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Found 60 results

  1. ljinoz

    Do I quit my job?

    Hi there I'm new to the POI forum but having a fairly difficult time so wondered if there was anybody out there with any advice or who had been through something similar. I've been on a 187 visa now for about 6 months and am really not happy in my job. I work in a very small office and am having trouble with the 2nd in command. I was pre-warned by a girl who no longer works for the company that this person tends to have bad mood swings and will pick one person in the office to target when this happens and was told to try to not let it bother me. If I think about it she has been pretty bad since I started with the company but it has always been on and off (she will oscillate between being awful and then being super nice). I have just recently got to a point where I don't think I can take it any longer. This week especially she seems to be constantly irritated by my presence. I've noticed this week she has starting ignoring me when she comes in to the office - usually everyone will say good morning but she has stopped doing this to me and only me. Generally, she will never say please or thanks, snatches and throws paperwork at me and often just yells orders at me from her office in a really unpleasant way. She often gives me tasks to do at the last minute with a timeframe I can't possibly meet, they are often over my lunch break or right towards the end of the day meaning I have no lunch or have to stay back late which I wouldn't really mind if she said please or thank you. Also the work she gives me usually has very little information and when I ask for clarification or more details she snaps at me or rolls her eyes. If I then make a mistake I will get yelled at again. She will sometimes scribble all over my work and/or tell me its wrong before she has even read it and it usually turns out that the work was correct and she is constantly blaming me for things I haven't done. She has called me stupid fairly recently and there was an incident she made me stay back late because she had forgotten her key making me miss my lift home and then smirked when she found out I had no other way to get home. She also looks me up and down when I go into her office which I find really degrading. I really dread going in to work and whenever I have to ask her something I end up sat at my desk for about half an hour building myself up to ask her. I've been racking my brains trying to work out if I've done something to upset or offend her but I can't think of anything. I've never really had a problem with anybody else in another job, I'm actually usually well liked, and am pretty quiet anyway so I can't see what I could have done. I come in to work and am pleasant, hard working and make very few mistakes in my work. I recently had my 6 month review and my manager didn't have any complaints and was happy with all aspects of my work. I love living in Oz and have an amazing lifestyle here but its constantly being impacted by me going home from work upset by this individual. I also don't have very much to back up how she has been treating me as its more body language and the way she speaks to me or looks at me and tone of voice. I can certainly feel my self-esteem has been impacted and I find I will stutter when I have to go in to her office to speak to her. I'm also not very good at being assertive, although I've gotten better, so I am constantly feeling like a victim who is being shouted at and just taking it. I don't feel like I can raise it with my manager as they really value this other staff member and I know already they will tell me to suck it up. Does anybody know what the implications would be if I did quit my job on a 187 visa? I am also aware that I live in a regional town so if I was able to quit my job word may get around that I had problems with another staff member and put other employers off me and also that I left my employment before the sponsorship was up. Does anyone have any words of advice? Am I being too sensitive and need to just suck it up?
  2. n3pte

    RSMS query

    Hello, I am recently offered an option for RSMS as a cook by my employer but i dont know if i am eligible for the visa. I am an international student studying IT and working as a cook based on my 1.5 years experience in my home country. Its almost 1 year and 8 months that i have been working in the position of cook in my current workplace. I have no relevant education in terms of Cookery. Do you guys think i am eligible? I have the minimum 6 in each band in IELTS and am 26 years of age. I do have an appointment with a lawyer late this week but was just wondering if any of you guys could help me.. thanks in advance.
  3. Hey I have been living in Australia for the past 2 and half years, and had decided to lodge for a visa 187 sponsored rural visa as am currently working and living in Ingham. I tried to seek as much help through immigration when applying for this visa and thought I had all the requirements to apply for this visa when lodged. However it has turned out that I did not meet the skills assessment due to me incorrectly stating while lodging the application that I did not need a skills assessment when I did. When asking immigration about this I thought I only had to supply references and evidence of working In my nominated occupation of 3 years prior to lodging the application. Since this has been lodged I have been notified that as I did not have a skills assessment done, I have not met required criteria for this visa and this will not be granted. This leaves me $3,500 down and no visa ! I now need too look at applying for another visa before this is withdrawn and and official non-grant letter is sent. I have been in a de-facto relationship for 12 months however do not have a joint bank account or even though living together no evidence of bills as this is accommodation supplied though my current job. What other evidence can I give and will that be enough evidence for them to grant this visa? Someone please helllppppppp! Thanks
  4. SonicBlue82

    Migration Review Tribunal

    Hi everyone, I couldn't find a recent thread relating to appealing a nomination/visa application to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) so I've created a new one. I'm just curious if there's anyone on here that has gone through the process of appealing the decision on their nomination or visa application with the MRT and would like to share their experience? For example, how long did it take, what was the hearing like, what was the outcome, etc... My migration agent is about to lodge an appeal for my RSMS nomination that was refused due to a technicality... It was the case officers opinion that the job description and the listed job duties/tasks/responsibilities weren't close enough to the job duties/tasks/responsibilities of the official ANZSCO position we applied for. My migration agent is going to lodge the appeal to meet the deadline and then start building a supporting argument as to why the decision should be overturned by the MRT. I know I'm in for a loooooong wait. It's about a year and a half actually. And no guarantees. But we're doing what we need to do to keep me here in Australia. Its just a shame that this appeal process is going to cost me another $6700 and a lot more time ...
  5. Just looking for some opinions here... has anyone filed an official complaint with DIAC regarding the length of time it has taken for their visa application to be processed? If so, what was the outcome of your complaint? Do you feel that filing a complaint would jeopardise the outcome of your visa application? The facts of my situation are as follows: My RSMS (187) nomination and visa application were lodged electronically to the Melbourne office on 11 September, 2012 (non-decision ready). One the 9th of May I was finally allocated a case officer, so 8 months after lodgement. Despite making contact with the case officer back in May, he has still not made any contact with myself, my employer or my nominated migration agent regarding any progress in his assessment or to request any further documentation. It has now been 10 months since my application was lodged. I am losing my mind. I need to able able to get on with my life and put this behind me. The acknowledgement letter that was sent from DIAC after lodging the visa application states the following: Processing times The time taken for an application to progress and for us to make a decision varies. As a guide, when all documents are supplied with an application, we are working to finalise most applications within 5 to 7 months. When applications are more complex, or documents are not provided quickly, or where it is unclear if some requirements have been met, applications may take longer to finalise. My application is not complex. ALL documents have been provided to DIAC. I come from a low risk country. On the DIAC Client Service Charter site for Skilled Migration Visa Processing Times, it states that applications under RSMS are in priority group 1 and the processing time for subclass 187 visas is 6 MONTHS. I understand that DIAC has been backlogged due to the significant amount of applications they received in June last year. HOWEVER, I think I have been more than patient here and the fact that it is at least 4 MONTHS past their service standard processing time warrants a legitimate complaint! There is absolutely no reason they could possibly give that would justify why it has taken this long. My case officer has now had my file for 2 months and still has not finalised his assessment of the nomination so he can process the visa application. I don't think I've ever been so frustrated, angry and stressed out in my life! So I really do feel that it is completely justified to lodge a formal complaint. I've even looked at the online form. One of the questions is: What outcome are you seeking? And Finalise Application is in the list... Should I proceed with this? I obviously don't want this to have a negative impact on my application and risk jeopardising the outcome of my application, but the feedback form is there for a reason. DIAC has completely failed to meet their service standards and they need to know this. This is completely unsatisfactory. It is so unfair to people to keep them hanging in limbo for months and months waiting on the outcome of their visa applications. It's like they don't even realise the impact it has on peopels' lives. This is a permanent residency visa. I'm obviously wanting to set myself up to live here permanently yet I am limited as to what I can do and what commitments I can make until my visa is granted. The amount of stress this has brought to my life is unbearable. If anyone has any thoughts or comments or opinions on this, please feel free to share... I am a bit reluctant to move forward with lodging a complaint, but I am very tempted to as well.
  6. From dlegal.com.au There has been an unannounced change of policy in PAM3 since 15 May 2013 which Members may not be aware of. Schedule 2 of Subclass 187 states [187.234©] that [if an applicant has an Australian qualification]... "the applicant had the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as being necessary to perform the tasks of the occupation." For the occupation of Cook, for example, ANZSCO says: Unit Group 3514 Cooks Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications and experience outlined below. In Australia: AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on-the-job training, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3) DIAC policy now says that an applicant with a Certificate IV can only count that if the Certificate IV had two years work experience embedded, or if the person has two years post qualification experience. [30.2 AQF Certificate III, IV and Diploma qualifications] This would seem to be above and beyond the legislative requirements, and above and beyond TRA skills assessment requirements. From richardtimpson.com.au 12 JUN 2013 There has been a further unannounced change of departmental policy in the Procedures Advice Manual, which came into effect on 15 May 2013 for RN 187 applications. This change relates to the department’s assessment of occupations that require a Certificate IV Australian Qualification Framework qualification. The legislative background to this change is Part 187 of Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994 (‘MR’), which simply states that if an applicant has an Australian qualification: “the applicant had the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as being necessary to perform the tasks of the occupation.” The new policy goes a step beyond what the MR provides for, and says that an applicant with a Certificate IV can only count that qualification towards the skill requirements of an RN 187 if the Certificate IV had two (2) years work experience contained as a part of obtaining that qualification. If it did not, the RN 187 applicant must have two (2) years post (Certificate IV) qualification experience. This policy change potentially flies in the face of what the primary legislation contains. It will be interesting to see if it is amended or, at very least, challenged. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From my point my view, it's irrelevant to get 2 years of equivalent experiences. 1) We are talking about In Australia. If you are taking cert 3 or cert 4, you must be an International Student. Also most people taking cert 3, are new student with no experience. Duration study 2 years max. Therefore, max 20 working hours per week. Conclusion, only part time. 2) It is stated clearly Post Study Experiences. That means experience only counted or valid after finishing studies. Number 1 working hours is invalid. 3) If you managed to get 4 6s or over in Ielts, you get to apply Tra and TR visa for 18 months max. So, how in the world can you get 2 years post experiences? No sense! 4) If you can't get 4 6s in Ielts, it's impossible to achieve anything ?... Of course, there is other many ways like getting 457 then 187 or you had experiences at overseas which not many people had. If you really skilled or many experiences, why come to regional or applying 187..But, why the hassle... This is supporting people to submit for other visa or rejecting? What about regional employers who can't find or employ Australian worker?
  7. HiMe and my wife are currently in WA on a Working Holiday Visa but will soon be lodging a 187 RSMS Permanent visa. We are both from the UK.Does anyone know if we need to have a medical for this visa and if so, should we do the medical before submitting the application or after we submit the application?Also, does anyone know if we are required to do an IELTs assessment?Finally, is a migration agent worth it for this type of Visa or is it easy enough to do ourselves?ThanksJason
  8. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on PomsinOz! I've done a good bit of searching on the forum and elsewhere online and can't seem to find an answer to my question, so I was hoping someone here would have advice! I'm currently 38, and recently made a career change to get into teaching. I am completing a Bachelors degree at the moment and next year do a PGCE. Great, that gets me 15 points and also means I met the requirements for teacher's education in Oz. However, by the time I qualify as a teacher I'll be aged 41. Not so great, as I will have moved up an age bracket and lose 10 points. Giving me 15 for age instead of 25 points. I had intended to apply for a 190 visa to either WA or SA as primary school teacher is on their state lists. But with only 15 points for my age (plus 20 for english and 15 for education) I only have 50 points. Even if I wait until I have 3 years experience to get an extra 5 points, I am still stuck on 55 points! So it would seem that the 190 visa just won't be an option for me. It seems that a non-points based visa will be my only option - either the 186 or 187 employer sponsored visas. So after all that explanation my question is.... can schools directly sponsor teachers on a 186/187 visa and/or does anyone have any experience of this? Or does anyone have any additional advise or know anything different from what I posted hre regards points, eligibility etc. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post P.S. If was to apply under my current profession of a Graphic Designer I would have more than 60 points, however Graphic Designer is only on Schedule 2 and not on any state sponsored lists. So I believe that excludes me for 189 and 190 visa application.
  9. Sparker1982

    RSMS Visa information

    Hi Long time lurker third time poster. Can anyone help? I am being sponsored under the RSMS employer sponsored visa, the visa was lodged in July 2012 I am expecting to hear about the result in February. I am currently on a bridging visa until the results are known. Does anyone know if the two years working for the sponsoring employer start from when the visa is granted? Or is it from when you started working with the organisation? As my contract is 4 years but I am already nearly a year into it. But there are some really exciting jobs coming up in the next couple of years. Thank you in advance for answering my question.
  10. Carolyne

    187 Visa

    Has anyone got any advice with regard to a 187 Visa? My husband has been offered a job in WA and his potential employer is a Regional Sponsor, they have suggested that a 187 would be the best way forward opposed to a 457. We are very happy to apply for a 187 as it's Permanent unlike a 457. Any information with regard to the process, pitfalls, timescales, general stuff would be very much appreciated :wub: