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Found 116 results

  1. Hi everyone, just want to get an answer about if rejection of 186 nomination will impact current 457 visa. I have worked for my employer for about 2 years under 457 visa, so it's time to apply for 186 through temporary resident stream. However, my employer and I found that the training fee spent in last two year might not be sufficient. We still want to give a try, but just want to figure out first that if immigration office knows that we didn't spend enough money in training, will my 457 visa be cancelled as well? Anyone has any idea about this situation? Thanks in advance.
  2. citygirl88

    Redundant 457 - now 186 or 189 visa?

    Hi all, I've just been made redundant on my 457 (after 1 year and 2 months). My 90 days starts now! Rather than go onto a new 457, I'd like to find a new employer to nominate me for a 186 Direct Entry for Permanent Residency (as I now have 3+ years experience in my skilled occupation). My questions are: 1. Which visa is better, 186 with employer or getting the PR myself and applying for 189? 2. Do I have enough time to apply for these, given I have to leave the country in 90 days? If anyone has experience of the processing times please PLEASE reply! Thanks!
  3. Hello fellow Poms in OZ! I've found some great info on here and I'm totally hooked, great to see so many people helping each other out. I've got a couple of questions regarding the 186 Employer Nomination Scheme route to sponsorship. I'm currently on a working holiday visa (417) and freelancing for a company, and basically I'd like to propose to my employer that he sponsor me. It's a small company of just 4 including myself. I have an ABN - so I just invoice him, and I deal with tax and super etc. Now, here's the issue. I need to propose to him that it's worthwhile keeping me on. I can for-see that he will find the whole application a pain in the ass. I'm happy to pay whatever costs are involved applying for the visa. He's been operating for over a year. - Will there be an issue with the fact I haven't been on the 'payrole' as I'm effectively a contractor? - Is there a significant cost in employing someone 'through the books'? Obviously there's super payments, holiday etc to factor in.. - I feel the market salery rate might be higher than he's currently paying me - a potential negative for the boss. Any tips here? Visa Prices: From what I understand I'd need to go the Direct Entry stream route - again, immi.gov states the employers fee for applying is $540 From the immi.gov site, the cost calculator estimated the visa application would cost AUD 5,280.00. Does that sound about right? Would you guys recommend a visa agent? I assume they're expert at smoothing out potential cracks in visa applications... Any idea on costs and pitfalls? I'm Sydney based. Thank you so much. I hope there's someone that can help! Cheers, Stuart Edwards
  4. Greetings everybody. Finally I am about to apply for the 186 ENS visa in the direct entry stream. My employer has agreed to sponsor me. That is a good news. However, while going through the nitty gritties, I have been pointed out a clause in the Booklet 5, which says that the experience needs to be "3 years post qualification work experince". I have few queries for all the knowledgable people on this site. How is the clause of post-qualification interpreted in reference to work experience? My occupation (ICT customer support) requires a Diploma according to ANZSCO code definition on ABS. I completed a degree (however in unrelated field) in 2000. I have been working on and off as IT support officer/executive since 2001 and hence got the necessary 3 years experience. Will my degree be acknowledged as fulfilling the requirement of the qualification, which is higher than a Diploma? As for the requirement of TRA, I completed a Diploma in IT in the year 2010 and subsequently did a JRP for a year and got my skill assessment completed successfully from TRA. I have also undergone training with different employers to qualify myself as suitable to perform the tasks at each of the employments. What is the definition of number of hours for a full time work in relation to 186 Direct entry stream? For the "Temporary Residence Transition" stream it is defined as 35 hours. However for the "Direct Entry Stream" there doesnt seem to be any mention of the hours in the Booklet 5. While part of my experience has been overseas, some (2 years) of my relevant experience has been in Australia where one of my employment was 35 Hrs/week. I hope this is not a concern. Anybody who can throw light on these points will make my day. cheers
  5. dirtyboots88

    457 to 186 Transition streamep

    hello, I am looking for some advice from people that have moved from the 457 to the 186 transition stream. I will be 2 years on my 457 in febuary 2015, my visa runs out a month after in march 2015...so I have a timeline to work with. my employer is willing to do the nomination..can the nomiation be lodged before the 2 years is completed on the 457??? How much is the nomination? I have been in contact with some migration agents and to work on my visa..i've been quoted 10,000$$$ +++ (my partner is de facto on my 457 so to lodge the visa is 5,280 anyway) how complicated is the visa application itself?? i know its online. and i am cpmpetent on computers. I think if the nomination is approved thats the hardest part?? am i right in thinking this. I would love to chat to someone who has been in my situation before. any info would be greatly appreciated!!:confused::confused:
  6. ahkbc123

    Training Benchmark B queries

    Hi, I am trying to assist my company in putting together the paperwork for a 186 nomination. We have a few questions about meeting Training Benchmark B. 1) I gather that expenditure will not count if the training is only undertaken by persons who are principals in the business or their family members. Do you think this would apply to Governance training for the Board of Directors? 2) Would an in-house multi-day Leadership training course be deemed too broad or do you think we could include it if we could demonstrate the learning outcomes/progress requirements? Looks like I may need the help of Agent but would appreciate any initial guidance!
  7. Hi everyone! I was wondering if any Cafe Manager out there has done skill assessments with Vetasses. I'm soon-to-be on a 457 visa but thinking ahead already. My occupation is not an easy one to get the PR so I'm gathering as much info as I can to see what I can do. I can wait 2 years to apply under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream (186) but things change quick here. As I don't want to take chances I would like to apply for the Direct Entry Stream (186) - and to do that I need my skills assessment done. I could also try the Skilled Nominated Visa (190) but it's only accepted in the Northern Territory or maybe in ACT (limited). Either way I need the bloody Vetasses assessing my skills. My question is what do I need to present to get a positive result... how many years of experience, documents and so forth. Any help is appreciated. Thanks =)
  8. Raj27

    ENS 186 - Temporary Stream

    Guys, Does it makes a difference if you are applying for ENS 186 - Temporary stream and you get promoted to higher position (than your actual 457 nominated position). For example if your are working as Network support and your are promoted to Network support Team Leader. Just a title is different, job description is very similar. I will appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  9. Hi All Im currently looking into the option of applying for an employer nominated 186 visa from my 457 visa. My query is has anyone done this without the help of an agent? The reason I ask is my employer is willing to sponser however not fund the application and I'm trying to keep costs down to a minimum where possible. If you have done this yourself is there any advice/tips you can give to help me with the process? Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks heaps in advance david
  10. Applied for 186 nomination process this Valentine's day and there was a request for additional document submission from the case officer on May1. Then on May 26 my agency sent all requested documents were submitted but still we haven't heard anything from the case officer! I heard that it used to take about 3~4mth from nomination application to nomination approval before and this is killing me why there's no news risen up yet. My agency told me there are more applicants in other agencies has this kind of delay as well and the case office does not answer the phone nor email. Does it only happen in Korea or to other applicants all over the world?
  11. Hello all, I am currently on a 457 visa. My visa runs out June 2017 - in short 3 years left. I was planning on a PR so i submitted my papers to ACS for skillselect. My skills are approved by ACS and my skill is on SOL list. I got another job offer from another company with higher pay. I have yet to accept that offer. Question is - Can I ask my new company to sponsor me for 186 visa - direct entry? - if the new company does go with it.. What happens in general once I lodge the 186. E.g I get to complete my 30 day notices with my current employer under 457? - what happens after I have completed 30 days and the decision for 186 is not yet made? Have any of you done this before? Kindly tell me how things works out... Maybe its better to stick with a 457 transfer which seems straightforward.. Many thanks for your help.
  12. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster to the PIO forums! My situation - I've been on a 457 Visa as an: ICT Customer Support Officer - ANSCO Code - 313112. For almost the previous 2 years, i had been working towards applying for permanent residency under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream. The position unfortunately was made redundant, but my company had offered to promote me to a new position in charge of one of their systems. I subsequently worked with my Migration Agent, and my role was changed with Immigration, and I'm now still on the 457 under ANZSCO Code - 262113 - Systems Administrator I'm still with the same company, and they fully intend on keeping me around. My 457 doesn't expire until 2016. My question is: Is there anything I can do with regards to applying for Permanant Residency? Do the 2 years I spent in the previous role amount to nothing? A bit frustrating - I was 6 weeks away from the 2 year mark! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi I was on 457 visa for last 22 months, and recently approved 186 ENS PR........can I break my employment contract and look for another job...will it cancel my PR........please help if anyone had this same situation........... Thanks Jo
  14. I'm applying for PR under 186 direct entry stream, with my employers assistance. One of the requirements is I need 3+ years work experience, where this is based on a 35 hour per week full time employment. I have around 2.8 years with my current employer, however I do 40 hours per week and this is also noted in my contract. Would the case officer take this into consideration? I'm really hoping the additional hours can be taking into account and justify the 3 years requirement. Any comments or thoughts?
  15. Hi All, I have searched all the threads to find out the similar question, however, couldn't find it. Due to my current visa 457 occupation listed as ICT Technician, my next visa has to be lodged as ICT Technician, is this correct? During the last 2 years my title has been changed, however, per the agency advised I cannot change the title if I want to get a 186 visa under the same nomination(the same sponsorship). Also, the salary cannot be over $70.000 for this particular occupation, is that correct too ? I really appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot. Matt
  16. cassie23

    which visa??

    hi there, I would like to know which visa is the best for me to apply for so that I can live in Australia permanently. I am 6 months in to my 1 year working holiday visa. I will start a new construction job that I am qualified for in April. I have realised that 3 months regional work in construction will allow me to apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa. I will have this by June/July. Will this allow me to apply for the 2nd year in time for the end of August when mine expires? Or would the 457 be better, as this would give me 2(?) years?? I think the Expression of Interest site states this doesn't need a skills assessment is this correct? My employer will consider sponsoring me also, in this case what would I need to do and by when? I want to apply for the permanent visa in the mean time, so this will give me enough time to gather all the documents and more experience I need to apply for permanent residency. Thank you in advance!!! Any replies extremely appreciated!!
  17. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum but I'm glad to meet you all. I've recently gone through the Employer Nomination Scheme (186) to get permanent residency; however, I've noticed one big problem: Two years with one employer wouldn't normally be a problem but I've been offered a better job elsewhere but doing a similar role. Question: Has anyone else been in a similar position? Is it okay to move jobs once you get the 186 visa? Thanks for your time, Sam.
  18. My father is on a 457 Visa. He is eligible for a an employer-sponsored nomination scheme for permanent residency under transition scheme.He has lodged his application last September. His case officer mailed him and told him hat he needed to show another IELTS test result as the one he submitted does not require the minimum english requirement. He got 6 in all the components except for the listening. He only got 4.5 on this. It is mainly due to the fact that my dad has severe hearing loss as diagnosed. However, we weren't able to inform the test centre of this so no special adjustments was made and he took the test anyway. What's done is done. The other way to prove is to show at least 5 years in secondary or tertiary education in English medium but my dad only has 4 years of this. Otherwise, he said that we might have to withdraw our application or else, it might be refused on the basis that my dad is unable to meet the English requirement. My dad is willing to sit in another exam. We don't know yet if his CO will allow this. And we are willing to pay the second installment also if applicable (for applicants that are assessed as to not having minimum English requirements) (Is this applicable to the main applicant? Our CO didn't give us this option. Is it acceptable to ask him if we could do this?) We badly need the visa as we were main victims of the recent supertyphoon. Our little city is still recovering. Thank you for your advise.
  19. pakcha

    EN 186 and bridging visa

    Hi, I have lodged my subclass 186 visa last week with one primary applicant (myself) and three secondary applicants, while in Australia. One of the secondary applicants is on bridging visa C. Along with the acknowledgement letter, primary applicant and two secondary applicants were granted BVA but there was no mention of bridging visa to the third secondary applicant (who is on BVC). Documents regarding 186 visa says "you need to have a substantive visa or BVA or BVB or BVC to apply for 186 in Australia" and "if you have a BVA or BVC, you are usually granted BVC". We are a bit confused why the third secondary applicant has not yet been granted BVC and why it did not come through automatically with other BVAs or do you need to separately apply for it. I am just hoping someone in the forum would you be able to clarify this. Thanks. Pakcha
  20. Paterson00

    PR application 457 to 186

    Hi all, I am about to start putting together my application for PR from 457 to 186 (employer nominated). I know the process is probably simpler than it looks on the outset and I will have a company checking the documents over for me (Fragomen) before they are submitted but the company that are doing that will not be able to start helping me until my the company I work for tell them to so I'm on my own until then. I wanted to find out if anyone had been through the process and could give any tips, links or any other info which could help. Even just the story of how you did it would be helpful. Many thanks Paul
  21. Hi there, Is there anyoen else who has applied for the ENS-186 (regardless of stream) to the perth office? I would like to know so we can sort of exchange war stories and stuff. I am here for my Parents' application. Dad is a doc and he has applied for himself with my mom and sis as dependants. They are currently on a 457. They applied about 4weeks ago, july 30th and i was wondering what sort of wait time they are looking at for the perth office. if you have an application in the perth office, please feel free to share... we can wait together? :wink:
  22. OK It's a bit of a long winded story but I'll try to shorten it as much as possible: I'm on a 457 Visa with my current employer Last August 2012 we put in the 186 Visa and they paid for it all (Over $3500) but I was told to submit the documents myself. Paid and had all medicals done and UK and Aus police checks Didn't really know what I was doing but did my best and thought I'd uploaded everything correctly Received a call a couple of weeks ago to say I'd submitted the Employer part using direct entry stream and my part using theTemporary Residence Transition stream which is the one I should have chosen for both. Basically told it was either withdraw and lose the money or she'd have to refuse it. Obviously I withdrew and my employer is happy (ish) to do it again but I am obviously having to pay for my part this time We submitted everything again on Friday My questions are; As I can't afford a migration agent (And am pretty confident I'll not be that stupid again) am I able to submit a decision ready application on my own? Do you know what the current wait time is for these applications as I already feel we've been waiting for so long and I don't feel safe if you know what I mean? I feel like there's a huge weight on my shoulders until this is final. We want to buy a house and actually settle in the Country we've called home for 5 years and it's all our son has ever known. The last person at the company gave me the last 3 month bank statements but I'm now been told that I can't have these due to privacy - will this be a deal-breaker. If there is something missing will this put us back down the list? Has anyone else been this stupid and had to start again?
  23. G’day All, I thought I would share my 186 visa timeline as this site has been very helpful to me so I wanted to share with others incase it helps you ! We are a married couple from the north of England and I had been working in Australia on a 457 for 2 years when my employer agreed to sponsor me for PR and 186 Temporary Residence Stream my main reason for the request was so that I could buy a house and feel more settled here as we absolutely love it here ( Melbourne) We actually arrived in Australia on a student visa in Jan 2010 and my husband retrained with a trade which was the only way in that we could see at the time (and very quick but expensive way) after attending various Moving to Oz seminars in the UK. I was lucky to work part time for a sister company to my UK employer until they sponsored me later that year! The 186 is pretty new visa but I did my research and decided that we would apply without an agent as could not see how they would help that much as you would still need to complete the forms and provide the documents etc. I think they are only necessary if you have a complex situation and need advice or if you want a visa in a rush (although “decision ready” are not always quicker from what I have read ) My employer submitted their nomination early Dec 12 and we proceeded to apply for police checks from UK and Aus immediately but decided not to do medicals or put our application in until this was approved . On 6/6/13 the nomination was approved and I was little annoyed with ourselves for not applying in December at the same time as then I assume both nomination and approval would have been approved together. Thanks to Poms in Oz I saw a post that visa prices were about to increase significantly on 1/7/13 so we set this as our deadline to get our application done and luckily we did it a few days earlier as the immigration web site ended up down for maintenance for the last few days of the deadline which was bad timing ! We had to ring the immigration line to clarify a few grey areas and also had some issues uploading documents and with the browser in general to do our application ( firefox on a windows pc was our solution in the end ) I added the main “required” documents immediately but you are not 100% what else might be needed until you apply so I then added some of the “recommended” documents over the next month as I located them. We did not do a form 80 in the end which was the form that scared me the most (just due to the level of detail required especially as we had travelled so much in recent years) and in the end was never asked for this ! I was expecting another 6mth wait for the application and was shocked to get a call mid-September from a case officer saying she was processing our application and just needed the medicals asap rest was all fine. We booked our medicals (there is a new HAP system via the online application link to arrange medicals so no need for forms 160 and 26 which is not clear) and rang her to tell her when they were done. 1 week later (yesterday) 8/10/13 we received our 186 Grant letter which we are so happy about !! We are now 2 very very happy Poms in Oz !!!!! Next stop citizenship and not even started to look into how long until that one we just cross one bridge at a time ! Good luck everyone and hope this post helps you in some way ! Summary Nomination 6/12/12 – approved 6/6/13 exactly 6 mths Application 26/6/13 – approved 8/10/13 – just over 3 mths !
  24. Paterson00

    457 to EN186

    Howdy all, I am looking for a list of things I will need to prepare for my application for my transition from my 457 visa to a EN186. I will be applying in Feb and the company I work for are probably going to pay for it so I want to be as ready as possible. I know a few things that I will need to prepare but I am struggling to find out exactly what will be required from me. I cant find much on the DIAC website and end up going round and round in circles. I phoned them up the other day and sat on hold for 20 mins and had to quit waiting because my kids wanted to have some fun. I have asked my HR dept but they will hand over the application to a company called Fragomen and I also called Fragomen and they will not divulge the information until they know they are going to get paid for helping me and my company are still not sure if they will be doing so (althought there is no reason they wouldn't) so I am going round in circles and getting no where fast. Does anyone know if it a simple list and a standard list or is it case specific. I have heard tha I will need to find things like a list of every country I have been to in the last ten years and also dates, police and health checks in both countries.
  25. Just asking for a bit of advice, I have just found out about the new visa fees and we are in the midst of preparing an ENS 186 application. The employer nomination was lodged and paid for in May - does anyone know if the new fees will apply for our application (I suspect they will) or if, as the application has been started, so to speak, the old fees will apply?