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Found 62 results

  1. AlkaJain

    190 visa

    Hi All, I have submitted EOI with 65+5 for ICT sales rep at NSW. May I know if anyone has got invite for this profile ? What is average time to get invite for this profile? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. Ahluwalia@paramjeet

    verification in visa 190 subclass

    Hi, i am not claiming my work experience point in my visa application. I am still doing my business in the same field. How much chances are there for the physical verification by case officer.
  3. Hi, I live in India and had spent 13 months in Netherlands. I have now been invited to apply for 190 visa. I was just wondering what is the procedure for getting the Netherlands PCC done. Can anyone please share their experience who has stayed in Netherlands and got it done. I am currently lost and do not know how do I go about getting the PCC done. Anyhelp would be highly appreciated. Thanks. JBB.
  4. Hi there, I wondered if anybody had experience of applying for skills assessment with Vetassess for a HR Adviser when they were a recruitment consultant (or vice versa)? On the Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) on the immi.gov.au website Recruitment Consultant and HR Adviser are listed separately. However, on the WA State skilled migration occupation list (those the State will sponsor) HR Adviser is on the list while Recruitment Consultant is not - meaning I could get state sponsored for HR Adviser but not Recruitment Consultant. They are grouped together on the immi.gov.au website under UNIT GROUP 2231 Human Resource Professionals, with very similar responsibilities/skills. I wondered if anybody had experience of applying for a role as a HR Adviser while being a Recruitment Consultant (in job titles) or vice versa, or if anybody had opinion or experience of Vetassess assessing two very similar occupations? Any help or advice would be much appreciated! We score very highly for other reasons, its just the difference between HR Adviser and Recruitment Consultant that is confusing. Thanks! Chris
  5. kimmy1996

    Emigrating as a seafarer ??

    My partner is a ships engineer and we want to emigrate. His skill is on the list but to be skill assessed he has to actually travel to Australia on a visitors visa to resit an examination which was "probably one of the worst experiences of his life", the oral exam for class 1 certificate. It seems grossly unfair that most persons get assessed in the UK i.e brickies have to lay bricks, Carpenters build a wall or something similar, both in front of independant examiners. They have to prove their qualifications same as those who have degrees have to show their documents. He has documentary evidence of every days work he has ever done on board ships, a UK government qualification and an agreement exists between UK and Oz to recognise each others standards and qualifications but he still has to go there and resit the oral, this will cost us £1300+ with accomodation, exam fees etc. before we even begin the application process - no pressure !! It's like asking an accountant to go all the way there to resit his accountancy degree !! Anyway, bitching about the process won't help. We need to know if anyone has been through this process whether the oral is a full blown chief's oral or a more laid back chat about the persons experience and knowledge ? He is undecided whether it's actually worth going through with it because he is not fully confident of passing the oral again despite being 2nd/Chief for a good number of years. Has anybody been through this ? What is your experience ? I hope someone out there can offer some advice. Thanks
  6. Can someone help me with this Me and my my wife are on 489 state sponsored Visa from last 9 months . I am main applicant & I am working as casual not getting 38 hrs & its difficult to find full time job. Where as my wife is working full time. After completing 2 year stay and 1 year work in allocated regional area to apply PR , can my wife apply for PR on her basis by fulfilling requirement of 1 year work with her work experience 38 hrs week with 52 Payslips. OR this has to be fulfilled by main applicant. Thanks in advance & if u can share some reference links that will be really help full ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Occupation Cook | Onshore | Received invitation to apply on 17/2/2014 for Regional Southern Inland NSW 489 VISA |Visa Applied on 18/2/2014 | Case officer 25/3/3014 & received email related to delay on same day | Visa grant : 2/4/2014
  7. Hi everyone I am kindly asking for any further advice. My boyfiend is on the last page of the online application and is ready to click on the pay button for his visa. There is still an option to add a family member, could he add me on as de facto (no option there) without jepodising his application? This is his third invite from WA and is worried that he will lose his invite. The first two times he wasn't told about his invites due to using a bad visa company and the third he did independently. I spoke to a helpful guy at GoMatilda as recommended but there is only so much he can say. He said that you can add/change at any stage even if it doesn't match what was on the EOI as the core requirements are still the same. Issue being, de facto add ons aren't family or are they? As there is evidence that needs to be sent off and nothing is final until they fully grant the visa after payment, he mentioned that they will notice that I have been added, I am presuming they will put the visa application on hold until we have submitted relationship evidence? My partner only has till the 21st of Feb to pay his visa payment so we really need to think fast and and advice is welcomed!
  8. My husband and I got our Australia 190 perm visas granted and want to migrate to Melbourne in August 2015. We had a baby 9 weeks ago in the UK which means we have to apply for her visa before we can bring her across ... I want to check the Child visa (subclass 101) *IS* the right visa for a UK baby to get migration/perm visa! I can't just extend our visa by one newborn can I?! Thanks in advance!
  9. Dear fellows, I live in AU for over 3 years under a 457 Visa and yesterday (24 Aug 2014) I finally submitted my application for 190 Visa. As I have a child and spouse, I've included them in my application too. I've paid the fee and had my medicals booked beforehand. My concern is about uploading documents for family members (spouse and child). I can upload my own documents without any problem, but when I click on the "Attach document" button, a new window opens and, in the field "Applicant" there is a drop-down list, but it shows only my name, not my other family member's names. Therefore, my question is: When will I be able to upload my family's documents? Does anyone recently applied for 189 or 190 Visa (I assume the process is similar). Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Leonardo
  10. Dearest TeeTMI, I saw your forum posts and you seem very knowledgeable in this migration field. Could you please help me with answering my this question? I'd be very grateful. (And I'm sorry If my question sound silly.) Recently I've faced with an unfortunate situation with my occupation has been closed from the new state nomination list of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) .That was the only occupation list which mine was made available when l was trying to apply for 190 visas. My occupation is "Multimedia Specialist - ANZSCO CODE - 261211". It's in the CSOL. But currently none of the states mentioned it in their lists. (except SA list only for the Australian graduates which I can not apply ) I've spent days checking online old state nomination lists and found out my above occupation was available since 2012 at the ACT nomination list and then 2013 it has become "Limited" and then they "closed" it with the recently published list .. Do I have any other option as applying for a closely related occupation? Do you have any idea if they reopen my occupation for any state? Normally when the state Closes an ICT profession in their list, will they reopen it in the near future? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could help please! Am currently on my first WHV which runs out on 1st October. (Stupidly) I haven't done any regional work and therefore do not qualify for my 2nd WHV. I am a PGCE-trained primary school teacher from the UK, who has been teaching for 4 years, some experience in teaching another language (albeit at primary level). I want to stay and live in Melbourne, ideally for a few more years, and have been looking into a 190 state nominated visa. I have already applied for my VIT and sent off my AITSL skills assessment forms yesterday (08/07/14). What is the likelihood of a) being accepted for a 190 visa and b) if I am given an offer (I hope to apply for my state nomination with Victoria at the beginning of August), will I run out of time and have to leave the country...? Any help would be greatly appreciated please!!
  12. Anyone have experience in going through Advertising Specialist Vetassess Skill Assessment? Do you use agent or do you do it yourself? Any agents reccomended? Also, for Canberra (ACT) skilled nomination (190), anyone get the Advertising Specialist nominations? Now I am estimating the chance of getting 190 under Advertising Specialist nominations. Thanks Pear
  13. Hi All I have a question regarding proving the functional English for my mother (dependent). She wrote her IELTS exam on the 15th of March 2014, last month and due to some technical issues they have postponed the results to the 18th of April 2014. * Can I now lodge the visa by paying the fees and update the CO that she has functional English via form1022 ? * Can you please explain this excerpt from the immi.gov.au website? Does it mean that the test date should be within 12 months or the results ? It says: To prove that you have functional English you must provide evidence of one of the following: an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test result with an average band score of at least 4.5 for the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing). Your test must have been completed within 12 months of visa application lodgement or can be completed during visa application processing.
  14. 1. My PCC & Medicals expiring next month , do i need to spend money for them again ? Case officer did not asked anything in that email. 2. How long does it take & as my occupation is cook how can i check how many remaining places are filled and how many left ? 3. Does delay email by case officer mean just waiting for quota than just to grant. Thanks for reading
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum. Could anyone please help me about caiming points for local work experience as an accountant. I have got 1 year of work experience and got positive skill assessment through ICCA and would like to claim points in order to apply for 189 visa. Also please let me know what are they really specific on. Anybody with this experience please advice. And also does anyone have any idea if we can submit EOI for 190 visa for July 2014? Regards AS
  16. Hi, I have filed by 190 Visa for Vic, however my ACS and IELTS are to expire in 1.5 weeks. Will it have any impact on my Visa application. I am so worried after such a long journey What should I do please please suggest.
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm new member of this forum.and i have applied for skilled assessment under software engineer category,and i'm not claiming any points for my experience as my total exp is 3.4(2.4 in one company and 1 year in current comp).But now the problem is my current company has changed the name recently, and i have given the old company name ,so my question is would it be any effect on my skill assessment and if i get +ve skill assessment then would it be any impact on after skill assessment process means while applying of visa application.please suggest me on this..Thanks in advance.
  18. Shyamolima Mutsuddi

    ACT State Nomination

    I have applied for ACT State Nomination on 26th January 2014 with required fees as my current occupation is OPEN in current ACT SOL. I have lodged my EOI as well. A confirmation letter that the payment is accepted was emailed on 29th Jan 2014. My detailed information for ACT Nomination: Visa Subclass - 190 Occupation - Copywriter (ANZSCO 212411) VETASSESS Skill Assessment - Positive IELTS - 7 in each band EOI - Submitted Total Point - 65 Today 14th February, I checked that my occupation will be CLOSED in the new ACT occupation list effective from 24th February 2014. The new list of ACT SOL: http://www.canberrayourfuture.com.au/portal/migrating/article/act-occupation-list/ Now I am worried. Can it reduce my chance of getting the ACT State nomination approved for further processing? Can it get rejected?
  19. Hi All, I have total experience is 3.6 years as Database developer (who create the database design) and Business Intelligence(Data warehousing) developer and i want to apply for 189/190 visa and want to know that i will fall in which category means either software engineer( 261313) or developer programmer(261312) or either database administrator(262111) or some other job code. I checked it but couldn't be able to identify. It would be really appreciate if anyone can guide me for the same.Thanks in advance.
  20. I got the invitation to apply for 190 visa. Started the application myself and went upto last page. I couldnt find any pages asking to upload documents (i.e., assessment, passport, qualifications etc.) except one page asking to upload national identification certificate. Does it mean we dont need to upload anything else - because they were already there from skillselect ? Any ideas please ??
  21. dingo34

    190 visa help please

    Hi guys. Im new here so I hope I don't make a nuisance of myself. I am interested in applying for the 190 visa with State sponsorship. I have all the relevant points and think that i stand a fairly good chance. My question is: is there any reading material that i can page through that will give me an easy reference to the entire visa process? I have been on forums and checked websites but it all gets a bit confusing. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello, I'm new to PomsInOz and am looking to got to Oz on a 190 SS visa. I made the decision in June of this year to emigrate to Oz and had been looking at the 457 Employer Sponsored route but it seems extremely difficult to land a job without the existing right to work in Australia, especially if you're offshore. Plus at the time I didn't think I would qualify on the points based visas as I don't have a tertiary skilled occupation such as a teacher, nurse, plumber etc. I went to the London Opportunities Overseas Expo last weekend and after speaking to a few migration agents it would seem that I do qualify as my occupation is on the CSOL list. Yay! :-) As such I'm at that crossroads now where I need to decide whether to use an agent, which doubles the total cost (I've been quoted £3k in MARA registered agent fees - Is this acceptable/over the odds?) or whether I apply without the support of an agent. I fear that going it alone may slow the process down some what as I'm no expert at this and don't know where to find all the right information and when I ned to do each bit. To give you some background. I'm 29. A British citizen (born and bred) with a UK passport. I have no ties in the UK (partner/mortgage/tenancy agreement/dependants etc.) so can leave as soon as my visa is granted if I want. I have a BA Honours degree and would say my English ability is better than average (not excellent as such, but good nonetheless). I haven't done the IELTS, skills assessment or EOI yet. I have no medical conditions and have no criminal record. I spent 6 months in Australia on a WHV back in 2008/9 and always said I'd go back to live and the time is now right. So, what I really want to know is what's the quickest way I can get a 190? If you think you've gained one in record time I want to hear from you and know what route you took to get it. Did you use an agent for some or all of the process or did you do the whole thing on your own? What resources did you use? What documents do you need and which can you prep in advance to speed things up? Any hints, tips or warnings would be hugely appreciated. I want to get there asap and start my new life :-) Thanks.
  23. Hi..I am thinking about applying for 190 visa and im reading myself round in circles...I dont need work experience for extra points or for my anmac skills assesment but do I need it for the visa itself?...I do have experience but not 3 years..I've read you dont but on queensland goverment website (the state i want to sponsor me) it says 3 years work experience needed so im confused. Can someone clarify for me please? If I need 3 years then I'll need to apply for 189 n suck up the ielts again and get the extra 0.5 I needed in speaking my visa should be straight forward enough but im getting stressed the more I read n go on different websites lol thanks
  24. Hello Expats, Fed up of waiting ? Well, I thought about starting a new thread for those expats who have been waiting for quite a long since lodging their Visas. We can be a guide and a provide each other advices and support in this matter. I have been waiting for exact 108 days today since lodging my 190 Visa. My timeline is: Code: 261314 Software Tester ACT SS Approved : April 29th 2013 190 Visa Filed: May 6th 2013 CO (Team 31 Brisbane): June 1st 2013 Medicals: June 11th 2013 Grant: One Day - Someday How about you guys ? Looking forward to hearing from you Ishaan
  25. ariyawansha81

    DIAC Announcement

    [h=1]Important DIAC Announcement[/h]Published 5th August 2013 On 5 August 2013 the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced that state and territory governments (including the ACT) are not able to nominate any intending migrants for a points tested visa from the following occupations: Chemical and Materials Engineers; ICT Business and Systems Analysts; Electronics Engineers; Telecommunications Engineering Professionals; Other Engineering Professional; and Software and Applications Programmers. DIAC has been receiving a high level of demand for these occupations. To address this, invitations for these occupations will now be issued by DIAC twice per month (pro rata) over the 2013-14 program year. These invitations will be only issued to applicants for the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa which is not state or territory nominated. http://www.canberrayourfuture.com.au/news/article/important-diac-announcement/