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Found 60 results

  1. Does this caveat apply to RSMS? So scared because I lodged my application on 24/1/2018. TIA. The shop is in a Shopping Centre. So confused. Massage Therapist*** 411611 Excludes any of the following positions: are non full-time are not based in a therapeutic setting involve the provision of non-medical relaxation massage; or are in a retail setting. Caveat amended – clarification of wording only
  2. hi there ,anyone apply the accountant job? does this job easy to get pr? I mean apply 187 de, the job is management accountant. Cheers Some one said that accountant is very hard to approve.
  3. I'm just wondering if it's possible that case officer can ask me to do health check before nomination is approved. My nomination is not approved yet, but case officer asked me to do health check. I'm very confused and worried about refusal of my visa because my sponsor has financial problem these days(low income). Please let me know if there is any same situation like me. Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys, i have been member of this platform from last 8 months or so firstly, My question to the fellow respected members is, Did any body received RSMS 187 Visa approval in last six months or since 17 April 2017?? i have not heard any body in my circle or friends friend circle that any body received good news from immigration in terms of PR. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I posted a while back on this forum and you lovely people were quick to get back to me and help me out, thank you! I am 33, from the UK and in a relationship with an Australian citizen and plan to move to Sydney Feb 2018. This year I have been talking with Australian companies with the intention of getting a sponsored visa 186/187 to work in Australia. With the abolishment of the 457 and new visa implementation I have been told that many companies are not keen to take this route. I have been in a de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen for 1.5 years so our last resort will be to apply for the partner visa. I will go to Australia in Feb on a 3 month holiday visa and thus onto a bridging visa once the partner visa has been submitted. The industry I work in (engineering) is booming right now so I am still hopeful to acquire sponsorship if possible and am in the process of applying for jobs and sending off CVs/Cover letters from now until my holiday visa runs out which will be in May 2018. These are some questions that I cannot seem to find definite answers for, hopefully some of you can help me out! I have a one way flight booked in Feb and will be travelling in on a 3 month holiday visa. I have been told that having a one way flight might be reason for them not to let me in the country as they could be concerned I will try and stay? Also have read that if I am entering the country on a holiday visa that I should mention nothing of myself trying to find work or living with my partner. Keep everything to the fact I am coming for a holiday, get into the country and do what I need to after that. What are your thoughts? If from now until the 3 month holiday visa runs out (May 2018) I am offered a job that comes with nomination/sponsorship, can that visa be submitted whilst I am already in the country on a holiday visa? Would they need to wait until it has expired to apply for a sponsored visa? could I leave the country and re enter once it is submitted to go onto a bridging visa? Any other comments or questions you have for me, please fire away! If anything here does not sound like an efficient way of getting to work and live in Oz please also let me know your thoughts Thanks in advanced for you help, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  6. JosephMelbs

    187 Visa nomination advice

    I’m looking for some help/advice for a nomination for PR on behalf of my employer. We have been engage with a migration against for a while but this relationship has broken down. We have all of the documents in hand and we are looking for a migration agent who can take this over and process it quickly as we don’t wish to waste anymore time waiting. is it possible to change from one against to another? How does the handover take place?
  7. m_ahsan

    Partner Visa points

    Hi I got skilled assess in accounting and my wife skilled assess in hairdressing, my skill is in MLTSSL and my wife skill is in STSOL. can we share partner points ?? while we are applying for 190 or 489 strem ? we both have 6 each ielts, both 45 less, and already assess our qualifications. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys does anyone noticed that the 187 processing time is now 12 to 16months? anyone got pr grants recently?
  9. jd0830

    Visa 187

    I already got my nomination in July (My occupation is accountant and onshore). Afterwards I have lodged my visa application and waited for almost three months, still no feedback. Is it normal?
  10. HI ALL, I M WAITING FOR MY 187 RSMS FROM LAST JUNE 2016 Does anyone else is in same boat aswell please share your timeline and immiaccount status. thanks
  11. Hi All, Was discussing these changes with a friend last night in regards to the upcoming changes, especially for those who have lodged a 187 DE application and/or nomination under an occupation which is not on the MLTSSL. I was just reading through the PAM3 this morning and from my understanding this guidance (I have attached) basically rules out a nomination approval if your application is not decided by March 2018 and does not appear on the MLTSSL. Keep in mind I'm referring to the Direct Entry stream. Just looking for some input from any MA's or people who have information. Questions: 1) Given the guidance that currently exists on the latest stack as of 7/9, has there been any further advice on the "additional regional occupations" that were promised under this reform? 2) Is lodging a nomination at this stage currently advisable for employers who seek to nominate highly-skilled non-MLTSSL positions (ANZSCO 1)? Here is the guidance I refer to, of which the last paragraph is most relevant: 10.3.3 Approvable occupations specified in the latest legislative instrument For RSMS any occupation with a skill level within ANZSCO skill levels 1 to 3 may be nominated. Regulation 5.19(4)(h)(i)(A) (ENS Direct Entry stream) and Regulation 5.19(4)(h)(ii)(D) (RSMS Direct Entry stream) provide that the delegate must be satisfied that the nominated occupation and its corresponding 6-digit code correspond to an occupation and its corresponding 6-digit code specified in a legislative instrument. In practice, this means that: when assessing nominations under Regulation 5.19(4)(h)(i)(A) delegates must confirm that the nominated occupation is included on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Short term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), which lists occupations that can be approved in relation to permanent employer sponsored nominations under the ENS Direct Entry stream; when assessing nominations under Regulation 5.19(4)(h)(ii)(D) delegates must confirm that the nominated occupation is included in the legislative instrument in relation to permanent employer sponsored nominations under the RSMS Direct Entry stream. delegates must be satisfied that the tasks of the nominated position effectively align with the tasks for that occupation as outlined in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). Important: As of 19 April 2017, the legislative instrument referred to above contains two schedules, the MLTSSL, which replaced the former Skilled Occupation List (SOL), and the STSOL which replaced the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). Occupations listed in Schedule 1 (MLTSSL) and Schedule 2 (STSOL) to the instrument are eligible for the PESE ENS Direct Entry stream. A full list of these occupations is available on the Department’s website. Some occupations on the list are restricted to certain situations via a caveat - refer to legislative instrument The list can change with occupations being removed or added. If the legislative instrument has changed since the application was made, officers should confirm that the nominated occupation is specified in the current legislative instrument. If the nominated occupation is not listed on the current legislative instrument at the time of making the decision, the nomination cannot be approved. The STSOL and MLTSSL will be updated every six months based on advice from the Department of Employment. Listed caveats will provide additional requirements or exclusions for a number of listed occupations. Since Regulation 5.19 are time of decision requirements, this can mean that an occupation on the STSOL and MLTSSL at the time of lodgement is either no longer on these lists or is further constrained by caveats at time of decision and therefore cannot be approved. In these instances applicants will be afforded the opportunity to withdraw the nomination and associated visa application. The improved agility of the STSOL and MLTSSL to respond to ‘on the ground’ labour market conditions will strengthen the skilled migration programme to react to real-time skill shortages. The STSOL and MLTSSL continues to cover a range of managerial, professional, technical and trade occupations at ANZSCO skill levels 1, 2 and 3.
  12. HI, Has anyone successfully migrated to Australia in the last few years via the 187 RSMS visa? My wife filed an EoI on 15th August. How long does it usually take for an employer to get in touch with me?
  13. Hi, I am on a 457 visa with the same employer for nearly 4 years (it runs out in 2 weeks), I am about to apply for PR under either the 187 or 186 system under the temporary residence transition scheme. I have just noticed that my Occupation is not on any list as it was removed in April. Am I still eligible to apply for PR??? Cheers Jimmy
  14. Ann7

    Problem with RCB

    I would appreciate any advice regarding next steps after several RCB refusals. I believe the decision isn't fair as the advice stated that it appears the criteria have been met but decision is still negative due to the position not being on the shortage list (Retail Manager). Is there anyone above RCB to ask for help before the visa gets rejected? Thank you
  15. Hi everyone, I've have a delicate problem and is somewhat stressed up and worried and need some advice and help please! I gonna try to cut the story short..: Last year I secured a job under my working holiday visa as a casual employee as a technician. After working for the company a few months they mentioned the possibilites of them sponsoring me under a RSMS 187 Visa. After reading up and gathering information in regards to visa costs, employment contract etc etc. I went ahead and submitted the visa application - which got accepted in the beginning of this month - YAY! Now to my concerns. Since the day my visa got accepted, its been a very different tone from the owners. I'm scared and not sure what the hell is going on. A few days after my visa got granted my manager on site changed my roster to reflect the 38 hours per week (up 4-5 hours) as per signed work contract as part of the visa application. The day after this roster change, the owner contacted my manager on site requesting to change my roster back to how it was, and that my 38 hours / permanent role with not start until 1st of may. Even if that in my contract it says that it would trade in effect one my visa 187 is granted. Slighty confused over this, I made a phone call to the owner in regards to above. She said this was advised by the account of the company due to "book keeping" reasons, advising me to call the regional manager and ask her for further info. I called the regional manager as well, which told me pretty much the same - implying that i should just "leave it". Which I did - i don't really mind waiting another month before getting my permanent role - I just found it strange at that point why what it is stated in the contract is not followed. Anyway. Now to the weird part. Yesterday I received a written warning (!) that I've "not been following the correct protocols" in regards to some work duties and that "despite talks (with the management) Im still neglecting this procedure". This is utter b******t and it feels like they are trying to find reasons to punish me, or even fire me Looking at the history at what have happened inside the company during the time I've worked for them, I should have known better and trusted my gut instinct to not take on a sponsorship with this company. During the past months they've fired numerous employees for no given reason. And it seems like their targets have been older employees (that cost to much), Australians (knows their rights) and replaced them with young ppl (preferably young backpackers) that work for the absolute minimum. Also, recently an employee with 187 visa got fired for no apparent reason. There's a lot more to the story in regards to what the company have done. What shall I do? I'm afraid that they will try to make up another warning to be able to fire me. Can I loose my 187 visa? What happens if they fire me? I can't afford any lawyer in case I'd need one, what can I do? Can I apply for another job? If I found another job within the same nominated role, can I change employer without implications? How does it work? Thanks for reading, I'm sorry for the bad grammar - I'm not a good writer lol!
  16. I've searched high and low on the Immi site and I think I've found my answers, I just can't find specifically whether these things conflict with each other! Can anyone help. My situation by August will be this: I will have been in Australia for 4 years working with the same employer. I have been on 187 for 14 months I will be having a baby in August I want to apply for Citizenship in September Then potentially leave my job - to become freelance and work part time for them and some other companies at my own pace Obviously there's the 187 rules around me needing to be there for 24 months usually, is maternity allowed to be taken in this time? Then are you allowed to apply for citizenship whilst still in your 2 years (I'll have filled the Citizenship criteria of being here 4 years and being PR for 12 months) - i.e does the citizenship rules override the 187, or does 187 affect your ability to apply for citizenship? Can't find this information anywhere!!
  17. powelly37

    Looking for advice....

    Hi everyone, I have recently left Australia after finishing my 2nd WHV. A month or so before I finished up my employer asked me if I would be keen on being sponsored on a 187. It was a bit late by then as I had already planned 5 months of voluntary work in Vietnam, but I am still keen to take my old employers up on their offer. What I was wondering is would I be able to enter Aus on a tourist visa and then begin my sponsorship application whilst I am there, so I would then go on to a bridging visa and would be able to work? I know this is a very unusual way of doing it but I would prefer to do this than start my application offshore and have to wait 6 months or more to find out if my application was successful. Any advice on this would be great!
  18. powelly37

    Which ANSZCO code to use?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. Basically, I have just left Oz as my 2nd year working visa ran out. However, my employer (a tavern in a regional area) is desperate to get me back as a manager. They have offered me sponsorship on a 187 visa but I am not sure which ANSZCO code needs to be used in this situation. I would be sponsored as a duty manager of a bar/restaurant. I have looked at codes: 141999 (Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC) and 141111 (Cafe and Restaurant Manager) but the info on both isn't too detailed. Has anyone been sponsored as a Duty Manager of a pub/restaurant on here before and if so which ANSZCO code did they/their employer use? Any help on this would be great as I want to get the application process under way as I know a 187 can take a long time to progress. Cheers
  19. quirkyemailaddress

    189 Visa - Without Agent... EXPERIENCES?

    Hi all. I am considering lodging my own 189 application, without an agent. Has anyone else done this successfully? If so, please can you advise on the process? Questions are: 1. Is everything done via the Immi.gov website? 2. Are all documents uploaded digitally? Eg: Criminal check, university certificates - or do you need to send original copies? 3. How long did the process take? 4. What was the total cost? Thanks
  20. tobleroney

    187 RSM visa - company sold

    Hi I have been in Australia for 3 years but only 6 months on the 187 visa. The company that originally sponsored me on the 187 has now been sold. I have worked for the new company on my 457 and they not a good company to work for. :arghh: Does this sale of company mean I can now work elsewhere or do I have to stay with the new company until the end of the 2 years? So confusing ... the new company have said I can stay in my job but I have had a bad experience with them. Thanks Everyone :wink:
  21. Hi Guys, I am really stressed and concerned at the moment and desperately need some advice! At the moment, i am sponsored by my employer in the NT and my visa RSMS has been lodged at the start of february 2014. However, I am still on my student visa and have to comply. The thing is, my education provider is based in Melbourne and have not told them that I am being sponsored. I cannot attend classes due to the fact that I am based in the NT and would be expensive for me to fly in and out to Melbourne on a regular basis. What should I do as i am really worried that my education provider will report me?:arghh: Any input helps!
  22. sojiyo7

    Visa 187 streams

    Hi all, My sponsor lodged a nomination under the direct entry stream about 7 weeks ago when I still didn't meet the requirements for temporary transition stream. Now I meet these requirements (it's been now more than two years working in the same job with a 457 visa) but I'm not sure if I can continue with this direct entry stream when I lodge my visa application in the next few weeks or if we should change this nomination and do it again under the temporary transition stream. I know I cannot apply under a different stream but I wonder if my application will be rejected if I continue with the direct entry stream. Thanks!!!! Javi
  23. I was pretty sure that I didn't need one, but now I'm not so sure. I have started the online application for my 187 visa and on page 11, it asks if I have a skills assessment. In the info for this question, it says that for the RSMS direct entry, a skills assessment is required for overseas qualified tradespeople at ANZSCO skill level 3. I have been nominated as 'Hotel Service Manager', specialising as front office manager, which according to ANZSCO is skill level 3: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/lookup/91290F0C00EF0445CA2575DF002DA5AB?opendocument I studied for 2 years in England for a Foundation Degree in Hotel and Catering Management, which is equivalent to NVQ L5 or an Australian Diploma / Advanced Diploma. I have also previously discussed this with a migration agent, who said: ''Hotel Service Manager does not require a Skills Assessment but Olivia will need to demonstrate she meets the skill level to apply under that occupation. Hotel Office Manager requires Olivia to show evidence of Certificate III equivalent including at least 2 years' experience. At least 3 years' experience can however substitute the formal qualification.'' Any help / advice / direction would be appreciated, was i've already trawled the internet for answers.
  24. Hi there, I am beginning the process of visa application. I have been in contact with a few agencies to sort this for me... I'm in Brisbane atm on my 1st WHV. I have been quoted $10,000 for an rsms and $6000 for a 457 by no borders migration in Brisbane. I want to get the best quality of a migration expert, i'll need to work hard to find the funds though. Just wondering if anyone knows the best agency to go though and costs?
  25. Ok, I'm gonna set the scene here because I am REALLY in need some help, support and advice at the moment. I arrived in Australia in October '12 on a Working Holiday Visa, travelled around and worked a bit then in March '13 I landed myself an awesome job (and boyfriend) in a very remote part NT outback. Volunteer work for 2nd WHV was allowed when I started but rules changed in the new 13/14 financial year and was no longer accepted as 'specified work'. After completing a few weeks of volunteer work, in between my 50+ hours of paid work, this was quite frustrating. We looked at other visa options, including partner/de facto visas (which require 12 months together in the NT) but my employer decided to offer me sponsorship, FANTASTIC! Or so I thought. My 6 months was up with this employer in August '13 so I did a bit more traveling and returned to the UK in October '13, when my WHV expired. Now i'm back in Australia on an eVisitor visa (valid 12 months from approval, allowed to enter for 3 months at a time NO WORK condition). My employer has just submitted my nomination, so I COULD lodge my part of the application now, which is ready to go. Once my part is lodged, immigration automatically apply for a Bridging Visa A (BVA) for me too. Only problem with this is, the BVA will only take over once my current visa is expired which is 3 month from my entry date so will be the start of May '14. Even when it does take over, it still has a NO WORK condition attached, which can be lifted in some circumstances, such as financial hardship (hopefully $3.46 in my Aussie account and maxed out overdrafts of 2000GBP in the UK is qualifies as financial hardship!). So from what I have been able to research, best case scenario is that I could be back to work some time in May which is way too long for my liking. I REALLY want to get back to work ASAP, I love my job here and as I have said above, I am SKINT!! Depending on my boyfriend IS NOT fun, although he is happy to support me. I came to Australia to gain independence, not lose it. Going back to the UK means failure to me so is NOT an option. I have looked in to WHV for NZ but if I went down that route, upon returning to Australia, the 3 month condition of my eVisitor visa would start all over again before my BVA would take over. I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle, as you can see. I am lucky enough to be able to stay with my boyfriend on-site at his (our) workplace, for under $100 a week for food and board but we are in such a remote location that there is nothing to do. I've looked into volunteer projects and the possibility of online training (luckily we at least have wifi access!) Any kind advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated and if anyone else is or has been in the same position it would be great to chat