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Found 62 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Im new , please be nice! Im just starting the process. Ive filled out my VetAssess form and now compiling all my documents to send by carrier pigeon to Melbourne...My head is completely fried. Ive decided against using a migration expert and im going it alone. I may or may not regret that! Just testing the water and seeing who else is going through it and maybe can support each other through the blood sweat and tears... So far today ive spent around £500 on the application and my kettle has just packed in... reaching for the wine while I spruce up my CV.. :confused::wacko::arghh: Would be great to hear from anyone....anyone at all.....:cool: Sarah
  2. Hi All, I'm new in the forum and in the migration process. I've engaged an agent to help me through the process and I can also see that this site is so rich with great advice. I'm just wondering if there's anyone applying for 190 as student counsellor or welfare worker? Pls share your experiences or if you're also still waiting, let's share the moment together :smile: Thanks. MJ IELTS: 21/06/2013 L8.5, R8.5, W7.5, S8.5 VETASSESS Lodged 12/06/2013
  3. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa - Two year requirement

    Hello everybody, Please clear my doubts. I plan to activate my 190 visa by the end of the year, but I have some doubts in case I am not able to stay in Australia after the first arrival. My question is: What is going to happen if I activate the 190 visa (spend couple of weeks in Australia and leave) and come back to Australia in 2016, for example? This is legal from DIAC point of view (visa is valid 5 years), but is this legal from the government point of view (two year "living in the government/sponsor territory" requirement)? What are my options? Thank you very much for you kind answers! Petar
  4. Petar Petrovic

    Questions about secondary applicant

    I have two of questions about the secondary applicant - 189 and 190 visas: 1. What happens if the main and secondary applicant get divorced (in case they are married) or just separate (in case they are partners) before their first arrival to Australia? Will visa be valid for both of them after the DIAC gets notification about the change? 2. Are the main and secondary applicant obliged to come together for the first time to Australia? Thanks.
  5. screechy

    The Waiting Game.....

    Hi All, I appreciate it is difficult to give an exact time frame on these things, but I write in the hope that somebody might have been through this stage of the immigration process recently and therefore be able to give me some idea on the following: My case officer for my 190 visa requested further documents (relationship and employment) on the 10th April 2013 and instructed us to complete medical and police checks. These were both completed and were sent across (with our extra evidence) to our CO before our 7th May deadline, however I have not heard anything since. I would assume that the documents that were sent across originally have already been assessed (in order for them to request more) and that all that is now required is for our CO to go through the additional info - something I wouldnt imagine would take that long? With this in mind, I am now wondering whether or not anybody else has/is experiencing a similar scenario at the mo/recently? If they have, are we looking at weeks or months for a final decision....? If the latter I think I am going to go crazy! Any help/info would really be appreciated. Thanks Adam
  6. Peaches1990

    One step at a time...

    Hello all, First of all would like to say how awesome is this forum, it has already answered so many of our questions regarding visas and migration. Thumbs up! We're a fairly young couple from Felixstowe, UK - hoping to move to Oz. We went on a recce holiday to Oz and Nz in Nov 2012, and after spending 6 amazing weeks out there we're now 100% sure it's the place to be. My partner James(25) works as an electrical craftsman here in UK and would come under a Electrician (Special Class) on the skills list, therefore he would be the main applicant and I'm hoping to go out there as a partner on his visa. Ideally we want to get the 189 visa, however assuming we get superior results in his English test to get the extra points, we're just scraping away with 60 points, therefore we have also been considering a 190 Visa and here's where I get the first question. For the 190 visa does your skill needs to be on state skills list, because after having a closer look I can find the Electrician (General) but not the special class one. Would it still be worth selecting states for 190 visa when placing EOI? I (23) on the other hand haven't got a skill they need, hence hoping to go out there on James visa, so far so good, but...He has British passport as he's been here all his life, however mine is Latvian as I only moved here in 2005. Would it affect our visa in any way? We've been together for over 4 years and have plenty of proof and stuff. Also my passport expires September, 2013, would it be better to renew it before applying for a visa? Also James has to do a TRA skills assessment, I gather these don't expire so technically he could do it now, but can anyone confirm that I got it right? And finally I seem to get really confused about the medicals. Do you have to do any before lodging your visa or do you just wait till they ask you to do it? Overall we're rather excited about it all, but want to get it right first time round. Oh and we also have a 5 year old Schnauzer cross who would most likely be coming to Oz with us
  7. Hi, I am an onshore applicant from a High Risk country according to to the DIAC. I lodged my Visa application on 26 November, has uploaded all the required documents except the PCC which I will upload tomorrow. Medical was done on 3rd December. Unfortunately my medical was classified as Case B and needs a specialist assessment. I have already arranged an appointment with a specialist and hopefully the report from the specialist will reach the Medibank Case B team by 25 January. A Case officer has already been allocated. I am just wondering how long does it take to process for a 190 Onshore visa applicant to grant visa. Currently I am holding 485 Graduate skilled visa. Please share your experiences as well.
  8. jbb

    NSW State Sponsorship

    Hello, I have got state sponsorship from NSW government on 13th Sep 2012 and invitation to apply for visa on 14th Sep 2012. I have already applied for the 190 visa on 1st Oct 2012. My question is do I need to sign and email the NSW anything letting them know that I have accepted their nomination and applied for the visa? I have read somewhere in this forum that one needs to sign and acknowledge to the state government that we are accepting their nomination and only after that the visa processing starts. Anyone out there who has got a NSW SS after 1st July 2012 can confirm their experience of whether we need to sign and email them anything or not? In the approval letter which I have got I do not see any mention of me requiring to send them any signed letter or agreement. They had just mentioned that if my EOI was not provided to them at the time of NSW application then I need to provide them the EOI number so that they could select it in SkillSelect and send me the invitation. But I had provided them the EOI at the time of NSW application itself so I do not think I need to provide the NSW government anything. Kindly clarify on this please as I do not want my NSW SS to expire and then I come to know that some action was pending at my end itself. Also what are the approx timelines for a CO to be assigned to a case. I got email from DIAC on 8th Oct that they have received my visa application. So how many days does it take after their acknowledging the receipt of the visa application? Regards, JBB
  9. Hi all, In the old system (before July 2012), I found that for Partner Skills it said a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated occupation (nominated occupation is to be on the same version of the SOL as the main applicant) evidence of age to confirm that they are under 50 years of age evidence of competent English language level evidence of one of the following: that they meet the Australian study requirement in the last six months before applying that they have been employed in a skilled occupation for a period totalling at least 12 months in the last 24 months before applying whereas now in the new visa 190 rules, it says for Partner Skills You must provide evidence that your partner meets the requirements. This evidence must be: documents that prove your partner is 50 years of age or younger documents that prove your partner has at least competent English a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your partner’s nominated occupation (your partner’s nominated occupation must be on the same Skilled Occupation List as your nominated occupation). Can anyone confirm that you don't have to prove the last bit of the blue section anymore (i.e. that they have been employed in a skilled occupation for a period totalling at least 12 months in the last 24 months before applying), as I need the 5 Partner Skill points, but am a Supply Teacher, and don't work full time........ Thanks.
  10. eisenhorn

    190 visa app to Vic and agents

    Hi All, I've been enjoying reading some of the posts here and thought I'd post to see if I could also get some advice. My wife and I (including 2 kids; 6 and 3) are seriously looking at emigrating to Australia and would like to settle in either Perth or Melbourne. We've got friends in Sydney, but we stayed there for 3 weeks a few years back and it was so expensive that to get reasonable property for a family meant a large commute. I'm an Oracle Database Administrator (Schedule 2 - 262111), with over 10 years exp, and my wife is the same with more exp. We're looking at applying for a 190 visa to Victoria as I saw they still accept visas for this skill. However, I also spoke to a UK emigration company "The Immigration Advisory Service", and he mentioned that as a British Citizen, we don't get any points for the language stuff. Is that true and would I therefore need to sit the language course to ensure I get tons of points? I seem to get 25 for age, 20 for language (one would hope i score an A!), 15 for job, 15 for a BA(Hons), 5 for the wife, and perhaps 5 from 190 support. So, without the language test I would score around 60-65 points. Do I need more to have more chance of acceptance, and therefore would the language test help? Also, the company I was speaking to is based in the UK, so I was wondering about agencies. Is it easier to deal with in Aus or here? I asked him lots of questions, like their costs, timelines, associated services, and finally (as I've read everywhere on these forums) whether they were MARA agents. He said he wasn't as he was British, but there were MARA agents in his team. Do I continue with this kind of service (around £1200) or look for others that people recommend? Thanks and Best Regards, Stephen.
  11. Hello, I just wanted to keep a track of all the candidates who have been sponsored by NSW for 262113 (Systems Administrator) role. Has anyone been granted a 190 visa and got job in Australia already? I would appreciate if anyone who has already got a job can share their experience as to how they got the job offer. What are the do's and don'ts so that other prospective candidates can have an idea how to plan their course. Please share your total years of experience and the approx salary you received or expect to receive as one needs to know how much one can get to plan their expenses and savings. I look forward to hearing from our so helpful community. Regards, JBB
  12. Dear all,My partner has 55 points and I'd like to try contribute additional 5 points using my qualifications to our EOI to qualify for the 190 visa. He has already completed skill assessments, IELTS, etc.I am an ACCA affiliate and I also obtained the Oxford Brookes University Degree which was offered by ACCA after completion of Part 2 of their exams. I worked with one of the big 4 accounting firms after I graduated for about 2.5 years as an associate consultant in the tax department (2005-2007). However, I became self-employed in an unrelated field after that. Does applying for skill assessment require work experience to be taken into account for partner points? Or will the qualification be sufficient? Do I apply for ICAA's combined assessment (skill and experience - $500) or do I apply for CPA's skill assessment - $475 without experience assessment? What are my chances (if I get through IELTS)? We have already spent considerable on agent fees and application fees beginning of this year which is why I'm hesitant and would rather apply for the assessment myself than pay the agent to. I'd appreciate if anyone can share their experience. Thanks Thanks