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Found 179 results

  1. Almost done guys, the mrs is goin for her medical tomorrow so we can front load our app. police check done aswell.... just need documents certified now... Which ones should be certified? Obviously we dont want to send anything original unless they request it because if it gets lost in the post we are back to square one. So Can we just send a photo copy of everything? And which ones should be certified? Cheers
  2. just wondering about migration agents.. Im really stressed about all this application now, so is my partner and i think we need help. We dont want to spend £1200 to get the whole thing done because we think we have just about everything ready but we need peace of mind from a professional. So i came across a company that does "Pre-File Checking", Thames Migration Aparently they can either do the whole thing for you for around £1200 or they can just check over the paperwork and certify everything... it only costs £250 I dont mind paying that, but is it worth it.... What will they check? will they tell me if i need anything else? or do they just look at what you have and make sure its all correct? Also, the same goes with our CO and the DIAC, Do they tell you what you are missing or do they just refuse you? we are really really stressed now as we want to be home by xmas and i am on a working holiday visa which expires in august and i have to jump the country to come back as a tourist, which isnt really ideal but we dont want to be apart through the process... Do we really need help or should we just send what we have? thank you all
  3. just wondering how many bank statements we have to send. ive seen people have had to send upto 18 months worth ??? i was just thinking of sending the first and last one of our joint account and a few from both our personal accounts to show we have spent money in the same places... is that ok? cheers
  4. Hi, Me and my australian boyfriend are looking into applying for the defacto visa. We have been looking into it for the last 2 years and now we are finally at that stage. We have been together for 2 years this March. I am a british citizen and went over to Australia on a working holiday visa where i met my boyfriend, when my visa ran out i had to move back to England and my boyfriend stayed in australia for 10 months saving money and applying for the british version of the working holiday visa. The whole 10 months that we were apart we stayed in contact with eachother everyday and was stilll in a relationship but long distance. In March 2010 my boyfriend came over to England where we both now live together. We both live in my parents house but we do not pay any rent as my parents have kindly said we can stay in their house for free as they live over in America, in order to help us save our money. Therefore, we do not have a rental agreement. We do have a joint bank account and all of our paychecks, bank statements, any type of mail all get sent to the same address where we both live. Can anyone please help us with any useful information. For example; What forms do we have to submit? What evidence do we need? Is it okay if we do not have a rental agreement but we can get a written statement from my parents confirming we do live together plus all of our mail go to the same address. If anyone could help us we would greatly appreciate it Thanks! :smile:
  5. Tina G

    Blogging our way across

    Hi Everybody, I just wanted to thank everybody who contributes and runs this site it is quite simply an amazing source of information. It has helped me and my fiancé immensely and as such we wanted to give a little something back. We have decided to set up a little blog of our move across the pond to Melbourne later this year. We are going to cover everything that we encounter during this move and hopefully it will help some people thinking or even making the move to Australia. We will also cover our life after moving and if indeed this is right move after all. Our blog can be found at http://somethingbeautifulthiswaycomes.blogspot.com/ We will be cross referencing a lot of stuff back to here as well to make it a little easier to find those hard to answer questions. By the way my fiance is an aussie and grew up in Melbourne for 20 odd years. So if you want have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers Tina
  6. Does anyone know what happens with a 309/100 visa is you have PR (or indeed citizenship) but are currently living in the UK? I can obviously explain why I am resident here (to be with my partner!), and explain that I have family in Aus, and give details of my recent earnings. And can even get a family member to offer AoS if needed. Does anyone know if this will be enough? Can't get a straight answer from Aus House, and don't want to put in and pay for the app if this will blow it out the water, especially when we could get a prospective marriage, then apply for the 800/820 instead. Anyone got any experience? Thank StS
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum. can someone please sugegst... Are all spouse applications under subclass 309 subjected to ASIO secuity checks???? or thsi check is done randomly for applicants. My spouse case was was applied in Sept 2010 (New Delhi), time line for 5 months is gonna finish on 19th February. We have got to know from enquiries that our application has gone for ASIO check. We were told that this is a general standard and all applications seeking permanent entry to visa are subjected to ASIO checks. Is this the correct information. Please help.
  8. My wife was given fraudulent treatment for her medical check for a Spouse Visa 309 offshore. She was told she has TB and needs to pay for 6 months treatment before being approved. Same day, she goes to another doctor, and the doctor finds she is perfectly healthy. So how do we stop the first medical center from submitting the med report to DIAC in one week? I am calling DIAC to inform them that we want to cancel our use of the medical center to facilitate our visa process, and I am calling the center to tell them to cancel it. Any suggestions on what else can be done?:Randy-git:
  9. Hi Guys, First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum (too many people to name names) whose posts have been immensely helpful in completing my 309 spouse visa application! There seems to be a lot of confusion about certifying documents so thought I'd share this info with you in the hope that it will help someone if future: 1) From reading various posts it seems that there are different rules when it comes to certifying documents depending on which visa you are applying for (for example some posts report that docs can be scanned in colour instead of being certified, whilst this is not possible with all applications. Be aware that works for some might not work for you, depending on the visa you are applying for. 2) For subclass 309 spouse visa, originals are rquired of character references only. Certified copies should be provided of key documents (birth certificates, passports etc) and in all other cases simple photocopies of supporting documents can be provided (i.e. utility bills, rental agreements etc) 3) Certified documents can be witnessed by: A Notary public, commisioner for oaths, police officer, bank manager or solicitor (Info from Australia House). In my area (Cambridgeshire) Solicitors fees tend to be around £5-7 per sheet, whilst one Notary public quoted £50!!! (I only have 4 documents, but apparently it was a flat fee). A quick call to the local police station and they told me that if I brought in the documents, an officer would happily phoitocopy and certify them for me there and then at a total cost of £7. If you have a lot of documents to certify, then their usual price is £7 for 3 sheets which is still cheaper than any solicitor I spoke to, and they will do it whilst you wait so no need to wait for the solicitor to 'get round to it'. Ok so that's my two cents. I hope that the information is of use to people and apoligise if I have repeated things already mentioned. The forums have been of great help to me at no charge and so thought it was about time I made some type of contribution to help others in future. Best wishes everyone, I'm off to the cop shop!
  10. Guest

    Worried about 309/100 Visa

    Hello, nice to meet you all. I am an American male who has been in a long distance relationship with a female partner in Australia since August 2009. I visited Australia in August of 2010 for a two week period, and my partner visited America from Mid November 2010 till early February 2011. I proposed to her while she was here in the states and she said yes. We were considering waiting until my Nursing schooling was finished for me to go over to Australia, on closer inspection, transferring my education would not work well unless I reached a bachelors, which would take 3 more years for me. Faced with this, we are engaging the idea of having me come over this year and marry early so I can become educated in Australia instead. The problem and worry with this however is I am afraid I will be seen as someone who cannot contribute enough to be worthy of a 309/100 visa. I have only had basic job experience until my current age of 25, and I won't have finished any college degrees by the time I apply. I have no criminal history and excellent medical however. Do things look grim for me when my only work experiences have been kitchen work and loading moving trucks? Thank you for reading my post.
  11. Hi all, We're applying for the 309 spouse visa offshore in the UK at the end of next month but, due to various commitments, might not be able to move directly out to Oz when (*hopefully*) it is granted - which should be around October/November by current timeframes. If we make a validation trip after it is issued and then return to the UK, what is the longest we can remain back in the UK before the visa expires? Sorry if this info is readily available - I am snowed under at work at the moment and haven't had time to research it yet :sad: Many thanks in advance! Edit: I've found a previous post relating to a skilled visa stating that after the visa has been validated then you have 5 years before it expires but 2 out of those 5 years must be spent in Australia. Is this the same for the 309?
  12. Hi all, I have been offered a job in Sydney so plan to migrate with my family. For background, wife and 3 children are all registered Aus citizen's with dual-passports (UK-AUS). We have been resident in the UK for 12 years. We have had 10 years of married, but inclement, bliss. Job offer is flexible about start dates as long as it is before July 10. I have 3 months notice to work so would like to get cracking on the visa. I will make a subclass 100/309 application. I have (maybe foolishly) set-up radiological and medical exam appointments (this week and next week). I say foolishly as we are probably a few weeks away from being in a position to submit the visa application - is it a problem that the meds are being done before the visa app is submitted (other than expiry dates on the visa being set by the dates of the exam)? What happens to the examine reports and are there any pitfalls about 'front loading'? Can I check that it is Form 26 I take the med exam (they couldn't tell us on the phone). The radiological folk told us Form 160 for their report. Does anyone have experience of being granted a permanent visa (100) straight away? Many thanks for any help, Fleabo
  13. Hi Does anyone know if I can start my own business on a subclass 309 temporary visa? I am a health care practitioner and want to rebuild my practice in Oz (if our visa application gets accepted!) and register self employed. I understand that my tax bracket will be 30% on a temporary visa but someone also told me that I could not set up my own business until I had permanent residency :huh:?
  14. Hi all, I'm currently applying for jobs in Aus and I know that getting one before I go and without a visa is a very long shot. So, I wanted to start asking some questions about which visa to apply for and how long it will take? My husband is Australian (and British), I am Canadian and we currently live in the UK. We are coming up to our 5 year anniversary. I am under 30 and we have no children. I understand that I can still go on a Working Holiday visa and that these visas are a lot cheaper than the rest and they don't take very long to process. So I thought I can always apply for one of these if I get a job. However, since I would then later need to change my visa to a temp spouse visa or a perm spouse visa I thought I might just do that first. However, these are much more expensive. I understand that since we have been married for 5 years I may not have to apply for the temp visa (309) first I may be able to go straight for the (100)? How long do these visas take to process though? I can't seem to find it anywhere!!!! Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Kirstyn
  15. Please can anyone offer advice or point me in the right direction.............. I was granted a 309 Defacto Visa last October, it's temporary for 2 years and then reverts to a permanent visa. I have recently been diagnosed with M.S. and am worried about how this may affect my permanent residency. Will I be asked about medical issues when my 2 year temporary visa is due to convert to a permanent visa? Am I best to get private healthcover and cover the costs of treatment fully so I am not a drain on Medicare? I am working full time and will continue to do so, meaning that the Government will still get their fair share of taxes from me! I have settled really well in Australia and would hate to think that permanent residency could be denied for me due to this illness.
  16. Hi guys, I'm new here so hello all! My girlfriend and I are hoping to move to Sydney by the end of the year and are really keen to get our visa app on the way. She's Australian and I'm a Brit living in London. We're going for a de-facto visa and all that and have been together for over 3 years. So I've been scouring threads to see who people recommend as a migration agent. I definitely want them to be MARA approved. I've narrowed it down to these few: - Go Matilda - Australian Migration Consultants - Migration Angels - Kristy Duncan - Emigrate To Australia - Sammy Naghi - Visa Bureau - Ian Harrop Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly received. Another issue that caught my eye is that it seems odd that the statistics here: Statistics - Migration Agent Activity Reports and Statistics Suggest that very low percentages are actually applying for Spouse/Partner 100 visas with the aid of a migration agent, is this the case with 309 offshore applications? Thanks a lot guys. Sam
  17. Guest

    Partner Visa

    Hello all, my partner and I have decided to move to Australia from the UK. i am Australian and she is British and are thinking of applying for the partner Visa (subclass 309). we can't seem to find out any information on the timescale of the whole process from application to visa granted. also, how long it will take to receive permanency thereafter. thank you for any help!
  18. Can anyone that has applied from uk for a defacto subclass 309 and 100 offshore tell me their timeline? We are about to apply but his visa for the uk is expiring end of april, thats 5 months away!! Thank you
  19. I followed my farther came to Aus one and a half year ago and we are holding 309 visa. In 21/July/2010, Camberra Second Stady Centre sent the application of 100 visa to us, and in that time I was studying hard on my final HSC exam. After I finished exams, my parents just showed me the letter from DIAC and asked me to help them to prepare the information they need. And I found a descrition on the first page of the DIAC letter. It said if you did not provide the request information within 2 months, your applicaion will be taken into account. Absolutely we still want to apply for the 100 visa PR. but what can we do now? Just send the request information to DIAC or we should call them firstly to ask the processing of our file. Please help me~~. thanks
  20. steveNem

    Partner Visa 2 Year wait for PR

    Hi all, I haven't been on PIO for a while having been stuck in the daily grind of work in the UK for the last 12 months, I have begun again to look toward our move to QLD hopefully in September next year, and am keen to begin applying for permanent jobs from Feb 11 however most of the contacts that I have made are as you would expect requiring me to have a Permanent Residency visa before seriously considering any applications I make . I am a Brit and my wife is duel citizenship, we have been together for over 7 years and Married for the last 4 years.:smile: We made the decision to began the Visa process about a year and a half ago and I was granted the Subclass 309 – Partner (provisional) visa in August 09. At the time of application we 17 days short of being able to prove our relationship for 5 years, which would have qualified me for the PR 100 visa, unfortunately I had couldn't delay the visa assessment as we were travelling to AU for a family birthday with flights booked etc. so I was granted the 309 visa which I validated when we flew out early Sept09. :jiggy: Reading with interest on POI today I noticed a post which stated that the requirements for a Permanent Partner visa (subclasses 100) visa to be granted has been shortened to proving 3 years of relationship. I checked this out on the immi website and sure enough Page 38 of the 1127 booklet states "In most cases, permanent residence cannot be granted less than 2 years from when you lodge your application. You may, however, be granted a permanent visa without having to fulfil the usual two-year waiting period if: • at the time you apply, you have been in a partner relationship with your partner for 3 years or more, or 2 years or more if you and your partner have a dependent child of your relationship" Ordinarily I would have to wait until just short of 2 years to apply for the (Subclass 100 visa) PR however given the changes to required supporting evidence, does anyone have any experience of the PR 100 visa being granted earlier than the 2 year period previously stated or as with most of the IMMI requirements will I just have to sit it out until my 2 year 309 is up?:wacko: Any thoughts guys? Cheers Steve
  21. Hi Guys, We applied for our defacto visa on the 17th Aug, so going by the time frame we should be issued our visa on the 17th Feb. Does anyone know if it is frowned upon to enter Australia a few weeks before this date on a tourist visa? It is my mums 50th and Id like us both to be there for that. Thanks, Kate :biggrin:
  22. Guest

    Spouse 309 or 820 ?

    Hi Everyone, Could you please, help me to clear some point below: I just got TR (subclass 485) few days ago. I planning to comeback to my country to get married on December-2010 and come back here on Jannuary-2011. In April-2011, after finish professional year for accounting (get 10 more points), I will apply straight to PR. My wife want to come here with me, I still confuse which spouse visa would be a good choice. 309 (offshore) or 820 (onshore). Option 1: She take visitor visa (976 or 676 ) to come here, and we will apply PR together in April. Option 2: After i apply PR in April, she will apply 309 in my country and come back here later. which one will be faster ? Many thanks,
  23. Hi, I'd be very grateful if anyone had some idea of what amount of savings the sponsor of the partner visa is expected to show. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is a UK citizen. We lodged our application for Partner visa on 2nd November. Our CO has come back to us requesting proof we have enough savings/assets to support the applicant for the first 2 years in Aus. We have some savings but I cant see anywhere what amount would be considered acceptable. As we've been married for 3 years and have a 2 yr old child we may be eligible for the permenent visa (100) without having to first be on the temp visa (309) but I need to show I can support him for 2 yrs. If anyone else has gone through this or has any info it would be really helpful!
  24. Hi, Last month I got married in Bangladesh, I am a citizen here. Now I am interested in Partner Visa (309). So We need to submit *form 47SP Application for migration to Australia by a partner; and *form 40SP Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia. Regarding Statutory declarations, I got a few questions. Who gonna fill this? and how many we need? Since she is never been in Australia, then how she can manage this? Do i need to use this [http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/888.pdf ] form for this purpose? I am a bit confused question number 26 in Form 40SP. What is your citizenship/residence status in Australia? Australian citizen by grant Date of arrival in Australia DAY MONTH YEAR Attach proof of citizenship and length of residence Well, I am a citizen by grant. But what papers should i use here to proof my length of residence? Please help me out. Thanks mate - kangaroo
  25. Hi, I'm looking for anyone who has recently been granted an offshore de facto spouse visa. We have applied for our's on Thursday and received an email confirmation of the application this morning. In the email it says it takes 3 to 4 months before a decision is made, I was wondering if that is the usual timeframe or if it could take shorter, and they say a longer time to cover their backs, so to speak? We've provided a load of evidence of our relationship; receipts, photo's, writen testimonies, so hoping this will help speed things up. Just hoping someone here could let me know how long from applying to getting the decision it took them. Many thanks to you.