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Found 182 results

  1. Hi All It is my understanding that under the skills select visa system for a 190 that actual work experience is not required, am I correct in assuming this? If you have a qualification from a Uni that is directly related to a category on the SOL and as long as you get the correct number of points for a EOI should this do? Some one I know has submitted their docs to VETASSESS to have the skills assessment completed but VETASSESS are asking for CV info and info related to the last 5 years of work. I understand that one can get points for years of work completed in the field post completion of qualification but has anyone had a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS directly after completing the qualification? Thanks i advance for any help
  2. AdamSarah83

    Hello Folks

    Well thought it was time to say hello as i have been reading all the info on here for ages and thought i was time to say hello and be part of the community. Me and my better half have been reading about visas and all the in's and outs and are overwhelmed to say the least...checks this and assessments that it is all a massive task and i can relate to people not enjoying it with feelings of nervousness and sickness and headaches etc etc, sad to say i have all 3 lol :biglaugh: Well hello to you all my name is Adam from the West Midlands and thank you for the info that you have been discussing, i have answered many of my questions and have made (in my view) good progress but there always seems to be more more more to do lol Anyway i have a couple of questions if you folks would be kind enough to help me out.... 1. what is the success rate (from experience) of you guys applying for 190 or 189 without the aid of an agent i am positive i could do this alone but an agent may give me that little bit extra i need? any thought? :wacko: and most importantly..... 2. i am looking in to both 189 and 190 (nominated) but cant find an answer to my question ..... Do you need to have employment for 12 months in your nominated field for a 189 to be granted? as the 190 requires a 12month contact before your visa is approved and ..... with the 189 do you have to work in your nominated field or can you get a job in any field you wish. It is not clear to me not even the immi.gov.au has any info on this only that 190 you need a 12 month contact to get the visa so wanted to make sure if i go for 189 do i needed a job in my field or if i could just do any job to get set up... do they ever review your progress or work after the visa is granted? thanks for all the help folks and congratulations to all those who have been successful it has been a hard road from what i have read but you are there now so well done. oh one last thing where do i find the details of the application ceilings as i know there are limits to the number of applications available in each nominated area? thanks again ....:unsure: sorry for the long message :wacko:Adam & Sarah :wub:
  3. The NSW sponsorship letter for a subclass 190 visa says: "When you apply for NSW State Nomination you commit to live and work in NSW for the first two years of your stay in Australia." The question is what does actually constitute as "living and working in NSW". Can a subclass 190 visa holder work as a, say, sole trader and do some kind of consultancy in these two years? Or is s/he legally bound to be an _employee_ of some company in the sponsoring state/territory? Can the clients of the sole trader be outside Australia, or must they be within the sponsoring state/territory?
  4. Applying from UK, ACT state sponsored. Lodged my 190 visa application with DIPB on 24th March, applied for UK and Australian PCC on 5th April, attended UK Medical 5th April (7-10 days to process), no case officer as yet (only been 2.5 weeks) so none expected yet. My plan of attack is to upload ALL my documents before a CO is assigned and hopefully just receive a surprise email one morning with a visa grant, rather than chasing more paperwork and dragging the dreaded process out. Just a note for others, once I applied for my visa, it wash't until I logged in to my account again that I realised I could upload all my docs such as skills assessment, IELTS etc. Then I also realised there was a link telling me to organise my medicals. Have a good look and navigate the site well people!
  5. So I finish my working holiday visa in 12 days. I've been successful in getting state sponsored on a 190 visa, however, I complete my IELTS test tomorrow but don't receive my results until after my current visa expires. I'm British but need 8 in a lll bands for extra points. Is there anything I can do to gain a bridging visa as I can't apply for my 189 until my IELTS results are in my hand and they take 13 days. I don't want to overstay and that affect my new application, even that its only ONE day .... HELP? I really don;t want to have to leave as I get priority processing if I'm still in the country....My life is here already so leaving really can't be my only option - Can it? Correction - 189 skilled state nominated.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm new member of this forum.and i have applied for skilled assessment under software engineer category,and i'm not claiming any points for my experience as my total exp is 3.4(2.4 in one company and 1 year in current comp).But now the problem is my current company has changed the name recently, and i have given the old company name ,so my question is would it be any effect on my skill assessment and if i get +ve skill assessment then would it be any impact on after skill assessment process means while applying of visa application.please suggest me on this..Thanks in advance.
  7. hardikbv

    190 Help Required

    Hello Friends, I have my EoI of University Lecturer for 190. Total point 75. My occupation is in demand only in NT. It is going out of NT list from March. I have also applied for Victoria where my occupation is not in demand. Probably they have accepted my application because I have a PhD. Should I wait for Victoria outcome (which will take max 12 weeks) or apply to NT? (where I just have 12 days to apply as University Lecturer is going out of the list). Or should I apply both? What happens if I apply for both? What a decision to be taken? Can anyone please help?
  8. nics84

    190 visa query

    Hey all, new to this so hope someone can help!  In the process of applying for 190 PR visa, partner in oz already on WH visa and I'm here on a tourist visa. Due to go home 3rd January. Visa should be completed approx march time if all goes to plan and then myself and daughter can go out... So does anyone know if we can go out on another tourist visa or is there any type of bridging visa we can get and go out earlier until 190 visa comes through? Or are we supposed to wait until it does? Thanks for any help in advance!
  9. Hello, everyone. We have applied for a 190 Visa, sponsoring state is ACT. We are currently abroad, waiting for the invitation letter. Once that arrives, we will return to Australia and hopefully recieve our visa. The big question we have is: what happens then? We have read that those who get certain kinds of Permanent Resident visas will get an email asking the visa holder to inform the ACT government when they arrive in ACT so that they can begin filling out the 6 Settlement Surveys (sent every 6 months). Are there any other things that visa holders must do, such as in-office interviews with the ACT staff? I would really like to hear from anyone who has recieved this or other kinds of State Sponsored PR visa regarding how these Settlement Surveys are sent out and what kind of information is asked in them. Are there other kinds of inquiries or monitoring done by the ACT government, such as home visits, phone calls or spot checks? And do the surveys change over time? I would think that this kind of "step by step" breakdown would be valuable to many forum readers. I will admit, one of the reasons we are asking is that we are considering splitting our family up so that I may work in Canberra while my wife stays in a different state with our daughter. This was to allow her to go to a specific religious school in a neighborhing state (3 hours away from Canberra, I would be there on weekends). We really weren't sure if we should inform the ACT government of this arrangement or simply fill out the forms listing our only address as the one in ACT? Knowing what to expect of the settlement surveys and the specific details of arrival, registration and monitoring would be incredibly helpful. Our immigation to Austrlia has been such a long road. We are so excited to finally settle there, thank you so much for the help and all the shared knownledge and experience of this forum.
  10. This is just to let everyone know that Western Australia will be releasing new State Nomination criteria on the 1st of March 2014. Until the new criteria are released, the current 2012-13 criteria will remain in place. So as long as you receive an invitation to apply for State Nomination before the release of the new criteria in March, your application will not be affected. Please click here for more information.
  11. Hi All, I have total experience is 3.6 years as Database developer (who create the database design) and Business Intelligence(Data warehousing) developer and i want to apply for 189/190 visa and want to know that i will fall in which category means either software engineer( 261313) or developer programmer(261312) or either database administrator(262111) or some other job code. I checked it but couldn't be able to identify. It would be really appreciate if anyone can guide me for the same.Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi I have researched the amount of money that is needed to be held by myself in ordered to get a 190 / 489 visa in Queensland. It states that for an applicant +1 other the total value of assets must be Aus $35000 with Aus $ 15000 being cash. It also states that proof is only required for the cash part. I have assets that I could sell to get the aus $35000 but I don't really want to sell my British properties yet. Once I have proven the cash part do you ever need to provide evidence of the rest ? If anybody out there has been through this process I would be very greatfull if you could help kindest regards , ollie
  13. dh06111

    Migration Agent Needed!

    My wife and I looked at the Student route with her studying in QLD but after reading other posts and information, I feel this may not be the best route as we hope to eventually gain PR in Oz. THe other option may be to apply for ACT nomination as my occupation is listed (Financial Investment Manager). I'd be keen to here from those who have moved to Canberra about your views on the area, job prospects for me and typical timescales for ACT nomination if possible?
  14. Hi there, we lodged our 190 VISA on 29th SEP, 2013, and have uploaded most docs required, and waiting for the PCC and Med reports. Let's share our timelines here, please. Good luck!
  15. Hello, I'm new to PomsInOz and am looking to got to Oz on a 190 SS visa. I made the decision in June of this year to emigrate to Oz and had been looking at the 457 Employer Sponsored route but it seems extremely difficult to land a job without the existing right to work in Australia, especially if you're offshore. Plus at the time I didn't think I would qualify on the points based visas as I don't have a tertiary skilled occupation such as a teacher, nurse, plumber etc. I went to the London Opportunities Overseas Expo last weekend and after speaking to a few migration agents it would seem that I do qualify as my occupation is on the CSOL list. Yay! :-) As such I'm at that crossroads now where I need to decide whether to use an agent, which doubles the total cost (I've been quoted £3k in MARA registered agent fees - Is this acceptable/over the odds?) or whether I apply without the support of an agent. I fear that going it alone may slow the process down some what as I'm no expert at this and don't know where to find all the right information and when I ned to do each bit. To give you some background. I'm 29. A British citizen (born and bred) with a UK passport. I have no ties in the UK (partner/mortgage/tenancy agreement/dependants etc.) so can leave as soon as my visa is granted if I want. I have a BA Honours degree and would say my English ability is better than average (not excellent as such, but good nonetheless). I haven't done the IELTS, skills assessment or EOI yet. I have no medical conditions and have no criminal record. I spent 6 months in Australia on a WHV back in 2008/9 and always said I'd go back to live and the time is now right. So, what I really want to know is what's the quickest way I can get a 190? If you think you've gained one in record time I want to hear from you and know what route you took to get it. Did you use an agent for some or all of the process or did you do the whole thing on your own? What resources did you use? What documents do you need and which can you prep in advance to speed things up? Any hints, tips or warnings would be hugely appreciated. I want to get there asap and start my new life :-) Thanks.
  16. First off, I hope you are having an enjoyable day, with a cuppa by your side while reading this. I've been working as a Recruitment Consultant in NSW since 2012, under student visa and temporary visa 485. My qualifications are accepted by Vetassess with positive results and I should get assessed as Recruitment Consultant within 2 months time. Now in order to get PR 190, my best bet is to move to another state (Recruitment Consultant is not on the occupation list in NSW anymore). Out of all states, Western Australia is the simplest as it doesn't require 3 months work at a company (Canberra and South Australia does). I was happily looking through the occupation list of WA to find out Recruitment Consultant is not on there :wub: they have HR Adviser instead. So my question is, if I get assessed again by Vetassess as an HR Adviser and work as Recruitment Consultant job in WA, will I be eligible to apply for visa 190 ? Or do I have to work as HR Adviser? I spoke to a person in immigration department in WA and they said it doesn't matter what the job title is as long as it is related to HR Adviser, and if Vetassess accepted me as an HR Adviser then the application is through. Not sure if this person should be trusted or not haha Both occupations are under the HR group 2231: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Product+Lookup/1220.0~First+Edition,+Revision+1~Chapter~UNIT+GROUP+2231+Human+Resource+Professionals Oh the confusions! Thank you all!
  17. Hi all, I'm applying for skill migration under Occupation Business Analyst (code 261111), and am considering which one of the above options most suit me. I'm aware of the restrictions which 190 (State Nominated) offers. However, would be pleased if someone who has obtained a visa for the above job category could share your views on the time it takes to process the VISA etc. Is it worth waiting for some extra time to get hold of a VISA from 190 (Independent) as opposed to 189? Do you find BA jobs in demand in all of the Aussie states? Thanks
  18. For those considering a State Sponsorsed skilled visa, here are the number of available State Sponsorships for the year to 30/06/2013, and the number of Sponsorships actually issued as at 10 days ago: WA - 3,850/1,283 VIC - 3,700/414 NSW - 2,600/228 SA - 2,400/750 QLD - 1,850/36 ACT - 1,100/178 NT - 600/66 TAS - 150/16 TOTAL - 16,250/2,971 Clearly the rate at which Sponsorships are issued is going to have to accelerate significantly over the next 6 months. As an aside, has anyone who has a trade occupation received an invitation to lodge a subclass 189 visa yet? It seems to me that only Accountants, Engineers, IT occupations, teachers, and medicos have received invitations thus far => those with trade skills really ought be progressing State Sponsorship applications if they want comfort as to a positive visa outcome. I have the numbers for the new business innovation visas too - anyone who is interested should send an email to me. Best regards.
  19. hey guys ! waiting for my WA SS to be approved (fingers crossed), I'm gathering the necessary documents for the upcoming 190 visa application I wanna make sure that the evidences I'll provide are sufficient and the correct ones, So, feel free to leave any comment/piece of advise on the following: 1] the document of the general check list are quiet easy and obvious but I still have a doubt regarding the oversea employment, fyi, I have an experience >3y in my nominated position, I held that position in one single company. As evidences, I intend to provide: -a work reference letter matching the requirements described in the 1119 booklet, attached to a corporate job description -my contract stating the hiring date, the salary and my position -a payslip stating my position, my hiring date fyi, Engineers Australia assessed my Qualifications, not my experience 2] I want to include my partner in my visa, fyi: -we've been living together in France for 12 years, -we registered a civil union in France on June 2010 (it is stated on our bith certificates), -she moved to Australia in July 2012 and so I did in October, we now live together -she hold a student visa, I'm included in it as a spouse. This visa will expire on August 2014 according to this page, we need to right a statement (OK) and provide the following evidences: (in red, are the evidences I intend to provide) -financial aspects of the relationship, such as: *joint ownership of your house or joint names on a lease => French Housing rental (we don't have any in Oz) *correspondence addressed to both of you at the same address => French Tax N otice *details of financial commitments including bank statements, and any joint liabilities. => French Tax Notice + Australian joined bank account statement -the nature of the household, such as: *any joint responsibility for the care and support of children *your living arrangements including sharing responsibilities within the home => French Tax Notice -social context, such as: *evidence that you and your partner are generally accepted as a couple socially such as joint invitations *evidence of common friends *assessments by your friends and family of your relationship => statement of our parents, but we left France last year... will that be accepted ? *joint travel or joint participation in sporting, social or cultural activities. => eTickets of trips made in May 2011 and January 2013 -your commitment, such as: *the duration of your relationship including knowledge of each other: ??? is a statement ok ? *intention that your relationship will be long term through things such as the terms of your wills: the shared student visa expires in August 2014 *correspondence and telephone accounts to show that contact was maintained during any periods of separation: emails written between July and Oct. 2012 Thank you for your comments AND/OR your feedback of your own experience !
  20. Hi everybody, This is my first post on PIO, I've been lurking for a while and given the amount of expert advice on here, I'd like to, first of all, say a big thank you! But sometimes, with too much information available, I'm afraid I've reached a stage of info overload.:arghh: I have a few questions I hope you guys could help me out with: 1) If my occupation is not on the SOL, is it possible to submit an EOI for an occupation that I am keen to pursue? E.g.: I'm a sales manager, and I'd like to apply to be a Motorcycle Mechanic. Do I simply need to pass the governing body's test (VETASSESS etc.) along with the other criterias (IELTS 7.0 etc) to be eligible? 2) If i have relatives staying in Australia, I believe I can apply for a 489 Visa if invited after my EOI, there's a list of postal codes that my 'sponsor' is supposed to be residing in? [TABLE=class: tableborder, width: 1] [TR] [TD]New South Wales[/TD] [TD]Post areas 2311-2312, 2328-2333, 2336-2490, 2535-2551, 2575-2739, 2787-2898 (anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong)[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Looking at this, if my relative is living in Sydney, he will be unable to sponsor me? To sum it up, what's going to be the best method to apply? I'm below 30 years old, with a background (and work experience) in film production, switched to sales over the last two years, an offshore RMIT graduate, with relatives living in Australia. I look forward to any helpful advice you guys could provide, many thanks!
  21. Dear all, I am a Unix system admin and am eligible to apply for 190 with 70 points. Please let me know on a few points: 1. How to get started?As in the first steps... 2. I have worked in an east african country for 8 months(have all the experience related documents),but was on Visiting visa(extended every 3 months). Do i need a police verification from there? If yes,how and when do i need to start with it I am not sure on any procedures to start with the immigration process...do i need to go for a consultant...totally confused. Please help. Thanks a lot Prs
  22. joleene

    Which type of visa???

    Help....I have been given so much conflicting information by a number of migration experts. I am a Marketing Specialist with over 8 years experience and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. My husbands sister is a PR of Australia, residing in Redcliff, Brisbane, postcode 4020. I have been told I qualify for a 489 Visa by one migration expert, but another has told me I don't and only qualify for an ACT 190, and another saying I qualify for a 457 Long Stay Temporary Business Visa....I am so confused and this is obviously mnaking me very dubious about migration experts. I ideally would like to be with my sister in law as this is a base for us and she will offer lots of support. Can anybody help...PLEASE
  23. Hello I am starting to put together my EOI evdience for the 189 and 190 skilled migration visas. I am an accountant and so I intend to try and apply for the 190 visa in NSW (this is where i am currently living and working) in addition to the more flexible 189. After graduating from uni with an economics degree I worked for 6 years as an acountant in the UK prior to travelling to Aus. For the 1st 3 years I worked for a big four firm where i passed my accounting exams and gained the 3 years experience required to become chartered. This is standard in the UK and I think that you need the 3 years experience for other accounting qualifications such as CIMA. I have spoken with the Australian Institute of Chartered accountants and it appears that they will only look at my employment history for the skilled employment assessment from the date that I became qualified. This also seems to be the case with the CPA. This only gives me 3 years relevant experince in my skills assessent and therefore I will only achive 5 points on the skills slect score instead of 10 points that I had initially expected (for 5 years +). The questions that I have are: 1) Will DIAC only look at the work expereince that is included within the skilled employment assessment? As such can I 'claim' the 10 points? 2) Has anyone else spotted/encountered this problem and if so was there a positive result? It seems nonsense to me that 3 years financial audit employment would not be assessed as it is highly relevant to my skills. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. barnsey10

    In Two Minds .....

    One for the forum here !! I was invited to apply for a 189 Visa on the 3rd December and i posted my application to my migration agents (ASA Consultants) mid Dec. Because of the Christmas postage shambles (confirmed delivered 3rd Jan) they havent been able to begin the process of checking the paperwork. Now that time is tight the say that they will need to 'Priority Process' the documentation and it will cost $500. Tony, Sandra and Luke. Originally from West Cumbria, currently living in Central Scotland. Questions are: 1. If i make the payment and my application is lodged before the EOI lapse date (3 Feb) what are the chances of getting the Visa by mid October? 2. Can i still apply for WA State Sponsorship or do i have to wait until the EOI has lapsed (or could i use the existing EOI number on the SS application and resubmit the EOI with 190 ticked once lapsed?) and the WA SS only costs $200. Any other suggestions - job may depend on getting there by last week in October. Thanks Tony IELTS 27/4/12 R9L9S9W8 / EA CDR Submitted 27/7/12 - Positive 19/12/12 (Engineering Technologist) 189 Visa Posted 10/12/12
  25. Hi All - I have recently been approved for SS for Vic and am in the process of completing my EOI on a 190 Visa for myself, wife and 2 children (7 and 4). All looks ok...... until by chance I have been (lucky enough to be) put forward for a project which includes approx 10 days working in Melbourne around Feb / Mar this year. This is a great opportunity to have a recce on areas, schools etc and meet up with some family at the same time (we last visited about 5 years ago). However, I am now a bit confused as to how this will work Visa wise; I suspect I will require some kind of working visa to enter and complete the project in Melbourne and unsure as to how this would impact my 190 application. An ideal scenario of course would be to carry on with my 190 and use this to complete the 10 day project in Feb / March (if it is granted in time!) .... and possibly event get my employer to pay for it!!! ;-) Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Cheers Brian