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Found 182 results

  1. Fuch

    190 visa restrictions

    Hi all I just got my skills assessment outcome today, everything positive, so I got 15 points from my degree and 10 points from my 5 years oversea experience. And I'm at age of 29, so I got another 30 points, which gives me 55 points in total. 1. I've seen from other webpage claims that 190 has no different with 189, as the 2 years restrictions is so called "moral obligation". Is that statement true? 2. In my previous IELTS test I got 6.5 for writing, the rest above 7. My next scheduled test is 2 weeks later. I'm planning to lodge in EOI now, if I manage to get additional points from IELTS then I'll update my EOI by then. Is that the right thing to do? Any better advise? By the way, I'm a Civil Engineer (233211). Thanks. Fuch
  2. As abrupt as Turnbull's new 457 changes are to those planning to apply for 457, I think the changes are causing more stress and concern to existing 457 holders/applicants looking to stay permanently in Aus via one of the 3 PR visas available. With the modified 2-year, short term occupation list, over 200 occupations are no longer available and even those that remained will only have one on-shore renewal available with no PR route. Question/survey is, how are these changes affecting your decision to stay in Aus or becoming an Australian citizen? Are you already looking at possibilities of relocating or moving back to your previous country of residence? Particularly for those over 40 and/or with families. Trying to see others' viewpoints and options that we (as individuals) might not have thought of.
  3. ClaireerialC

    PCC - worried about cautions

    Hi Folks, Applied for 190 visa on 20/3/17, was asked to provide more work history, form 80 and medical on 28/3/17 . Everything submitted by 10/4/17, medical clearance on 12/4/17. Just wondering.. my partner had 4 cautions on his UK police check from more than 5 years ago - will this affect the visa at all? If so, how? How long normally does it take to hear back from all submitted paperwork for visa grant? Will 3 arrests be an issue? Feeling nervous.. Thanks x
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been reading through this forum for a little while and know that you can all offer really helpful advice! So I have a question which I have tried googling and looking through pomsinoz for, but can't seem to find a concrete answer for (no doubt somebody will tell me I've been blind! ) Myself and my husband (me as main applicant) are looking at applying for the 190 skilled independent visa with NSW state nomination. I am a chartered accountant with 4 years post qualified experience and would get maximum points for age. If I aim for superior english results in IELTS (I'm sure this is no mean fete) and my husband can get his skills assessed (15 years in IT but with few notable qualifications) then I am hopeful of 80 points (inclusive of the 5 for state nomination). Even so I am aware of the length of time this can take and was hoping to be over there by the end of the year, so finally I get to my actual question - could I get a working holiday visa whilst I am waiting for the 190 and go to Sydney and be finding work on that? I am still within the age range, and it was the original plan to just go out on a WHV and hope for sponsorship, but with recent changes to temporary visas we are looking at setting the ball rolling on a pr visa now. But I would still like to be getting out to Oz sooner rather than later. I am sure I have seen that people go out on a WHV and then apply for pr whilst onshore, so I assume this would be no different? I just haven't found a case of somebody who applied for pr from the uk, then applied for a WHV and travelled to Australia whilst awaiting the pr visa outcome. Has anybody done this, or known somebody who has? Sorry for the rambling, I just hope somebody can help me shine a light on this. Many Thanks
  5. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  6. Do you have a PhD? Holders of a recognised PhD now have a streamlined pathway to permanent residence. The Victorian Government has introduced a new pathway to state nomination through the Skilled Nominated 190 visa. To be eligible, applicants will need to: have completed a PhD in at a Victorian University and have an occupation on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) Schedule 1 and 2; or have completed a doctorate of a recognised standard (as determined by the relevant skill assessing authority) in a field relating to an occupation on the State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria. Applicants must also be eligible to apply for General Skilled Migration and meet all other state nomination eligibility requirements. There are a limited number of nominations available. To find out more contact the Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program: Phone: +613 9651 9756 Email: Skilled@LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au Web: LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au/phd
  7. Hi all, Very helpful forum. Has anyone here used true blue migration? They have a no visa no fee policy. I will be applying for Victoria state nomination 190 visa as life scientist nec. I submitted my skills assessment with Vetassess 9 weeks ago and I will sit IELTs in 3 weeks. I live and work in Qld with my partner (both on WHV) since July. I will be applying from QLD. The Victorian state nomination website states you need a job offer but when I called they said it's not completely necessary as long as I convince then I want to live there. So I will write a letter with friends address and number in Melbourne (who I will live with) and a list of jobs applied for and a contract from my current job stating that I will finish in March and my employers number to confirm this. True blue have quoted me 2200 despite the fact that I've done a huge amount of it already. Any suggestions??? Or has anyone used True Blue before. I really want this PR visa but don't want to risk doing the state nomination part alone in case I don't get it but it's a lot of extra money. Sarah
  8. cengland

    Rejected Visa...

    Hey, I applied for a 190 visa, after getting nominated by Victoria. I have just recieved my rejection due to me getting 5 points rather than 15... their reasons were that I do not have a degree and therefore 5 years of my work experience is invalid...? I am applying for a 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer, and cannot understand the rejection. Does anyone else have experience of this? Thanks Colin
  9. cengland

    190 Visa Applications May 2015

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has applied for a 190 visa (Melbourne) in May this year, if so how are they getting on? Ours is currently sitting at recieved and appears nothing has happened so far..
  10. grub

    Hello :-)

    Hello to all.New to this forum. Very happy to stumble upon pomsinOz. Looking to make the job move-just starting to figure out how. Can apply for 457 and 190 Skilled visa-after a quick search through the web and forum links. Any advise on where to start off from here on would be much appreciated. ...
  11. Alice6521

    Chef/Cook TRA Skills Assessment

    Hello everyone, My partner (a chef) wants to get a permanent visa for Australia. Right now we are intending on applying for subclass 190, state sponsorship. (If his English test goes really well we might try for subclass 189) We are currently getting the (ENDLESS) paperwork together for his TRA Skills Assessment. We're struggling to know exactly what to write for Part 8 / his Description Of Your Work (in own words) and exactly what we need in the letters from his employers (how much detail?!). I would appreciate any tips anyone has and if anyone would share with me their own documents (actual letters, templates, anything) we would be so grateful. Especially other chefs/cooks! Just for ideas and peace of mind, I would never plagiarize! Thank you, Alice
  12. October 2014 intake Important notice - October 2014 intake - 22 October 2014 Due to high volumes, the application process for state nominated skill migration has temporarily closed. A further update will be posted on Friday 24 October 2014. Thank you for your patience. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. I have been sitting in front of my computer for the past 5 hours. Unfortunately, after millions of attempt to lodge 190 nomination - they posted this message. Was just wondering if anyone got through the entire process?
  13. Hi All, After looking at this website on a daily basis for many, many months, my first post... Submitted our application on 21st January and had a CO allocated on 25th January. We front loaded our medicals and police checks and the CO hasn't requested any further documents. My question is - how long is it likely to be before we get the visa granted? Or is anyone else in the same boat as us and checking emails every 10 minutes?!
  14. Hi I am on a roller coaster ride of points-building for a general skilled migration visa (190) and would really appreciate some help/advice. I need 10 points from my skills assessment/employment experience, but will just get 5 based on VETASSESS only stating the minimum requirements for the nominated profession (149913 - Facilities Manager), which is 3 years. I need to prove I have more than 5 years, which I do have. I accept my mistaken assumption of the VETASSESS outcome, but am now in a difficult position. I believe I can easily prove the extra years as the letters supplied to VETASSESS all clearly state I have been in the same job for almost 8 years. However, do I need to get VETASSESS to provide 'points test advice' to verify the extra years I need or can I rely on my own proof as described above? I am fast approaching 45 (Sept 15) and time is running out for me to maintain sufficient points to qualify for the visa. I have also watched my nominated occupation drop through the 'availability' spectrum. It is currently on 'LOW'. If it goes any lower, all my eggs in the one basket will be done for! So, should I risk proving the extra proof myself and that the DIBP might say they need the VETASSESS approval for the extra 2 years? OR should I risk going back to VETASSESS and that the Nominated Occupation falls off the list? :wideeyed: Please help if you can. Thank you!
  15. My husband and I got our Australia 190 perm visas granted and want to migrate to Melbourne in August 2015. We had a baby 9 weeks ago in the UK which means we have to apply for her visa before we can bring her across ... I want to check the Child visa (subclass 101) *IS* the right visa for a UK baby to get migration/perm visa! I can't just extend our visa by one newborn can I?! Thanks in advance!
  16. torrentkid

    190 Visa April 2014 Gang

    I searched and realized there was no thread for the April 2014, 190 gang and started one. Please post your waiting timelines and approvals, if any. I see that there is a lot of delay involved currently in the 190 line.
  17. SS70011005

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    Hey Guys, Have lodged 190 for Queensland in 221111 category on 05/03/2014. Anyone with the same application month. Lets share our timelines and concerns in this thread. Cheers.
  18. GarySawers

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Hi guys, Me and my partner had our 190 visa lodged today!,:biggrin: Just wanted to to start a thread of members lodging in December so we can track each other's progress! Cheers Gary
  19. minimel2710

    190 visa lodged April 2014

    Hi all.... We lodged our 190 visa on 23/4/14.... ive been eagerly following the feb 190 posts but as they're a few months ahead of us I thought it might be helpful to start a new thread.... has anyone had any updates on their April lodged 190 visa?? Or even received the dreaded 'delay email'?? We have literally heard nothing at all. We front loaded our medicals and police checks so hoping that speeds up the process... hubby's trade is a lift mechanic... we are desperately hoping to be gone during the summer holidays, I think this can be done!!! Looking forward or hearing others thoughts and experiences. mel and adam ?
  20. torrentkid

    190 Visa lodged with dependents

    Hi I am starting a new thread to see if someone could help me understand my situation regarding dependents. I have lodged my 190 visa this month and am looking for some advice on various visa outcomes. I am the primary applicant and have included my wife. Since, I've lost my father 8 years ago, my mother, brother and sister are solely dependent on me for everything. My brother has recently managed to secure a job and hence I have not included him on my application. I have included my mother who is a home-maker and my sister (19 years) who is currently studying. I have got all the medicals and character evidence positive and ready for all of us. What could be the outcome if DIBP is not satisfied with the mother/sister dependency part of my application ?
  21. Just an update and something that we have noticed for over 5 Nurse Visa applications over the last 3 months 189 Independent have been arriving in 4-5 weeks where as 190 ( Sponsored have taken over 10-12 weeks) Must add these are for onshore applications C :cool::cool:
  22. kepik83

    Invitation from South Australia

    I engaged a registered migration agent to apply 190 visa. According to him, the South Australia nomination has been approved and have received an invitation to apply visa. I asked him to send me the 'approval letter' for my record. Then, he explained to me that "there isn't actually an approval letter. the approval is noted in the EOI. South Australia basically access the EOI, indicates their nomination and that generates the invitation to apply". I'm not really sure how the EOI works. Is there any invitation or letter that I could keep for my record? I'm just being paranoid with the past experience that I had about scamming.
  23. Hi All, I have got my PR sponsored through Western Australia. I have been applying for jobs for last 6 months and nothing is materializing. I am into IT with around 15 year of technical experience. Incidentally I have found an opening in NSW in my current organization and applied for it. They have selected me and found the perfect match. I understand that I have signed up a contract with WA State for staying and working there for 2 years. Unfortunately nothing is materializing and this opportunity is coming on my way. I like to know the implications on my PR (or any other unknown) if I pursue this NSW opportunity. Appreciate experts suggestions on it to decide the next steps. Thanks a lot in advance. DK Note - I was trying to search this question in existing forums and could not find it hence decided to post it.
  24. scotsaway

    new 457 while waiting for 190??

    Hi all! I was hoping someone may be able to offer some insight into my situation as it is (like everyone else's) not straight forward.... I am on a 457 due to end when my current contract finishes with my employer (it was for 3 years). I have started the process of applying for a 190 GSM and hope to get it lodged before my current contract ends but it won't actually come through until next year I reckon.... I have another job lined up so I hoped to work on a bridging visa until I got PR but according to DIAC I still need to be nominated and sponsored by the new employer to work on the bridging visa. My questions are: Should I go for another 457 with the new employer (ie new nomination and sponsorship)? Or should I go for nomination and sponsorship on a bridging visa? Or if I cease employment a bit before my current contract ends can I transfer my 457 to the new employer? If I do this will my 457 extend for the life of my new contract (as I see 457s can be granted for up to 4 years and I will have only done 3)? Thanks very much in advance!
  25. Hey guys! I am from Bangladesh, applying for 190. Just started my processing with the help of an agent. Haven't got my VETASSESS outcome! I would like to know the experiences of other Bangladeshi applicant's. If you could, then please share your experiences.