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Found 117 results

  1. Just asking for a bit of advice, I have just found out about the new visa fees and we are in the midst of preparing an ENS 186 application. The employer nomination was lodged and paid for in May - does anyone know if the new fees will apply for our application (I suspect they will) or if, as the application has been started, so to speak, the old fees will apply?
  2. After many many months we finally found an employer happy to sponsor us for a 186!!!! We got the confirmation email today,so the ball is rolling. were already in mandurah as finding a sponsor from the UK was not working,I suppose we're lucky but we ad a goal and my husband has worked so hard being australian retrained but its paid off. does anyone know 186 time frames?
  3. Ok, So I realise now I should have read the small print before commencing but is anyone else having similar issues with the new online portal. 186 ENS application made on 31/01/13 and paid on 31/01/13. Got a long list of of documents to supply as online attachments most of which have to be certified. A big thanks to the local police in Sandringham who diligently certified over 100 pages !! So....started to load the documents online and arrrrgggggghhhh reached the limit of 60 files as adding them as individual files. Havent even managed to add the Decision Ready file. Now, with any normal online service you would expect to be able to rectify mistakes by deleting files added and starting again.....but NO thats asking a bit too much. Reading the help file it says once a case officer is assigned they will ask for additional information. Well they are missing over half of ours. Question. What is the experience of anyone else on here in the time it is taking to get a Case Officer assigned in Melbourne post July. Reading the threads there are some horror stories. It looks as though I shall now be in the call queue for a couple of hours tomorrow - I hope to get through on the phone. Wish me luck. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions gratefully received. Paul
  4. Hi Have been in Perth for a year now on a 457 and have just had my nomination approved for the 186 PR visa. I am being super prepared by getting police checks etc ready and medicals for my family but am unsure as to whether I will need one??? I had a very thorough medical for my 457 visa as I'm a healthcare worker (midwife) which when reading the DIAC medical requirements for PR involves more tests than the standard one (extra blood tests). If I have to pay to have it redone I will but but wonder if there any other nurses who know the answer to this, I spent ages on hold to DIAC the other day only to be told that they weren't sure and it was down to the individual CO and as I ahven;t been assigned one yet I can't ask. Help!! Kirstie
  5. Harpersgirl

    Two Years In Perth....

    ​So hello again PIOers! It's been a while since I have posted and as I'm about to post with lots of questions lol I thought I'd give a little update on how our adventure has evolved. :biggrin: We have been in Perth for almost two years with our anniversary coming up on Mother's Day and the table is booked for a celebratory breakfast at Bib and Tucker, a newly opened restaurant overlooking our favorite beautiful beach at Leighton. We will also have the company of the MIL and FIL who we haven't seen since leaving the UK! Being honest it hasn't been the easiest of times for me. It is only recently that I have really started to appreciate what living in Perth has to offer and again being honest still have days when all I can think of is going "home". But this IS home now and we are just about to start the process leading to PR. We will be applying via the Temporary Residence Transition stream (ENS 186) having arrived here on a 457 visa in May 2011. We live fairly centrally in a suburb of the City of Melville with CBD being a twenty minute drive up the freeway and Freo an easy fifteen minutes away. It takes us about 10 minutes to get to the beach. Transport links are great and we have a lovely shopping centre at Garden City. Having moved from an oak beamed 18th century farmhouse in rural Suffolk it was a bit of a culture shock living in a beige bungalow in suburbia however we've made it our own and have adapted to the rental system here. Have to say it was a relief when the inspections were reduced from three monthly to six monthly though! Our youngest children (now 9 and 5) attend Winthrop Primary which has a good reputation and we are in catchment for a good high school, Applecross. We have made friends through the OH's job and childrens school where I am a parent rep...good excuse for planning nights out! Hubby enjoys his job in Floreat and the older kids (both now 22) are settled in their jobs, son as a mechanic and daughter a childcare worker. Both love the lifestyle that the move has given them. They can afford to take regular holidays and save.... which is more than we can at the moment!!! :confused: Being here on a 457 has its difficulties which have really only become apparent this second year. In fact I've recently heard it referred to as "the 457 poverty trap"! As non-residents we are not entitled to small but relevant perks that can ease the exorbitant cost of living in WA. However I have not yet entered the workforce in any significant manner although have done bits and pieces but the role I had in the UK as a charity area co-ordinator does not exist here and I have struggled with finding a similar family friendly part time position. Getting PR will mean that I can retrain without paying international fees though so hanging out for that! We've embraced camping and have ventured north as far as Shark Bay for a bit of wild camping and south to Hamelin Bay for a bit of green and rolling countryside. There is pretty much always something going on;and much of it for free! Festivals, outdoor cinemas and bbq's in the many beautiful parks and we're still finding new things to do! In hindsight I'm not sure that I was prepared for just how different life is here. The people, the way things are done. Although we speak the same language, drive on the same side of the road etc make no mistake it is different. As it should be. It's the other side of the world after all! ​Someone once told me it takes at least two years to feel settled and for me that has been almost spot on. :wubclub:
  6. Hi, I'm in Sydney on a 457 visa, and my employer (University of Sydney) has submitted their application to nominate me for a 186 visa, direct entry stream (I have not worked for them for 2 years yet). From everything I can tell, we have a very straightforward case (university is skills assessor, just me and husband, set of clean police certificates in hand, well within all age bounds etc.) Reading this site, it seems like submitting our application through an agent as 'Decision Ready' will really speed up the approval process. Does anyone have any experience of the fees an agent is likely to charge for this? I have received one quote of $2750 (plus costs), which (even accounting for my adjustment to prices out here) seems very high for what will be a very simple case - I can provide all documentation required at once and really just need them to check the application and submit it. If anyone has any advice: Sydney based agent suggestions, particularly if they charge fees based on work done rather than a flat fee, would be particularly well received. Alternatively, given my 457 is secure, I might just get on with submitting the application myself! Thanks!
  7. clara111

    186 visa

    Is this a hard visa to obtain,i have done a EOI last week but can you apply for jobs and mention nomination for this visa? The 457 visa seems a visa employers dont want to touch at the moment so is the 186 a similar thing for employers? Please help,cheers x
  8. Hi everyone. I'm currently in talks with a company in VIC who would like me to migrate to AUS and work for them. However, the two possible positions from the Consolidated Skills List for a visa would be "ICT Account Manager" or "ICT Business Development Manager" - both of which are group B, and require a degree according to VETASSESS, which I do not have. The company would like to employ me based on my 12 years of software development and 4 years product management experience with the software products that they sell, as they feel I would be a great asset to their team. My question therefore is two-fold: 1, can my experience be counted in lieu of a degree, given that it is in a highly-specialised and specific software field not easily found? 2, if not, could the company create a labour agreement for a specific job for me (such as product manager, which does not exist on the Consolidated Skills List) and remove the requirement for me to have a degree-educated background? Ideally I am looking for a Subclass 186 Employer Nominated Scheme visa. Any help/advice would be greatly received - I don't want to get my hopes up that this dream could happen until I know whether I can 'get round' the lack of a degree. Thanks! Neil
  9. Hi Guys, I've decided to build a tracker to check the % of occupational ceiling achieved with every round of invitation. I will try to update it frequently with every round of application. Attached is a PDF version of the status as of 1st September 2012. The next round is on 15th September 2012. Updated. Total 370560 ceiling and 1158 invites as on 1/9/2012. Source : http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/ Attached is the complete table of invitations vs ceiling for all occupations that are part of Skillselect. Hope this helps! Bonza
  10. Hi folks Melbourne seems to be away behind the other offices in terms of processing, and some of the other threads report on Perth and Parramatta offices too. Would like to hear from other post 1July ENS applicants using the Melbourne office so we can share the misery :confused: and see if there is any movement there. I will start the ball rolling. Office: Melbs Visa: 186 DRC via a migration agent Occupation: IT Business Analyst 261111 Nomination and visa submitted: 2 August 2012 Acknowledgement received by email: 22 August 2012 Regards
  11. Im in a bit of a predicament, more info on this post. Currently on 457, doing a ENS 186, and current employer lodged me as a Mgmt Consultant. Due to some issues around my employer lodging this when it was the 856, and me applying on my half when it was the 186, the only option I now have is not to be on the temporary migration stream, but the direct stream. So. I need to get my skills assessed as a Mgmt Consultant with vetassess. This is in the Group B field for skills: The truth: I did a degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) I spent 3 years in the UK as a GIS Analyst, 2 yrs as a GIS Consultant (didnt manage people, but some project mgmt) Came to Oz on 457 as a Mgmt Consultant, but essentially been working for 3.5yrs as a GIS Senior Consultant. Am I eligible? Vetasses state: source Q1 - Is my qualification in GIS highly relevant to my nominated occupation as a Mgmt Consultant? Yes, I am a GIS Consultant, but its not like my original degree was in how to be a Mgmt Consultant. Its like someone having a financial degree, but then goes on to become a Mgmt Consultant for a Financial firm, same Q applies. It goes on to state: I dont want to fork out $650 to then fail the assessment. The even more annoying factor, is that there is a more suitable occupation (Cartographer) which my employer should have put in, as I would have no problems passing this test. This was not initially an issue as I was under the impression that I would be going into the 186 temporary transition stream, which did not need my skills assessed. From talking to DIAC, I believe that trying to convince my case officer if I can change the nominated occupation will likely result in the application having to be cancelled and no refund, and start over again. Not entirely sure my employer would also want to start another application. Any ideas, or experience from those that have done skills assessments with vetassessas a Mgmt consultant? Its quite a vague role.
  12. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on PomsinOz! I've done a good bit of searching on the forum and elsewhere online and can't seem to find an answer to my question, so I was hoping someone here would have advice! I'm currently 38, and recently made a career change to get into teaching. I am completing a Bachelors degree at the moment and next year do a PGCE. Great, that gets me 15 points and also means I met the requirements for teacher's education in Oz. However, by the time I qualify as a teacher I'll be aged 41. Not so great, as I will have moved up an age bracket and lose 10 points. Giving me 15 for age instead of 25 points. I had intended to apply for a 190 visa to either WA or SA as primary school teacher is on their state lists. But with only 15 points for my age (plus 20 for english and 15 for education) I only have 50 points. Even if I wait until I have 3 years experience to get an extra 5 points, I am still stuck on 55 points! So it would seem that the 190 visa just won't be an option for me. It seems that a non-points based visa will be my only option - either the 186 or 187 employer sponsored visas. So after all that explanation my question is.... can schools directly sponsor teachers on a 186/187 visa and/or does anyone have any experience of this? Or does anyone have any additional advise or know anything different from what I posted hre regards points, eligibility etc. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post P.S. If was to apply under my current profession of a Graphic Designer I would have more than 60 points, however Graphic Designer is only on Schedule 2 and not on any state sponsored lists. So I believe that excludes me for 189 and 190 visa application.
  13. See image. I have lodged a 186 via the eVisa system. I am the primary applicant, and I also have my de facto partner included as well. I need to start attaching files against my application. It only seems to let me attach files to the primary applicant, but on the 186 checklist I need to provide several attachments that relate to her. This looks like a bug. I can't find an email address or contact form for reporting technical difficulties with the eVisa system. Does anyone have an email or link?
  14. Im doing a 186. Looking at the checklist, it asks for 'Evidence main applicant has worked as a subclass 457 visa holder' I have worked for my current employer for nearly 3 years under the 457. I was assuming that because I have a nomination approval letter already from IMMI, then do I need to still proove that I have worked there 2 years? My HR department can take a bit of time to provide documents, but what sort of evidence should I provide in this instance?
  15. Applying for my 186 online. On 13/19, you have to include your employment history. The Info help tells you: It also states to put your most recent job first. On doing this and leaving the field blank, you get a validation error: I have left it as todays date, but this will give impression that I have left the employer that has approved my sponsorship! Have raised via SkillSelect support, but the automated response is: This new online applciation has a lot of bugs and has not been designed that well.
  16. Guest

    2.09 to 1.86 since July 10th

    An 11% drop in the value of GBP v AUD in this period. In 12 months its gone from 2.59 to 1.89 = 28% drop So in other words if you had £100k of equity to take in Sept 08 you can now only take £72k and even if you had this much in July 09 you can now only take £89k. This makes things like buying a car etc. that much more expensive. I was with a mate in the Police force last week and he said he has had several coppers decide against moving to Australia now the exchange rate has gone so badly against them. I'm now seriously questioning the ability/viability of moving to Oz for financial reasons. As I have PR etc and my kids have Aussie passports I can go whenever I want. I have been offered a great job etc. but the currency situation is just stunning. The pound has depreciated against the AUD worse than any other currency from what I can see. Of course I know it will rebound at some point but that doesn't help people moving now or planning to move now. Anyone having second thoughts? I don't mind admitting that I am as I say. Maybe Aldo is right, Spain is the place to be :-)