gonna fill this? and how many we need? Since she is never been in Australia, then how she can manage this? Do i need to use this [http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/888.pdf ] form for this purpose? I am a bit confused question number 26 in Form 40SP. What is your citizenship/residence status in Australia? Australian citizen by grant Date of arrival in Australia DAY MONTH YEAR Attach proof of citizenship and length of residence Well, I am a citizen by grant. But what papers should i use here to proof my length of residence? Please help me out. Thanks mate - kangaroo
  4. Hi Guys My partner and i have the temp 309 visa, as we understand the permanent visa can be applied for after 2 years.... Does anyone know if this is 2 years from being granted the visa, or 2 years from actually entering the country? (we entered 9 months after the visa was granted). Incidentally, we were told in the visa office that it was from the date of the visa being granted but this did not sound right!, anyone been through the process already? Also anyone know the deal with extended travel outside australia, once on the permanent visa? Thanks
  5. Guest

    300 and/or 309 advice please

    Hi again all, Applying for a Prospective Marriage visa or Partner Visa (not sure yet ) Reading the various relevant British government websites it seems that for an Aussie to marry in the UK one would need a certain visa to enter on that grounds - and/or a Certificate of Approval from the Home Office - and this can take up to 3 months to 'process' aswell. :err: can anyone verify this or advise of an easier way? From other forums I've read we may be best to fly to a country such as Denmark where apparently you only need to be in the country 3 days and minimal costs to marry... again any advice or warnings?? Ideally my fiance and I would marry here or in Europe and then apply for the Partner Visa, as we do not want the risk I suppose of not being granted the Prospective marriage Visa, lower costs overall - and it seems the processing time for a partner visa (offshore) may be shorter? failing this we come to my most important question I suppose - part of the Application for Prospective Marriage says we need a letter of Registration of Marriage including date and venue - which we obtain by lodging and NOIM with a celebrant. That makes sense but nowhere can I find how to actually get this to happen. Being in the UK currently, I'm emailling a few celebrants in Aus to no avail. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for any help with any or all of the matters, Damon.
  6. Hey all, Just making an enquiry on behalf of my Scottish partner. He's recently had his temporary de facto visa (subclass 309) approved and is hoping to commence an apprenticeship to become an electrician. He's contacted both the Australian Immigration and Education departments to make inquiries whether he's eligible to commence an apprenticeship before his temporary visa "expires" and becomes permanent in January 2012. Both departments have been unsure and directed him back and forth. The confusing detail is that the visa sticker doesn't actually stipulate an expiry date. We've been informed that he's eligible for PR in Jan 2012. Would anyone know for certain whether he would be precluded from commencing an apprenticeship before he earns permanant resident status? My understanding is that Centrelink offers Australian apprentices Austudy during their apprenticeship - we're guessing he wouldn't be entitled to any funds, but can anyone confirm this please? Many thanks and cheers, :confused:
  7. emmaroo

    Costing for Spouse (309) Visa

    So I am budgeting for visa and so far I have £1100- Visa £ 300 Medical & X-ray £35 Police Check Is there anything else? :err: Thanks Emma
  8. Guest

    309 visa waiting time

    Recently sent off all our application to the embassy, and spoke to our case worker in regards to progress......."Very happy with your application, you,ll be placed in a queue and you should hear from me again in September"..............SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEACH!!!! What the heck!!???:shocked: 3 months!!! I read loads of posts saying how they had got theirs processed within 1 month! Anyone else in the middle of waiting for their 309, and have been told differently? Most appreciated!:spinny:
  9. Hey, I mentioned this as part of another thread, but decided to post an actual thread in case anyone has been in a similar situation. We are applying for a 309 de facto, my Oz partner has a 24 month UK visa which allows for 12 months working, however she has overworked this now. Everyone she knows has previously done the same and never caused any issue, however wondered how it will look in her application to sponsor me. Has anyone else been in the same position at all, and if so, how did it play out?? Thanks
  10. RonnieRonster

    Several Offshore 309 Defacto Questions

    Hello, I've got a couple of questions about De-facto visas and was hoping for some advice. Me and my OH are in a genuine committed relationship and have been living together as such for almost 2 years. She is keen to move back to Oz and I think it is a great idea. I applied for my WHV a while ago and have to activate this before July. I’m considering applying for a de facto spousal visa whilst here in London. I have a couple of concerns. The first is whether we would be granted the De-Facto visa. I know we meet the criteria although proving it is a different matter. We have lived together for 2 years. However, for the first 18 months her name wasn’t on the rental agreement. We moved 6 months ago and her name is on the current rental agreement. She has bills and lots of other documents i.e driving license etc to the old address. But does it matter if her name wasn’t on the rental agreement? So frustrating as I never thought it would matter. If we wait and the de facto gets refused, my WHV will of expired. So can I appeal the decision? Any idea how much that would cost and whether there is any chance of the decision been over turned? If we decided to go to Oz before applying for the de-facto visa, will the time we’ve been living in Oz be seen as time spent travelling? (the main purpose of the visa is stated as to be travel not to work/live). I don’t want to be 1 year down the line and still not be able to apply for the de-facto visa. I'm sure that we’ll marry in the future but I’m sure that proceedure will be stressful enough without time constraints. Also does anyone know if I can take my completed application the High Commission in London and submit the application to a CO in-person? I appreciate that it is just your opinions and it won’t be any guarantee but would appreciate some advice from people who have a lot more idea than myself. Thanks in advance Ronnie
  11. Hi all, Got a bit of a sticky situation. My sponsor's passport is currently with the British government as she had to get her visa re-printed in her new Oz passport. They have had it for over 2 months and she doesn't have a copy, so does not know the number, issue/expiry etc. On the sponsorship application form it asks for these details. We have a copy of birth certificate, so ID is OK. Tried getting the info but she is not even allowed to enquire the status of her visa re-print until its been 3 months :confused: Explained the circumstances but they wouldn't budge (this is the kind of reason I am migrating!). Does anyone know if we can supply the passport details after submission? The problem is my work require me to start before August, so need to get the app in ASAP. I will be applying with Australia House, London - who were the office that issued my partner's new passport, I was hoping they could just internally verify the info?? Pickles :arghh:
  12. Hi, I've been searching the forums but can't find any information on this. I have sent my application for partner visa off and have recieved an email from the embassy which asks for: 'evidence from financial institutions, etc, to demonstrate what money, goods and assets you currently have (either on your own or jointly with your partner).' My questions are: 1) How much do they require you to have in your bank, as a rule? We have the option of asking family members to loan us money which we could use as evidence, but are not sure if we need to do this (we would prefer not to) 2) As we don't own any property / vehicles, we were thinking of showing evidence of the financial worth of our engagement rings, laptop and DSLR camera - do you think this is worth doing? We're really struggling to find any information regarding this issue so any insight would be very gratefully recieved!! Thanks guys.
  13. My partner is already in Oz on the temp 309 prospective marraige visa, and we will have our wedding in less than a month. In July that 309 visa is going to expire, so I presume we have more paper work, evidence to submit and fees to pay to move onto the PR stage. Simple basic information seems impossible to find in the DIAC website. The question we cant find an answer to is - after the wedding what on Earth do we do next? Do DIAC contact us and say we need to send in this? I sure cant find any instructions on DIAC's website. The best they say is when you apply for a 309 visa you are also applying for the 100 at the same time - or something like that. Thanks
  14. Hey all, I am new to the forum and in the process of getting all the info together that I need for our Partner Visa application. I just had a question in relation to the certifying of documents. It asks for evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship and to prove this by supplying bank statements, phone records etc. I have gathered all of these and photocopied the original documents. Do I\We really have to go and get each page of the copied documents certified? I have a years phone records and statements and a few other documents and they all add up to quite a lot of pages. Some clarification on this would be greatly appreciated. It is just so frustrating and time consuming collating all the info. :arghh: How many in terms of the large ring binders, is enough evidence? I already have one full and will probably have a second full one to submit. Many thanks and I can't wait to eventually get all the info together!! :wacko:
  15. TheOptimist

    Sponsorship for Partner Visa (309)

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone would be able to help me. I am going to be applying for a partner visa (subclass 309 offshore) and me and my OH have been busily gathering evidence in the hope we can apply in late July\early August. My OH has to return to Australia very soon after we will have fulfilled the 12 month living together requirement for financial reasons (Early July). He is currently in discussion with his old boss in Australia and there is a chance he may get his old job back, but nothing is certain yet. He is the obvious person to be my sponsor, however we have some concerns about this. Because he has been living and working in the UK for the past year, he doesn't have a job yet in Oz. As explained above, there is a chance he'll be able to go back to work for his previous employer but nothing certain and no guarantee. I can no longer afford to support him in the UK and am moving in with my family to save money etc, so it makes sense for him to go home and get work there, and for me to apply offshore with him being back in OZ. Does anyone know if this will cause problems for us from a sponsorship point of view? It looks like we have to provide his recent payslips in order to be able to sponsor me but obviously we won't have anything from Oz, or if we will, there will only be a month or so's worth. We have been given advice that I can apply for this visa without him living with me, provided its as soon as possible after he returns, so don't want to risk submitting the application more than a couple of months after he's returned home. I'm a little confused. Any help or advice would be really appreicated. Thanks.
  16. Today I got the paperwork to change my 309 temporay resident visa to a 100 permanent resident visa. I have just spent a number of hours filling in the paperwork to get it, I'm sure it's going to take a few more hours to compleate it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel
  17. Guest

    309 offshore visa payment

    Sorry it's me again with another question that I can't find the answer to. Can I pay for the visa in Australian dollars using my partner's Australian credit card if I am applying in the UK? Or do i need to pay in £s. Sorry if the answer is obvious, i didn't want to make yet another £1/minute phone call. I don't think i've ever been so stressed in my life. Am having one breakdown per day and feel like I am losing my mind. Am finally nearly ready to post the 1.5kg application! Anyway hope someone can help! Thanks!
  18. Hi, I'm looking for anyone who has recently been granted an offshore de facto spouse visa. We have applied for our's on Thursday and received an email confirmation of the application this morning. In the email it says it takes 3 to 4 months before a decision is made, I was wondering if that is the usual timeframe or if it could take shorter, and they say a longer time to cover their backs, so to speak? We've provided a load of evidence of our relationship; receipts, photo's, writen testimonies, so hoping this will help speed things up. Just hoping someone here could let me know how long from applying to getting the decision it took them. Many thanks to you.
  19. nik_kershaw

    Next step on the 309 visa

    Hi everyone, i am currently on a 309 visa that expires in April, now what actually happens, do I have to become a PR before that date or is my status changed automatically or do I get a visit from the Immagration dept? I haven't got a clue. Cheers guys, I'm sure other people who have been in my shoes know what to do
  20. Hello, My partner and I are after some much needed advice :biggrin: We are hoping to apply for the 309(spousal) visa class asap. My Australian partner and I have been together in the UK for 2 years and have lived together for over a year, all this is straight forward enough. However I have 2 daughters from my previous marriage and both have a genetic hearing impairment from their dad. The eldest daughter has a moderate loss, she will be 10 in May , recieves no additional help at school, no DLA and is 'inline' and above her hearing peers at school. The youngest who is 8 in February is servely deaf has 10 hours 1:1 support in class for numeracy and literacy, this is being reduced as she is also 'inline' with her hearing peers. She also has 60 mins speech therapy a week to keep her speech production skills inline with her hearing peers as her communication level is also the same as any 'normal' child of her age, which is some feat for a child with a serve loss !!! ( Proud mum alert) The girls have no other medical conditions and they only have a yearly hearing test and new ear moulds as and when they out grow the ones they have. They will attend a normal school as they currently do in the UK and we are hoping this should not cause any issues. We have talked to an agent who is willing to take on our case saying that we will need to sign a health waiver form for the girls hearing needs which is not an issue. Do you think that my daughters hearing loss will impact on our visa application as the agent was hinting at about an 80% chance of success? Many thanks Tracey :jiggy:
  21. Hi There, We applied for a subclass 309 visa back in July 2009. At this time we have been married for 4 years and 7 months. Now it has been more than 5 years since we got married and the visa is still being proccessed. our question is: When the visa is hopefully granted, will it be a permemnant visa (Subclass 100) or a temp 2 years years vis (Subclass 309)? Thanks in advance.
  22. I am an Australian citizen and married my Nepali girlfriend who is residing in Nepal. We got married and gave birth of a child. Just to let you know I've just got the citizenship 1 month after her birth. Now I want to bring them in Australia. Unfortunately I am unemployed for about 14 months. I can arrange assurance of support from my friends here in Australia. I've several questions regarding these 1. Though I am unemployed for 14 months,I did not apply for centrelink support. Does it have any effect on the visa application? Is it okay to apply for centrelink support for being unemployed? 2. Regarding the child. She is only 1 month old. Do I need to apply for her separately paying visa application fee (about $1700 if applied overseas) or one application fee for my spouse covers her as well? 3. What will be the precise amount of money do I need to submit as security deposit . Is It about ($2500 + $650 ) for a spouse and a child?
  23. Guest

    Subclass 309 visa granted!

    Hi All, Just received a very welcome confirmation that my 309 application has been granted. No interview, just a rock solid application, thanks to some very professional and diligent assistance from a MARA agent. I decided to use George Lombard Consultancy to help with my application. As my case is certainly not straight forward on character grounds due to my teen delinquency. I did my homework this time and chose George's team to help me. As i was previously stung by a not so good agent based in Perth, WA. App submitted - Oct 20th ACPO police clearance submitted - 22nd Nov Granted - 21st Jan. Just over the 3 months. No further correspondence until grant of visa which was today. Many thanks to George and his team of workers for there expert assistance. regards, Brent77
  24. Hi, Hope some one can help, was granted subclass 309 provisonal residence visa in oct 2006 have been living in Sydney since April 2007 due to something going wrong at IMMI they never sent me out the details for my second stage visa application after a year and 1/2 of phone calls eventually got response today saying will send out letter to commence permenant residency visa. I am married to an Aussie, i own my house here yet due to slowness of immigration I am still only considered temp resident. No problems until now when went to get NSW driving license which i need for work and said that even though i have lived here for 3 years I have been out of the country in last 6 months so can not issue visitors with a NSW license. It seems crazy as i have to have a NSW license for work but cant wait another 6 months and anyway will have to leave the country for a holiday in the next 6 months so basically it seems iam screwed until my permenant residency is granted which will prob take another 10 months. Anyone any ideas or help i would be immensley grateful. :wacko:
  25. Hi everyone. I have finally got my spouse visa (309)..and i'll be moving to adelaide in FEB, so can i start looking for jobs now from my country so that i have some job in hand when i move to AUS..I'll be going to AUS for the first time ever...anyway am i eligible to do so? and can anyone help me find some good weblinks for job search? Many Thanks.